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I Care. - Theo Raeken

Ratings: Fluff?

Warnings: Spoilers from 6x16

Request: @thatgirlwiththeblackglasses said: Hii! Idk if u saw episode 16 (of season 6) of teen wolf, but of you did would u like to write a Theo Raeken imagine where he and the reader don’t really get along. But they do have a crush on each other but won’t admit (sorry if this is weird). But what 6.16 has to do with this is I thought maybe the Theo/Liam scènes could be Theo/YN? And if it can, they confess feelings for each other? Kinda smutty if u want to write that. Love ur blog! Sorry if it’s confusing, if it is, message me pleas💗

A/N: GUYS!!! I’m thinking of making a part II. Like, smut was requested, but I got really carried away & this is already super long. So, if you want smut, just request a part II. Seriously. I’m ready to write smut for this. Also, I meant to post this Sunday, but I saved it to my drafts and didn’t realize it. Whoops.

Imagine wanting to hate someone so much that you trick yourself into believing that you do. That someone would be Theo Raeken. As someone who’s been best friends with Scott  Stiles forever, I knew Theo well. And, by that, I mean past tense. I knew. I knew the Theo that was once my best friend. My first kiss. The Theo that moved away. That Theo isn’t the Theo standing in front of me. The Theo standing in front of me is the Theo that killed his sister. He came back to Beacon Hills and tried to use the friendship we all once shared to stab us in the back. It was a weight off my chest when the ground swallowed him whole.

“Do I get a choice here?” I asked. Liam and Scott were talking to me about a plan to lure the hunters out and give us a chance to get a step ahead. Said plan involved Liam, Theo and I alone in an abandoned zoo. I love Liam, don’t get me wrong, but he can have some of the worst decisions. Like that time he brought Theo back without our agreement. Watching Malia attack him almost made it a little bit better.

“No. If we gave you a choice, you’d do the opposite of what we need you to do.” Scott said, his eyes pleading me to just go with it.

“Why does he have to come?” I asked. Theo was standing against a wall on the opposite side animal clinic. I could feel his eyes burn holes in the side of my face.

“Because I’m also a valuable part of this plan.” I could practically hear the smirk that he wore because of how cocky he sounded.  

“We’ve gone over the plan. There will be no changes. No one is getting out of this because they don’t like someone else. We need everyone to do exactly as planned or it’ll all fall apart.” You can always tell when Scott meant business, and this was one of those times. We all gave in and left the animal clinic. Liam, Theo and I headed out to Theo’s truck to wait it out at the zoo.

I could hear Mason over Liam’s phone. The plan was working. Nolan was following Mason to the zoo, and he’d be there expecting to find the entire pack.

“He’s driving a bright red car.” Theo looked at me, knowing I’d hear the comment as well, and chuckled. Any other time I’d refrain from reacting if Theo was involved, but I laughed with him. If asked to describe Nolan, discrete will never be an adjective used.

As Mason pulled up, we all hopped out of the truck. Liam and I left Theo to empty the trunk as we crowded around the rolled down window of Lydia’s car.

“Should I come with you guys?” Mason always wants to help us, whether he really can or not. In this situation, however, none of us were going to let him try. Mason can only do so much before he’s thrown into the line of fire, and he’s already tip-toeing on top of it.

“His friends shoot to kill. Go home.” Theo was right behind me, his arms full of stuff from the car. Mason agreed and drove off, leaving us to get into position.

“They’re not gonna believe Nolan.” Liam and Theo were going back and forth. Nolan only saw the three of us, and now there are only two hunters here. In order for the plan to work, we needed more of the hunters here.

“Okay. Then they’ll have to believe us. Isn’t that right?” Suddenly Theo was yelling at Liam.

“What the hell? Theo, what’s your problem?” I placed my hand on his shoulder, hoping to grab his attention and quiet him down.

“My problem? What’s your problem? Oh, that’s right, you always have a problem.” Theo’s voice rose with each sentence. If he wanted the hunters’ attention, he had it. They definitely knew we were there now. The next thing I know, Theo’s hand collides with Liam’s face.

“You see that, Scott? Little beta can’t even take a punch?” Then I knew. Theo was trying to get their attention and make it seem like we were all here. If they thought we were all here, they’d be forced to call for more backup.

I stood up, knowing I’d have to make myself known as well, and pushed Theo against the wall we were hiding behind. If this was a free chance to hit Theo, I’d take it. When my hand made contact with Theo’s jaw his head hit the wall and he was momentarily dazed.

“You’re one to talk, Theo. Seems you can’t take a hit either.”

“I’m not going to hit you,” Theo said, quietly. “Let me go.” I studied every part of Theo’s face before I hit him again, testing him. When Theo didn’t even raise his arm against me, I pulled away.

“Awe, Theo. No need to go easy on me.” I tease, raising my voice so I knew they’d hear. This time, Theo switched us around. Somehow, my back was suddenly pressed against the barrier. Theo still made no move to hurt me. Liam took the opportunity to grab a hold of him, spin him, and dish out a punch similar to the one Theo threw at him.

“Your beta, Scott, he’s only good in a fight when he’s angry. Let’s see how he gets.” When Liam growled, I couldn’t tell if he was acting or if Theo had really made him mad. Finally, we could hear the hunters scattering and calling for help.

“Are you done? Or do you need to keep going?” I asked after Theo ripped Liam’s shirt. They both looked as if they’d been jumped.

“I think they’re sold.”

“You ripped my t-shirt.”

“Yeah? You broke my nose. Twice. It healed. Then, you broke it again. Two times!” I couldn’t help myself when Theo said this. I gave in and swung at him once more.

“Three times.” I smiled victoriously as I watched his nose begin to bleed again. We looked around, checking our surroundings before running to our next hiding spot. Theo began to complain, pestering Liam about why he’d pick an abandoned zoo to bait out the hunters. I tuned them both out as soon as Liam began comparing the zoo to a Greek island.

All three of us were stood in this tiny spot behind bars, looking out for the rest of the hunters. When they finally came, they came in bulk. Everyone was there - Nolan, Monroe, and Gerard included.

“We’re supposed to be decoys, not target practice.” Theo and I went to leave, but Liam stayed. I grabbed Liam’s hand, hoping he’d get the hint and follow, but he didn’t. I faced him, trying to convince him before he yanked his hand from mine. Theo grabbed his shoulder, but he shrugged his hand off. Theo tried to convince him but gave up.

“Fine. Get caught.” As Theo left, I gave Liam one last look.

“Please don’t make me follow him on my own,” I begged. Liam said nothing, so I too gave in and left, trailing behind Theo as we heard Gerard announce his army.

“He’s going off anger,” Theo muttered to me as I caught up. “He’s going to get himself killed.”

“He’s angry. Theo, aren’t we all angry? Each and everyone one of us is being targeted. It’s like the deadpool all over again. Ordinary people are picking up weapons and hunting us. People we’ve known forever. Everyone has turned against us.” The deadpool was before Theo returned to Beacon Hills, but that didn’t change the fact that this was the same song and dance, just more personal. Theo didn’t see how the deadpool hurt us, but now he’ll understand it.

“I’m not dying out here because you want payback against some kid who kicked your ass.” The bitterness in Theo’s voice didn’t surprise me at all. It also didn’t surprise me when Liam pulled away from Theo again.

I felt Theo grab my hand and pull Liam and me away from our spot, which alerted Nolan of where we were. Theo tried to tell Liam to calm down, but all that did was make it worse. Liam flashed his golden eyes at Theo. I could feel Liam’s anger radiating off of him.

“What’s going on with you?” I asked him.

“This can’t just be Nolan. Something around here is triggering you.” Theo added. When Liam tried to tell us he was fine, Theo kept pushing his buttons. I could hear Liam’s heart beating quicker as I took a step back, not wanting to be between the two if one of them threw a punch.

“They’re up here!” We were so distracted by trying to calm Liam down that we did hear Nolan find us. Liam charged at him, taking him over the barrier and catching Theo and I both off guard.

“Dammit,” I muttered, stepping forward to see where they landed. I went to jump down and follow them, but I felt a hand grab a hold of my wrist.

“(Y/N), stay up here,” Theo said, pulling me towards him.

“Why?” I tried to pull myself away from him. I could feel my own heart rate go up as I realized how close I was to him. Being this close to him, seeing him in this light, it made me momentarily forget just who he’d become.

“Nolan has a bow. You and I both know he probably won’t hesitate to shoot you. I’m not going to let you get hurt.”

“Nolan won’t hurt me.” I tried to pull away once more. Nolan and I used to be friends. Nolan was like a baby. He’s scared, and he’s confused because he doesn’t know what’s happening. “I don’t need you to protect me. Especially not from him.” I don’t need Theo thinking I need him around.

In the time that Theo spent trying to keep me away, Liam had lunged at Nolan. Nolan’s back was pressed against the wall, and he might have been crying. It hurt me to see that. Deep down inside of him, he knew what he was doing was wrong. Nolan is a good person. He’s just been misled. Liam was hitting the wall next to Nolan’s face. He was trying so hard to keep from killing him. Finally, I felt Theo let go of me. Before I could make it, Theo was already over the ledge. Next thing I knew, Liam was on the ground.

“Run.” Theo gave Nolan his infamous smirk. For a split second, I couldn’t help but feel a bit attracted to it. I shook it off and helped Theo drag Liam to the truck.

“I don’t need your protection,” I said as Theo and I climbed into the front seats of his truck.

“I don’t want to see you get hurt and know I could’ve prevented it.” He spoke quietly like he didn’t want me to hear it.

That struck me. It pulled at my heartstrings. Deep down inside I knew I cared about him. I never quit caring. But he doesn’t have to know that. When Theo came back I expected him to be the boy I wanted him to be. When he wasn’t, that’s what hurt. It hurt knowing he wasn’t still the same boy that stole my heart when we were younger. Theo was my first kiss because he was my first love. I wanted him to be the same Theo, even though I hadn’t seen him since like the 4th grade.

“Theo,” I started before he interrupted me.

“No. I’m being honest here. I know you probably don’t trust me. Rightfully so. But, I need you to know that I care. I need you to know that I am scared that something will happen to you. And I will do my best, when possible, to keep you safe. Because I care.”

“Theo, shut up,” I whispered, my face heating up. I knew he could hear how rapidly my heart was beating.

“Seriously. (Y/N). You know me better than everyone else does. You know when I’m lying. You know when I’m acting. You know that’s not what’s happening here. I know you can’t stand me, but you’re the only one I care about enough to keep safe. I’d go crazy if you were hurt in some way.” Theo reached over, grabbing my hands in my lap. “Whether you care or not, I do. I want you to be safe.”

I threw my walls down for a moment and held his hand with mine. I took a moment to study his heartbeat and the way his face looked with the street lamps’ light bleeding through the window.

“I care,” I whispered, scared to mess with the moment that we were having. It was fragile. I felt that if I breathed too hard it would ruin. Theo didn’t pull his hand away from mine.

“Did you have to knock me out?” Liam was no longer out cold. “How many times?”

“Five times.” The smirk on Theo’s face made me laugh a little. I chose to ignore the rest of the conversation until we were parked. Liam got out of the truck and, before I could open my door, Theo locked the truck. With his seat belt off he turned towards me, his one hand still holding onto me.

“Do you really care?” He said, his eyes not meeting mine.

“I want to say no. I want to not care. But I do. And it sucks.” This time it was my eyes that wouldn’t make contact.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

“Theo, I don’t hate you. As much as I should, I don’t. I trusted you when you showed up out of nowhere. I defended you when Stiles was against you. I almost chose you over my best friends because I still saw you as that boy that kissed me on the playground when we were little. But that’s not you anymore. For a while there I wasn’t sure who you were. When you killed Scott I lost my mind. If Melissa hadn’t of saved him, I never would’ve been able to be this close to you again. But somehow I can’t hate you. I avoid you because I hate knowing what you do to me.” I nervously played with his fingers, hoping he’d leave it at that.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Look at me.” I faced him. He took his hand from me and brought both of them to my face. I could feel his breath on my lips as he got closer. It felt like years passed before his lips touched mine. I reached one of my hand up to his face, falling into the moment. I could feel all my pent up emotion bubbling to the top as he kissed me. His lips were warm and he tasted sweet and I wanted the kiss to last forever. At some point we pulled away, waiting until we absolutely had to. His lips were swollen and the image in front of me was sinfully glorious.

As we made eye contact we burst into laughter, not really believing what was happening. I pulled his face back to my own, smiling into the kiss. My hands traveled from his face, down his chest, to rest at the end of his shirt. Nothing could really happen with the console placed awkwardly between us, but neither of us was willing to stop. Not until we had to. Before anything could happen there was a knock on the window.

“I was gonna ask how your part of the plan worked, but I’m sure I’ll have to wait,” Scott said from outside of the truck before walking off.

“We’re not done here,” Theo said, pulling away. I laughed a little bit before nodding my head.

“Definitely not.”

anonymous asked:

I'm curious about your headcanon of Jumin having PTSD because of something that happened when he was a kid. You'd hope a family doctor would say something to his parents, or his dad at least, and not keep it to himself. So either the PTSD has to involve his dad somehow, since it would make sense that the doctor would say nothing if it's implicating such a powerful man, the doctor just never thought it was important enough to report, or I'm completely off the mark. It's probably the latter.

So, I will admit, I kinda want him to have PTSD due to the fact that I have it and I’d love another character to connect to, so this is a personal HC. While I think something happened to him as a child, canon-wise, we don’t know if it had gotten to the extent of it leading to anything even remotely related to PTSD, but I want to explain my reasoning so it doesn’t seem like I’m pulling this out of my ass.

Also, it’s completely okay if people don’t agree with me on this. We all have our own personal HC’s! I’m not wanting to argue, call names or anything, if others don’t agree, so if you disagree with me, that’s okay! Just please don’t be rude towards me about it, because I don’t mind if people don’t share my thoughts on this.

Anyway, this is gonna get a bit long.

So on Day 6 of the deep route, going onto Jumin’s route, after an 8:30 chat, Jumin has a visual novel, but it’s more along the lines of memories. (Thank you @protectjuminhan for the info on when and where the chat is! Google sucks ass).

The VN starts off with his step-mother (we know this because she mentions his mother a few times) talking to his father about him leaving on another trip, gifts, and her watching Jumin while his father goes on another trip.

Afterwards, she finds and starts talking to Jumin himself. The time frame seems to be around him being a child, I think, but not too old. Probably around puberty, due to a few lines of how tall he’s gotten, how he’s becoming a grown man (which, admittedly, could be him more along the lines or 16-17, but some other lines she says seems to contradict that.)

It seems as she talks, the implications get a bit bad. I’m going to write them out instead of taking screenshots, but the video I’m watching is This One, around the 7:20 mark, because this was the only way I could find the VN (thanks to MM not wanting to work on my phone currently).

Just looking at you makes me pleased. I can’t even see your father’s face these days because he’s too busy.

Can’t we be nicer to each other? I just want to give you a hug. I know it must have been hard not having your mom. You must be lonely, hanging out with that camera boy every day.

If it’s too hard for you to call me mom, just call me by my name. You’re not looking at my eyes again… Are you still ignoring me…? Your eyes are always dead when you look at me. Do you hate me that much…?

It’s because you are still young.

Just tell me when you get lonely. I’ll comfort you real well so that you’re not. “

And then from that point on, it seems to be a past girlfriend or attempted relationship, or one sided relationship, memory. And then, he wakes up, muttering about a nightmare.

Now I know we could chalk that up to a random ass nightmare and he’s just shaken up by it. But, and this is a little tmi personal, I still have nightmares about when I was molested as a child, even though I was 5-7 and I’m now about 22. And they’re vivid, and nearly matching up to the real memories.

(but please feel free to chalk it up to just a nightmare!!)

But the text from the VN, from his step-mom,  doesn’t really sound that normal. “I’ll comfort you real well so you’re not [lonely],” sounds very gross, and has some unsavory implications. The fact that she tries to get him to call her by her real name, and seems to lament over his father not being around, it seems like she’s trying to hit on the next best thing, even though he still is apparently young.

(I hope this makes sense)

SO based on the VN, based on how he seems shaken up, I feel like his step-mother tried molesting him after he hit puberty, and possibly even before this VN novel. She mentions him hating her still, so maybe it wasn’t her first attempt. Maybe he tried to accept her, and she started advancing on him towards a way that could be seen as sexual, and he’s been uncomfortable around her since then.

When it comes to a doctor possibly noticing, and never saying anything, in that HC post I was thinking of a couple of scenarios.

1. A family doctor would probably attribute any weird mood changes to puberty, especially if this all happened around when his hormones kick in (Making him taller, voice deeper, starting to understand sex more, etc). Sometimes that makes kids go through personality changes, so the doctor could chalk it up to that and not notice anything, especially if the step-mother make sure not to leave any marks.

2. If the doctor suspected, it’s possible he never wanted to say anything in case the Chairman would lose it. Refuse to believe it, and try to ruin the doctor’s life. We’ve seen how the Chairman acts now when someone, even his own son, questions the women he’s with, so it’s possible the doctor was too scared too. Even more so if the doctor wasn’t 100% sure, he’d be starting stuff he couldn’t support fully, which with your profession on the line, you never want to do, and no one could blame him for that.

Again, another personal tmi thing, I never knew about me having PTSD until I was about 18-19. And, I never told my family until about then, as well. I thought what I was going through was normal and I was over-reacting, being a drama queen. I had expected it, but my third therapist was the one to confirm it. Apparently, it was in my file and none of my past therapists told me. BUT, I’m chalking that up to the fact that my past herapists before the Good One were…Not very good at that job.

A few months with my Good therapist, and he confirmed it after double checking and making sure I wasn’t misdiagnosed. (And then I learned some good coping mechs, yay!).

So, sometimes, especially if you’re unclear on your emotions, people may not know they have PTSD. Some people don’t even know what that is, and they only learn about it after encountering someone talk about it/mention they have it. (I had to explain this to my supervisor in depth, because I had to give him a reason why i needed to hide when my molester came into the place I worked at).

It would also explain his feelings towards other women- Why the VN launches into a memory/nightmare about a failed attempted relationship. Why he doesn’t seem to trust women or relationships, and ultimately seems to steer clear of his father’s new girlfriends. 

He probably never told his father. He probably thought it would lead to more issues, and he wanted to avoid that. I know I never, ever, wanted my family to know, but I was forced to mention it after a very bad PTSD induced breakdown. If I hadn’t have had that in front of my mother, I would have never told her anyway, I would have been still keeping it a secret.

…..Does…Does that even make sense? Oh my god, that probably doesn’t, but there is at least a rough draft on why I think he has PTSD.

So TL;DR- I HC Jumin having PTSD or at least being sexually abused once due to a VN on his route.

Alone (with someone else)

A/n; I’ve had this idea for Yoongi for quite some time now and I just had to write it. It’s kinda like a drabble made mostly out of dialogue without too much detail. Sorry ‘bout that, but it’s a good read if you’re a very sarcastic person because Y/n in this one is badass just saying. I haven’t altered anything in this one and Admin Yelly (@fightme-bangtan) hasn’t read through it so I’m just kinda blindly posting this, sorry for any mistakes.

Pairing: Yoongi x reader (It’s not that much about them though, it’s more about Y/n or smth)

Genre: I don’t actually know? There’s no smut, it isn’t angsty but it’s not exactly fluffy either? Maybe it’s leaning more towards fluff? Idk tbh…

Warnings: swearing

Rated: tf do I know?

I listened to J-hope’s JAM while writing this because Istg that playlist is fkn gold

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The library was your favorite place for studying, mostly because it was always empty without too much noise to distract you. Well, it was supposed to be empty and quiet but, today the entire school had decided to hang out here it seemed. - and boy, were they noisy. Even Mrs. Hitler (a nickname so kindly given to her by you because you noticed how much she liked to read about the second world war and she was actually named Hieler so it fit perfectly) the grumpy librarian had given up on trying to get them to quiet down. 

You had put on your headphones and turned up the volume to it’s max, but somehow they managed to be even louder. You saw no other choice than to ask them, very kindly, to shut up.

 You walked over to where the chaos originated and weren’t the least surprised with what you found. The Bangtan Boys. Your favorite people on this planet. That was sarcastic. You placed both your feet firmly on the ground only centimeters from Jeon Jungkook’s (quarterback).

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Growing Up Fast

Carl imagine where reader is the youngest Greene sister? And they get caught making out (if you’re comfortable) by Maggie or Beth? Thanks!

Ah, another Carl imagine. Haven’t gotten a Carl request in a while. Just a reminder in case anyone has forgotten because my rules for this blog are lost in the depths of posts haha. I will not do smut for Carl, Beth, Enid, or any of the other characters that are under 18 just because as someone who is over 18, it makes me feel weird writing smut with characters under 18. I don’t judge or look down on anyone for doing it, just me personally, I feel uncomfortable writing smut about minors. I also won’t do smut for the actors. I know Chandler Riggs is 18 now and Emily Kinney is like in her 30’s or something but it’s still hard to separate them from the minors they portray. BUT, making out I will write. If anyone request something involving smut for Carl or any of the underaged characters, I won’t throw out the request, I just won’t include the smut. So thanks for reading all this babble :P so let’s get on with the request, shall we? 😊

You weren’t even thirteen yet when the world ended. Up until then, it had just been you, your parents, your step-brother, Shawn, and your two older sisters Beth and Maggie. The farm was huge but so isolated. You’d heard about the outbreak on television early on but you’d never actually seen a dead person wandering around. That was until your mother and Shawn were killed by one of them. That was the only time you’d seen a dead one until another group showed up with an injured boy.

And that was when you first met Carl Grimes. He was near death when you first saw him but he miraculously pulled through. Because you were so close in age, you two spent more time together than anyone. Your father and Carl’s parents liked the idea since you were really the only children in the group. Over time, you were starting to get a little crush on Carl Grimes. You weren’t sure how obvious you were being about it but you tried your best to not let it show. Once you arrived at the prison seven months after the fall of the farm, it seemed that he had interest in Beth anyway.

In four months, the prison was thriving. Everyone was happy, new people were joining the group all the time, it was almost like being back on the farm again. You and Carl were able to enjoy each other’s company again but this time, your families were a little more hesitant.

“You two shouldn’t be alone in your cell or his,” Maggie had said as Beth nodded in agreement.

“I’m confused,” you replied, “Carl and I were alone together back on the farm all the time.”

“You were practically babies then,” Maggie said, “You’re thirteen now, both of you are. Things change when you become a teenager. Your body’s changing, hormones come into play and-”

“Oh god, please stop,” you said. You may have had a tiny crush on Carl but it was completely harmless. All the physical stuff had never crossed your mind. You knew about the birds and the bees and all that. Before your mother died, she’d had “the talk” with you so you weren’t ignorant to it. But it wasn’t something you wanted, not even a little bit. You knew it wouldn’t happen for a long, long time. Why did Maggie and Beth have to assume this was even an issue?

“I’m just saying,” Maggie said, “Things are just different now. So if you’re in your cell or his, that curtain is open, okay?”

You sighed. There was no point in arguing with either Maggie or Beth. Neither of them would believe that your intentions and Carl’s were innocent, “Alright, alright. If you’re gonna be weird about it.”

“We just love you and want you to be safe, that’s all,” Beth piped in, “Daddy and Maggie did the same thing with me and Jimmy, ya know. Just be glad we’re not lettin’ Daddy get involved in this conversation. That would’ve made it even more uncomfortable.”

“Oh god,” you shuddered and cringed, “Guess you got me there.”

Carl must’ve gotten the same lecture from Rick because he rarely ever hung out with you alone. He would sometimes bring his friend, Patrick along whenever he came to see you. It was becoming so frustrating.

You were just waking up one morning as Carl passed by your cell, having been up for hours helping Rick with the crops he’d planted a few months back. You poked your head out of the curtains with a big grin. You always were a morning person and he was the total opposite but he still greeted you with a smile.

“Morning,” you said, “Wanna bring your breakfast in here and we can eat together?”

“I…I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Carl mumbled, his smile quickly fading, “We should eat out in the yard with everyone else.”

“Why?” you muttered, “Why does everything have to change just because everyone says it has?”

“Y/N…” Carl stopped and looked away, scrunching his face up a bit, “What’s the big deal if we just eat outside with everyone else?”

“Because you refuse to hang out just us anymore,” you said, “We used to be closer than anyone here and now you won’t even look at me.”

“Well, my dad…he said things are different now,” Carl said with an uneasy shrug, “And…and he kinda…I dunno…has a point.”

“Things don’t have to be different,” you argued, “Sure, we’re older. But Daryl is friends with Carol without it being weird. Your dad is friends with Michonne without it being weird. Why’s it gotta be different for us? Because we’re young?”

Carl sighed, “Y/N, it’s just…different, okay?”

“You’re still not telling me why,” you said, “You think it’s weird to be friends with a girl or something?”


“Then what?”

“Y/N, I don’t wanna talk about this here.”

“Then let’s find somewhere more private,” you said. Carl seemed to be more comfortable with that idea as he nodded and grabbed your hand. Without another word, he led you out of the cell block. You snuck past the adults eating breakfast outside and ended up in another area of the yard where no one ever went. The prison was huge, only a few cell blocks were actually being used. And while you were expanding all the time, there were still corners of the prison where no one ventured.

The two of you sat across from each other in the grass. He was still tense, glancing around nervously. You sighed heavily, rolling your eyes, “Would you relax? How much trouble could we possibly get into if someone sees us?”

“A lot,” Carl retorted, “Imagine how it would look if we went out of our way to get privacy.”

“Well, then make it quick,” you said, “What’s changed with us, Carl? We were fine until my sisters and your dad started putting ideas in our heads. If they hadn’t said anything, would our friendship change?”

Carl was quiet for a long time. He was less skittish this time, more lost in thought, trying to think of a response to that question. He watched the walkers wandering aimlessly outside the gate, reaching hungrily for birds that were flying a little too low. The birds were too fast though and got away before they could be torn apart. Time was limited. Eventually, Maggie, Beth, or your dad would be peeking into your cell to see if you were awake. And since the subject of you and Carl came up several weeks before, they would somehow notice Carl’s absence too and a search party would surely happen. Carl just looked distracted at this point, as if he’d forgotten you had even asked him a question.

“Hey,” you said, breaking the silence abruptly, “We don’t have much time, Carl. Are you gonna answer the question?”

“Right,” Carl said, “Would our friendship have changed if your sisters and my dad never said anything? Yeah, it still would, Y/N. It started changing months ago and you know it.”

“What?” you gasped, “Nothing changed! What are you even talking about?!”

“Because I know you like me as more than a friend,” Carl blurted out. That silenced you quickly, your face turning bright red. You must not have been as secretive as you’d hoped. He stared at the ground, pulling out a blade of grass and rolling it between his thumb and index finger, “And lately, I’ve been feeling more than just friendship. And…and it kinda freaks me out to be honest.”

“Why…why would it…freak you out?” you asked, “Is it me? Something wrong…with me?”

“No way,” Carl replied, “Nothing’s wrong with you. It’s just…I don’t even know. I just liked being friends with you and I didn’t wanna do something to ruin it, ya know? ‘Cause I mean, I wasn’t even sure if you liked me so why ruin it for nothing?”

“Everyone’s so afraid of something happening,” you said, “But…you like me and…I like you.”

Carl peeked at you from underneath his hat, “So, you do like me.”

“I think we’ve established that already.”

“Just making sure.”

“A-anyways,” you said with a slight stutter. He liked you back but your confidence was still a bit shaken now that it was all out in the open, “Why would it bother people if we did…become boyfriend girlfriend?”

“You know what they’re afraid of,” Carl said, “You don’t gotta act like it’s a mystery.”

“Well, screw that!” you exclaimed, “They think we have absolute zero self control?”

“Guess so,” Carl said, shrugging slightly. More silence followed, the two of you not quite sure where you were supposed to go from here. You had liked Carl for such a long time but you’d never thought of what you were supposed to do if he ever liked you back. Were you just automatically a couple now? Was he supposed to ask you? Were you supposed to ask him?

“So…does this mean…” you murmured, clearing your throat, “We’re…together…or um…not?”

“I mean, if you want me to, ya know, be your boyfriend,” Carl said, “I uh, I will. And you’ll…be my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, sounds like a plan,” you chuckled. You reached out and grabbed his hand, “So, you’re my boyfriend.”

Carl nodded, “Kinda anti-climactic, isn’t it?”

“Not your typical fairytale I guess,” you said. Carl squeezed your hand as you cleared your throat once more, “So, um, what do we do now?”

“I’m not sure,” Carl replied, “I didn’t think we’d ever actually get to this part. We’re not very good at this, are we?”

“We’ll figure it out,” you said, “I don’t know about you but I’ve never even been in a relationship.”

“I haven’t either,” Carl mumbled.

“Um…we could…” you blushed deeper than before, pulling your bottom lip down nervously with your finger. Despite Carl being as clueless as you, it was somewhat embarrassing not knowing what to do. Where was your confidence now? Why couldn’t you just sweep Carl off his feet? You just wanted so badly to impress him, “We could…maybe…kiss.”

Carl cracked a smile, glancing at your lips, “I-I-I wouldn’t mind that.”

He tugged on your hand so you would lean forward a little. Your breath shook, terrified of what was to come. What if you did it wrong? What if he didn’t like the kiss? What if this kiss was the one thing to ruin everything?

Carl’s lips brushed against yours but he hesitated, his nervousness putting you at ease just a bit. Knowing you weren’t the only one that was scared made you feel a little more relaxed. You weren’t sure what to do with your hands so you just held his hands as you finally brought your lips together in your first kiss. Your heart fluttered, he’d taken your breath away. Carl’s grip on your hands tightened a little as you pulled away.

“That was nice,” you murmured, “Was it good for you?”

“Yeah,” he replied. He pulled you back in for another kiss, his newfound confidence apparent in his second kiss. His hands rested on your shoulders as his lips lingered against yours. Neither of you wanted to pull away now. You could’ve stayed like this forever. Who knew that boy you’d met a little over a year ago was here with you now, your lips locked together, your fingers entangled in his dark brown hair while his hands had found their way down to your waist. Perhaps Maggie and Beth had been correct in their worries because for the first time, the feelings you claimed you wouldn’t have for a long time were arising within your body.

“Y/N Greene!” Maggie shouted, her voice breaking you away from the trance the two of you were in.

“Carl!” Rick exclaimed. He and Maggie stood there staring at the two of you in shock, their arms crossed.

“This isn’t…” your voice trailed off.

“It’s not what you think,” Carl said, “What you saw was all that happened.”

“I thought we were clear with you two, Y/N,” Maggie said sternly, “Daddy’s been looking everywhere for you too. You know how mad he’s gonna be when he finds out where we found you two?”

“Why?!” you whined, “Literally nothing happened except we kissed. That’s all, Maggie.”

“We know what we saw,” Rick said, “Now let’s get outta here you guys. You know better than to wander off like this.”

Rick walked ahead of you and Maggie with Carl at his side. Maggie wrapped her arms around your shoulder as you headed back to the main yard, “Look, Y/N, we think it’s great that you and Carl like each other. We just want you guys to be careful, ya know?”

“Well, we’re fine,” you replied, “Acting like we’re five isn’t helping.”

“Just give us some time,” Maggie said, “You’re always gonna be my baby sister. And Carl’s always gonna be Rick’s little boy. It’s hard to see you doing such adult things. We’ll get there, okay? Same rules apply though. You’re in his cell or he’s in yours, curtains are open.”

Carl stole glimpses of you over his shoulder as Rick was most likely giving him the same lecture Maggie was giving you. It seemed nothing would keep you two apart. The smile he gave you promised future performances.

“I thought he liked Beth,” you said.

Maggie scoffed, “It was always obvious that he liked you. Even Beth noticed. We had our talks with you because we knew it wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when. Didn’t think it would take as long as it did.”

“How did me and Carl not notice when the rest of you did?” you inquired.

“You guys are young,” Maggie explained, “We’ve all gone through that young, teenage, awkward phase. Once you get through it, you start to realize how obvious it all was.”

Getting through the awkward phase couldn’t come fast enough. But just like everything else, you’d get through it with Carl at your side. He’d been there for you during the loss of your family and your home. You’d been there when his mother, Lori had died. At least with this, you had so much to look forward to. At least getting through this wouldn’t be as difficult. Even with the constant adult supervision, it didn’t matter. Things did change for you and Carl but it was safe to say that they’d changed for the better. Your relationship had actually improved to your surprise and his. Things were finally beginning to look up for you.

I’M SORRY THIS IS SHORT BUT SOMETIMES ONE SHOTS ARE HARD. Also, I hope I portrayed the awkward teen romance correctly. I didn’t actually have relationships as a teenager…I still haven’t been in one. So, if this came out wrong, I apologize. I know nothing of awkward teen relationships hahaha.

Joe Sugg imagine || Knock Knock part 4 ||

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

- - -

Finally, you were back in London on you’re school summer holiday. It was about two weeks into it and you were glad you didn’t have any school work to focus on or anything else related to your studies. 

Just finishing the dishes you had dirtied from eating a late supper of Chinese take away from yesterday night. You yawned. “I’m getting old.” You whispered to yourself - it was only ten o'clock and you were exhausted. 

“And who the hell is that?” You asked out loud hearing a knocking at your front door. You glanced over your iPhone sitting on the kitchen counter and pressed the home button to see if you had gotten any messages from someone saying they were coming over… Mainly Caspar who randomly always showed up with little warning. 

Walking away from your phone as you heard knocking again, you got to your front door, you unlocked it and opened it slightly to peer out into your flats hallway. 

“Uhm, hello?” You stared blinking slightly as Joe stood in front of you. “I know I’m the last person you expected to see.” Joe started.

“Last person I wanted to see more like.” You interjected and he sighed, “I need to talk to you.” His hands were in his sweater pockets. “I don’t wanna talk to you.” You admitted honestly. 

“Please? (Y/N) I need to talk to you.” He looked over your face, you noticed the whites of his eyes were reddened. 

“Look, Joe - I have nothing to say to you - nor do I wanna hear anything you have to say.” You didn’t try coming across as a mean old Bitch or anything… But you were trying to move on with your life and Joe popping up randomly wasn’t helping. 

“I need you… I need your advice.” His voice lower. “So, if you need advice go talk to Caspar he is your best friend.” You crossed your arms. 

“No… I need your advice. Caspar is great but he always tries to solve anything with a game of FIFA. I need you..” He continued. 

You just continued to stare at him. “You’re the only person I’ve ever known to always be able to help anybody with anything. I only need five minutes… Please?” He asked again staring into your eyes.

Staring back after moments of silence you sighed uncrossing your arms and moving aside. “Fine.” You muttered, allowing him into the flat. “Thank you,” he said walking in…

… Bringing two cups of tea from the kitchen to your living room you handed one to Joe and put yours on the coffee table. “Okay, so - talk.” You sat on the edge of your couch. 

He sighed again. “Jamie thinks she might be pregnant.” He whispered and you suddenly felt how Joe looked - slapped in the face. 

You narrowed your eyes and your tone got dark as you spoke: “What advice do you want from me about that Joe?” You quizzed. “How to change a diaper? Like… What the fuck.”

“No, I mean - I don’t know.” Joe put his mug down. “Well? I can’t help you with this, I don’t know why you even came here. What did you think was going to happen?” You wanted to slap him upside the head. “Did you use protection?" 

“Sometimes.” He nodded, before looking from his hands to you. “I’m sorry.” He said. “You should be.” You admitted. “I can’t help you because this doesn’t involve me. And I’m going to be a little bitter about it because of the fact you’re talking about the woman you cheated on me with.”

“I just… Didn’t know who else to tell or talk to about it… I can’t talk to anybody else like I can talk to you.” Joe was looking at you. “I know I fucked everything up… But I don’t know what to do right now… I just – I think I’ve ruined my life.” He started to cry.

You stared, watching tears coming down his cheeks, he looked away from you to try and hide it. “Oh christ… Joe.” You muttered, looking at him being emotional.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have bothered you… This isn’t your problem. This is my problem.” Joe sniffed, rubbing his eyes. “You’re just… You’re my rock. You always have been. God I’m such an idiot.” He put his face in his hands, shaking his head.

“Well… Kinda.” You admitted, before clearing your throat. “It’ll be okay… I guess, I mean maybe.” You didn’t know what to do. You were mad at him but at the same time, seeing him upset was making you feel a bit upset. “It’ll work out.” You suggested now. “You can’t really make any plans until you know if she is or she isn’t. So the first step is finding that out and then you can go from there.” You pointed out and he nodded, still crying.

“Please stop crying.” You muttered, you carefully put your hand on his shoulder and lightly squeezed it assuringly.

Uncovering his face, Joe looked at you, he moved and he wrapped his arms around you pulling you close against him. You felt weird, “Uh.” You held your hands up not sure what to do with him, “I’m so sorry.” Joe started crying again, you moved your arms to hug him back loosely. “It’ll be okay.” You patted his back.

“I still you love… I should never have fucking done what I did.” He muttered. “No. You royally fucked up there.” You agreed once again. “(Y/N?” He asked. “Yes?” You answered. “Do you still love me..?” He wondered.

Okay but Ryuu would so have a makeup and beauty channel on youtube

•He has footage from since the very first time he attempted to put makeup on, which turned out to be an epic fail. The vid consists of mostly just him clumsing about and pouting

•He doesn’t start posting the vids until he’s actually pretty decent at it, and by the time he’s gained skill and popularity he posts the first ones he’s made as a thank you to his subscribers, and to encourage people who don’t try to get into it because “they’re not good at it"

•He often has vids featuring the girls he’s dating where they do each others makeup, hair and nails while discussing their favorite brands and techniques. 

•Of course he ropes the Defense Club into it

•He managed to convince Io to do it because they discovered that the brands featured in Ryuu’s videos end up gaining popularity, and well, for someone who invests in companies and brands, that just spells out profit. It doesn’t have anything at all to do with the way Ryuu was practically glowing with happiness as he carefully applied eyeliner to Io, nope, absolutely not.

•Io turns out to have a nick for doing hair, especially braids. It’s rare to find Ryuu without at least one braided lock after that discovery.

•Yumoto didn’t actually need any convincing; he practically begged Ryuu to include him the second he caught wind of the hobby. After a lot of failed takes on account of Yumoto being unable to sit still, Ryuu made it into a special edition; ways to apply makeup for people with unsteady hands and/or a lack of patience

•Atsushi’s involvement was courtesy of Yumoto and his excellent puppy eyes-which Ryuu may or may not have used to his advantage. You can’t prove anything, senpai.

•Atsushi ends up with an interest in nail art, and he’s patient and steady handed enough to be pretty good at it. The entire Defense Club often walks around with painted nails after that- though Io with only one hand, because he refuses to stop handling his tablet for the time it takes to paint them

•En decided that just sitting still and letting Ryuu do whatever is _much_ less of a bother than having to face his kouhais pleading, so he cooperated with minimal resistence, if some reluctance

•He always starts of his videos by saying that makeup isn’t something you should feel forced into- or out of, for that matter. If it’s something you enjoy and/or want to do, go for it. Don’t care about what anyone says because it’s your choice that matters, and the same goes for wanting to go without makeup.

•Probably ends up making a vid bitching out those “things that girls do that boys don’t like” and other fuckboi vids

•Just a general air of positivity and acceptance

•And a lot of complimenting himself

•People in the comments joke about turning it into a drinking game; a shot every time he does so

•Ryuu addresses it at the start of his next vid by dryly requesting them not to do it it because he doesn’t want anyone to die of alcohol poisoning

•Ryuu probably ends up branching out into fashion vids too. A lot of it is just him twirling in front of the mirror of a changing room in the mall, showing off his outfit

•Io and the senpais have to be held back from roasting every single person who leaves a negative comment on his vids

•"It’s too bad we can’t do a Love Fountain over the Internet, it looks like they need it"
Don’t be fooled by his sweet and innocent exterior, Yumoto can be _savage_

•Ryuu isn’t all that bothered but the rest is so protective

•Even if they try to hide it

•"Hey, that’s weird.. There’s this user who’s been reacting to pretty much every troll on my vids, even on those from ages ago! But every comment is so different, like they’re written by different people…“
“Ha. Yes. Uhm. Strange.” *nervous sweating*

•He probably invites some of the ex-monsters; his way to check up on them. Most of them stop coming after they gain their own friends, but some still show up every now and then.

•One or two end up with their own channel. They collab fairly frequently

•He asked the Beppu twins, who didn’t even find rejecting him worth any words, they just walked past him.

•Annoyed, but still wanting them in his vids because it will have his views go through the roof, he invites Gora-because there’s no way he missed that crush, not with it being in his area of expertise. Then he just not so subtly mentions it near the twins, and bam, they pretty much _demand_ to be on it.

•The vid gets the most views Ryuu’s ever had, and he gains quite a few subscribers.

•Ryuu’s not sure why, seeing as the vid was mainly him monologuing while the twins were sending love struck looks towards Gora.

•Gora agreed to it because he knew it would make Yumoto happy, but he gets pretty into it. He ends up teaching Ryuu how to sew, and they do monthly diy vids for clothing and accessories. The twins catch wind of this and pretty much invite themselves to be a part of it. They’re pretty kickass at knitting and have good fashion tastes and ideas, so Ryuu’s ok with it, even though they flat out ignore him in favor of drooling over Gora.

•His viewers are somewhat amused and somewhat baffled

•Gora acts like it’s nothing out of the ordinary. There’s a lot of dispute in the comments about whether he’s really oblivious to it or just pretends to be

•The twins get thrown off by Ryuu after an episode or 3 because, while Gora never said anything, he gets the feeling he’s pretty uncomfortable with all their attention.

•Ryuu gets cornered by a monster soon after. It’s a giant needle. Ryuu is not amused.

•Yumoto takes the twins’ place, and the views hardly suffer any damage because the two of them are just so cute together. It quickly becomes a fan favorite, so much that Ryuu just kinda shrugs and lets them do their own thing, not even appearing into those vids anymore unless called by one of the brothers

•Idk what else so feel free to add stuff if you do

SNK Ship Breakdown Volume III

It’s time for some Eremika.

I guess it goes without saying that I ship this.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that I go with what is most canon when I choose my ships.  I will not say that Eremika is the one canon ship in SNK, because it isn’t.  Yumikuri is.  But Eremika is close.  Soooo close…

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please-aca-pitch  asked:

Could you do a mini fanfic where Emily is Beca and Chloe's daughter and they have to make Emily understand how they fell in love? P.s your mini fanfics are literally the first thing I read in a morning..... x

It’s wasn’t as if Emily didn’t know her moms were in love. 

That part was obvious since…well, since before she was even aware of remembering. 

She saw it in the way that Chloe started watching the clock at exactly 6:13pm every night, scurrying around the kitchen to get dinner finished. Because she knew that Beca left the studio at 6:10, would be on the road by 6:14, and would be home by 6:32 on the dot, and every second that inched closer to the one that brought Beca home pumped more bounce into Chloe’s step. 

She saw it in the way Beca watched Chloe in the hours before their Saturday date nights, leaning on the doorframe to watch Chloe curl her hair or put on mascara and waiting for when the redhead would ask for help zipping her up. For a brief moment between the ages of 7 and 12, Emily would hop around the room while they got ready, and once she asked to zip her mom up instead. Chloe looked surprised, and Beca, for the shortest of seconds, looked almost perturbed. 

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