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I will bet you all of the fifty-two cents in my pocket that Bruce has to resort to picking up his Robins by the cape when they’re misbehaving on patrol. Like you see Batman and Robin after they finish tying up the Joker and Batman clearly wants to leave, but Robin is busy trash talking Joker about how the purple suit was never in fashion and he’s seen cats who could rob a bank better than he can. And then you just see Batman sigh heavily before walking over, grabbing the kid’s cape, and dragging him away muttering something about being home in time for dinner or else Alfie will be pissed.         

Jaytim week Day 5: Love Notes

Highschool au where Jason leaves romantic book quotes in Tim’s locker almost every day, hoping that Tim’s smart enough to figure it out. Tragically, Tim is a clueless loser and thinks someone’s leaving love notes to their girlfriend in the wrong locker. 

Over the course of the comics and the extremely messed-up DC continuity
  • Bruce: *brings home Richard*
  • Bruce: I is batdad now
  • Alfred: Oh goodie, Master Bruce, a child! He will brighten up this manor in no time!
  • Bruce: *brings home Jason*
  • Alfred: Oh, a brother for Master Richard... well, the more the merrier!
  • Bruce: *brings home Tim*
  • Bruce: ALFRED LOOK!!!
  • Alfred: ... very well, Master Bruce...
  • Bruce: *brings home Cass*
  • Bruce: I GOT A GIRL THIS TIME!!!
  • Alfred: *sigh* we really need to have a chat, Master Bruce.
  • Bruce: *brings home Damian*
  • Alfred: .... no more, Master Bruce. Five is enough.
  • Bruce: *brings home Helena*
  • Alfred: ...
  • Dick: So, yeah, uh, Kory's pregnant.
  • Kory: *has Mar'i*
  • Kory: *dies of some illness*
  • Dick: *asks Bruce to babysit Mar'i one day*
  • Bruce: *brings home Mar'i*
  • Alfred: NO
Rules for Alfred’s kitchen

- Master Bruce you are not allowed to cook under any circumstance.

- If I have not cleared you to use the kitchen please go straight to the take out menus in the left hand drawer.

- Science experiments are not to be done here. The Batcave is there for a reason. Please use it instead.

- I don’t want to find any of your weapons in here. If I do you will be on dish duty for a week per weapon.

- Jason may have full reign of the kitchen as I trust him to not blow it up

- Banned members from the kitchen now include Roy

- If you would like to learn to cook please just ask me. I promise it will be better then me finding my kitchen in a mess.

- If I catch you drinking straight out of any container you are on dish duty.

- Chemicals, especially those known to have poisons are not to come across the kitchen.

- If there is a food fight, I will check the cameras and all parties involved will be in trouble.

- I do not care if you are not a member of this household, I can still put you on dish duty for breaking my rules.

- Master Tim is now banned from the kitchen along with Master Dick.

Raise the Flag for Childhood


Imagine this:

Tim Drake retreating to the Manor to recuperate from an injury. On the tail end of his stay, he’s fed up with Damian’s snide remarks and attitude and dismissive manner and taunts. He wants to fight back but he keeps thinking of Stephanie Brown, can’t get her out of his head: “Kill ‘im with kindness.”

So he starts gathering pillows and blankets and dragging tables and chairs. The Manor has plenty. Damian, sure enough, notices, and hangs around watching.

“What are you doing?” he finally asks, when he can’t stand it.

“Building a fort. Want to help?” Tim says and offers.

A fort sounds warlike so Damian is game. Any chance to thrash Tim and get away with it. They build together, testing and reinforcing and adjusting.

Once finished, it’s huge and low-ceilinged and cozy. They climb inside with flashlights and Damian asks, “What are the rules of engagement? How is the winner decided?”

“Nobody wins,” Tim says, flopping back with his laptop to watch a movie. “It’s just for hiding in.”

Damian is torn. He feels cheated– this was going to be a battle, right? But no, Tim had never said anything about a battle. He’d just said 'fort.’

He doesn’t want to abandon it. He’d worked on it, too.

And it’s so comfortable.

So, with a low and quiet growl at himself, Damian slouches down next to Tim to watch a movie.

In their fort.

That they made together.

Tim feels like it’s a minor victory. He doesn’t realize how big it really is until the next time he sleeps over at the Manor and wakes to an armful of blankets dumped on his head and an insistent, but not derisive, voice saying,

“We are wasting daylight. Wake up. I have some ideas to improve our previous model.”

And it’s just the thing they do now, their white flag area, a neutral territory. It’s a safe place.

Plus, it’s super cozy.


the acrobat. the commissioner’s daughter. the outlaw. the detective. the blood son.

                                      the heroes gotham n e e d s.

                              no, the heroes gotham d e s e r v e s

fans: so why did you decide to change the children’s ages??
tim burton:
fans: and why aren’t there any poc??
tim burton: 
fans: and why the hell are olive and emma’s peculiarities switched??
tim burton:
fans: and why are they calling jacob “jake”??
tim burton: 
fans: and why are you including those twins??
tim burton:
fans: and why do the hollowgast look like knockoff slenderman?
tim burton:
tim burton:
tim burton:

  • jason: hey you got what I asked for?
  • tim: yeah
  • tim: I also couldn't sleep last night so I designed these boots that mimic socks on hard floor, but on any surface
  • tim: *pulls out a second, larger pair* we can be twinsies
  • jason:
  • jason: you are a genius and I dislike you the least out of all you bats
  • Jason: Three teams, okay?
  • Jason: Team one. Resurrected kids.
  • Damian: Me and you, yes.
  • Jason: Team Two. Faked-their-death kids.
  • Steph and Dick: Riiiight.
  • Jason: And Team Three. Boring kids.
  • Tim: Boring?
  • Cass: ?
  • Jason: Team Boring. Yes.
  • Cass: ...
  • Tim: Okay, yes, maybe Team Boring is the team for me. But Cass?
  • Jason: Hm. Point taken. Team Half-Awesome, then.
  • Tim: *sighs*
  • Cass: *touches Tim's shoulder* We will win.
  • Tim: Any team with you on it, sis.
  • Jason: *cocks Nerf gun* Game on, Princess.
  • Cass: ?
  • Tim: He's... talking to me.

Endless List of DC Fancasts (Young Justice-Comics)

Laurence Coke as Kon-El (aka Superboy) // Freya Mavor as Cassie Sandsmark (aka Wondergirl) // Sota Fukushi as Tim Drake (aka Robin) //Jasmine Sanders as Cissie King-Jones (aka Arrowette) // William Marcin as Bart Allen (aka Impulse) // Mimi Elashiry as Greta Hayes (aka Secret) //Lida Duch as Rose Wilson (aka Ravager) // Belouka Almonacy as Anita Fite (aka Empress) // Seth Atwell as Lil’ Lobo

Requested by Anonymous

  • Jason: Tim.
  • Jason: Timothy.
  • Jason: Timbo.
  • Jason: Timmy.
  • Jason: Timtam.
  • Jason: Tympole.
  • Jason: Tim-tack-toe.
  • Jason: Tim-ber.
  • Jason: Tim-bucktu.
  • Jason: Tim-belina.
  • Jason: Tim-Jim.
  • Jason: Tim-celot.
  • Jason: Tim's-a-snot.
  • Jason: Tim-ora Pierce.
  • Jason: ...
  • Jason: Come on, Bread Robin, don't ignore me.
  • Tim: I'm sorry what?
  • Tim: Bread Robin?
  • Jason: Is that the only thing you paid any attention to?
  • Tim: Bread Robin. What the heck, Jason?