any person problems

  • Me: gotta do a bunch of stuff tonight, rly important that I get at least THESE things done - rly important
  • Brain: make a list abt it
  • Me: k, did it, awesome, good list
  • Brain: make another list abt it
  • Me: ...k, if it'll make u happy, I'll make ONE more list abt it
  • Brain: make another list abt it. make a list of other lists to make
  • Me: no, the stuff on this list for tonight is rly actually important, i have plenty of time to finish it all if i can just get started
  • Brain: make a detailed schedule of the times and order in which to do all the things on this list
  • Me: no i just gotta get started and it rly won't be that hard to get thru
  • Brain: but make an agenda. make a list. make different agendas for each possible way u could organize ur time tonight or order the tasks
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: make a list of things to do tomorrow. make several possible agendas
  • Brain: make a list of things to do this weekend
  • Brain: make a list of everything that needs to be done by the end of the month
  • Brain: make a schedule of important dates and events for the rest of the year
  • Brain: make a budget. make a budget and detailed plan for saving up for a vacation
  • Brain: plan a vacation. include literally every detail of every possible thing that will happen during the vacation.
  • Brain: organize gas receipts in a spreadsheet. make a spreadsheet. make several spreadsheets
  • Brain: look at different phone plans. compare plans and factor into a budget. make several budgets for different plans. look at new phones. make spreadsheets for the phones and plans
  • Brain: price compare for ur meds. organize ur meds. make a schedule for taking ur meds and a spreadsheet to track them. make different spreadsheets to put in different locations
  • Brain: make tracking charts for brushing ur teeth. taking a shower. doing ur laundry. doing cat litter
  • Brain: compare different brands of cat food. make new budgets for each option
  • Brain: make a list of all these things to do. think of other things to do to put on the list. like vacuuming the couch. vacuum the couch
  • Brain: 😊 I'm so helpful wow 😊 what a good brain 😊 don't ignore me 😊 I'm not gna stop until u do all these things 😊 wow good brain yea 😊 yw ❤❤

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  • Me: I'm really low maintenance :)
  • Also me: requires near constant attention and reassurance that my significant other doesn't hate me, gets extremely sad and angry when given any tiny reason to believe that they might not like me and then proceeds to hate them from any time between several hours to several days, is very emotionally dependent on them, is always sad or scared about something and needs to be comforted, gets jealous whenever they talk to anyone that isn't me, and is just generally high maintenance as hell

Disney Princess Profile

*Elsa excluded because her royal title is not a princess*

She loved him too deep, too fast, so he decided to leave. Now after all this time he still finds himself searching for her at the bottom of empty bottles and strangers. But it never works, no one ever loved him like she did.
—  | Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #86
FIC RECS: english major nursey as written by english majors

aka my favorite poetic works for our favorite pretentious d-man (and dex, and their relationship) brought to you by an english minor who sighs about not having the time to make it her third major

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Kentucky Must Pay Attorney Fees For Couples Who Sued Kim Davis, Judge Says
Davis had refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing religious beliefs. The court held the state responsible because officials had the right to take action against her but didn't.

Reasons why 13 Reasons Why is so imp.

  • Deals with a highly sensitive topic; suicide that most shows stray away from.
  • Hannah’s signs leading to her suicide are the most common but the most overlooked 
  • Deals with socio-economic issues of race, poverty, abuse, sexual assault, labelling, bullying, gender issues etc.
  • Characters are not black and white but delves into the grey area of characterisation, and except for one character, most of them deserve redemption
  • Deals with victim shaming, and issues that survivors of a traumatic event have to deal with it.
  • Most importantly, its clearly is signalling that if you’re having an issue no matter how small speak to someone, always reach out, call hotlines, talk to family, anonymous forums etc. If you’re a witness to something horrible, speak out and stop it from escalating. If someone is important to you, if you care for someone, TELL THEM. Don’t just assume that they know, show them, tell them you’re there for them.  It can change everything.


I (sometimes) wish I were straight-a personal rant

I wish I were straight sometimes-dating would be easier, set up dates would be more common. I could get married everywhere more easily, have kids or adopt them more easily. Even every day conversations would be less of a struggle-I could openly talk about him and people would be in awe. I could hold their hand while walking down the street without fear and the talking behind our backs would be limited. The TV shows would be made for me and my guy-every single romantic movie would tear me up because the story itself is beautiful: she falls in love with him, so does he and they finally end up being together despite everything. The happy ending would be easier. Don’t get me wrong-I know that heterosexual people are also struggling when it comes to relationships but part of me feels like they often underestimate the privileges they have as straight. I wouldn’t be fired from work for being straight. 

We need a better tone of acceptance for "bad" intrusive thoughts

It’s good that there’s starting to be more acceptance of people with violent or “disgusting” intrusive thoughts, but most of it is framed as “people who have those thoughts hate them and are horrified by them, so you shouldn’t judge them for it.”

That’s all well and good, but some people (me, for instance) have intrusive thoughts like that and are not disgusted or horrified by them. That doesn’t mean that they will actually do those things, and it doesn’t make them bad people for not hating those thoughts.

If your support for people with problematic intrusive thoughts only covers people who find those thoughts abhorrent, your support is half-assed and hypocritical. Thoughts are not actions, regardless of whether they are deliberate or intrusive, regardless of whether the person hates or loves or is indifferent to them.

william-from-england  asked:

what's homestuck?

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Homestuck is a webcomic written by Andrew Hussie, featured on a website called MS Paint Adventures. It attracts many followers worldwide due to its video game themes, plot development, and lovable characters. Despite its sci-fi and fantasy nature, many people find Homestuck to be rather relatable.

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It is a story about four kids (John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley) who all want to play a new video game called SBURB that just came out. Little do they know that not only will the game seal the fate of bringing the apocalypse to earth, but they will also be the heroes put in charge of saving their universe.

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In an alternate universe, twelve alien kids, who call their species “trolls”, experience the same fate as the kids whom you’ve already been introduced to. Finding evidence of success from the human kids’ session, the trolls seize opportunity to communicate with the kids in order for both sessions to save their universes.

Without trying to give too much of the plot away in case you’re curious to read it, I will say there is a third universe involved. In this universe, the guardians from the kid’s universe are now the children in this universe, and the kids are the adults (basically a swap in age and family role). These kids will also be destined to play SBURB, and they will be destined to meet the kids you were first introduced to.

From an outsider’s perspective, Homestuck appears to be a long story with nothing but confusing wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey issues and the instabilty of all that is space, but if you come around to reading it and appreciate it for its video game-like structure and sarcastic humor, you’ll learn that Homestuck

is about friendship

External image

is about family

is a story about love

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Four kinds of love, to be exact

Including themes of forrbidden love

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… and it’s about loss.

External image

It’s a story of self-doubt

External image

It is a story about reevaluating your life decisions

External image

and suffering the consequences of your decisions

External image

It’s about the fear of living in someone’s shadow

It’s about gaining confidence so that you may someday fly

It’s about helping everyone out no matter how people view your actions

External image

It is about recognizing the intelligence and beauty in the person whom you care most about, regardless of gender

External image

It’s a story of betrayal

It’s about coping with apathy and bipolarity

It’s about maintaining your strength while staying true to your heart

External image

It’s about self-esteem issues

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And it’s about acknowledging that, no matter where you’re from, everyone is equal.

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It’s is about how we, as people, must work as one despite our cultural upbringings and differences so that we can work together and make the most out of the life we are living.

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So we have to work together and stay positive

No matter what trouble lies ahead

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… no seriously there’s a lot of trouble that lies ahead I am not even joking here

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i am not even fricken kidding man do u think i look like i am kidding 

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it gets INTENSE

So whether you suffer from alcohol abuse or depression or any other personal problems, or if you ever feel like you are alone in this world

Homestuck is an adventure.

External image

An adventure worth celebrating.

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So I invite you all to have a taste

External image

Of justice

External image

Of exciting news, and of course

External image

And constructed together, you have the incredible tale

External image

of a webcomic called

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If you would like to begin reading Homestuck, click here

To support the original artists/musicians, you can purchase Homestuck music here

If you’d rather watch the adventure instead of read it, Homestuck is featured on YouTube here

Thank you, and Happy Homestucking!