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I’ll be so grateful if you look at it while listening to this remix of Spooky Scary Skeletons by The Living Tombstone. I actually drew this for this only purpose.

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body paintless version under the cut.

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MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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this is it. my greatest contribution to the fandom and CronKringdom in particular. OTL

please enjoy~!

I’ll be so grateful if you look at it while listening to this remix of Spooky Scary Skeletons by The Living Tombstone. I actually drew this for this only purpose.

Haikyuu!! version here  →

body paintless version under the cut.

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This is your weekly reminder not to force ships.


Don’t be that guy. I’ve never seen something kill an RP partnership faster. When someone says they ship chemistry and want to let things evolve, that does not translate as try harder. That means they want time to see if their muse warms up to yours. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

You know what’s guaranteed to make it not happen?

Forcing your muse on theirs in the hopes that prolonged contact is going to magically convince the other mun that it’s a great idea.

You know what helps it happen?

Privately expressing interest in the ship, discussing the possibility, and actively listening to the other mun’s requests and concerns about the process. When someone says they’re uncomfortable about how things are progressing, don’t just barrel onward anyway! Be respectful of boundaries and don’t force your muse on theirs. For plot reasons is one thing but because you really want a ship?



Repeat after me. Communication is key. If the other mun is saying no and you’re trying to force a yes, you aren’t communicating. You’re trying to railroad them and their muse and I guarantee you are about to lose them as a partner.

Smarten up.


Don’t force ships or shippy interaction on people.


make me choose: night school or illuminated submitted by allisonargenc

what a lovely way to burn

[update: now also on ao3]

pairing: rhack

summary: Rhys is, sometimes, almost entertaining enough. But he’s also asleep or off-station or working way too often and it’s not like Jack’s bothered by it, no, but he doesn’t sleep or visit Pandora any more and spending all of his time on Helios, as Helios is starting to get to him.

He finds a lone employee at some ass end of the station, orders a loader bot to kick the man in the face, and then decides that he’s bored as dicks and he needs to do something. Like… Rhys. Talk to Rhys, that is. He doesn’t want to… do… well, anyway–


Rhys discovers the chair has a lot of fun drug-injecting buttons. Jack discovers he needs a body, right now, immediately. Rhys’ will do.

notes: so this a Handsome Rhys au of sorts; basically Helios doesn’t fall, Jack and Rhys rule, (i don’t know what happens to the rest of the plot hahh,) the usual. also i have no idea what i’m doing forgive me

content warnings for, oh god, i don’t know? vague mentions of ambiguous Pandoran drugs, soft choking (or strangling, if you prefer), consensual possession(i think???), broadly defined sinning

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d--t  asked:

imagine recovering/recovered bucky starting a help group for survivors/victims of HYDRA and CENTIPEDEs experimentation because after Nat leaked everything, he knows he's not the only one who suffered at their hands. (maybe sam helps him with it)

He doesn’t know what he’s doing at first. All he knows is that he can’t bear the thought of other people going through what he went through, either stranded without any support or - even worse - still in the clutches of HYDRA and its sympathizers. Steve and Sam help him track down survivors - even help him raid Project CENTIPEDE’s primary labs once looking for anyone still held captive. The rest, he contacts slowly - sometimes through email if he thinks he can do it securely, sometimes through payphones and disposable cells, and very rarely through brief meetings in public places. He sets up better lines of communication with anyone willing to talk, and backs off from anyone he seems to distress. All in all, it adds up to a tiny handful of stragglers.

(He’s both glad there aren’t more and devastated that so few survived the experimentation. It weighs heavily on him for a long time afterward, setting back his own recovery until Steve and Sam sit him down and firmly remind him that their misfortune is not his fault, and that his own health is just as important as the people he’s trying to help.)

From there…he doesn’t really know what to do. He’s not a mental health professional, and he lacks the training and experience that Sam has working with people who were hurt. Sam offers as much time as he can to help, but on top of his work with the VA and as an Avenger, there’s only so much he can do. Bucky and Steve are still in recovery, and it’s not fair to them or the other survivors to leave two still-raw men in charge of the mental health of others.

Nobody actually expects Pepper Potts to step in to help, but that’s precisely what she does. She takes over this new project just as efficiently as she did Stark Industries, establishing lines of communication between survivors and qualified therapists and finding ways to support even those who aren’t ready for that kind of attention. She organizes support groups, finds places for them to gather, and insists on attending every meeting. Within a month, the project is Pepper’s more than anyone else’s, with Bucky as her support and Steve and Sam helping as they find the time.

She doesn’t explain why the project is so important to her, and he doesn’t ask. He figures that if she wants to tell him, she will.

He’s proven right when one night, after the support group has disbanded and it’s just him and Pepper left in the meeting-room with a circle of chairs, she sits down next to Bucky.

“…Can we talk?”

“Of course.”

It takes her a few false starts, but eventually Pepper takes a deep breath and starts to speak in a low voice about her own experiences being injected against her will with EXTREMIS. Bucky sits quietly through the story, making only the occasional encouraging noise when she pauses or her voice breaks. Since Steve brought him back, he thought he was alone in Stark Tower on that particular front, and knowing that Pepper can understand what he went through - even if it’s just on a single, superficial level of similar shared experience - is both reassuring and horrifying.

When she finishes, Bucky can’t think of a response except to tentatively extend his arms and offer her a hug. She buries her face in his shoulder and wraps her arms around him, and he hugs her back. They sit like that in silence for almost an hour.

“I get it,” Bucky says eventually to break the silence.

She pulls away a little to smile at him. “I know. I figured you would.”