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Taehyung being savage af.

casual shoutout to everyone in the gt fandom who’s mentally ill

i’ve been in the fandom for about five years, active for about one. i’ve seen a lot of people come and go, some in worse shape than others. one thing i’ve noticed is that a lot of us tend to put on a front, since gt is our happy place we feel like we have to be happy all the time. and that does wind up hurting when depression hits or mental illnesses flares up or you’re just not feeling your best. 

theres nothing wrong with that. theres nothing wrong with not being chipper all the time, when you joined the fandom you didn’t sign a paper saying that you always had to be the bouncy tiny or the cheerful giant. 

you just gotta be you.

and if you’re depressed? or have an eating disorder? or an anxiety disorder? have ptsd? have something else? have no mental illnesses but still have your bad days? thats okay. you’re okay here.

gt is a more intense fandom, because for a lot of us its so much more than fandom, its practically a way of living. and since its such a huge thing in all of our lives, its reasonable to have ups and downs. and honestly i find so many of you brave.

being a mentally ill tiny is hard, being a mentally ill giant is hard, being anything in between is hard. but that doesn’t stop this fandom. and when i see any of you pull through a tough time, come out alive, or even take time to take care of yourself, i get so proud. 

i’m rambling at this point, but i just really wanted to say that even though this fandom is mostly geared towards being positive, its perfectly okay to have your bad times and be open about it. 

going through mental illness doesn’t make you weak. it makes you brave. in the end, it’ll make you strong. 

and i am so proud of all of you. <3

Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me

Goodbye Kisses

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: He was scared…he was scared of losing you over one stupid kiss

Word Count: 2958

Warning: cursing

Originally posted by seokjohn

The sunlight along the horizon was wearing thin marking the beginning of dusk. It wasn’t that late into the night, but you had insisted for the boys to go home and get some needed rest. They did have promotions starting tomorrow, and you didn’t want them to be all tired out staying late at your house warming party. 

“Wah, noona. Thanks for having us.” Namjoon smiled, his dimples revealing themselves on his cheeks.

You pat his back as he and the other boys stand at your door ready to leave, “It’s no problem, Joon. You guys are welcome over any time now that I got a bigger place.”

“I mean, I guess Jin-hyung is free to come over whenever he likes am I right?” Hoseok joked, poking Jin teasingly, “Hmm, I wonder if we should leave without Jin-hyung. Let the two love birds break in the apartment, what do ya think?”

Jin and you stand there, awkward with heat rushing to both your faces. Jungkook could sense the discomfort Hoseok’s joke was causing you,

“C’mon, hyung. Quit joking around.”

Hoseok looked at Jungkook with his trademark ‘nope’ face, “What? I was just kidding.” 

“Anyways, I think we’ve overstayed our welcome. Plus we got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.” Yoongi butt in. Namjoon agreed with him and began to shoo the other members out of the house. Jin was the last to file out of your newly bought apartment, but before he could step out the door you pull his arm,

“Wait, Jinnie. I think you forgot something.” Jin was wide-eyed with confusion. He looked around and in his bag, but he was still confused,

“I think I have everything, jagi-ah.” 

“Oh really?” You smile and stand on your toes leaning so that your lips could collide with his. However, Jin, in a small panic, takes a step back just as you were about to kiss him. You blinked rapidly, obviously consumed with disappointed at his reluctance to give you a goodbye kiss. 

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10/21/2015- Happy Back To The Future Day!

advice for the signs based on people i know
  • aries: when under heavy fire, deflecting the bullets into allies isn't always the best idea.
  • taurus: not all your problems can be laughed off or bottled up. the smile is bound to crack, and the jar is bound to overflow. why are you so scared to open up?
  • gemini: don't play games with people. stop sending so many hints and start telling people what you really want.
  • cancer: be more daring. stand up for yourself. try new things. don't be afraid to go after what you really want.
  • leo: at times you can just be a porcupine looking for a hug. learn to let people go if they don't have enough padding, and find people who are more suited to the job.
  • virgo: not everything is a puzzle. even if it were, figuring yourself out is a better place to start than everything else.
  • libra: what you're looking for isn't always far away. take a closer look at what's around you and you might be surprised by the chances that are already laying at your feet.
  • scorpio: nothing is permanent. when you're caught in a storm with no turning back, adjust your rain boots, zip up your coat, and just push forward.
  • sagittarius: your problems will not fix themselves. don't complain about how they aren't getting better if you refuse to work on them yourself.
  • capricorn: find the balance. don't throw yourself into only one thing at a time and neglect all the other things around you during it. sometimes you need to take breaks.
  • aquarius: numbness can't kill, but when you can't feel a severed arm, it can be a problem. start thinking about your feelings, and start thinking about the feelings of others around you. keep the good intentions, ditch the blindfold.
  • pisces: coping mechanisms can kill. stop running away from everything that troubles you. being a hypocrite hurts others more than it does yourself. take a deep breath. some things take time.

A quick gb thing~

I don’t know why I ever paused drawing star trek guys ds9 is the love of my life

Prince Choi Seung-hyun and Sir Kwon Ji Yong on the set of 쩔어 (Jjeol-ouh) music video. 
By a great number of historians this is considered to be one of the most important days in the history of mankind. It is a well known fact that the blonde hair of Prince TOP brought worldwide peace. 
Astounding and very detailed panting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.

I’m trying so hard to write but like, I’m so tired I just can’t stay focused on anything 

The twins lie in a pile of tangled legs, blankets, and pillows on the floor of the living room. A cheesy holodrama plays in the background, and the smell of baked cookies and cold Corellian pasta takeout lingers on the air.

Leia is nestled up against Luke’s side, head resting against his shoulder and one hand curled loosely in the front of his shirt. His right arm is draped comfortably around her–where he can poke her in the shoulder whenever she makes a particularly acerbic comment about the ‘drama–and he holds a cookie with his left hand.

“I can’t believe you actually convinced me to watch this,” Leia comments–for the seventh or eighth time since they had started watching the show that morning–as the cam pans out to show Tarra, the protagonist of the show, walk purposefully down a broad walkway, on a mission to confront her supposedly-cheating boyfriend, Robbi.

“You’re the one that picked it, little sis,” Luke replies. It’s the same reply he’s given her the last six or seven times she’s complained.

“Because you only gave me a choice between this and The Stars of DQ.” Leia shudders theatrically against Luke’s side. He pokes her.

“You know you like it,” he teases.

“Do not,” Leia retorts.

Luke snorts. “Uh huh.” A light mental poke joins the second poke he gives her arm, and she pulls back just enough to be able to shove him gently.

“Insufferable baby brother,” Leia mumbles, rolling her eyes.

“Sh,” Luke says quickly, this time gently slapping her arm with the flat of his palm. “Tarra’s at Robbi’s flat.”

Leia hushes instantly.

What she says: I’m fine.


Rajigaze Sep 16

Q: When I was little, I didn’t like dairy products like cheese or yogurt. But a while ago I tried them again for the first time in a long time, and now I love them. Are there any foods you guys didn’t like when you were little but now you like them?

Aoi: Hmmmmmmmmm….

Reita: I’m tryna think…is there anything you couldn’t eat before but you can eat now?

Aoi: Hmmmmmmmmm….

Reita: Do you just like everything? Even vegetables?

Aoi: Yep, I like vegetables.

Reita: And you like seafood too…

Aoi: Yep, seafood too…

Reita: Oh.

Aoi: Hmm…yeah, I can’t think of anything.

Reita: So there’s nothing you came to like over time?

Aoi: Nope.

Reita: Ahh, that’s good…

Aoi: Well, there’s stuff I never liked. Like celery and cheese and stuff.

Reita: Oh, I see~. For me, it’s natto. I like it now, but…I probably couldn’t eat it until…almost ten years ago.

Aoi: Ahh…why?

Reita: Cause it stinks

Aoi: Oh truuuu

Reita: And I didn’t get how people could like it.

Aoi: You know, people who eat that stuff are amazing.

(Reita laughs)

Aoi: Seriously, so many people can’t eat it.

Reita: Cause of the smell, eh.

Aoi: A long time ago, when we did shows at live houses, we would get catering, but the dressing rooms weren’t that big…

Reita: Mhm~

Aoi: And they would tape garbage bags – I mean they still do it – but they would tape them to the corners of the tables. And someone kept throwing out their natto containers in the garbage bags, so all around that table it would smell like natto. And I was like, “I’m seriously leaving this band.”

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Reita: I’m pretty sure the offender was a type-B…

Aoi: Well, I’m not gonna drop any names, but…

(Reita laughing)

Reita: Now, when I eat natto, I prepare it in the catering room. I beat a raw egg and mix it in with the natto, and then take it with me. So I throw out the garbage in that room.

Aoi: Ah, so you’re one of those. You put egg in it.

Reita: Me?

Aoi: Yeah. So everyone puts it in, huh.

Reita: Yeah – what, you don’t?

Aoi: I don’t.

Reita: But it tastes better with it, no?

Aoi: But then you can’t taste it.

Reita: The natto?

Aoi: Yeah.

Reita: Ahhhh…then maybe I don’t actually like natto, I just like it with raw egg on rice.

Aoi: That’s probably it.

Reita: I guess I like it when you can’t taste it that much (laughs). So you like it plain, then. 

Aoi: Yep, only plain.

Reita: Hey, that one time we went – where did we go? We went somewhere, and they had natto that was inside like, a legit bundle of straw. What did you think of that?

Aoi: I didn’t like it.

(Both burst out laughing)

Reita: You didn’t, eh? What was that..? Some kind of authentic natto, maybe?

Aoi: But, I mean, come on…we were raised as…you know…

Reita: Common people?

Aoi: Yeah…I mean, we still are, but

(Reita laughs)

Aoi: We haven’t acquired tastes like that…you know, for finer things…

Reita: Yeah. We’re more suited for like…regular foods

Aoi: Yeah, definitely.

Reita: For sure, that stuff just didn’t agree with us.

Aoi: It didn’t. It was too authentic.

(Reita laughs)


gifs of sooyoung smiling


and SO FAR it works alright!! i’ve only been using it for an hour but that’s longer than it’s worked for over a month–so far it’s had to:

  • get a hard drive change
  • because it a asshole it corrupted a brand new hard drive. but i literally told the computer people this would happen so all of the following i was not charged for:
  • had to get RAM checked and had to get a system restore
  • because it a asshole the system restore did not go to far enough point back to restore
  • IT HAD TO BE CHANGED LOCATIONS because the iowan boonies are awful and they had to actually crack out the big guns to get a system restore
  • they did a bunch of shit and i had to redo everything on chrome

BUT IT’S BACK. i think. the guys that worked on it are john and dean. i was practically sam in this situation

BUT ANYWAY, with all that in mind, if it stays strong until tomorrow, that’s when i’ll be putting books up for sale! i’m going to do the impossible tonight, i think. I’M GOING TO TRY STREAMING

Apparently when Julius Caesar was assassinated he grabbed the first assassin who stabbed him and said ‘Casca what the HELL are you doing’ and Casca panicked and said something to the effect of ‘ANY TIME, NOW, GUYS, HE ‘S GOING TO KILL ME’

then they all piled in at once and Caesar tried to fight them off with his stylus

and the autopsy report  (earliest known one in history at that) reported that only one of the stab wounds was fatal and it was the blood loss that did it for him

It’s actually supposed to be some painting experiment and vent art, but I got some great news and I’m too happy to continue lol

I’m going to nexcon dressed as a red blanket if anyone gets the reference =w=

I may or may not continue this :v I might if you guys want to see me finish it .3. Just take note I don’t know what I’m doing =w=“”

Also, it was kind of a good thing I stopped o>o If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had any sleep owo”