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I super love the lightning thief musical and be more chill so I made,,, a crossover,, or I’m working on one at least ?? obviously I’ve only drawn these three right now, but I’ve got my personal hcs for everyone else already :0
don’t know if I’ll continue this but it was fun to draw and think about at least !

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Woah! The epilog takes place this year! That's so cool! Do you have any thoughts on the kids that you'd like to share in honor of that?

I know! Pretty soon it will really be nineteen years later, and we’ll still be here with Harry <3 Sometimes I think about this fandom and I’m so blown away by the depth and breadth and everything we’ve accomplished. I’m so proud to be a part of the Harry Potter generation. I asked my cousins who I rarely see today what Hogwarts house they’re in, and even though they’re ten years younger than me and very shy - we got to bond over this thing. This series when I was nine and it’s my whole life now. 

You asked for some thoughts on the kids, so here’s ten little headcanons :) 

1. Teddy’s favorite person in the whole world is Harry - he idolizes Harry…but not in a “Chosen One” way, more like a father figure whose hair is really cool and casts a patronus for me when he reads bedtime stories way. 

2. Molly and Lucy are twins - Percy was very worried about breaking it to George that he would be the one with the family’s next set of twins. George cried, but ultimately hugged Percy and said he hoped these two would be better to him than he and Fred had been. 

3. Gabrielle is the best aunt ever, not only to Fleur’s three kids, but to all the Weasley bunch. 

4. Myrna and Rhea, Dudley’s daughters, know the Potter kids fairly well - but it isn’t until Myrna enters Hogwarts the same year as Lily that they become friends. 

5. Rose and Hugo are best friends, not unlike their dad and Aunt Ginny. The Weasley-Potters aren’t as close with each other. 

6. When Albus haltingly comes out to Harry and Ginny his fourth year, they tell him they love him, and Ginny asks wryly if he wants her to invite the Malfoys for Christmas Eve. 

7. Neville and Hannah never have kids of their own, but they both consider their students at Hogwarts to be their own. They - especially Hannah, up in the infirmary - see quite a bit of the Weasley brood, both in and out of school. 

8. Ginny was so happy that Harry agreed to let her call their first daughter after her ex-girlfriend, she gave him free reign over their second kid’s name. 

9. Angelina cried each time one of her niblings left for Hogwarts for the first time - when it was little Freddie’s turn, she almost couldn’t let go of him long enough to let him on the train. George convinced her by whispering in her ear that all he thinks they should have another baby.

10. Easter when the kids are little is taken very seriously - Charlie hosts it at the ranch every year, and hides hundreds of eggs for all his niblings. 

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Did you know Krypto was in early scripts of Supergirl??? The cast said that at Comic Con during their Doug the Pug interview ("they said he was always off screen"). I just thought you'd appreciate that little nugget of information since you like Krypto a lot. Also, LOVE YOUR ART!! It's always keeps me positive and uplifting when I see it.

Oh gosh.

Originally posted by anjathefabunicorn

I do appreciate your sharing that, thank you! :D I welcome any and all Krypto-related news/info. Love that super pup. 

(And aw, thank you! Really glad you like it!)

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Do you have any personal headcannons about your muse that you'd like to share?

{{ Oh! Well I mean, I’ve never really thought about that. I guess I could think up a few.

» Arthur is obsessed with collecting things. In his room, he has a collection of buttons, postcards, fancy soaps, and sweaters, all organized of course.

» Arthur loves to braid hair, Alfred having bought him a doll specifically for braiding her hair since neither of them have long enough hair for it. The interest came up when he visited a girl scouts camp for an introduction to technology.

» He often likes to sing— although he isn’t really singing, he’s just playing music.

» When Arthur is left at home alone, he’ll sometimes pretend he’s an individual, taking care of the house, pretending to call and gossip with the neighbors, planning tea parties with his friend Angie, the security system.

» He has an attachment to music boxes that neither he or Alfred can explain.

» If he was human, he’d want to be a traveling journalist.

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Hey if you're still sharing thoughts on various shows and stuff, got any opinions on Phineas and Ferb, if you saw it? I just remember it being a pretty popular disney cartoon for a while so I thought maybe you'd seen it at some point (I was kinda indifferent to it tbh)

oh gosh that was my favorite disney cartoon at the time. i lost interest only because i felt like it went on a liiiitle too long, but it was still a solid cartoon. i got around to watching the last episode which made me cry fsmfl

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Wait hold on, Christophe and Minami?? I thought I was the only one. Got any headcannons you'd like to share???

I really like them
Other posts about them

  • They have known each other since Minami’s first year in the gp (one year after the final)
  • Minami thinks Chris is amazing, because he moves so easily on the ice and is in general a really kind person
  • Minami also loves his cat
  • After the season is over, Viktor winning silver at the GPF and Worlds, Viktor decides to finally stop skating and give his all into training Yuuri
  • Chris decides to retire as well, but of course he can’t not still try to beat Viktor
  • So he looks around if he can find any young skaters who he can train
  • And he sees huge potential in Minami
  • So he talks to him after Worlds, explaining that he wants to start coaching, and that Minami is really talented and he would like to train him. He also promises that Minami will beat Yuuri in no time with his help
  • and well Minami agrees
  • So they organize some things and finally Minami moves to Switzerland to live with Chris
  • Half of the skating community is like “instant ship”
  • the other half is like “mINAMI IS A CHILD LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!”
  • And Minami thinks it’s hilarious
  • I mean we all know Chris, he loves Drama
  • So basically Chris searches twitter for a tweet saying “Chrisnami is the new Viktuuri” and retweets it adding “Except we have way more style”
  • They don’t actually start dating till Minami is like 27 or something because both of them are shy dorks but well they are the new powercouple from day one

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my brain's been awful all day today :( do you have any nice warm thoughts about nick and louis hugging that you'd be willing to share?

How about this, which is from the I Had Rather sequel but I don’t know yet if it’s a deleted scene or not:

When are you getting here ?? Louis texts, when it hits eleven in the evening and he’s so tired it feels a little bit like he might throw up from sheer fucking exhaustion.

About five mins, Nick’s reply says. You missing me or summat?

Never, Louis texts back. He follows it up with a message that’s just emoji hearts and death skulls. Then he buries his face in the cushion and waits for the doorbell.

It’s longer than five minutes. It’s longer than ten, and he feels every second of it, so tired he’s fairly sure he couldn’t even sleep if he wanted to. When the doorbell finally goes, he stumbles to the door, letting Nick up then sinking down onto the floor in the hall to wait for the lift to ping, his back up against the kitchen door.

Nick takes one look at him when the lift doors open, drops his bag on the floor, and rolls his eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me you were actually dead?”

“I’m not,” Louis says. He holds his hand out. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

“When was the last time you slept?”

“Dunno,” Louis says. “New York, sometime. When was that?”

“A bit too long ago,” Nick says, and he crouches down.

Louis’s missed his face, all of Nick’s stupid smile lines and ridiculous hair and mouth that’s too big. He cups Nick’s face in his hand. He’s shaved recently, and is smooth beneath Louis’s stroking thumb.

“Miss me, huh?” Nick asks.

Louis shakes his head. “Nah,” he says, but he’s still touching. He wants to cry, he’s so tired. He tips his head forward instead, until his forehead is pressed to Nick’s chest. “Fix it,” he says softly, voice muffled in Nick’s jumper. “Make it better.”

“Come on,” Nick says, after a second. “Let’s get you to bed.”

Louis can’t even shake his head. “Can’t sleep.”

“Well, you can try. Maybe my presence will magically be the same as counting sheep.”

“You’re as boring as a sheep.”

“I know. We have the same fluffy hair, except they have more of it. Stupid fucking sheep.”

“Stupid fucking sheep,” Louis says, but he’s clambering to his feet with Nick’s help, and heading for the bedroom. He almost falls over trying to get his tracksuit bottoms off, but Nick catches his elbow, and helps him off with his shirt. He faceplants into the sheets, rucked up duvet all caught up under his hips, and buries his face in the pillow. “Love you so much.”

There’s a moment where Nick doesn’t say anything, and then he’s rolling Louis over and trying to get the duvet untangled, already stripped down to his pants. He crawls into bed next to Louis and wraps him up into a hug. “Same,” he says softly, kissing Louis’s hair. Louis trembles with it; he’s missed Nick so much. So fucking much. “You idiot boy. Staying awake for me when you’re dead.”

“Seeing you better than sleep,” Louis says hazily. The room’s going a little fuzzy. He closes his eyes and butts his head into Nick’s arm. “Don’t go in the morning.”

“It’s the weekend,” Nick says. “I’m all yours.”

Louis isn’t sure whether he manages to say good out loud or not, but he says it in his head, over and over until he’s asleep.

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Do you have any more Deacon headcanons you'd be willing to share? :)

I’m always willing to share them! As always, these are just my own thoughts/interpretations of Deacon! Under the cut for length as usual c: These are just some random things I’ve had bumping around in my head for a while 

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A way to have a quick spell that targets yourself - enchanting a hand sanitizer bottle! You can use any scent you'd like, and for almost any spell. Cleansing, anti-anxiety, glamour, memory, confidence, anything you can think about. Thought I'd share

Thank you for sharing, your idea is lovely! Perfect for secret or on-the-go witches :)

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Do you have any thoughts, feelings or opinions you'd like to share on the episode 'Tsst'? :3 I really love it and just, gawd, I need to talk about it and hear about it. It was so fascinating and interesting looking into the inner-workings of Eric Cartman's mind, and the mutual dependency of he and his mother, and how his mother essentially ruins him (or makes him the awesome Cartman we know and love, depending on how you see it). Just. That episode. Yes. Please, I love your views~ :)

Oh man. Eric and Liane. Eric and Liane… their relationship is something else.

The thing about Liane and Eric is that their relationship is mutually toxic. But at the same time it’s beautiful and altogether tragic. 

That’s pretty much presented in summary in this one scene where Eric sings to Liane to cheer her up. 

The both of them, they’re willing to comfort each other when the other is sad. Not necessarily in the healthiest way, but they do it to make each other happy. These two feed off of each other’s attention. This episode made that a lot more clear. 

The thing is, they don’t even necessarily like each other. They’ve both wished each other dead before, even. I can think of 3 different times where Liane disregarded Eric’s life. But it doesn’t matter that they don’t seem to like each other. They need each other. 

And it’s actually kind of difficult to determine who needs who more, emotionally.

Eric is still a developing child, and a fat kid who’s receives hate (albeit rightfully) from most of his peers. He’s shunned constantly, and he needs Liane’s attention in order to get by. 

Liane has literally no friends. Whenever we see her idle she’s alone, reading or watching TV. The only attention she gets from people her age is through sex. I’m not sure what’s so off-putting about Liane that she has absolutely no friends. Maybe she’s shunned because she’s the town whore and no one wants to be associated with her.

Or maybe she shares similar views to Eric (that would make a lot of sense) and none of the parents want to put up with it.  So really the only ‘friend’ she has is Eric. I guess she just wants to feel like someone needs her, and since Eric does cry for his Mom a lot I guess it’s enough for her.  

Liane has become emotionally dependent on Eric, and Liane raised Eric to be emotionally dependent on her. It’s a sad but necessary relationship at this point. 

Now about this episode particularly… 

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Do you have any thoughts about the most recent PXS ending you'd care to share (outside of the general 'blurgh that was awful' most of us are feeling about it)? I always find your analyses very insightful.

Why thank you! And I certainly do have thoughts to share—

So on a technical level, this ending sucked. The last page comes out of nowhere. I’m not even going to pretend to equivocate on this; the story had a good setup going, characters interacting and showing interest, and suddenly it was “lol no one cares, abandon ship”. The last page doesn’t follow from the previous page in any sensible manner; it’s like the whole middle part of the story is missing, so the conclusion is kind of a non sequitur.

There would have to be a lot more story for that ending to make any sort of sense. Aside from Dave (who was mostly a cardboard cutout this time around) everyone seemed into it up until then, even if they were getting told to reign in their more ridiculous behavior (which is kind of what the GM is supposed to do) and Karkat was being a childish jerk about it (which is very Karkat). They were just getting started with pre-game setup and banter.

These are kids that don’t give up easily, especially not after some minor disagreements, especially not among this group, who all enjoy talking shit to and about one another. Instead, we get a panel of everyone staring at Terezi in silence, and then Dave - arguably the person who likes Terezi the most, and the person who was causing Terezi the least amount of shit - casually invites the group, without Terezi, to go do something else instead. Everyone practically falls over themselves to take his idea, all the while acting as if Terezi weren’t even there.

That’s the other big problem I have with the ending: it’s mean. It’s not funny, or poignant, or even lolrandom; it was the kind of passive-aggressive bullying mean children do to a child they don’t really like and were just humoring for a while because they were told to. 

Why would these characters do that? It’s not in character for any of them. Why tell a story like this? It’s petty and cruel, and looks even more petty and cruel considering the tacked-on ending. I can’t see any charitable interpretations for it; the closest I can come is that the writer got really lazy about the ending.

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Do you have any funny memories of/involving your dogs you'd like to share?

Hmm… I don’t know if I ever told the Creed retrieving a chair story on here.

So before I thought I would have to wash Creed and thus seriously slacked on his retrieve (which is GONE now I’m so upset) he was getting really good at bringing me shit I point at. It’s a task for him because of my heart problem- bending over and standing back up too much will trigger an episode and then I’ll hit the floor SO to prevent that he was taught to bring me shit that I pointed at, right?

So one day we have guests over and they’re supposed to eat at the dining room table with us and one of them asks where they’re supposed to sit so I pointed at an empty chair haphazardly like a dingus.

WELL Creed was not yet corralled away from the table because no food was out yet, so as the guest is preparing to sit down, Creed slips under their feet and grabs the leg of the chair I pointed it at and starts dragging it across the room towards me because I pointed at it and he’s supposed to bring me shit I point at!

The guest was highly amused as he was maybe 5 months old at the time so there’s just this 40lb squirt tugging one of my mom’s antique chairs across the floor in fits and starts and growling because it’s frustrating him since it’s heavy until he gets to me and lets go and prances in place like LOOK DA I DID IT I BROUGHT THE THING GIVE ME A TREAT

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Hi!! Oh my gosh I'm so glad youre around! I thought for sure Raywood died out a long time ago - it's nice to see that isn't completely true! But, I was wondering if you have any favorite raywood fics you'd like to share? Thanks for being amazing! 💕

haha yea im still here with raywood bc im trapped in 2014 its honestly a curse but! as for fics i have a handful of them lmao

  1. drop dead sprint by oct1en3one (actually?? all of the fics by oct1en3one are my faves i read them when im lacking inspiration lol)
  2. picking your battles: an unauthorized los santos survival guide by anarchatypal
  3. Shoot and Run by PAPERSK1N
  4. When the Fires are Consuming You by lostinparallel
  5. A Lifelong Commitment by rebelwriter6561

and these are just a few but i love them to death lmao

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I didn't think you'd be the kind of guy that ponders life like the way that you do in all honesty considering what you do in the janoskians and the pranks you do. Are you like, really interested in the way life works around us or are you just trying to sound intelligent lmao

Well I’m at that stage of life where I’m trying to find out who I am as a person, so I just think a lot in general and I’m sharing my thoughts with those who are curious, not trying to show any intelligence, just my thoughts

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Hello. So, I recently found out that CBS are making another reboot. This time, they are doing MacGuyver. Do you have any thoughts on the original and/or reboot show? Would you share them? Or are there any shows you'd love to see rebooted as it were?

It’s pretty goddamn stupid, and totally unnecessary. It’s like trying to reboot or remake Baywatch or the A-Team or another show that was a product of its time.

It’s also taking time and budget and creative energy away from making something original, and I really hate that.

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I think I agree about this idea that Olivia doesn't comprehend love. I think that is a fear she has and when someone close to her articulates that, she's afraid that it's true, but it is not. Also, when someone on twitter pointed out that Rowan was speaking the truth when he said that, Shonda Rhimes immediately tweeted back look at who has actually said that to her - Rowan and Edison. I'm not quite sure what she meant by that, but hope you'd share your thoughts.

I definitely do NOT agree that Olivia has no comprehension of love. One can comprehend something, yet still not fully embrace it due to any number of circumstances. I think Olivia understands love better than Rowan does, especially since his love has been so twisted. How can the audience believe the source, as if he is unimpeachable. 

As for Shonda Rhimes’s tweet, people are interpreting that in the way that they would like. I’ve actually spent some time going through some Edison scenes from season 2 so that I could write out my feelings. I can’t accomplish this today, but I have jotted down my notes. It’s very personal to me. I accept that I am in the minority who believe that Rowan is not just wrong, he has some gotdamn nerve.