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Promise? (Peter Parker x Reader)

(It took me so long to find this gif, and tbh it really hurts my heart, ouch. Also got super carried away with this I am so sorry. I am also sorry for how sad this one was.)

Requested: No, just me being evil, and sad, again.

Warnings: SUPER ANGST PLEASE BE CAREFUL, SAD, DEATH, MENTION OF GOD, DEAD BODY, CHURCH, CURSING. (if there are any other warnings please let me know.)

Word Count: 2,613 (like I said I got super carried away.)

Part 2   Part 3

You stared at your reflection, looking at your tired, bloodshot eyes. It had been a week, and it felt like it had been a couple hours ago. You could barely stand on your own two feet, you placed both of your hands, on the counter, you faced down and began to cry. Hard. You even let out a yell. How? How could this happen? How could he be here and then gone? How could you be standing here in a black dress, going to see him one last time? How? And Why? Why Peter?

You hit your hand on the counter, screaming, letting out another cry. You put your back up against the wall, sliding down, pulling your knees up.

And you replayed it all in your head.

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ilcomplice  asked:

I know it calls for a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei spoiler but you should check the manga's end. It hits home with Junko and the SHSL Despairs. I wonder if there is another DR fan that knows SZS to check too.

Haven’t heard of it before now so I don’t know of any content warnings other than the one for suicide on the kissmanga page, but here’s some links if anyone wants to check it out

Summary Submission

Hello friends! Here is the plan, everyone seems to be okay with the extension so we will be going ahead with that. To be fair to the artists we will be keeping their schedule more or less the same (only shifted by a few days to account for the time we worked out the extension). Authors please fill out the info below and send it to us either through tumblr or livejournal. Once the matches are completed, please send what you have of your story AND a detailed summery so they have something to work with. Message us with any questions you have!

Tips for filling this out: word count and name will not be posted. Working title can be as dumb as you want, it’s just to keep all the stories straight! List as many pairings as you think are relevant. Ratings are E, T, M and NC-17. When posting comes we will require warnings for suicide, self harm and rape only, you are welcome to include any other warnings. For this part it is probably best to over warn for the sake of your artist (for instance an artist can skip one bloody, graphic murder scene but if that’s ALL your story is an artist who faints at the thought of blood might have some trouble!). For summary try and avoid ‘artsy’ summaries, those might be good for attracting readers but not quite as good for artists. Lastly motifs and visual elements are things that might fit prominently into an art piece. For example, for Macbeth Will might write down ‘red, blood, the number three’ whereas for Frozen Walt could put down 'ice, winter, spring, secrets’.


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