any two can match

Name ideas for the birdo: Horchata, Gringo, Aioli, Q-tip, Cotton pony, Napkin…?


Winter Comiket 2015 Free! Eternal Summer and Free! Starting Days goods from Kyoani+Do and Pony Canyon booths!

The favourite boxes come with amazing cute flake stickers, and “cookie” style button and acrylic charm.

The Characters Mook Visual Frame is amazing quality, and you can mix and match any two Mook illustrations you like, to create, for example, a MerHaru display, or Mooks that didn’t get made… :D

Rubber straps also perfect as well, and more additions to my new Kirishima brothers collection 💛 The Pony Canyon rubber straps came with a Comiket only Kisumi sticker!

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now that i’ve calmed down about wampus a bit (wampus! wampus!), it’s interesting to me how hogwarts and ilvermorny sort their students. at hogwarts, the houses are based on traits and values: things you are. at ilvermorny, the houses seem to be based more on calling and craft: things you do. 

so for example, i see a lot of people trying to equate each hogwarts house with its ilvermorny counterpart (and jkr probably did intend for them to be similar) but i don’t really think any two houses can match up like that. ilvermorny sorts based into warriors, healers, scholars, and adventurers, but the people in those categories could have any different number of personal values and characteristics. a warrior can be creative like a ravenclaw. a healer can be daring like a gryffindor. a scholar can be ambitious like a slytherin. an adventurer can be loyal like a hufflepuff.

Daiya no ace translation

Volume 34 - Chapter 301

Characters: Team Seidou, Team Ouya

Spoilers: Beginning of Seidou vs Ouya. (part 3)

(Part 1) (Part 2) – (Part 4) (Part 5)

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