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okay finally a real answer, granted it was half-assed. jewish people hold a disproportionate amount of wealth in society and you will not admit that 48% of Americas billionaires are jewish. In a country where you are supposedly oppressed and vilified how have you all managed to come so far? you only make up 2% percent of the U.S. population as well. so its very bizarre that as a demographic have that amount of power? how are jews not privileged?


Sorry you would understand my answer if you spoke lizardman

Ok… posting last one from the meme like this cause I thought it said “Outertale”…

And it wasn’t outertale o-o

Sorry! I misread!!! But here is the Outertale version!

[5 of 5 - Self in UT AUs]

Just… vest with fluff. And floaty hair! Goodness - and I bet I would be wearing my galaxy pattern Vans…

But yee that’s the last of them! I will turn on the asks now and any suggestions for this meme will be deleted! Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

(honestly I am surprised that no one said Underfell but *shrugs* might do that design on my spare time when I have time!)

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I'm looking to make the Supergirl outfit from the CW show. Any suggestions on where to find the best textured or textured like fabric? Thanks in advance :)

The fabric: “It’s called Eurojersey: It has a four-way-stretch quality, which is good for action. The S is “grown” on the fabric with an ink that’s layered on to give it dimension.”

Grabbed that quote from an interview with Colleen Atwood, the costume designer. Eurojersey is produced by Sensitive Fabrics and you can see where these fabrics are sold on their website.  

However, when looking at the site I don’t see any of their sample fabrics with the right texture:

If I were to guess, it looks like a pattern that has been printed on the fabric with a raised ink. This could be achieved at home by screen printing onto your fabric. Alternatively it could be a pattern that was added with dye sub printing and isn’t raised at all. You could probably re-create this pattern with Photoshop or another image program and get it printed through a fabric printing service. In place of the Eurojersey, you can use a four-way stetch spandex/lycra or a spandex jersey fabric. 

And in some cases, like the image below, it looks like it could be a nylon mesh over top of a base fabric. It could be an alternative way to tackle the texture:

Hope this helps!
Duckie / Admin

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I'm a very short, very 'cute' female med student, and even though I don't dress or act 'cute' I have a really hard time getting my male peers and patients to take me seriously. Any suggestions?

Hmmm…. unfortunately we still live in a world where people have to work harder to earn respect based on what they look like. As a “cute” girl, you will likely have to be better than your peers to be noticed and respected. However, I think it’s most important to remind yourself:

I don’t have any specific suggestions, but I’d check with folks like @ladykaymd and @tinymedstudentstuff, who are both tiny cute ladies and find out their strategies. 

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Hi! do you have any pjo blogs suggestions? I feel my dash is empty :/

hi!!! i will do what i can—i follow so many good blogs.

@gr33kg0ds @lesbabeths @rosegoldpipercy @gaycheldare @annabethistheannabest @annabathtime @paulblofish @falloutpercy @percyyoulittleshit @pillowpetsofolympus @softbianca @ingvildsaetren @riptidescap @darkdiangeloofhades @pipabething @piper-mccool @demidorks @whygrover @percannabeths @percalyspo @greek-praetor @preatorpercy @percyisoverwhelmed @lanileia @charlesbeckendorf 

and i follow a ton more wonderful blogs—these are just the immediate ones that i see most often on my dash/in my notifications! from them you can follow who they reblog from, too, and find some more wonderful blogs.

i hope this helps! ♥ xoxo

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Hii @fabrickind I want to make a ffix garnet suit, i seen other ppl make really tall leggings (that starts under the breasts) and then make an under bust vest sort of patten for the top half of the suit. Any suggestion on patterns to use or advice on how to create the top half? I dont have a mannequin, so i have been looking for a template to work with. Ty

Hello there!

For this, I would modify a unitard pattern rather than trying to combine two patterns, though I can see it going either way. A pattern like this would be a good base. What you would need to do (and this can be done on your body or flat, especially with the help of a friend) is cut away the neckline so it reaches to under the bust, keeping in mind the stretch as you do so. If it is stretched on your body, you can draw the line with a fabric-safe marker and cut it when it is off your body. Open up the center front seam (or cut one in), see how much it pulls apart, and again mark and cut the lower portion that is laced up. If you have a cheap fabric you can use as a mockup before doing your actual fabric, you can use this as a pattern once you get to the actual material if you are satisfied with the fit. (You wouldn’t have to do the full legs for the lockup, just the torso.) I do a lot of this type of draping on my own body, and while it takes some practice (or a friend if you can’t draw the lines on yourself), and it works fairly well, even if it isn’t traditionally “correct” patterning.

If you wanted to make it with a waist seam like you are describing (or draft it flat and then combine it with your leggings pattern), you likely aren’t going to be able to find a vest pattern that works for this, since this isn’t shaped like a vest. You are going to make the high-waisted leggings with the U-shaped cutout where the lacing is, keeping in mind the stretch here (the lacing makes it so it encircles the whole body and keeps the tension, though don’t make it too tight or else your lacing will be strained). 

For the part that goes over the bust, trace an armscye and side seam off of another pattern or a garment you own that fits well. Stretch is less important here because it doesn’t fully encircle the body, though you don’t want extra ease in your pattern. Match up this side seam with the side seam on your high-waisted legging pattern. Draw a line following the armscye until the fullest part of the bust (be sure to measure how far down the fullest part of the bust is from your shoulder seam in order to properly mark this), and then curve that line so that it matches with the opening of the U-shaped portion. It should look vaguely like this:

Wow that drawing is bad, even for me. I hope it makes sense. Dotted lines are so you can understand what everything is – center front, so the pieces are mirrored, and the lacing drawn in dotted so you know where that goes.

Luckily, due to the nature of this garment, there are very few seams (I’d even eliminate the center front seam and just cut it on the fold, but include a center back seam for shaping, especially if you have a very curved back) because of the stretch material, so the shape of your pattern is mostly going to be the shape that you see. Since the top portion isn’t covering the bust, you don’t have to worry about the trickier fitting there, and since the fabric above the bustline isn’t fully encircling the body, it won’t be stretched around it, so you don’t have to worry about reducing your pattern size there for stretch.

I would draw this out on paper a few times, hold them up to make sure the shapes and where it is hitting you works, and then make a mockup or two. The top portion is a fairly easy part to draw out by hand if you have a template (such as a tight T-shirt) for the armscye, and from there, and especially in this type of fantasy garment in a stretch material, it’s a matter of making small fixes to the fit from there.

If you have a piece of shapewear that sits under the bust (one of those “wear your own bra” type torso shapers), you may be able to trace off that shape and use it (I can’t find a pattern to make one yourself unfortunately), and possibly increase the size a bit because you aren’t trying to reshape your torso with this garment. I would also recommend wearing something like that underneath this garment to smooth everything out – getting the fit and everything smooth is the biggest challenge with this type of garment.

Good luck! I hope that’s helpful :] 

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


Thank you so much to everyone who supported me with the commissions, I have no words to express how grateful I am! ♥
The drawing tablet just arrived a while ago and I I’ve testing it out since then, I still need to adapt more to it by practicing a little more, It was somewhat uncomfortable for me to use it at first and I end up with a slight pain in the hand.
Coincidentally today is also my birthday, so this is like a really nice early present.
I’ll be uploading more digital art for now on instead of solely pixel art! ^u^
And to celebrate I’ll be accepting any suggestions to draw for this weekend, If you have one please send it to the questions box! :D

Yet again thank you so much for your help guys! 

hey guys! a lot of people seemed to like my last post: steps to a better life, so i decided to make a similar one about little things you can keep track of in your journal 📖 i’ve personally found that i’m much more productive when i keep track of my habits on paper (there’s just something so satisfying about ticking off those boxes), so i suggest you to try it for a few weeks and then check if it’s made any changes in your life!

i’d love to hear about your progress, so come say hi when you feel like it! oh and if any of you guys have any suggestions about what sort of masterpost you’d like me to do next, please let me know, i really value your input! 💡

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Do you have suggestions for any good true crime documentaries?

Sure, my absolute favorite is Into the Abyss, I also like Making a Murderer, Cropsey, The Jinx,  Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills, Richard Ramirez: the Night Stalker, The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, Born To Kill?, The Pig Farm, Tales of the Grim Sleeper, H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer, Serial Killers: The Real Life Hannibal Lecters… There are so many!

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Hello there! I'm new to the Voltron fandom. Any suggestions on some of your favorite fan-made things? :)

Oh gosh welcome to the fandom!! hope you have fun :D

Now, *cracks fingers*

First things first, check out my AO3 bookmarks. Everything I would rec is there:
Some of them are smutty, so if you’re underage, avoid those :)
While you’re at it, maybe read some of my stuff too? :3c 

Now as for art, anything made by @elentori-art, @thesearchingastronaut, @mintorio, @wolfpainters is incredible. And @solkorra has some great AU art

Evermore (Soprano Cover)
Elisabeth S
Evermore (Soprano Cover)

So… I really. really. REALLY loved this version of Beauty and the Beast.  
How sweet is it my favourite singer Josh Groban performs in the soundtrack of my favourite childhood classic’s adaptation too. I have been singing the new songs as much as the classics since then, and found myself deciding to record a cover of Evermore tonight, paired with the piano talents of Walter Amantéa.   I hope you enjoy it. ^_^  Thanks for listening!
(And please follow me for more cover updates if you like what you hear!) 

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Trader Yeen... hello. I am a spoon who commands a baral edh does you have any counter magicks for suggestions?