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Can we help Mark see something?

Mark has mentioned that there will be a charity live stream soon, but he doesnt know for what yet.

My father has had a debilitating disease for 11 years now: Multiple Sclerosis. He is on ventilator, trachea, oxygen and feeding tube, plus a slew of other machines he needs to ensure his health. I was 5 when he was diagnosed, so I’ve never known him when he was healthy.

He hasn’t walked in seven years and likely never will again. As of 2017, there is no working and/or available cure for MS.

So, I would really appreciate if Mark’s next charity live stream could go to some kind of Multiple Sclerosis research? Yes, those other causes are noble, but I’d really love to see this disease get some representation, as it’s basically been swept under the rug. In my 16 years, I’ve read exactly one article about it in the normal media, and I know no one in my entire circle of people I’ve met who even knows it’s a disease.

Mark has greatly helped me cope with my dad’s illness, and I’d really love to see it recognized by someone who has a big following, maybe it could kick start some kind of research? Maybe I’m overly hopeful, but this has been my dream since 2014.

@markiplier I’d really love it if you considered.

Other Markiplites, could you maybe reblog this into the markiplier tag so he could see this? I’d appreciate any help you could give.

Haikyuu!! Follow Spree

Hi all! Now that I’m getting into the swing of things with this blog (thank you already for 250+ followers in just 2 months, aaaa!!) it’s about time I fix the inactivity of my dash~

As this is obviously a Haikyuu blog, I’m looking for blogs to follow that are primarily, if not entirely, dedicated to Haikyuu. Other fandoms on occasion are fine -especially if tagged- but the more Haikyuu, the better! (Story of my life tbh.)

Bonus points if you:
- post content for Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, Kenma and/or Noya
- reblog fanart AND fics (or create your own!)
- collect official or fanmade merch
- enjoy talking/adding commentary in the tags
- have some sort of tagging system
- don’t create unnecessary drama
- like talking to people within the fandom!

I’ll check out everyone who likes/reblogs this post, and if you want to make any sidenotes just add them to the tags when you reblog. I’d really appreciate any helping hand, so regardless of whether you’re a mutual already or not, thank you in advance to everyone who can help pass this along!
This is your moment to shine

I need something from you guys, but it has to be fast

I need your favorite Play/Musical


I need the name, and writer sent to me

(preferably not in the tags, thanks)

any pictures would be well appreciated

This could help me with an Artist thing, which could be great for me!

                                          (^ possible commissions for a real Theater)

Please! Help out a fellow artist :)

I need these by Thursday, or May 4 2017

Thank you all so much! Love you guys!!!


Hey all,

more and more hockey imagine/drabble/fic blogs have been popping up. (Yay!) However, it’s getting harder for me to keep track of URL changes and adding blogs to the directory.

If you have time, please check out the directory I’ve compiled. Let me know if any blog are missing or if any links/URLs need to be updated. I want to keep everything as up to date as possible so I can keep posting and tagging everyone’s stories properly. Any help is VERY MUCH appreciated. Thank you!

Hello! FrozenSeas here just to let you guys know my asks and submission box IS open on here (if its not let me know tumblr can be weird) 

So feel free to send in any asks about the host/ the author submit fan art whatever! The host is one of my favorite egos out there and he deserves all the love, hopefully we get to see more of him in the future! 

my bear! she sang, my bear so fair! and off they went, from here to there, the bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

so i have a question for everyone! i’m starting to cook more because i’m pushing myself to eat healthier, save money, etc.

the problem is: i am a fish out of water in the kitchen. so! to get me started, what are some easy meals to make using everyday food items? note: i will try anything. (i can look for recipes/food masterposts later, of course, but i’d like to hear from you guys, too.)

All Manner of Thing - A Call the Midwife Fanfic

Soooooo I wrote a fic based on the lovely @deliabusbys‘ excellent headcanon. It’s my first ever fic, just a fluffy Patsy and Delia one-shot. And please, bear in mind that I haven’t written for fun since I left school, a long long time ago. Enjoy!!

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Guys I’m looking for a certain type of fic. I’ve been thinking a lot about that episode where Jace and Magnus talk about how him and Alec of taking things to the next level. And Jace says that he knows because of their parabatai bond and Magnus started to freak out because he thinks Jace could feel them together but then Jace says it’s not like that and I want to read a fic where it is… like that. 🙈 a person told me that there was some out there like that but I’ve been looking for months and I haven’t found any. 😩 If anyone can help it’d be greatly appreciated. ❤️

(Tagging friends- @archeralec @shadow-readernwriter @damnyoudaddario @overpaidwarlock @soft-saphael @ithilien-writes)


I’m so excited to let everyone know that I recently hit 3k a little while ago and I wanted to show my appreciation to everyone by making another follow forever! I’m going to do something different and organize everyone accordingly :) Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way & I am extremely grateful for all of the friends and people I’ve met on here ♡

Italics: amazing mutuals aka lovely people

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Astrology Help!

Hi guys, I want to see if there is any correlation between the astrology signs and mbti personality types. There is so much hype about both that I thought it would be interesting to put together a masterpost on the subject.

Please reblog this post with your mbti personality type / sun sign / moon sign / mercury sign / venus sign. Ex: INFJ / Aquarius / Aries / Pisces / Pisces.

If you don’t know one of those things, just fill out what you do know. 

Any help would appreciated and I will tag anyone who contributes in the resulting masterpost. 

Thanks :)

telehobby  asked:

What's the name of the Fanfiction where Clarke moves in with bellamy and Murphy helps her move? Abby is revealed to have cancer...

edit: thank you @tirpse for this suggestion: Something New

@freshtriumphwonderland​ said: ‘Hi, I’m looking for a fanfic that I’ve read some time ago, it was on ao3. It was winter and Bellamy and Clarke were driving a car and got stuck in it because of a blizzard. They were really cold so eventually they decided to have sex. They were just friends, although one of them used cold as an excuse, because in reality had a crash on this other person. After sex it was awkward. It was multichapter AU. I think they were going to see Octavia. I hope you can find it :) xoxo’

edit: thank you @eskimo-whispers for this suggestion: Seal Your Doom Tonight

@smarticles96 said: ‘Hi:) I only now worked up the courage to ask for help to find a story.Clarke goes to a night gala and on her way home she runs out of gas.She debates whether to wait for the next car or walk to the nearest gas station where Bellamy is working. Thanks’

edit: thanks @peetaspikelets for this suggestion: Lay It All On Me

@epicallycosmic​ said: ‘Sorry to bother you, but I’m looking for a Bellarke pregnancy fic. Multi chapter, completed. Definitely on AO3 or FF. Basically, quite a few of the 100 end up pregnant and at one point they find a hospital so that they can do sonograms for everyone to see if they are actually pregnant. Bellarke baby, but they think the baby could be Finn’s as well. I checked the tag already, and couldn’t find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!’

Unfortunately we can’t seem to find this one - any of our followers recognize these fics? 

Our lead is slipping a bit..

It’s much harder to play catch up than it is to maintain the lead. Do NOT get comfortable for a moment guys. We still have another 24 hours and it can go either way:

Please vote Ichabbie & Captain Swan.

If you’re from any of the tagged fandoms, please help. Your assistance is greatly appreciated as well.