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Essays in Existentialism: Flight

Clarke is a flight attendant and sees Lexa in first class with an empty seat next to her, twirling an engagement ring in her hand. She goes up to her and offers her one of those tiny bottles of alcohol

3B was an enigma. The entire cabin remained dark, save for the single light above the contemplative passenger. Ever since taking her seat, she seemed to not even notice how empty the plane was, how singular she was in her state of wakefulness. The world was entirely foreign. 

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With Eyes Wide Open

Rating: E

Summary: Finn still has nightmares about that night on Jakku.  

Ship: Finn x Poe / Stormpilot (Just a little drabble thing.  Nothing too large or long)

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Finn awoke with a start, the sounds of screams echoing in his ears.  He panted and wiped the sweat from his forehead, the villagers on Jakku still ringing in his ears underneath the roar of the blasters raining down on them.  He could still smell the blood, sweat, dust and smoke like he had just been there.  When Poe began to rustle in the bed beside him, Finn tried to quiet his breathing so his partner wouldn’t be disturbed.  

“Finn?” came the pilot’s hoarse voice, sleep still clinging to him like a second skin, “You alright?”

The galaxy seemed a little bit more safe and right when Poe encircled an arm around him and scooted in closer.  Finn was still on his back, staring up at the dark ceiling and listening to the steady breathing of the pilot.  With every exhale it seemed to chase away the echoing ghosts of those murdered on Jakku.  The radiating warmth of his boyfriend seemed to ease away the turbulent thoughts of how many others had died while he was still with the First Order.

“Finn?” Poe repeated a little louder this time.

“Uh, sorry.” he cleared his throat and looked at his partner, “Just a nightmare.  I’m sorry for waking you up.”

“A nightmare?  What about?”


Understanding flitted across Poe’s eyes and held Finn tighter, “I understand…I get them too.”

The ex Storm Trooper turned over to face Poe, as if seeing him for the first time.  Finn had never thought of that before but now it that he had admitted it, it made perfect sense.  Poe was there just like him.  Which led Finn down a path of troubling thoughts.  What actually happened to him while he was a prisoner with the First Order?

As if reading his thoughts, Poe carried on, “I…I still get them from when Kylo…went digging through my mind.  And from all the others before who tried to get it out of me what I did with the map.”

His eyes seemed to be glazed over as the memory of the horrors there crept over his mind.  Finn remembered how beat up Poe had looked when he first rescued him from that cell.  He shuddered to think about all of the things that had been done to him in the efforts to make him talk.

Finn traced a finger on Poe’s temple where one of his injuries had been, “I’m sorry…I had no idea.”

“Don’t be.  If it weren’t for you it would have been a lot worse.  I would probably be dead by now.”

Finn smiled wryly, “Well I did need a pilot.  And it it weren’t for you I’d still be on Star Killer Base.” He wrapped his arm loosely around Poe’s waist, “How do you deal with all the nightmares?”

“Well…I take a breath…or, you know, a lot and just remind myself that I’m not there anymore.  Look, I may not be the best at dealing with that kind of thing but you aren’t alone.”

Finn gave a weak smile and relaxed into the pillow, looking into his eyes, “Together?”

Poe flashed his own smile, equally as small, “Yeah.  Together.”

They both still had nightmares that night but they both still had each other when they woke up.

cornbreadcrumbs  asked:

Tell me, what do you think of Cersei and Euron? Do you think she's interested in him for real, or just using him for his navy? Do you think She'll hold on to her crown?

Hmmm, there are so many layers to how I feel about their dynamic, but I’ll try to break it down as best I can.

On the surface, I find the whole thing hilarious, he’s obviously insane, but he’s easy-going about it? I think his lack of constant seriousness and affinity for doing the things he says he will are definitely things that are appealing to her, well more entertaining I guess, given the current macabre state of everything else around her. 

Physically, I think they’d make an attractive pair and the sexual energy between them radiates in every scene (I’d add Jaime to that mix too, but that’s just my silly crack ot3 nonsense showing). But do I honestly think she’s interested in him? No, not really.

I think she knows, and has known since she began to grow into a woman, how men feel about her. She knows, with very few exceptions, that all the bravado a man puts forth to prove himself can be undone with a few sweet words and sensual glances in his direction. Euron may be a bold man, but at the end of the day he’s still a man, one that she knows desires her. Now, I don’t think she presumes to believe that it’s only her he desires, she’s not stupid, but whatever it is he wants, she knows she has or else he wouldn’t be trying so hard to win her affections. So, she’ll dance the dance until she gets whatever she needs from him, before he gets what he needs from her. It’s all a game really, and we all know how much Cersei needs to win at every game she plays. 

Now onto the loaded question.

Do I think she’ll hold onto her crown? Not at all. If this were my story, she wouldn’t hold the iron throne, but the land would be re-distributed amongst the remaining houses and she’d reign as Queen of the Westerlands, but…

It isn’t my story, and she isn’t the protagonist, and in order for the protagonists to prevail, she’ll probably have to die. I hate it, I’m not looking forward to it, and I may be the only pro-Lannister person alive that hates the idea of that predictable and misogynist ass Valonqar prophecy. But I digress. 

She will lose her crown and what’s left of anything in the world she cares about (mainly Jaime, because, you know how that goes) and it will be a really sad thing for me to witness, but it’ll happen because, only men are allowed to be redeemed in this series it seems…

Five Minute Ficlet (it’s probably gonna take longer than 5 minutes, let’s be honest)

It had been a long, tiring day, and your bones ached. You’d spent the night trying to sleep on the hard, cold ground in the cave you’ve found for shelter, but there was not a single comfortable position to be had. On your hips, the rough gravel ground into the tender flesh there. On your back, you noticed every dip and elevation in the terrain. You were comfortable on your stomach briefly, until your arm went numb from being under your head. You’d tossed all night while the rest of the away team appeared to sleep soundly. 

As the dawn broke, you noticed a dip in the temperature and shuddered, curling up in a ball against the back corner of the cave, shivering. You almost wondered if the cold was just a symptom of your exhaustion until you saw Doctor McCoy shiver in his sleep. He stretched his arms above his head and yawned before sitting up. When he saw the spot where you’d been stretched out near him was empty, his eyes widened, and he was suddenly alert.

“I’m right here, Doc.” You kept your voice low so as not to waken the rest of the team. “I was just contemplating figuring out a fire, but I didn’t see a lot of combustible material outside last night.”

He nodded, and pushed himself to his feet, and ambled to the front of the cave, peering out into the morning light.

“Son of a bitch,” he murmured. “It’s snowing. Wake up the team, we’ve got to get back on the ship before this storm screws us further. I’ll try hailing Scotty again.”

You struggled to your feet and woke the two sleeping security officers, debriefing them quickly as Doctor McCoy finally made contact with the Enterprise. When he gestured for you to join him, you hurried forward.

“Scotty, we’re in position, four to beam up,” McCoy spoke into his communicator. The familiar sensation of weightlessness washed over you in a wave of gold light. Before you realized you were back on the ship, you could feel the warmth of the artificial environment.

“Report, Bones!” Captain Kirk was standing at the teleporter console, looking irritated. McCoy raised his eyebrow and stepped off the pad.

“Well, the village wasn’t where the colonists said it would be. There were rocks there. No sign of any settlement. We couldn’t hail the ship because of interference, probably from the storm that blew in this morning, so we headed west, which took us out of the valley. It was getting dark, and we still couldn’t get in contact with the ship, nor could we contact the colony. We bedded down in a cave overnight. Then it started to snow, and I was finally able to hail the ship. While I had contact, I made sure Scotty could get us off that damned rock,” McCoy snapped. “I’m sorry that we didn’t find the colony. I somehow doubt there is one. Now if you don’t mind, my new nurse is blue, and I’d like to see to her health.” He reached over, and looped his arm under yours, leading you down to MedBay.

He settled you onto a biobed, and turned on the radiant heat after discovering you were near hypothermic. He fussed over your vitals a little, then brought you a blanket from the warmer, and tucked it around you. He paused and smoothed the flyaways from your bun off your forehead, his hand coming to rest on your cheek. 

“I’m sorry, kid. Your first away mission shouldn’t have been such a mess,” he gave a half smile of apology. 

“I’ll be right as rain as soon as I’ve had a nap,” you argued with a yawn. 

“Let me assuage my guilt with dinner?” He asked, his smile turning charming. You smiled and nodded.

“Sounds lovely, Doc,” you yawned again. “Stop calling me kid. I’m new to the ship, not to the fleet.” You pulled the blanket up to your neck and turned on your side, falling into a deep, warm slumber.

From Cabin Boy to Lieutenant to Pirate

Upon re-watching season 3 and running across episode 3x05 “Good Form” again, I thought I’d write a meta about what Killian’s life might have been like based on what we know historically about sailing, naval ranks, and piracy from the Age of Sail in our world, since everything we saw in that episode was clearly based off the British Royal Navy from the 17th century. Just for fun, of course – OUAT is hilariously flexible with its historical accuracy, so take everything from here on down with a grain of salt.

This is probably the longest meta I’m ever going to write. You have been warned!

The rest is under the cut. Fanfic and headcanon fodder ahoy!

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i really truly wished that i was a multi-shipper, that i could appreciate both rey and kylo together witch each-other as well as with others but i can’t?? i’ve realized that i am fiercely devoted to reylo only, like anything else regarding them in others ships just kind of makes me irked (not in a ‘you can’t ship that’ way but more personally for me) and its such a shame cus i really want to appreciate all the other ship-art and fics (ky/lux, rey/lux, rey/ux, finn/rey, dam/rey etc.) but i just can’t…

big-bad-bloodhound  asked:

{To Snowflake, Jewel or any dragon-muse really} Johann's ship had been sunk by a raging storm out at sea and when he awoke he quickly found that he was unfamiliar with the land he woke up in. After spending a few months as a mercenary/bountry hunter, he'd recently been hired to "take care of a dragon problem" some nobleman had been having. He believed he'd managed to track it down to this cave.

(A blue scaled dragon rests in her cave on top of her jewels.)