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Essays in Existentialism: Flight

Clarke is a flight attendant and sees Lexa in first class with an empty seat next to her, twirling an engagement ring in her hand. She goes up to her and offers her one of those tiny bottles of alcohol

3B was an enigma. The entire cabin remained dark, save for the single light above the contemplative passenger. Ever since taking her seat, she seemed to not even notice how empty the plane was, how singular she was in her state of wakefulness. The world was entirely foreign. 

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i really truly wished that i was a multi-shipper, that i could appreciate both rey and kylo together witch each-other as well as with others but i can’t?? i’ve realized that i am fiercely devoted to reylo only, like anything else regarding them in others ships just kind of makes me irked (not in a ‘you can’t ship that’ way but more personally for me) and its such a shame cus i really want to appreciate all the other ship-art and fics (ky/lux, rey/lux, rey/ux, finn/rey, dam/rey etc.) but i just can’t…

From Cabin Boy to Lieutenant to Pirate

Upon re-watching season 3 and running across episode 3x05 “Good Form” again, I thought I’d write a meta about what Killian’s life might have been like based on what we know historically about sailing, naval ranks, and piracy from the Age of Sail in our world, since everything we saw in that episode was clearly based off the British Royal Navy from the 17th century. Just for fun, of course – OUAT is hilariously flexible with its historical accuracy, so take everything from here on down with a grain of salt.

This is probably the longest meta I’m ever going to write. You have been warned!

The rest is under the cut. Fanfic and headcanon fodder ahoy!

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big-bad-bloodhound  asked:

{To Snowflake, Jewel or any dragon-muse really} Johann's ship had been sunk by a raging storm out at sea and when he awoke he quickly found that he was unfamiliar with the land he woke up in. After spending a few months as a mercenary/bountry hunter, he'd recently been hired to "take care of a dragon problem" some nobleman had been having. He believed he'd managed to track it down to this cave.

(A blue scaled dragon rests in her cave on top of her jewels.)