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i can let my hair down

i can say anything crazy

i know you’ll catch me right before i hit the ground

with nothing but a t-shirt on

i never felt so beautiful

baby as i do now

now that i’m with u

with u with u with u

aahaaaow aaaaaaaaaahaaaaow

this is my first official post after seeing the beauty and the wonder and the magical glory that is the 1989 world tour… and let me just tell you…. my life has been changed for ever… i don’t think i have ever been so emotionally moved and drained from a concert i didn’t even attend on the other side of the world? 

the only question i have for you, taylor is: HOW??????????????????????????

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I had a dream that I fell asleep at a con and when I woke up I was lying on top of a really hot Thor cosplayer. Neither of us felt like moving so we just sat there and bonded for a while. I realized something was up though when I tried to move his hammer and found that I was unable. Turns out he was actually the real Thor.

so wait did you just chat and hang out while you were still lying on top of him? ?

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what do you thnk about refusing to tag posts by request and expressing how unimportat it is to them i think it's messed up adn rude personally

i really, really, really don’t want to get in the middle of this. it’s not my place and i have no reason to bug in. all i can say without completely setting off bombs is yes, you have freedom to blog as you like and tag as you like and no one is taking that away from you. and that’s a given. but to be courteous of your followers and friends should be just as important.

as small as it is, something can really harm someone or offend them and that should matter no matter the situation. especially if someone is approaching you respectfully about it. but there is an “unfollow” button for a reason and that’s to be respected as well. and it’s a button i’ve been hitting a lot lately and seem i’ll have to continue clicking.

so, we all can blog what we like, some (like me) will go the extra mile to tag appropriately upon request and greatly encourage you to ask me to tag, and some who rather not and keep it the way they like it. and that’s ok! no one is forced to follow another. it’s that simple. that being said, i’m on no ones side and please don’t ask me anymore on the subject. 

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Usually it’s better to wait until the story is told in some form before making too many calls about another’s work


Especially when it comes to things like comic pages that can’t be released so regularly.. (exactly like my case with Klausen)

“Who left this piece of shit in the middle of the street?”

Knowing your partner well makes writing together a lot easier. Tag this with the people you enjoy roleplaying with but want to get to know better. { I’ll still tag people I know fairly well because you can always learn more about a person !!}  Repost. Don’t Reblog.

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Name: watagashi/wata
Preferred Pronouns: she/her/he/him/them/they/pig/(((I don’t care.)))
Sexuality: There is so many categories I don’t even know what I fall into anymore. Bisexual/Pansexual is what I fall into mostly……I think.

Zodiac Sign: cancer
taken or single: //smiles
three facts:
i. Grew up in Japan for 15 years and is extremely homesick right about—now.
ii. Fluent in JP, not so good at English
iii. ………..I talk to cats all the time.


how long (months/years?): AAhh— IDEK? Not long though.
how’d you start: Stupid self insert Naruto OC that started out as a joke. Started RPing more seriously because of my best friend. Though I suck at it lol.
worst experience: Haven’t had one yet D:
best experience: Threads and interaction that I got form running this blog! ….most especially thanks to kanekilogy and all of the wonderful people who are following this blog…! Thank you so much…!!


female or male: male mostly. I don’t know why.
original or canon: canon is preferred but I have OC ideas left and right. (don’t judge)
favourite face: All of Kaneki’s “I’ve had enough of him/her/this/you” faces. ( I need to agree with Mina-san….lol)
least favourite face: How dare; I love his face…(I have to agree with Mina-san on this one as well….)
multi or single: what is this, like shipping wise….???? multi….I am a shipping whore (not rly)


fluff, angst or smut: angst…….like…my life purpose. I feel bad for my muses.
best time to write: when my brain is functioning.which is never.
are you like your muse(s): I would say so yeah! I have a lot in common with Kaneki….from personality to how I think, book worm. (((tho I never read in English so that’s my loss….)))

An Excerpt from Chapter 20, Survive: 

Klaus lowered his gaze. She had no idea what had transpired since she’d gone. There was no way she’d believe him now, and having all the lessons he should have learned long ago thrown in his face was not the way Klaus wanted to spend what could be his last few moments with Caroline.

“You’re important to me.”

“I know,” she bit back, “your greatest treasure.”

“No.” He was practically touching her lips with his own as he stepped forward, “you are far too priceless to be any one person’s possession.”

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As gods you spread love, but you most certainly deserve some in return! So this disciple is just letting you know that you're awesome and I love you loads. Also alex and david are hella cute. Please don't break them up. Ever. Or else I will cry and get fat on ice cream. <3

Max is actually sitting in the corner crying……….they get really emotional when exposed to drugs….

Thank you disciple! Please don’t get fat just because SOMEONE decided that they would like to break peoples heart…

but like omg thank you so much, this really means a lot to us. like really thank you so much person





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