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Say You Will- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: Fluffy Christmas fic! <3

Warnings: None…unless you count excessive fluff lolololol

I could feel him smirking at my back as I stood on my tiptoes to place the final ornament on the tree; a cute little snowman with a top hat and cane. I carefully looped the hook around the branch before standing back to admire my handiwork. Each year, my tree looked a little bit as if Christmas had thrown up all over it…candy canes, tinsel, glittery garland, and ornaments of all colors, shapes, and sizes. There was no theme or color scheme. I always thought it looked perfect. Chaotic and unorganized in the best way. A little bit like myself. I was still hyperaware of that smirk directed at my back, though.

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You’re banging our sister. Jaime Preciado Imagine

Can you write something where you’re one of the ptv guys little sister and you visits on tour and admit your love for Jaime and you guys like hook up and your brothers like “man my sister ok I guess” thank you I love your work


“We can’t keep doing this Jaime.” I whisper as I trace my fingers up and down his chest. My head is on his shoulder and his arms are wrapped around me.

“Or we could just tell everyone.” He whispers back, sliding his hand up and down my spine.

I move my head up and look at him and he just smiles.

“I’m not ready for this to end.” He smiles, pulling me closer so he can kiss me.

I pull my lips off of his and whisper, “Me neither” and quickly press my lips on his.

I crawl back on him and an hour later we are back in our cuddling position.

I hear a knock on our hotel door and I quickly jump up.

“Shit shit shit.” I say, trying as fast as I can to collect all my things and to find a place to hide. Jaime helps me grab my stuff and throws it all in the closet and I quickly go in there too. Jaime closes the closet door and rushes to answer the hotel door.

“Hey guys!” I hear Jaime say. There’s a small crack from where the door and the wall meet so I can see a small bit of the hotel room.

“Hey man.” As soon as I hear that I know exactly who it is..

“Where have you been? We’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Right as Jaime goes to respond I see him and both my brothers, Vic and Mike, walk farther into the hotel room and sit on the couch and bed.

“I’ve just been chillin’ man.” Jaime responds. I can tell he’s nervous and I bet my brothers notice too. As I watch them chat, I try to quickly and quietly get dressed.

“We’ll we want to go out tonight if you want to come! It’s rare we have a night to party in a cool city like this one.” Vic says, picking up Jaime’s bass and starts playing it.

“Totally. I’m always down for a good party.” Jaime smirks, stroking the back of his neck.

“Let me call Y/N.” Mike says and quickly pulls out his phone.

Shit. Where is my phone? I try to quickly dig through the stuff that was thrown into the closet with me in hopes that my phone was one of them. Sure enough, my phone lights up and starts ringing the Friends theme song ‘I’ll be there for you” for all to hear.

Before I can turn it off the closet door opens and my brothers and Jaime were staring at me.

“Hey bros.” I say softly, feeling all the blood rush to my face.

Neither of them say anything and just stare at me. I quickly look and Jaime and I can see the color leave his face.

Vic and Mike both turn to Jaime at the same time and just look at him. Surprisingly it’s not a look of anger or frustration, but confusion.

“Her? Really?” Mike finally says.

Jaime just nods and I just stand there, trying not to piss myself or cry.

“She’s not even that great.” Mike says and Vic quickly just laughs.

“Wow thanks guys. I’m glad that’s your first response!” I quickly say.

“Well actually my first response was to punch him, so I’m glad Mike said something.” Vic swiftly replied.

“Yeah not going to lie man, it’s a little fucked up that you’re banging our sister.” Mike says.

“It’s not like we planned this.” I say, trying not to get mad at them.

“We’re not saying that, but we’ve known Jaime long enough to were he should know there are certain things we’re not okay with and banging you is one of them.” Vic says, as if Jaime isn’t in the room.

“It’s not like I’m just banging her.” Jaime says, struggling to stay calm. “We’ve beens seeing each other for awhile.”

“If it were serious then why haven’t you told us? Look it’s whatever if you’re banging, it’s too late now, but at least be straight up with us.” Vic says, getting a little annoyed with Jaime.

“You want me to be straight up with you?” Mike and Vic both nod and Jaime takes a deep breath. “I’m in love with your sister. I’ve been in love with her for years and we just finally started seeing each other and you know what? It’s been great. I love everything about her and the only thing that has been holding us back has been you two. You can say what you want, but I’m not just banging your sister. I am full heartedly in love with her.”

Vic, Mike, and I all just stand there in complete shock. I didn’t know he felt this way, especially not for years. I’ve known Jaime just as long as the guys have and didn’t even think of hi romantically until a few months ago.

“Well shit.” Mike whispers.

Vic and Mike look at each other and it’s as if they’re reading each others minds. They both turn to me.

“Do you love him?” Vic asks me.

I’m surprised by the question but also surprised on how fast I answer the question. “Yes.” I say without even thinking. I’ve honestly never really put any thought into if this would go anywhere but the longer I think about it, the fuller my heart gets and the bigger the smile grows across my face. “I know you’re mad, but please know that I am happy and so is he.”

Vic and Mike turn to each other and then to Jaime.

“If you hurt her in anyway, just know we will fuck you up.” Mike says.

Jaime nods and smirks. “That’s fair.”

“If you guys are happy, we will come around to it.” Vic smiles, hugging me and then hugging Jaime.

I feel as if the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I can now openly express my happiness and not have to worry if my brothers will disown me or him.

The guys leave and Jaime quickly pulls me in.

“I love you.” He whispers, kissing my cheek.

“I love you too.” I whisper back, pulling him into me.

Man does it feel good to say that.


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Good Work, Agent

Happy Halloween! – Deana

==You and Dean go to visit your parents for a Halloween party. Trick or treat?

++Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut-licious 

“Dean, why aren’t you ready yet? We didn’t come all this way for you to bail now,” You came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel; your hair and makeup were ready to go. All you had left to do was get dressed, and that wouldn’t take long.

“I don’t think I’m gonna go, you go ahead (Y/n).” Dean stretched out on the bed, putting earbuds in his ears. You scowled, then jumped on the bed next to him, yanking on the cord, holding his earbuds up playfully.

“Oh no you don’t, mister! You’re going, whether you like it or not. I haven’t seen my parents in months, Dean.” You wrapped the earbud cord around your hand and slipped it into the front pocket of Dean’s jeans. “Please, I don’t ask much of you, but this is really important to me. I want them to meet you. My mom is dying to see the guy who swept me off my feet and ran off into the sunset… or whatever she said.” You laughed.

“That’s the thing…. parents.” Dean grumbled, sitting up. “Anyway, I don’t have a costume so, y'know, I would be really out of place at a Halloween party,” he shrugged, grinning enthusiastically, as if his excuse was going to work on you.

“Actually, you do have a costume,” You went over to your bag, pulling his suit out. You held it up, swaying it side-to-side. “You can be a Fed, or you can be-” You pressed the suit up against yourself, “-Bond. James Bond,” you suppressed the smile forming on your lips as you mocked a British accent.  
“I didn’t bring a bow tie, though, so Fed would be more fitting,” You pondered a moment. “Yeah. Bond likes his bow ties.”

“Well, someone is prepared for whatever excuse I give her,” Dean mumbled, looking at his suit.

“Damn straight. I’m your girlfriend; I know you, Dean.” You raised your eyebrows, “It’s not like I’m asking you to actually wear a costume. You’re used to pretending to be a Fed." 

Dean grumbled again.

"Well we drove all the way here, what’s the point if you don’t show my parents that handsome face of yours? Plus, you wouldn’t want to be cooped up in this motel room… when people bring tons of food to these parties.”

Dean’s eyes brightened up at the mention of food, but he went back to his charade of disinterest, “Fine, I’ll go. But I won’t like it.”

You grinned in your little victory, then laid his suit on the bed. “You get dressed, big boy; I’m going to finish getting ready.”

You emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, wearing your pirate costume. You pulled the prop sword out of your bag and put it in the belt of your outfit. You finally looked at Dean, who was adjusting his tie…. staring.

“What?” You stared back, then sighed when Dean didn’t answer. “I look terrible, don’t I? Too much makeup?” You scrunched your nose, feeling scrutinized.

“No! No. You look…” He licked his lips, gaze getting darker.

“Hm.” You watched Dean as he stood there in his suit, eating you up with his eyes. “Okay, Agent. Let’s go,” You set out for the car, flashing Dean a smile as you passed him.

“That’s some booty I wouldn’t mind pillaging,” Dean noted, following you out.

“This used to be my room, but it looks like Mom turned it into an office.” You had been showing Dean around the house, which proved to be difficult considering the house was full of people. Dean looked the room over, nodding slightly. “Nice desk,” he studied the piece of furniture, noting its size and sturdy design.  

“You got the grand tour of the (Y/L/n) house, now let’s go meet the Mr. and Mrs.” You grabbed Dean’s hand, taking him back downstairs to the party.

“Well,” Your mom beamed the moment she saw Dean. “This looks like a man who knows how to take care of my daughter. Don’t you think?” She looked at your dad, whose face was unreadable, which made you nervous.

“Oh, I do take care of her, Mrs. (L/n). In many, many ways,” Dean replied innocently. Your face turned red and you laughed nervously, turning to face Dean with eyes that said shut up.  

“(Y/n) has said so many good things about you, and she seems happy, so I’m happy.” Your mom hugged Dean, then patted his chest when she released him.

“Good to meet you, Dean.” Your dad finally spoke, reaching out to shake Dean’s hand, “Rough hands! You’re a hard worker.”

“Yes sir, I am.” The relief was visible on Dean’s face when he realized your dad wasn’t going to tear him to shreds. He could handle monsters, but parents? Forget it.

“Well, you kids have a good time,” Your mom smiled at you both, and hugged you. “It’s so good to see you (Y/n/n). Your dad and I miss you so much.” She pulled away, her eyes shining with unshed tears. You smiled back, “Mom, we Skype each other all the time, it’s not like I fell off the planet.”

“Your parents seem nice,” Dean found the food table immediately, shoving a few potato chips in his mouth. He wiped the crumbs off his suit.

“See? They’re not so bad.” You nudged him, then saw one of your cousins. “I’ll be back, make yourself comfortable. No one’s going to bite around here.” You stated, humor in your voice.

“Mmhmph,” Dean smiled sarcastically through another mouthful of food.

The longer you mingled with your family, the more evident it was that Dean was the talk of the party. “(Y/n) found someone she actually likes?” Your close family members went to him periodically, most likely asking the need-to-know questions, making sure you’re in good hands. You smiled at the faces he would make after he was done being interrogated.

A few drinks, games, and Halloween-themed songs later, Dean grabbed your hand, pulling you into a hug. “I can’t take it anymore, baby. That costume of yours… does things to me,” his voice purred in your ear.

His statement caught you off guard, “What?” You uttered back, “Now? My family’s here!”

“I have an idea,” His hand slid down to grab yours again, and he pulled you toward the stairs. He looked around quickly, making sure no one saw you guys, then quickly proceeded up the stairs and down the hall to your old room.

“Ohh, aren’t you sneaky, Winchester?” You teased as Dean locked the door behind him. He faced you, and in one quick move he lunged forward, pushing you backward against the desk. Dean attacked your neck with kisses as he lifted you onto the desk, knocking off a few objects that were scattered on it.

He pushed himself between your legs, hands running up and down your thighs with heated force. “Oh,” You whimper. Dean nuzzled his face into your breasts, nipping at the skin that was exposed from the costume. He kissed his way up to your lips, entangling one of his hands in your hair to get a deeper kiss, his heedy groans turning you into a hot mess. You hastily reached up to loosen his tie.

Dean straightened up for a moment to pull the tie off, all the while giving you the most sinful look you’ve seen yet. You reached down to unbutton his pants, then rubbed him through his boxers. He growled against your collarbone, shoving his hands up under your little pirate skirt. He hooked a finger under the material of your panties and pulled them aside, circling your clit with his fingers.

“Mm-Dean,” You breathed softly, “We gotta make this quick so my family doesn’t notice we’re missing,” You gasped when his fingers suddenly dipped inside of you, vigorously working their magic.

You pulled the front of his boxers down just enough so his cock was free, pumping your hand up and down his shaft. “God, (Y/n),” Dean’s grunts were starting to escalate.

“Dean, we have to keep it down!” You hissed, but couldn’t help but smile. “Do I have to make sure you stay quiet?”

“Maybe,” Dean bit his bottom lip, shoving his fingers deeper into you. You moaned louder than you intended, so you gripped his arm to make him stop.

“Oh, please don’t do this to me, baby,” Dean urged, his eyes burning with desire, “I need you.”

You grabbed his shoulders and stood up, then turned him toward the desk, shoving him onto his back. Some papers were pushed off in the process, scattering to the floor. “We’re going to make sure you stay quiet,” You grinned, straddling him. You leaned over and opened one of the drawers in the desk, grabbing a pencil, then placed it into Dean’s mouth. “Bite down when you can’t control yourself,” You purred into his ear. 

He looked up at you with pure excitement in his eyes, and you knew that if he was able to get way with talking, he’d tell you how kinky he thought this was. You bit your lip as you eased yourself onto him - causing him to bite down on the pencil - and rocked your hips.

Dean wrapped his arms around your thighs, holding you steady as he suddenly started to ram into you. You threw your head back, trying very hard to keep any noise from escaping your throat. All that reverberated through the room was your heavy, strained breathing.

You looked back down at Dean. He was clenching onto the pencil, hips bucking up to go deeper. His hand slid up enough so that he could use his thumb to rub your clit. Your eyes widened when a squeak escaped your mouth.

Dean’s thumb went faster, his hips thrusting harder, and before long you were convulsing on him, riding your orgasm out, hands gripping his shirt. You rested your forehead on his chest, panting heavily.

Dean caressed your cheek, then sat up and lifted you off of him, bending you over the desk. He still kept that pencil in his mouth, diligently biting down when he buried himself into you again.

He grabbed your hips, pounding relentlessly, deep, quiet moans rumbling from his throat. You gripped the desk, trying so very hard to repress the noises you wanted to make. Dean kept his rhythm steady, squeezing you tighter, until you heard his breathing become more intense as he found his release. When he finished himself off, he put your panties back in place then stepped back, as if he were admiring his work.

You stood up unsteadily to try to readjust your costume and fix your hair. “Damn, Agent.” You panted, glancing at Dean, who still had the pencil in his mouth.

Dean spit it out and looked at it, quietly laughing at all of the deep indentations his teeth made, “I might have to keep this…” He put the pencil into one of the inside pockets of the suit. He put his pants back in order and grabbed his tie before following you out.

“Do you think they can tell we just did the dirty?” Dean murmured into your ear, straightening his tie as the two of you snuck back into the crowd of people.  

“Doesn’t look like anything’s changed, and we cleaned up the office, so…” You blushed, hoping no one was looking for you when you were and Dean were preoccupied.

Your mom was at the punch bowl when you and Dean approached the food table, deciding you needed something to drink after that performance. “You two look like you just ran from a vampire! (Y/n), you’re flushed, are you okay?” Dean gave you that damn sexy wink of his, making your face burn even more.

“I’m fine, mom.” You laughed nervously, pouring yourself a drink. “It’s just a little warm in here with everyone, that’s all.”

“Vamps usually run from us when we attack them,” Dean commented under his breath. You shot him a shut up look for the second time tonight; your parents didn’t know what you and Dean do, and you wanted to keep it that way.  

“Hm, it is a little toasty in here, isn’t it?” Your mom mused, stirring the punch.

“Not as hot as it got upstairs,” Dean mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. Once again, you had to yell at him with your glare.  He shrugged, his eyes shining with humor.

“Well, we survived,” You and Dean made it back to the motel room a few hours later. He behaved the rest of the evening. even getting to know your family a bit in the process. 

“Imagine that, a Halloween without monsters.” Dean smiled, “Your family is awesome, we should go to the party next year,” he stripped down to his boxers, putting his suit back into your bag.

“Oh, so you can drag me to my parent’s room next time?” You laughed, taking your costume off.

“Hey, there’s an idea….” Dean paused a moment, imagining how that would go.

“Eh, gross! No.” You looked at Dean with disgust, “There are so many levels of wrong going on there.”

“Fine, fine,” Dean grabbed you, carrying you to the bed, “Round two? We don’t have to be quiet now.” He flashed his cheeky grin, then leaned down to tug on your lip with his teeth. “And this time, (Y/n), I’m going to make you tap out.”

[INTERVIEW] 160825 MINO for Arena Homme Sept 2016 Issue

The song of ‘Rae Sremmurd’ continued playing at the shoot. To try to describe them, they’re a sibling hip hop duo, top rookies who are currently taking over the American hip hop scene. Their specialty is spitting out explosive drunk like raps on top of a trap beat. If their songs are played at a club, it’s a night where no one can go home. Watching Song Minho swaying and dancing in beat with their song, we suddenly thought whether in our not so distant future we would also not want to go home because of the music. 

Saying Song Minho from an idol group as a member of WINNER leaves ambiguous boundaries, through the fourth season of “Show Me the Money” he revealed his presence as a skilled rapper to the entire world. If after watching Season 4 there were any doubts about his skills, we recommend that you watch the Song Minho singing ‘Machine Gun‘ together with Zion.T and Kush on Season 5. You’ll immediately recognize how much confidence he has on the stage and how cool he raps. 

While Song Minho was performing abroad without rest as a member of the group WINNER, good news was released. He would form a unit and work together with the rapper Bobby, a member of the brother group ‘iKON‘ from the same agency. With the meeting of two young guys who both have good style and rap well, the expectation can’t help but be more amplified. Late at night the Song Minho who wore various cool clothes to pose in, talked about his own future in a composed voice. He is young and smart, a young man with a burning passion.

We’ve seen a lot of units formed from the same group. However, we didn’t think that we’d see an ‘iKON’ and WINNER’ unit. How did this come about ?

Mino : Amongst iKON members, B.I and Bobby are in the rapper positions. In ‘WINNER’ the members that like hip hop a lot are Seunghoon hyung and myself. Since we were trainees, Bobby and I were similar in the music we liked, as well as our tastes. However, it wasn’t our intention to work together, but it’s because our CEO thought that a new synergy would be created in bringing us together. Since this opportunity has been given to us, we’re having a lot of fun in working together.

– Through the media, Bobby seems like a really spontaneous person while Song Minho seems like a really deliberate person. While your tastes may be similar, your personalities may be quite different. How are you two working together ?

Mino : The ‘WINNER’ members have their own music that they like and have individually different tastes but within the name of ‘WINNER’ we harmoniously create music. In the same way, even though Bobby and I have similar musical tastes, when go a bit deeper, the things we’re pursuing and the things we want to do can’t help but be different. But I don’t think we need to try to ‘match’ these things. It’s because we respect our inclinations and individual characters. Thus, in creating a song we’re first trying to sketch the larger theme, then within that we blend in our individual preferences accordingly. Since Bobby and I first and foremost have ‘respect’ towards each other, no matter what feedback is given, it can be well received.

– In the course of giving and receiving opinions while working together, were there times when feelings were hurt ?

Mino : Is it really necessary to say something in an offensive manner ? You can say things in a nice manner. Even if there’s a part that you don’t like, since you’re not directly saying ‘it sucks’, there weren’t cases of hurt feelings. Haha.ff

– Since we’ve never heard a song made by the two of you, we’re really curious about it. If you were to describe the songs ?

Mino : Both Bobby and I often go abroad to perform and have other such work. Beyond that we really confined ourselves to the workrooms. Since it’s an uncommon opportunity that has come to us, we’re giving it our all. Thus we’ve created an exorbitant number of songs, though we don’t know how many songs will be picked out for release. We’re preparing a variety of songs, from songs that can be comfortably enjoyed by people who don’t know hip hop well or aren’t as interested in it, to songs that can capture the attention of the hip hop fanbase.

– As a matter of fact we were curious about what kind of listener you had in mind while creating the songs. Whether the target is the female fans that love Bobby and Song Minho or the manic fans who ask ‘Do you know hip hop’ ?

Mino : We‘re truly creating such a variety of songs but I don’t really know which songs amongst them will be released. I’m actually curious about that aspect as well. Haha.

– Lately South Korea has fallen for hip hop. It’s an age where grandmothers and middle aged women are challenging themselves to rap. In times like this, as a rapper, a musician who creates hip hop music, what aspects do you have to pay attention to ?

Mino : I wonder if there’s ever been a time when hip hop in South Korea has received this much public love. It seems that ears towards hip hop have been opened and outlooks have broadened. Honestly I think that the power of the program ‘Show Me The Money’ made a large impact on how the market for this music has expanded to this point. But nonetheless this program a TV show, it’s entertainment. Thus, you have no choice but to compete with each other and edit the show in a provocative manner. The hip hop that people like may have ultimately started from this show as a base, which is why I wonder whether theres a tendency to accept it as entertainment rather than music. People who first come into contact with hip hop through ‘Show Me The Money’ might think that that is all there is to hip hop. I was actually on that show but I think that they should pay some more attention to the diversity of hip hop as a genre.

–  Of the songs you’ve released, what was the biggest turning point ?

Mino : Is it too obvious if I say ‘Fear’? Haha. While was on the fourth season of ‘Show Me The Money’, I changed how I thought about things and gained a lot of things. The program needs to end with a winner, but while I was preparing this song I wanted to show myself as a musician, regardless of the winner. It was the first time I had those kinds of thoughts. If for the previous performances I placed my focus on the contest, for ‘Fear’ went beyond the notion of the competition and wanted to show my honest heart, Song Minho himself. To be honest, it required a lot of courage.

– During those times when you poured your passion into becoming a rapper, were there lyrics from another rapper that touched you ?

Mino : It’s not my life’s motto, but there’s a song called ‘Moment of Truth’ by ‘sean2slow’. From it, the lyrics ‘always your passion, soon your decision’ left a big impression. Probably anyone who likes hip hop would recognize this rhyme.

– The rhyme is cool but you can feel the sincerity in the lyrics. It seems that writing your story is a rapper’s essence. When you watch the movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’ the rappers lived in a time when they had no choice but to grab the microphone to express something, to tell a story. The 24-year-old Song Minho who is living in 2016, what do you want to say?

Mino : My mindset is the most reflected when I write lyrics. When I first started with hip hop and rap, it was naturally because liked it. So there were times when I wrote those passions for music into the lyrics. When I’m crazy busy and run over with work, I do think that I want to rest. Then I wonder what it is I’m racing so hard for, and write those kinds of related lyrics.

– Have you ever thought about addressing social issues from a lighter standpoint ?

Mino : Since you need to know what’s going on in the world these days, I always look at it with interest. There are times when I want to try satire, but ultimately there’s something that worries me. I’m careful about it because it’s not truly my story, so if I write about events that have happened, the people that have really experienced those events may feel differently.

– It used to be that when you talked about Korean style hip hop, it was organized to start with rap, with a melody filled song featuring in the middle, and finishing with rap again. But now it seems that everyone’s sense is different, and that the trend has changed as well. What is the formula for hip hop success these days?

Mino : Whether its a theme or a hook, there certainly must be an element that grabs the ears. It might be slightly childish or it may be nonsensical repetition but I think this is beyond the hip hop genre and is a trend in popular music.

– If so, doesn’t it become too light without any kind of message ?

Mino : That’s right. Its not easy to tune that lightness. But this is a trend that has taken root not just in South Korea but in the hip hop scene overseas as well. I’ve noticed a lot of rappers, who beyond skill, are creating to a degree stupid, silly rhymes.

– If that’s the case, then it seems that you don’t have to decide for yourself that ’I’m someone who does this kind of music’ or ‘My style is like this’.

Mino : Since I’m an idol and a singer, I am always in front of many more people. There are domestic and foreign fans of a variety of ages, and I need to create music for all of them. That’s why l’ve opened myself to all possibilities. If I stubbornly dug into only doing the music that I wanted to do, then i wouldn’t have entered an agency such as YG. I want to draw an even greater picture. I think all of these steps right now are a part of the process in my development to become an artist who makes popular music.

–  Oh, so it seems that there’s a ‘big picture’ that Song Minho is drawing.

Mino : Since this is a time where I will reap what I sow, I’m only focusing on my work. Usually I’d enjoy my hobbies in my free time but lately I’m deliberately only working.

– Is that because you want recognition from more people ?

Mino : There’s an aspect of that, of course. Honestly what has been shown through the media in my performances or my appearances is a really small part of me. I want to show even more, to receive more recognition. As YG is a big agency, there are a lot of artists and there is a sequence. That’s why when an opportunity like this is presented, I want to show as much of my potential as I can.

© source : scan by goduandme5 / translation by suzino

bidoof  asked:

write a stupid haunted video game cartridge creepypasta (this isn't a question it's a demand)

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re familiar with a game called MegaMan. If you are, get that thought out of your head because this story has nothing to do with that. It’s about an obscure game called Pasta Panic that was released for the Super SNES Entertainment System by Nintendo in 1992. You can go ahead and google it, you won’t find  anything concrete. The only reason I even found out about it was because of my friend, who I’ll just call “H”. H was an English teacher in South Korea, and a bit of a retro gaming maniac. And by “a bit”, I mean he was a complete enthusiast.

He had amassed a huge collection of retro consoles and cartridges. When I visited him at his apartment in South Korea, the place was like a retro gaming shrine. He had more consoles than you could probably guess existed set up all over the place, rare video game cartridges were hung up on in his walls and pristine glass displays, and he had a life-sized anatomically correct Bowser statue that I still think about to this day. Like, straight up, I lie awake thinking about that Bowser statue for long periods of time. I wish I could forget it. I wish I could forget THOSE EYES. However, that’s a story for another day. H showed me into his bedroom and immediately started massaging my shoulders really briskly. H was a handsome man that I looked up to, and if he was flirting, I definitely had no issue with that, but his palms were disgustingly sweaty.

I gingerly asked H, “Hey, what are you doing, pal?“

“What do you think I’m doing?” He replied.

I gently placed my hand on his. “H,” I said, “I always really liked you, y’know.”

He quickly withdrew his hands from my shoulders and seemed to be disgusted by my touch. “I brought you into this room to play video games… friend.”

H asked me what kind of video games I liked, and I told him that I liked shooters like Halo. He gave me a weird look and told me that he had a game that was way better than Halo, and it was a hidden classic. He dug in his closet for a bit and pulled out a dingy cartridge. The label was nearly scratched off and the title was in Korean so there was no way I could make out what it was. However, I could see a sorta-cute mascot character. It was a little girl dressed up like a chef with a frying pan and a pasta strainer. The way she looked at me was demonic. Yeah, that’s a good way to describe it.

H gave me a quick rundown of the history of the game. He told me that the game was called Pasta Panic. It was one of the few South Korean games developed for the SNES. It was expected to be a huge success but only received a very limited release within South Korea. Apparently, his copy was one of the last remaining cartridges. No one had even dumped it as a ROM yet. H leaned in very close to me and asked, “Wanna play?” Wanting to bond with my friend, I said yes. He was stupidly giddy and clapped like an overexcited kid. In retrospect, the way he was acting was way out of character, but I was too busy thinking about Bowser’s hyperrealistic bulge to care at the time.

H sat me down in front of a CRT TV, hooked up his SNES Video Game Console, and handed me a controller. I felt an odd ping of nostalgia rush through me. This reminded me of when I was kid playing SNES Home Console Video Games, despite the fact that I was borderline mindless toddler in the console’s heyday. A bubbly 16-bit rendition of Arirang, a popular South Korean folk song and also one of the first results on google for “korean folk song” when I googled it in a sad attempt to add some credence to this horrible story, began to play. The game’s title popped up in Bubbly Korean text, and the mascot character from the label appeared. “This is pretty cute.” I said. 

H shushed me. “Pay complete attention to the video game.”

SNES menus are always simple, regardless of language, so I started the game. Text appear, and to my surprise it was in flawless English. It said, “The year is 199X. Pasta has been banned. The evil C.H.A.M.B.O. Corporation is hoarding all pasta for themselves. None of the innocent citizens are allowed to eat any!” The mascot character faded onto the screen. “You are M.E.L.L.Y. You are a master chef and true pasta hero! Cook the best pasta! Share it with the WORLD! And defeat the evil C.H.A.M.B.O. !!!!!”

The gameplay was simple. You controlled “M.E.L.L.Y.” in her kitchen. Pasta would cook on the stove. When it was done, you had to take it to the sink and strain it. Finally, you would take it to the front of of M.E.L.L.Y.’s restaurant and serve it to customers. You would get points based on how hungry the customers were, which was completely random. It was just some boring shit game that was awful. A ton of copyrighted characters would show up at the front of the restaurant too. There’s no wonder it was never released out of South Korea! I saw Mario, Steven Universe, Samus, Garfield, and even Poona the Fuckdog! I’m going to be honest with you, I’m getting tired of writing this fucking shit story and I just want to eat and go to sleep but tumblr user Bidoof has a gun to my head, please help.

Pasta Panic got boring really fast. There was simply no variation bland, standard gameplay. I told that H that I was finished, and began to stand up but he sat me back down. “No, you finish playing. It really pays off in the end. I’ll be back!” H got up and left the room. There was no way I was gonna keep playing that awful game, but H had locked me in his bedroom, so I had no choice but to keep playing. When I unpaused to game, all of the characters were staring right at me and M.E.L.L.Y.’s eyes were completely blank. A text box showed up on screen. It said, “Why did you leave us… Elizabeth.” Elizabeth wasn’t my name or the name of anyone I knew at the time. To this day, I’ve never met anyone named Elizabeth and I’m throroughly convinced that it’s a fictional. So I kept playing the game.

Things went on as normal for a while, though I faintly heard the game’s repetitive music become distorted, and also reversed, and it was lavender town’s theme. Then, Princess Sally Acorn, my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character who appeared in the comics but none of the games appeared on screen. I was excited to see my favorite character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics and also SatAm, Princess Sally Acorn. A cutscene played so I was even more surprised than when I initially saw Sally Acorn, my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character. “I sure am hungry.” Sally said, in a text box.

M.E.L.L.Y. turned to the screen with a smile on her face. Her smile was so disturbing and wide. It was like Jeff the Killer’s smile, but even wider because it was the Joker’s smile, but only like the Joker’s smile when the Joker was ready to kill Batman’s beloved butler, Oswald. “I think we need to stuff Sally.” M.E.L.L.Y. said this. She didn’t say this is a text box. She spoke it out loud. In an evil voice that was like the Joker’s voice but after he killed someone and was about to kill another person in an even more evil and demonic way.

I was able to control M.E.L.L.Y. again. In the kitchen there was lotsa pasta. Way more pasta than a single squirrel needed. I yelled at the TV screen! “No, Sally doesn’t need all of that pasta!” M.E.L.L.Y. just looked at me with her demonic Joker smile and laughed. It was like the Joker’s laugh… but worse…… because it was Kefka’s laugh.

okayi m done writing this jesus fucking christ i hate everythine hoigw4hoi3klgoilr


It is now exactly noon. What a great time to listen to the newest album for the first time! So let’s begin, I literally cannot wait anymore.

1. ‘Ship To Wreck’ (single) - I still think the song is good and catchy. But was that the right choice of Flo’s label to have it open the album? I think so! It really does introduce the main theme of this album, which I think is very full of contrasting emotions.
Favourite lyrics: Did I drink to much, am I losing touch, did I build this ship to wreck?

Overall rating: 7.5/10

2. What Kind of Man (single) - starts with mesmerizing delicacy, and then it gets rough, in a good way. Also full of emotions, but this time not really autoaggressive. It’s a good single, and a really diverse one. The hook gets into one’s head immediately.
Favourite lyrics: And with one kiss, you inspired a fire of devotion

Overall rating: 8/10

3. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful - the title track is pretty much very well describing the musical theme of the era, as we have the raw sound of Florence’s vocals, plenty of trumpets and similar. It’s very positive and grasping emotions, every kind of them. The instrumental at the end is climactic. I just want to dance like Florence does at the concerts. Simply outstanding.
Favourite lyrics: So much time on the other side, waiting for you to wake up

Overall rating: 9.5/10

4. Queen of Peace - OH. MY. GOD. 
the instrumental at the beginning is simply outstanding. Beautiful. Fairytale-like. And then the beat starts. And I’m cold dead on the floor. There’s something heavenly with this particular combo of drums and clapping; so mesmerizing.
I don’t know if it’s going to be the next single, as I think it is TOO BEAUTIFUL to get the recognition it deserves. But let’s hope for the best

Overall rating:10000000/10

5. Various Storms & Saints - I like the gentleness. Great chillout song, after four fast and sometimes overvocalised ones. I kinda cried, as it built up. It’s hard to compare this song to the others, but it could be a hit. The radios also need chillout songs!

Overall rating: 9/10

6. Delilah - a worthy single. The duality of Florence’s vocals in this kills me. And the structure of the song is something we don’t hear everyday. Also a good beat. There’s more than one hook in this! “It’s a different kind of danger’, ‘Holding up for your call’, ‘To fast for freedom’ and more… 
And in the end, when the drums change the beat (PLOT TWIST) I’m dead on the floor again.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

7. Long & Lost - another chillout song. I’m crazy for the part that starts ‘Is it to late…” The bass is strong with this one. Also, a potential weak part of the album turns out to be very strong effort! Does Florence have any weak songs? Don’t think so.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

8. Caught - it starts with a jingle from milk commercial. It’s trapped between delicacy and something more fierce. I’m really torn by this. I need time to make up my mind, but for now it’s

Overall rating: 6/10

9. Third Eye - after a forgettable song comes a hit with a positive and uplifting (KIND OF) message. I adore the backing vocals (uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-ooooh)

YOU ARE FLESH AND BONE. Hooks you immediately.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

10. St Jude - out of the chillout songs, this one is rather forgettable. But the lyrics are beautiful. And actually that’s all I can say. In comparison to the first nine songs it’s not very good, but still a noticable effort.

Overall rating: 7/10

11. Mother - builds up really well, the ending is very emotional, Instrumental is different from what we’ve heard so far, and I like it.

Overall rating: 8/10

————————– DELUXE

12. Hiding - WHY. IS. THIS. ON. DELUXE. ONLY. Florence’s label should go check themselves for mental illness. First Bedroom Hymns, now this. This could be a freaking #1 single in both US and UK.

Overall rating: 9.99/10


Overall rating: 10/10

14. Which Witch - it’s a retracted (or still to be announced/released?) soundtrack of a movie. I can feel it. The epicness is strong with this one. Should be on the regular album, but I’m not THAT mad (still: I’m kinda mad).

Overall rating: 9.5/10

15 & 16 - Third Eye and HBHBHB demos - I never liked the idea of having demos on deluxe. It sounds messy to me, but I apprieciate the effort. 

and what do you think?

anonymous asked:

Clexa AU idea : You locked your bike to my bike and now I have to wait here

you have this great bike. you picked it up at a garage sale when you were about seventeen and it’s really old, has exactly one gear and it was a shitty piece of rust when you got it but you fell in love. you bought it, fixed it up, and got your dad to attach a cute little basket to the front of it and it’s the most dependable thing in your life right now. 

and yet, in your hour of need, it’s tied up to some stupid flashy bike with all the bits and bobs and gadgets. okay, you don’t know what they are or what they do because your bike is like 50 years old but you can tell that it is expensive. so at least your bike has good taste, even if it is fraternising with the enemy. 

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