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First I'd like to say I lovee your blog ❤But girl I need help. For Valentine's Day I was wanting a sexy playlist for that night but I just can't come up as with very many songs at all. Any suggestions for R&B/rap songs? Thank you love ✨

(in no particular order, just suggestions lol)

i need a girl part. 1 (ft. usher & loon) - p.diddy

i need a girl part 2. (ft. ginuwine, loon, mario winans) - p.diddy

slow down - bobby valentino

some - steve lacy

sol luna - joey badass

sucka for love - frank ocean

hey i - young thug

thegreatsnowfallof82 - bones

shadow dance - the internet

amorous - jesse boykins III

i wish i was a chair - phony ppl

any time, any place - janet jackson

let me know (at your best) - aaliyah

diddy & cassie - icytwat

slow dance - father

a night off (ft. lloyd) - drake

135 - capital steez

 nothin but love (ft. joey badass) - bj the chicago kid

 try - matt mcgee

 beautiful demo - marco mckinnis

 vixen - miguel

 wus good/ curious - partynextdoor

 frontin - pharell williams

you - raheem devaughn

treehome95 (ft. coco o & erykah badu) - tyler the creator

say wassup (ft. phonte) - rhymefest

i’m still in love with you (ft. sasha) - sean paul

wanna love you girl (ft. pharell) - robin thicke

the walk - stone mecca

i’m sprung (ft. akon) - t-pain

you already know - 112

what you need - the weeknd

getting late - floetry


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Could you please suggest any good youtube videos dedicated to hannigram?

Hey dear anon!

Ah I think you came to the right blog because I LOVE fanvids so much!

I have a small Hannigram playlist (about 60 vids) with most of my favourites - watch here

You should definitely check out these channels:

@voordeel-ts with jaw-dropping stuff like Glitter & Gold

@shainira makes beautiful vids like From Deranged to Divine

@hannalioncastle  (Sivandivan) with amazing vids like Take me under

Way down we go is a vid i just discovered and I love the editing!

Maybe my followers have more recs?

Well, @tdcpresents indirectly introduced me to twine, and this happened. Welcome to another side project that got really out of hand.

In Fey Wood, you’re the new kid in town. You move into tiny, rural Springvale, Georgia during the summer. Your only goal is to make friends and explore your street. How hard could making friends–and dealing with unexplained phenomenon–be? Time to find out. Download the file and then open it in your browser to play.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Fey Wood is a short CYOA horror and fantasy story
  • cw: gore, animal abuse, body horror, violence, and death
  • basic coding: your small decisions affect things, but not everything
  • two main stories, with 20+ endings total
  • potentially a few bugs and misspellings
  • the woods are not your friends

I’ll edit and reblog the post if I add any more new endings. I hope that anyone who reads has fun!

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I wish the studyblr community would address depression.

Yes, me too. I have strong feelings about the studyblr community and how it isn’t very good at talking about mental health. I, personally, don’t struggle much with my MH but that doesn’t mean I want to ignore it and I hope I do an okay job of not creating unrealistic ideals. If anyone has any suggestions for how I could do better please let me know. It might be hard for people to understand but there might be more to addressing depression than creating a list of fifty ways to pep yourself up with chamomile tea and candles. 

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How can I fight Trump if I'm not American? Thanks

That’s a very good question. I’m not sure I have a lot of good answers. I would say be vocal where you can. You can speak up on social media to oppose things you don’t like. But more importantly I’d say you can offer support to people you do agree with.

I’ve gotten several messages lately from non-Americans offering me support and well wishes and it’s really been nice. It’s given me a moral boost right when I’ve needed it.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

What if this actually happen? Part 6

Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5

Oops…Nico, you’re dead. What’s gonna happen next?

For the next part gonna get  a little messy! The Uranohoshi 1st years are going to appear on the next one please bare with my pace ehe. I’m always open for any suggestion that you would like to see happen in this little comic that I make, just hit me up!

Y’all im watching Rogue One a third time and I’m getting hit in all the right feels all over again.

“I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.”

“Welcome home”

Thinking of writing a CassianAndor OFC multi chapter fic about after Scarif, elaborating on his history in the Rebellion, and starting a family cause I need some happiness in this world with this band of misfits. What do y’all think? Any suggestions?

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Hi, Richtor. I am a city(and a baby) storm/weather witch, and I was wondering if you had any tips on inexpensive places to get large jars and small ones for spells and keeping potions in? Also if you have any suggestion on where I can find weather related spells that would great too!

Hello @thesociallyawkwardwitch!

(You would have loved our coven name, we were the Magical Association of the Socially Awkward, or MASA for short. :p)

I get all of my jars from dollar stores or thrift stores, seriously. All of my herbs are in spice jars from the dollar store. Certain dollar stores even has super mini and regular mini vials for very tiny spell jars. My partner bought me some amazing jars and vials from a thrift store for Christmas, and I love them.

Sometimes art stores like Michaels have sales on those sorts of things, so it may prove useful to subscribe to their email notifications. 

I’ve also seen a lot of people going to places like WalMart or Target - I’m in Canada, and we just had all the Targets forcibly removed from our country, so I don’t go there anymore. :p

Another good tip for accumulating jars, is ask to keep them from things like spaghetti sauce, pickles, and other glass jars that food comes in. I have a few from that myself. (It can be disguised as an interest in making craft projects in jars.)

As for weather related spells, I happen to have tags on [weather magic] and [storm magic] on my blog (I use them for basically the same things tbh). I also have a [Resources for Storm and Weather Magic] masterpost that is full of information and spells (and if you find any dead links, please let me know!). 

A couple of weather / storm magic blogs I enjoy are:

I hope that helps you, and best of luck to you!

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What's your head cannon for Pri's voice?

I remember thinking Cerebella from Skullgirls could fit here but I’m not so sure anymore.
If any of you have any suggestions, do let me know.
I love this sort of stuff… Plus I’m bored.

Part Four: You’re Mine. (Free to Be You and Me S05E03)

Useful Links: Last Part | All Episodes
Word Count: 3,236.
A/N: I’ve been really excited to write this last part, not only because of who we get to see again, but because this heavily ties into the next episode. (And the rest of the season.) I really hope you guys enjoy. Plus, if you’ve got any suggestions for the next episode, please let me know! Anyway, enjoy reading!

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I woke up this morning to see that i had passed 2000 followers!! That’s unbelievable! Thank you all so much. I never though that many people would be following me. Everyone i’ve met on here has been incredibly kind and i’ve made some sweet friends so I want to celebrate!

To celebrate and thank you guys i thought I’d take some requests! 

I’m not the greatest artist but i’ll take the first 30 or so art request and do some little doodles, though it might take some time. After the first 30 i’ll take more!

I’ll answer any questions, talk about head cannons, and anything else you want!

If you have any suggestions for something you’d like me to do, send it my way!

Thank you so much everyone that follows me <3

Carrion is part of the Icewarden’s escaped collection pieces, so I think, even though he’s barely a notch above ‘feral’, he’s still pretty fucking paranoid about things coming out of the Southern Isles, because any one of them could go dragging him back. And like, for him, it’s not so much a cognizant fear of ‘I’ll lose my freedom’ but a much more primal fear of ‘I will starve’ because they’re not gonna fucking feed a wendigo the thing is

1. He’s not gonna fucking starve to death

2. You could never feed him enough, and technically, the more he eats, the more he starves, the more he starves, the more powerful he becomes, so its best to just let him be at the level he’s already at

So Carrion really, REALLY, does not want to go back, and will flip the fuck out at any suggestion that he’s been found. Which is a long and roundabout way of saying I need you to imagine this guy:

Tall as your average tree, face and guts rotting open, literal fucking hellbeast cannibal abomination, freaking the fuck out, losing his goddamn mind in sheer fucking terror, over this: