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Shay's inner turmoil

The Morrigan bobbed and swayed in the stinging atlantic night. Her crew below deck having a joyful time and her captain by himself in his cabin. The flask of whiskey sat loosely in his gloved hand. The proud man was slumped in an old wooden chair with one hand kneading the bridge of his nose and the other holding the dented and brushed silver flask of the hard alcohol.

Every once in awhile he’d take a sip but Shay wouldn’t swallow right away. The burning in his mouth would lead all the way down his throat and sting his stomach. The regret and despair of killing all his friends. Liam, Hope, Kesegowaase. Their corpses and blood had burned itself in his mind. He took another sip of liquid remorse.

The regret of not being able to stop Achilles from being injured. The hopelessness he felt every time he would hunt those he once trusted. The fear of watching Lisbon fall into chaos while he sailed away. It all added up in his mind. Even though he kept a calm and playful exterior, on the inside he was screaming his throat raw and crying until there was nothing left. As much as Shay wanted to do just that, he settled to sit in the old wooden chair and drink. The burn felt like he was screaming for hours on end and the tears were already flowing and falling freely in his lap. As much as he wanted to go back to the past with the assassins he had to stick with the Templars to ensure that such atrocities; clear breaks in the creed and it’s words didn’t ever happen again.

Monster. Demon. Hunter. Heartless. All those words swirled around in his half-drunk head. All with different and familiar voices every time. And every time they howled those names they went louder. Bringing more tears and whimpers from Shay.

“I’m sorry,” Shay mumbled like a child over and over again. Being only slurred by his blubbering emotions.

When the last sip of whiskey was taken, Shay stumbled over to the bed in the corner and cried more. Not really caring if his pillow got stained in the process. He howled bloody misery in the small cabin of his. One might think that he was getting skinned slowly. But that still would be much better to Shay than having to see every mistake he made when he closed his eyes. Eventually, the sun rose and the men on deck got anxious to see the captain. But nonetheless Shay eventually walked out with a clean face and a screaming mind.

@ameb-stuff  HERE!  Papyrus on a skateboard!!

I gotta gush with how proud I am of this, I’m sorry. If anyone’s been paying attention to my posts, I’ve been saying that I’m brand new to digital drawing, and I’ve been loving it so far. My confidence in drawing has been renewed like I never thought it could be!  

That being said, I wanted an idea for something to draw. I hadn’t ever drawn Papyrus yet, so Ameb said to draw him oonnn a skateboard! I’m REALLY excited with how this turned out. 

That ALSO being said, I would actually love any critiques from other artists! I’m really working on figuring stuff out so any tips would be appreciated! Please be gentle, but let me know if you see something that I could work on next time! 



they were. .…worse off than i thought. i’m really glad i have the chance to rescue them.

the previous owners were an older couple who were moving and couldn’t take them. they gave me lots of tips and warnings about the pair, but overlooked a lot of, imo, important chinchilla caretaking issues. first off they were being fed on rabbit pellets and have one chew a piece, an wheels too small for them. the biggest thing is THE PLASTIC???? they have plastic bowls and huts and aknkdngkd

also the previous owners were smokers and the entire cage smells really heavily of cigarettes which is, gross and not good for lil chin lungs.

apparently the previous previous owner was an old lady who basically starved them; which apparently gave them food aggression so they can’t be housed together. but i’d like to try reintroduction and just giving separate bowls. the guy also warned me that they can be shy and nippy which is probably just from boredom/stress/lack of handling

im gonna start out cleaning the cage top to bottom and then working on replacing all the decor with wood and fleece, and then working on socialization after they settle a bit ;0

I’ve tried to present myself on this blog as a sort of detached but nice information witch but: I’m going to get personal. (again)

Friends I’m really struggling. Coming to terms with abuse I didn’t know was abuse and frankly it’s been strange and good and bad and hard. I’ve got the life-transition-change-tarot-wheel-of-fortune bit handled, sometimes I feel free and joyful and reborn but at other times, idk trauma just sucks. I get anxious and a bit unsafe feeling and I get guilty and doubt myself.

So…anyone have spells for that kind of thing? For not caring about someone? For dealing with trauma and the attached self doubt? Getting rid of guilt? Feeling safe?

I’d really appreciate any tips and tricks and spells and wisdom. 


Zen had just come from practise and was looking forward to talking the other rfa members .
He hopped on the messanger after looking through his social medias .
He joined the chat room that has just opened ,surprised that everyone was there even searan ,whom rarely came on the messanger.
They started to chat ,seayoung joking ,jumin being the trust find kid he is . Jahee gushing over him.
Then they stoped , just suddenly stopped.
Then seayoung started to type messages .
Yoosung ,mc and searan questioned him then let him go on .

He’s heart skipped a beat. .Zen’s mind raced. Where they having a baby? .
Wait? What?
Werewolves and werecats?
How? Could they exist? Their only fairy tales right? Right?!
I don’t believe this…
My allergies did act up around mc but that could happen to anyone, right?

He read down seeing the rest of the messages . He sighed at least mc and yoosung were safe anyway but werewolves are ment to be dangerous ??
They would have to wait tell Saturday to see if they ment it.

This is based of @elvendara s werewolf au !!! I wanted to write something so!!
Hope you like it !!

Remington! Will be “tank mates” with my halfmoon male barbados. By tank mates I mean two ten gallons across the room from each other. I’m really excited to have bettas. Haven’t had any in a while, and I love these two.

anonymous asked:

hello Roby! Quick art question. I want to start sketching poses because I can only draw from the shoulder up. Any recommendations/tips? Much appreciated!!

use reference images from irl poses :,)

- ̗̀new studyblr! ̖́-

Hey everyone! I deleted most of my social media the other day and made this separate studyblr in the hope that it would help me focus better for my upcoming exams in May. I wasn’t planning on using this properly tbh but I’ve been so in love with the community for well over a year now I decided I had to introduce myself!

My name’s Natalie, I’m 15 (turning 16 in a month whooo) and currently studying for my GCSEs starting this May. Fun times. I’m taking bio, chem, physics, maths, english literature, english language (all compulsory) and then also history, geography, computing and german!

I’m a history nerd but I’m secretly also in love with the sciences deep down. I’m working rlly hard on being kinder to myself atm so any tips would be appreciated ha. In my free time I listen to a Lot of music (my favourite artists are twenty one pilots and the Lumineers atm!), binge-watch b99 and friends and generally attempt to keep my life together. Oh and I’m a thriving lesbian.

A few of my favourite studyblrs are (everyone’s acc so inspiring this is impossible) :

@cleonotes @focusign @joolshallie @studyign @academla @studyplants @etudiance

Hopefully I’ll get to know more of you guys soon!

my bear! she sang, my bear so fair! and off they went, from here to there, the bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.