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I want to write my own TV show just so I can give the gays everything they want.

ok no hate or anything, I’m just really genuinely curious and I’m hoping someone can give me a comprehensive explanation. I started watching TWD a couple of weeks ago (I’m finished) and I was aware of TD even before then but obviously didn’t understand the background of it or whatever. I’ve been around the tags and seen some disjointed hopes and theories and “maybes” and interpretations and all that, but I’d love it if someone could give me a good explanation for this, specifically the following questions (all of which I’m basing off the theories I’ve seen floating around):


the assumption is that Beth survived the headshot, being carried around, and Maggie crying over her presumably dead body at least for a little while because they were at a hospital with like….. one doctor who I don’t think was a neurosurgeon (but I don’t remember). my question is: even if we assume that’s true, why would Maggie and Daryl (or anyone really) leave her behind? do we assume they don’t realise she’s alive? because they were offered an opportunity to stay at the hospital after killing the leader, so if Beth was alive and receiving treatment, they had no reason to leave or never come back for her.


if we assume they didn’t realise she’s alive and thought her to be dead (which makes sense), how do we think she survived? are we assuming they just left her body lying around near the hospital? (or, I’m sorry, stuffed in a TRUNK? which I’ve also seen a theory of, which makes me a little ?? because would Maggie really do that to her sister? why? would Daryl?) do we think they carried her out of the hospital only to get her back inside to the people they most definitely can’t feel very generous towards and entrusted them with her ‘dead’ body to take care of? what do you think happened to the body? how did she survive?


I’ve seen some people heavily imply or outright state that TF doesn’t act like Beth is dead but ‘gone’, implying that they know she’s ‘alive’. So my question is: why would they never try to get her back? or even talk about the possibility of finding her again? it’s a huge theme throughout the show that they never give up on each other and always try to find back to each other again, and if they can’t or don’t think they can, they at least talk about that. why would they never mention Beth and the unlikelyhood of ever seeing her again when they do it in every other case? Maggie and Daryl are clearly reeling from the loss, and they have a talk about that, but none of it implies she’s still alive out there, and I can’t really see Maggie just abandoning her sister, especially not considering how we see her determination to reconnect with Glenn when they lost each other. are we assuming Maggie is the kind of person who’d leave her sister behind knowing she’s alive?

again, I’m not looking for a fight, so please no passive-aggressive attacks from EITHER side (pro and anti Beth). I’m really genuinely curious and while I’ve seen several “these are the hints she’s alive” posts flying around, I’ve never actually found good answers to these questions, so I’m hoping someone can clear this whole “Beth’s alive” theory up for me. it’s kinda driving me crazy at this point. thanks!

bang bang (shots in the night)

Missed the last Fluff Friday, but I’m stealing the prompt anyways: “Messenger”

Masterpost for the smol!Kakashi series can be found here.

Timeskip! (Sakura is about 23 and Kakashi has finally hit mid-twenties.) Bandit hunting is no fun. At least Sakura has matchmaking to keep her occupied.

The shadows between the trees are silent as Sakura watches the night. The ragtag group of chūnin she’s been leading are curled in their cloaks around the soft embers of the fire, safe and quiet.

The mission itself has been safe and quiet so far; the best part about not working with her team is that she’s significantly less likely to run into S-ranked missing nin or should-be-dead men. Of course, that also means that the worst part about not working with her team is that she’s significantly less likely to run into S-ranked missing nin or should-be-dead men.

Bandit hunting in the forest at the end of fall with a disruptive group of chūnin in need of some discipline is boring.

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ask-team-nightmare-and-fnaf  asked:

What would the Boneheads (aside from Jack) look like in Tim Burton's style? I think that would make for a cool art style you could use in the comic miniseries.

While I don’t plan on doing any style redesigns for a comic, I do wonder how the other boneheads would look with the Tim Burton style, too. If I decide to do what I did for the Mystery Skulls redesign project, the Tim Burton style is a possible pick.

Pic of me in my Weiss cosplay from Ichibancon on Saturday, featuring Vic Mignogna! hmu if you’re one of the cosplayers here!


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some singing/musical headcanons for the paladins that no one actually asked for but im putting out there anyway ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • Lance thrives in performing in front of others
    • He would always be singing his heart out in the car with the rest of his family
    • His music taste is all over the place
      • seriously give him the aux cord for a long road trip and you’ll never hear the same song twice
    • Despite the eye rolls his siblings give towards his elaborate performances, Lance actually has a great voice
    • If he’s bored while the castle is still en route to their location, he’ll wander the hallways, whistling and singing whatever lyrics are running through his head at the given moment
      • This often results in medleys that are the structural equivilant to food goo
    • He sings much quieter as the days in the castle pass
      • He tells himself its because the hallways echo too much
      • He knows he’s lying
  • While Lance has never been shy about his singing, Keith is the complete opposite
    • He’s lucky if he can even hear himself sometimes
    • When they started out as paladins, Shiro was the only one who even knew he could sing
    • As time passed, he slowly began to let the others know
      • The first to find out was Hunk, when Keith began murmuring a repetative melody while the two of them worked on repairs for their lions
      • Next were Allura and Coran, who overheard his light harmonies as he studied the star maps in the observation deck 
      • Pidge found out when Keith walked past her workplace with lyrics passing through his lips. He hadn’t known she had been sitting there until later that night.
      • The last to know was Lance, when Keith found him shaking outside his door at night. They had seen more death than they wanted to that day, and as Lance burried his face in the hollows of Keith’s collarbones, Keith found himself rubbing circles into his back and whispering lullabies into his hair.
  • Hunk doesn’t sing, but he played guitar for 6 years before joining the Garrison, and took up ukulele sometime within the last 2 years
    • He and Lance had countless spontaneous karaoke evenings while at the Garrison
    • He’s always wanted practice more electric guitar, but he never quite got the hang of it
    • He’s made plans to scrounge up materials to construct a ukulele to practice with during downtime, but he hasn’t quite gotten around to it yet
  • Matt started learning piano at age 10
    • Katie would watch him with wide-eyed wonder as the years went on, and eventually, he began to teach her
    • The two of them would sit at the keyboard, sometimes repeating the same measures for hours until the sheet music was burned into their eyes and the notes rang in their ears
    • On other days, they would create the melodies from scratch, filling the household with a mess of noise, a language that no one but them could decipher
    • Katie never played much after Matt left for the Garrison
    • When she became Pidge and first saw the Garrison’s piano in the mess hall, she ran out of the room and back to her dorm
    • Somehow, there was just too much of Matt in that room for him to not be present
    • It took days before she could eat in the mess hall again
  • Shiro never had much musical experience growing up
    • He attempted the violin for a year and a half before he lost interest and gave it up completely 
    • After knowing each other in the Garrison for about a year, Matt would often play him quiet pieces on the piano in the Garrison’s mess hall
    • It became a weekly routine for the two of them
    • Eventually, Matt began to teach Shiro simple melodies, once that reminded him of home and sent his thoughts to the stars
    • Shiro would find himself humming those same melodies months later, when the nightmares drew him awake and the starlight no longer gave him comfort

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Hey y’all! You should really read this fanfic, it’s written by my pal @marykay91 and it’s SUPER GOOD. If you’re into Team CFVY being wonderful and sweet and accepting, this fic is awesome. There are some really neat headcanons, lovely characterization, and the writing is incredible! Also Fox and Coco as besties, yes, yes, and more yes.

Here’s the link!


Look at the grunts in these photos. Team Rocket may be a crime syndicate, but these scans prove that it has become something more for the members: a home. Without good leadership, a group like Team Rocket would be plagued with inner enmity, assassinations, greed, and an ultimate power struggle. But there was never any of that, even while Giovanni was missing. This just proves that Giovanni means something more to these grunts than just a way to gain power over others, but that they trust him to care for and lead them. Also, note the smiles the grunts are giving the Dexholders in the last photo. The reason Giovanni didn’t attack the Pokedex trainers, who stand against him, wasn’t just because his son was among them. Team Rocket had waited for Giovanni, he had returned, and now their odd little family was whole again. 

Having a different set of values and morals from the protagonists doesn’t always make the antagonists evil; just as the dexholders are fighting for their values, Team Rocket is fighting for what’s important to them. And here we see that it isn’t money, power, or any of the reasons for which the organization was founded: These people just wanted to bring their leader home.

the best thing about this whole dang dress fiasco is the starkids reaction to it

Yeah, but consider this: chubby Lily Evans.


Let’s shake some dust!

I edited these like months ago and realized I never uploaded them!
Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies is the name of an album of the wonderful band Volbeat, and I couldn’t help but think of my favorite villains >P 

Here is another RWBY villain gifset of mine, go check it out if you want to~