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good things about the prequels
  • liam neeson
  • omg so many robots
    • literal war hero r2d2??
  • ewan mcgregor
    • the fact that he couldn’t stop making light saber noises
    • is he supposed to look so jesus-y or is it just a beautiful coincidence?
  • the literal one scene in phantom menace without any CGI
  • the music
    • @ john williams haters: FIGHT ME
  • “lost a planet, master obi-wan has. how embarrassing.”
  • christopher lee’s voice
  • “good call, my young padawan”
    • a line that was made to be giffed
  • yoda’s “i fuckin told u” face every time anakin does something dumb
  • hayden christensen’s hair, once he gets rid of that dumb braid
  • the complete lack of subtlety in character names
    • “count dooku” is the most evil name i have ever heard
    • “general grievous” and “lord sidious” are tied for second
    • “darth plagueis?” are you kidding?
  • that part where r2 screams and runs into the wall
  • like 5 whole seconds in revenge of the sith where everyone is happy
  • obi-wan abandoning cloaks wherever he goes
  • sometimes you just need a lil’ angst in your life

i found cute the pirate thing so (btw the song is this one)


These players were born in the same year

Mike Green, Ryan Suter, Patrice Bergeron, Dion Phaneuf  (all born in 1985)

Nick Foligno, Carey Price, Patric Hörnqvist, Niklas Hjalmarsson (all born in 1987)

Derek Stepan, Roman Josi, John Carlson, Darcy Kuemper (all born in 1990)

Tyson Barrie, Zack Kassian, Calle Järnkrok, Andrew Shaw (all born in 1991)

Petr Mrázek , Jaden Schwartz, Jeff Skinner, Mark Stone (all born in 1992)

Zemgus Girgensons , Elias Lindholm, Tom Wilson, Olli Määttä (all born in 1994)

Nikolaj Ehlers , William Nylander, Aaron Ekblad, Jake Virtanen (all born in 1996)


—  Can’t we just stop and argue, now? Be done with it?

—  I don’t want to argue.


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Future Kid-verse: [Nursey] [Caitlin] [Chowder] [Jack] [Bitty] [Lardo] [Shitty[Dex]

The one where they all have kids.  Prompted by this headcanon.

College versions

I’d like to take a second to talk about the two renditions of Yang’s themes we hear in Volume 5 Chapter 4.

It’s a no-brainer at this point that Jeff Williams knows how to do music - both with and without vocals. Usually, I’m fairly disappointed when music takes a back seat in a scene, especially in RWBY where it’s been used to such a tremendous effect throughout the series. The fight at the beginning of this last chapter, however, is perhaps the one instance I’ve been truly impressed by where the music sits in the scene.

Every instance of her motif or ‘theme’ (I Burn, specifically) up until this point has been chaotic, with heavy brass, guitar and/or wild percussion. The calmest version of a motif linked to Yang we’ve ever gotten would probably be when she strode into Junior’s nightclub in Volume 2, but the chords of “I Burn” are almost immediately jumbled as the disk skips and is stopped entirely.

Why do I bring this up? Because the music, in true RWBY fashion, has almost always reflected something to do with the characters it is associated with.

In Yang’s instance, it is her impatience and rage, which is linked to the insane and chaotic variations of her theme we hear in the first three Volumes.

This becomes something impressive when you listen to the music present in the scene in Volume 5 Chapter 4.

It’s measured. Controlled, yet strong. And, most importantly, soft. The melody of “I Burn” is clear. It’s heavy on the strings and bass, and the percussion is there only for emphasis.

This perfectly translates from Yang’s mindset. Her calm confidence. Fighting is no longer a game for her - it’s just something she has to do. No move is wasted. No unnecessary flourishes or taunting her foes. She’s still angry, but she’s fighting smart.

The fight itself follows this as well. It’s grounded. The hits connect and feel heavy. It’s properly impressive, in a way I feel has been lacking since Volume 2 or 3.

The second instance, “Armed and Ready”, we hear in the chapter is when Raven refuses to send her to Ruby. 

Here, Yang finally loses her patience, and the music reflects that. However, it’s still measured. Building in intensity, but still not chaotic. It’s her signature guitar and drum, but it never builds too high. It’s dangerous in its persistent calm. As is Yang.

It truly feels like the music is part of the scene, rather than just an after-thought. And I could not be happier about it.

Thanks to @bittersweetnsours for the corrections!

European Dex
  • spent his first night in the States sleeping in the airport because his dorm wouldn’t be ready for at least a day but he had to attend the introduction tour the next day. 
  • nearly died going on a run because he stayed on the wrong side of the road; even worse when he borrows someone’s car for a quick Ikea trip and slides into the right side of the car before realizing it’s opposite over here. 
  • British spelling with regards to EVERYTHING, and if he proofreads essays or papers for people, he likes to use a big fat red marker to underline words that lack their u’s or replaces s’s with z’s. 

“Dex bro, you’ve spelled skeptical wrong. No way there are two C’s in there.” Nursey hums from the upper bunk, looking over Dex’s final thesis. 

Dex looks up from where his head is resting on Nursey’s chest before shaking his head and turning back to Doctor Who playing on his phone, “No, that’s correct alright.” 

  • Calling Jack ‘Jay Zed’. 
  • Dex vs. the imperial system: Fahrenheit? I don’t know her. 
  • Dex refuses to acknowledge nevertheless use anything other than the metric system. Whenever he helps Bitty bake and has to set up the oven, he just keeps saying what until Bitty’s on the brink of screaming and has to google fahrenheit to celsius conversion tables. (Dex knows every imperial to metric conversion rates by heart; also, the oven measures in Fahrenheit but none of them has noticed Dex uses it without problems) 
  • it becomes a meme within the team: whenever you have to tell Dex anything regarding weight, length or temperature, you just subtract a 100 or divide by two (no know really knows when use what) 
  • Ransom exclusively uses Kelvin temperatures. 
  • Eurovision at the Haus: in his frog year, it’s only Chowder and him in front of  the television. but come sophomore year the entire team is ready with scoring tables and have seen both finals. Holster loves it and performs last year’s winner song in complete sync with the singer while they’re waiting for the votes. 
  • Ransom has a spread sheet for votes given and received the previous years; he almost always predicts how the countries are going to vote. but he has never once been right about the winner. Chowder has, undefeatedly. 
  • knows a lot about WWII and used to have late night talks with Jack about it. Doesn’t know anything about American history other than the tea they threw in the harbour. 
  • doesn’t understand the electoral college and how it’s still a thing. 
  • Speaks at least three languages, not including the Welsh and Gaelic he somehow picked up. Doesn’t understand how most of his teammates only speak one. 
  • had his first beer at fourteen, and does not care for the watered down American kind. 
  • misses absolutely all of his appointments in his frog year that wasn’t personally scheduled by himself because the date notification will say 9/12/17 and Dex will be like, “Oh, I have until December? that’s plenty of time. 

         On moving-in day, emotions are high, as is the radio, and mostly everyone is sweating and/or in some kind of state of undress. Nursey, who falls into both categories, as he is glistening and smelly as well as shirtless, is busy carrying boxes up and down the Haus stairs. Having already transferred all of Lardo’s stuff into the moving truck that is taking her, Holster’s, and Ransom’s stuff to their newly leased apartment in Boston, Nursey is now transferring his own things from the carts the that he and Dex borrowed from Faber that are traditionally used for moving around large amounts of equipment to his and Dex’s new room.

         His and Dex’s. It’s stupid, but there’s a little fluttering, not unlike the butterflies that Nursey finds to cliché to reference, in the middle of his chest at the thought of theirs. Even if it’s a shared room. Even if it’s a forcibly shared room. Nursey, who is now painfully familiar with the tango of unrequited love, takes what he can get.

         He sets down the newest box next to a couple of other ones on the desk that Shitty left, Lardo kept, and is no handed down to Dex and Nursey. They managed a pretty good set up, considering that the room really is meant for only one person. One bed, which Shitty had pushed up against the right-hand corner when you first enter the room, has been put back from where Lardo had it up against the wall of windows. It’s a raised bed, the same one Shitty used, and it had been salvaged from the basement and cleaned and checked thoroughly for weaknesses prior to being installed by Dex. Where the closet used to be, but now is just an alcove-type thing due to a mishap with a sledgehammer in Johnson’s frog year, houses the other bed. That bed takes up the entire space of the alcove and is a cozy place to study. Nursey got dibs on that one, simply because he and Dex decided that a drunk, clumsy Nursey would never be able to get up the ladder to the raised bed. A desk is shoved next to Dex’s bed and a dresser and a clothes rack have been squeezed in to make room for their clothes.

         Dex says that he’ll put up some shelves for their stuff in the fall, but he wants to wait until he can get back home to get the wood. One of his uncles runs a lumber yard and will give him a discount on planks, and his part-time job at a hardware store up in Maine has an employee discount on the various hardware that he needs (Nursey stopped listening after Dex started mumbling to himself about bolt sizes. It was easier just to watch his lips move and sigh.)

         It’s a good set up and they won’t be on top of each other if they’re both in here at once. They’ll probably survive. They might even be able to manage a few good memories. Nursey’s eyes catch on the slit in the flooring, where a quarter rolled itself not three months earlier, and his subconscious starts spewing musings of fate. His lips quirk into an unbidden smile, just like they had that day. No, he hadn’t been able to conceal his excitement at the thought of sharing a room with Dex. He had been incredibly disappointed to learn that Ollie and Wicks had gotten the attic, and not just because that had meant, at the time, that he and Dex would have to fight over Lardo’s dibs.

         “Nursey, honey, come downstairs!” Bitty calls. Nursey shakes himself and follows the voice down to the kitchen, where most of the SMH, plus a few more, are congregating over an apple pie alamode because it is fucking hot. Caitlin came over to help move them in, so she and Chowder are sharing a piece of pie- fine, Nursey thinks, but doesn’t say. The season’s over; no more fines. Dex had gotten his dryer back in February and everything Valentine’s Day entailed. Nursey had spent his birthday fining the team right along with Dex, and then they watched Monty Python movies and ate the birthday pie Bitty had made Nursey together on the couch. Nursey considered it to be one of the best birthdays he’d ever had.

         Aside from Chowder and Caitlin, most of the SMH couples were present as well; Jack and Bitty, Lardo and Shitty, Ollie and Wicks, Ransom and Holster (who weren’t dating, but everyone considered them a couple), and Ford and her most recent drama girlfriend. Sadly, none of these girlfriends stuck long. As well as the couples, Johnson had also come back to visit, and Tango, Whiskey, and Whiskey’s lax bro friend, Baby Chad (who everyone had agreed was kind of alright) were there to help move as well. It was a big job; clearing out Lardo’s room and the attic and then moving all of the new tenants’ stuff in. Nursey’s stuff had taken the longest, boxes and boxes of books, so he’d been left to finish up his own stuff alone as the rest of the guys set up the stuff for a picnic.

         Dex slides into place next to Nursey, offering him one of the pink hard lemonades that Bitty had gotten everyone addicted to. Nursey takes it with a small smile and marvels a bit at the similarities between the color of the drink and Dex’s skin in the almost-summer heat.

         “I have to set up some shelves and we’ll definitely need more space for all your fancy hipster clothes, but I think it’ll be okay,” Dex says, eyebrows pulling together seriously before smoothing out as he finishes the sentence, offering Nursey a small smile.

         “Hmm, yeah.” Nursey takes a sip of lemonade. He glances at Dex and grins. “It might not suck.”

         “Of course, you will have to keep your books from getting underfoot,” Dex says, the tone he uses for their banter tinging his words playfully.

         “And if I step on some kind of hardware thing, I’ll wake you up with a bucket of water.” Nursey nods seriously. Dex nods back.

         “Of course.” He takes a sip of his own drink. “And if you try to talk to me while I’m tweaking over school work, I’ll put a live lobster in your bed.”

         Nursey can’t help but laugh at that one after all the references to lobsters that he’s made Dex endure over the past two years. Dex smiles back, arm paused halfway through the motion of bringing up the lip of his bottle to his mouth, and it’s such a good look on him that Nursey can’t help but sigh through his nose.

         “Look!” Chowder cheers, smiling brightly and a little too much- he’s probably hit the hard lemonade too. “ They’re getting along!”

         The rest of the group laughs as Dex says, “Don’t get used to it.”

“I bet this’ll be the last time they get along until graduation,” Holster says, grinning happily even though his cheeks are tear stained from earlier.

Dex flips him off good-naturedly. Then he rolls his eyes, sharing it with Nursey, as if to say, they’re ridiculous. Then he grins, a bit of mischief in his eye, and Nursey takes this to mean, let’s prove them wrong.

         Yeah, Nursey thinks, let’s.

  • Arya: Haha do you guys dare me to kiss Gendry
  • Jon: No
  • Bran: No
  • Arya, shaking her head and laughing: I can't believe you guys are making me do this
  • Jon & Bran: We aren't
  • Arya, kissing Gendry: This is so wild you guys you're so fucked up for making me do this