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Mini Hiatus PLUS Future Fics Sneak Peek!!

Hi, my beloved darlings!! Yes, the heading is true. I will be taking a small hiatus from posting fics. I know, I’m sorry!! I’m having a hard time keeping up with real life and writing. 

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^^^^^I thought this gif was funny but this is actually first ever planned hiatus since I started writing fic. Plus Sherlock. Obviously. 

For a little context, I work 50-60 hours a week normally and things are about to get EXTRA CRAZY  with the holidays coming up (I work in a bakery, in case you were wondering. One word: PIE. So many pies….). I haven’t been sleeping enough plus working a lot PLUS miraculously keeping up with AoJ fic schedule. A lot of other things I’ve let slide in my life. I’m running on fumes and need a little break. Two weeks is what I’m thinking, maybe a little longer. 

To be clear, I will still be writing as much and as often as I can!! I just won’t be posting them yet. With a little cushion room and getting ahead on fics, I’ll feel much better and I hope to be less stressed moving forward. 

BUT ANYWAY. I thought I’d give a little sneak peek at fics I’ve been writing and wanted to write but haven’t had time plus my continuing series.

Continuing Series: 

In the Arms of Justice

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