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GUYS! I’m doing an art project for school and I’m currently collecting team or sports slogans/mottos/encouraging and/or inspiring short sayings or chants! (“Everybody ropes everybody rides”/ “Stand with us” for example)

The league, or no league, sport, country (any language is okay as long as you can provide me with a translation), doesn’t matter! If you know any please reblog this post and add them in the tags or reply to this post!
Even if you can’t come up with any reblogging this post to spread the word would help me out a lot!

(I don’t want them to be too team or sport specific, “insert team city + Hockeytown”, “Sharks territory” or “Welcome to RangersTown” for example are too specific, even the color ones are a bit too specific for my purposes)

so i have a question for everyone! i’m starting to cook more because i’m pushing myself to eat healthier, save money, etc.

the problem is: i am a fish out of water in the kitchen. so! to get me started, what are some easy meals to make using everyday food items? note: i will try anything. (i can look for recipes/food masterposts later, of course, but i’d like to hear from you guys, too.)

my bear! she sang, my bear so fair! and off they went, from here to there, the bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

All Manner of Thing - A Call the Midwife Fanfic

Soooooo I wrote a fic based on the lovely @deliabusbys‘ excellent headcanon. It’s my first ever fic, just a fluffy Patsy and Delia one-shot. And please, bear in mind that I haven’t written for fun since I left school, a long long time ago. Enjoy!!

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Astrology Help!

Hi guys, I want to see if there is any correlation between the astrology signs and mbti personality types. There is so much hype about both that I thought it would be interesting to put together a masterpost on the subject.

Please reblog this post with your mbti personality type / sun sign / moon sign / mercury sign / venus sign. Ex: INFJ / Aquarius / Aries / Pisces / Pisces.

If you don’t know one of those things, just fill out what you do know. 

Any help would appreciated and I will tag anyone who contributes in the resulting masterpost. 

Thanks :)