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I’ll be so grateful if you look at it while listening to this remix of Spooky Scary Skeletons by The Living Tombstone. I actually drew this for this only purpose.

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body paintless version under the cut.

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Why I Need You

Characters - Bucky Barnes, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson

Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Summary/Request - Yay! Could you write one with Bucky? He and the reader are in love with each other but don’t know how to tell the other. Maybe some commentary from the other Avengers? Little smut if you’re not opposed to it ;)

Word Count - 4,441

Warnings - Smut…Fingering, Unprotected sex… A little bit of language, little bit of angst..and of course some fluff
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - First ever Avengers/Marvel fic, so be gentle XD
Couple songs included are Think A Little Less, She thinks she needs me, and This Is Why I Need You
Huge thank you (again) to my sister Wren for helping edit! <3

Tags (Want on or off? Send a message/ask!) - @theimpossibleg1rl​ @charliesxora@amantedelcalcio@hushothermuses@i-stole-rudolphs-nose​  @officialbroski10-blog@thepalaceofmelanie@serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes@buckyywiththegoodhair
(tagged a couple people who I know write Marvel..and have said people can tag them…I would love y’all’s input since it’s my first Marvel/Bucky fic)


Working with the Avengers was a challenge to say the least.
An enjoyable one, but still a challenge.

This was why Y/N had opted to keep her apartment in the city. So she could have a safe, familiar place to escape to when things got just too… heroically crazy.

It was rare that she would stay at the Tower over night, but Tony had a room set up for her anyway.
When nights like last night came around, she was glad to have a bed to sleep in rather than having to crash on the couch.

Just like every morning, Bucky and Steve had gotten up before everyone else in the Tower and had gone for a run. When they got back, they were a little surprised to see everyone still asleep. Each went to their separate room, to shower and get ready for the day before finding their way back to the kitchen.

Steve and Bucky settled onto the island stools, the former man looking to the latter. “So,” he began.

They had been silent their entire run, but now Steve had Bucky in his clutches…

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Commission time!! Woo!

Here are the things I WILL NOT do:
-NSFW or highly suggestive things (no budging on this one, this is a heck no)
-Anthro/animal characters
-Excessive gore (I’m good with a little bit, but not a lot)
-Complicated designs like full-body armor
-Armor in general, it’s not exactly my strong suit
-Complicated backgrounds

Things I might do:
-Multiple characters (add half the cost again)
-Stuff involving blood

Things I am 110% good to do:
-Fan art
-Drawings of someone based off of a photo
-A very simple background

Keep in mind that I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason

Awesome, how does it work?

Send me your commission request with details (the more specific the better) to the email address (also I’d like you to include your tumblr username, it helps me keep track of who you are)


USD through PayPal. ½ after we’ve agreed on the commission, ½ when I’m done! PLEASE don’t send me funds until I’ve requested them! PayPal only likes things being done a certain way, and if we deviate from that, I can get in a lot of trouble. So I’ll send you an invoice! I can walk you through payment with invoices if you need me to, don’t worry :D

I’ll send you a non-watermarked image, but if you post the picture anywhere, please credit me! Simply saying “x made by otterbug” is good enough, and an actual link back to my blog is even better! I also might post a watermarked version of the finished product here on my blog.


You can send me an ask, a message, or an email! I promise I don’t bite

If you can’t afford a commission right now, that’s fine! I totally get it! But if you want to get the word out to others, reblogging this really helps!

Lost Love

Author - Aingeal

Characters - Dean, Sam, Bobby, Reader

Summary - After John died, the three men were back at Bobby’s house. Dean’s not taking it too well, and Sam and Bobby are at a loss on how to help him. That’s when Sam remember’s a girl Dean always talked about when they were younger. It would be a long shot, but it was the only idea they had.

Word Count - 3,468

Warnings - Angst, fluff, possibly a little bit OOC?
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)


Dean stood broodingly and dusty, staring at the hood of his crumpled baby as Bobby and Sam sat inside talking.

They knew he was upset.
He was taking the loss hard, and there was nothing they could do.
He wouldn’t open up to either of them - it just wasn’t his style. Both had tried everything they could think of to get through to him, but nothing was working.

“I don’t know what to do here, Sam,” Bobby admitted exasperatedly. “I’ve never seen ‘im like this before.”

“I… I haven’t either,” Sam replied and leaned back into the chair he was in.

It was a full minute before he perked up, and sat up straight, his eyebrows raised and his eyes wide. “Bobby, I might have an idea who could help… it might a long shot, though…”

“Well, spit it out, kid,” Bobby shot back, leaning forward in his own seat.

“I think I could call this… this girl Dean used to know…”

Bobby raised his eyebrows to prompt Sam to just say who, but Sam was busy gnawing his lip and staring at the carpeted floor.

Shaking his head in exasperation, he snapped his fingers and said mockingly slow, “And that is…?”

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{ the act of empathy }

promptokay so could you do a poly!hamilsquad where like the reader came from a bad family and something happens one day that reminds them of it and the squad comforts them and they talk and it ends in fluff and stuff? you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it, it was just an idea

t/w: reader is a victim of emotional + some physical abuse, please read with caution. some hurtful insults. 

a/n: this was a little tricky to write. i hope this is what you meant when you said “bad family.” if not, just let me know and maybe i can write something else up.

if there are any other trigger warnings you think i need to add, please let me know! 

inbox || masterlist

For the first half of your life, you felt like you were trapped in a cage. You felt like a prisoner in your own home, a victim of an honorable thief. 

You weren’t familiar with the picture of the doting mother and father, willing to do whatever necessary for their child. You weren’t familiar with the idea of a mother who helped her child deal with their problems while being able to solve their own. You weren’t familiar with the promise of a mother who loved you no matter what you did.

Your mother didn’t always tell you that she loved you, but she did remember to tell you that she wished you were dead.

If you didn’t clean your room, she’d call you a failure. If you washed the dishes too slow, she’d insist that you’d never amount to anything good in this life. The smallest thing to you was the biggest infraction in her mind and if you told her how her words made you feel, she scoffed. 

“You’re too sensitive,” she would dismiss you coldly. “You know I don’t mean it.”

If you asked too many questions or even angered her in the slightest way, there was the underlying worry that she would hit you. This fear became a reality. She slapped you once. You remembered the night perfectly. You were sixteen years old and as you placed ice on your cheek, you realized that the physical pain didn’t hurt as much as the emotional pain.

She could apologize and kiss you the next day, but the dull pain was still there. The outline of her hand seemed to sink into your skin after she slapped you.

They say there’s nothing like a mother’s love, but if this was her idea of love, then you wanted nothing of it.

You moved out as soon as you could. You went to New York for college. Despite leaving your old life behind, her words rang constantly in your mind. She had shaped you into the person you were today and not for the better. 

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This indicates smut, or any other types of explicit warnings. 

Jughead Imagines:

Sweater weather



Don’t lie just kiss me:


Lovebug part 1:

Lovebug part 2:

Veronica Imagines:

Jealousy’s a curse:


Frechie ~ Jughead x french Reader

L$D ~ Jughead x Reader (substance abuse)

Torn Between ~ Jughead x Reader x Archie 

You’re my home ~ Jughead x Reader

Heat Rises ~Jughead x Reader x Archie (smut)

Electric Body ~ Archie x Reader

youtube recommendations for age regressors!

theres probably already one of these but i still wanted to make this! my favorites are italicized.

CookieSwirlC - toy unboxings!! super fun but theres a lot of stimuli and she can often talk fast and pitch up her voice making it very loud! be careful.

pstoyreviews - more toy unboxings! has two people and is a lot calmer but just as friendly and inviting! one of the people is an adult man though so be safe if that makes you uncomfortable

DisneyShorts - an official Disney channel with both Mickey Mouse cartoons and the new series + a few others! only warnings are for things like cartoon violence and romantic pda

Mother Goose Club - nursery rhymes! i cant think of any warnings for the videos but scopophobia warning for the header and icon!

SimpleKidsCrafts - easy, fun crafts made from stuff you can find around the house or buy for cheap! cant think of any warnings

Dollastic - more toys!! some anime merch as well though it isnt the main focus. havent watched her long enough to think of any specific warnings!

AwesomeRainbowToys - a toy channel aimed at younger audiences! it has a very small amount of talking but the person running it is an adult man.

WhatsUpMoms - this probably sounds really odd but its honestly great for kiddie diys! and the parental presence is comforting to me. Avoid the parodies as they can be iffy but the rest should be fine. Link leads to the “Play” playlist since thats what i mostly watch it for.

Houston Zoo - educational animal videos! i wasnt actually gonna add this but its been recommended on so many kids sites i thought i should, should be 100% safe but theres basically every kinda animal so id b careful if ur afraid of anything u might see at a zoo!! its kinda like a mobile trip to the zoo.

HooplaKidz How To - more diys!! lots of these are good for stimmy stuff too. no warnings i can think of. HooplaKidz has a lot of other channels too but this is the only one i watch.

Cool School - various videos but my favorite is story time where you’re read fun kid stories!! does get loud sometimes but i cant think of any other warnings.

This is going to hurt

Hi, I start telling ya I love your stories with all my heart! 
I’d like to make a request about the 22nd March prompt “this is going to hurt” . I’ve got an idea for so long in my mind: reader, who’s Jon Snow’s lover has been kidnapped by Ramsay Bolton in order to threaten Jon.
When our favourite wolf arrives on the field, Ramsay flays part of reader’s skin in front of Jon and his army. Later, after the battle, reader dies in Jon’s arms. 
Thanks :)

Jon Snow (and Ramsay Bolton) - “This is going to hurt”

“I can’t wait to show your lover where you have been all this time.” Ramsay wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pressed you tighter to his chest. “He must have missed you and yet the thought that you were with me has never crossed his mind.” Ramsay smiled and clacked his tongue. “The white wolf might have inherited the courage of his father, he does lack a certain amount of intelligence, don’t you think?”

You didn’t answer. Over the years you had learned that not answering Ramsay was still better than giving him an answer that didn’t live up to his expectations. No matter what you did or attempted, he always found a reason to punish you for something you had or had not done.

“I do think we should give our noble warrior some proper motivation, shall we?” Ramsay didn’t give you the chance to answer the question. Without any other warning he lifted you up and placed you in front of him in the saddle. “You will love the battlefield, I am sure of it.”

You hated the battlefield. You had already hated battlefields before Robb had died, before Ned had dark. Now you had grown to hate them even more. You didn’t believe in winners on the battlefield. You only believed in survivors and losers. And you hoped that Jon would end up a survivor and Ramsay would end up a loser.

“At least he and his army have arrived in time.” Ramsay ordered his horse to stop. With a smirk on his face he slid down and then he opened his arms to help you off his horse too.

You trembled when you saw that Jon was watching you. You were standing too far away to read the glance in his eyes, but you saw how tensed his muscles were. Strangely enough you weren’t afraid of what would happen to you. You had faced the worst and whatever would come would be nothing but a trick to distract Jon. You were however afraid that he would fall for it, that he would try to save you while everyone knew that once someone fell in the hands of Ramsay Bolton they couldn’t be saved anymore.

“I’m sorry, love, but this is going to hurt.” Ramsay smiled while he curled his fingers around a sharp knife. “I wonder if he will be able to win this battle in time to save you from bleeding to death.” Ramsay touched your cheek with the back of his hand before the knife started to cut parts of your skin away.

You had sworn yourself years ago already to never scream again because of Ramsay. You had sworn yourself years ago already not to give him the satisfaction anymore. You had managed to keep the promise to yourself. Until now. You had thought that you knew what pain was, but this was a different kind of pain and while Ramsay flayed more and more parts of your skin you closed your eyes and gave in to the urges of your body.


You only dared to open your eyes again when you heard a well known voice and felt a pair of strong arms holding your harmed body. A smile spread across your face and you stared at his blooded skin, his long hair, tied into a bun, his dark armor only slightly damaged. “You won!” You wanted to lift your arm up, but realized that your muscles weren’t listening to your mind anymore.

“I won…” Jon’s eyes started to water and he used his hand to wipe the hair from your face. “But I am not willing to pay the price I’m afraid I have to pay.” He sat on his knees next to you and he bent his head so his forehead touched yours.

“It’s okay, Jon.” You swallowed. Your voice was breakable and barely a whisper. “I knew that I would die the moment Ramsay found me in the woods.” You started to breath faster, unable to get enough air to fill your lungs. “At least he kept me alive long enough to be able to tell you that I love you and that I’m proud of you.” Your heart slowed down and even though you were not in pain anymore, you knew your soul was already drifting away to who knew where.

“He will die tonight. For what he did to you. For what he did to my sister.” Jon pressed a soft kiss on your cold lips and he lifted you up to press you to his chest. “I love you and no matter how much time passes, I will never stop loving you.” He pressed a soft kiss on your forehead and your lips curled up into a smile while you closed your eyes unable to fight death any longer. He had said that he loved you and that was all you needed to know.

Things People Say

Writers - Admin Aingeal @aingealcethlenn & Admin Grace

Characters - Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, Castiel

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - She was the best hunter in the United States. They were the Winchesters. Dean is overprotective of her, and ends up pushing her away. What happens when she leaves and hunt on her own? What happens when he gets a call, in the middle of the night, because he was her emergency contact?

Word Count - 2,692

Warnings - Angst…Lots and lots of angst…Mild language, Mentions of injuries from an accident/hunt (reader is in hospital)…
Mary Winchester is included in this, but no spoilers from any actual episodes. Doesn’t follow the episodes at all.
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N -So..This was written for a challenge, and ended up getting away from me, and turned out WAAAYYYYYY longer than I first envisioned lol There WILL be a part 2 though (as long as people are interested)! So please let me know! And let me know if you wanna be tagged in it!!!

-Reader POV-

It had been the same almost every hunt recently. Dean asking me to stay behind. Hold down the fort, help with research instead of with the battle. It was his way of keeping me safe. Making sure he wouldn’t lose me to some monster, or demon, or anything else out there.

When I met the Winchester brothers, they knew exactly who I was. In fact, the only hunter feared more than those two, was yours truly. I was meticulous, and dangerous, and loved every minute of my job. That never put the boys off though. No, instead, it only drove us closer. Especially Dean.

Lately though, it seemed every argument that we had, was surrounding my safety.

“We just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Dean said softly, trying to calm me down.

“I know how to take care of myself Dean! Damn it, I was the best damn hunter in the states! Now, just because I’m with you, suddenly it’s too dangerous for me to be out there?!”

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I Wanna Be Your Man

Characters - Steve Rogers, Reader

Pairing - Steve x Reader

Summary/Request - Steve’s been gone…a lot. And it’s changing things in their relationship.

Word Count - 1120

Warnings - Little angst and lots of fluff….
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man - Andy Griggs

Tags (Want on or off? Send a message/ask!) - @hushothermuses @i-stole-rudolphs-nose @thepalaceofmelanie @@theimpossibleg1rl @@blondekel77 @@xfirespritex @wrenwritesometimes

Story - 

Originally posted by sadbatfleck

Steve had been busy lately.
More so than usual.

He was always away from home, doing who knows what. If he wasn’t Captain America: King of the Boy Scouts, I’d probably be convinced he was cheating on me.
Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

That didn’t make it any easier when he was gone, though.
Sometimes it was for a few hours, sometimes weeks. I did the best I could to keep myself grounded, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was…

Well, that I was losing him… sometimes.

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Pas de Deux- Chapter 1 (Trixya)- Arcadia

A/N: Have an Early 1900’s cis girls ballerinas AU !! This is the first fic I’ve submitted here. I’ve had this idea in my head for a REALLY long time and I finally worked up the courage to write it and submit it. I know the title is very cliché, it just basically means ‘a duet between a man and woman’ but screw that it’s two women now. This fic will touch on topics like internalized homophobia that goes with the time and I’ll list any other warnings before each chapter starts. I apologize for any historical or literary inaccuracies, I don’t know a lot about ballet I just wanted an excuse to write historical lesbian smut(that won’t happen until later though). There will be a few side pairings. I’m not a super experienced writer so if anyone wants to give some helpful feedback that’d be great. Fingers crossed! Sorry if this is horrible!

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Title: NA Attendee Part 2

Character: Charlie Peters

TV: Shameless

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

The NA meeting came to a close. It was thankfully a quiet and successful one.

Y/N had been there, her cheek bruised and swollen from the night before. Charlie had tried to speak to her, but the others were worried and were checking up on her every chance they could.

Biting his bottom lip, Charlie walked over to her, watching as she put the snacks away.

“Hey Y/N,”

He was expecting her to regret what had happened between them in his office the night before, but when she turned and smiled, he felt instant relief.

“Hey Charlie,”

They were alone, everyone having gone home. Like she had done before, she came around, giving him a hug, but this time, she kissed his cheek.

When she stood on the flat of her feet, she looked up at him, shyly putting her hair behind her ears, “Um, I’m making dinner tonight… Would you like to come over?”

Charlie’s eyes widened at her invitation into her home, “Uhh, yeah… I’d like that,”

He didn’t feel worthy enough, but he didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to be with her.

“Great! Just come by here,” she jotted down her address and phone, handing it to him, “at 7.”

Taking the paper from her fingers, he read it and nodded his head, “I’ll be there,”
Charlie knocked on the door at seven o'clock sharp.

He smiled as Y/N opened the door, seeing her in yoga capris and a long sweater.

“Come on in Charlie,” she grinned, stepping back.

As soon as the door shut, he pulled her to him. One hand rested at the small of her back, while the other cupped her cheek.

Charlie could feel her skin heating up as she blushed. Skimming his thumb over her bottom lip, he dipped his head, slowly kissing her.

Y/N held the sides of his neck, her soft skin caressing his tattoo.

Charlie pulled back, his feelings of shame hitting him full force.

“Are you alright, Charlie?”

“I, uh.. yeah.” he stepped away from her, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Y/N rolled her lips and folded her arms, “Come into the living room and talk to me, please?”

Biting his lip, a habit he had, he nodded and followed her.

She waited as he sat down; she took a seat on the edge of the coffee table, “Do you regret last night?”

His eyes shot up to her face at the sound of her soft voice, “No, of course not! I just-”

Leaning forward, she placed her hands on his knees, moving them up and down to soothe him, “Just what, Charlie?”

He ran a finger over the scorpion on his neck, “I got this in a crack house after taking a few lines…. My arms; they’re littered with needle marks… I just don’t want you to… change your mind about me… about us?”

Y/N smiled softly, shaking her head, “You don’t have to worry about me changing my mind, Charlie. I admit that last night was a first for me. I don’t normally just sleep with just anyone,” she climbed onto his lap, straddling him, “But there’s just something about you.”

Charlie held her waist as he looked up at her.

“I want you to know it’s because I like you, Charlie; a lot.”

“You sure it’s not just a bad guy image; just a fantasy?”

Her eyes hardened slightly, “I promise you that the bad boy bit doesn’t do a thing for me. Want to know what I do go for?”

He nodded, tilting his head back as her lips connected with his neck between each word, “You are kind, sweet and one hell of a looker,”

Her lips hovered above the tattoo on his neck, “And this here? This is part of who you are, Charlie. A survivor… I’m more than willing to accept that,”

Charlie moaned, gripping her backside with firm fingers as her lips sealed over it. She kissed his tattoo, her tongue sneaking out, taking a slow lick of his neck.

“Christ, Y/N. You’re the only one that pays that much attention to that tattoo,” he said, raising his hips.

He had lifted her slightly as he adjusted himself, causing her head to dip deeper into his shoulder.

She gave a breathy laugh before lifting her head to look at him.

Her hair was slightly disheveled. Charlie smiled as he watched her fix the flyaways. Taking his hands, he rubbed them up and down her thighs.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, lightly.

And he meant it. He’d been with women, many women if you count all the days and nights when he was doped up. He dare even admit to sleeping with a hooker or two.

Those days were long gone though. He could tell that just by looking into Y/N’s eyes that she meant every word. It felt… nice… to be wanted by someone who was as gorgeous and pure as Y/N.

Charlie gave himself a shake.

“You alright there?”

He nodded, biting his lip; again, that hard habit he’d had since he could remember.

“I have pot roast and veggies in the crockpot if you’re hungry,” Y/N said, pointing over her shoulder with her thumb.

Sitting up, Charlie ran his hands up her backside and back, bringing her face close to his, “I’m hungry, but I’m more in the mood for the feisty woman in my lap,”

Y/N giggled, her hands holding his neck, “Is that so?”

Licking his bottom lip, he bobbed his eyebrows, “Most definitely,”

Quickly lifting her, Charlie laid her out on the couch, hovering just above her. Her squeal at such a fast move made him grin.

Leaning down, he placed hot, wet kisses all along her neck as he spoke of how delicious she was.

“You see, she’s fucking gorgeous, has a hell of a rack,” he kissed his way up to her ear to whisper, “and one hell of a pussy that knows how to please,”

“Oh my God,” Y/N gasped, as Charlie rolled his hips against her.

He sat up on his knees, “I’m not going to lie, Y/N… I’m ready to rip these pants off of you and have a damn taste,”

She sat up, peeling her sweater off and unhooking her bra. Once her breasts were freed, Charlie bent at the waist and took a taut nipple between his lips as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her yoga pants.

Y/N held her torso up, her head falling back as he slowly sucked on her breasts.

Charlie pulled her pants down, but only to mid thigh. Taking a hand, he cupped her sex, his middle finger dipping between the folds with ease.

She gasped, rocking her hips just slightly. He dragged his hand up, his finger rubbing over her clit.

“Oh… hell,” Y/N nearly whined.

Bending his middle finger at the knuckle, the tip sank into her wetness.

Y/N’s torso fell back onto the couch, her breast falling from Charlie’s mouth with a plop. He watched her, her legs confined in the waist of her pants, unable to widened.

He slowly pumped his finger in and out of her, pulling out for the wetness to spread it around her clit.

She was highly sensitive and he couldn’t help but smirk at how he had her right where he wanted her.

Her hands cupped her breasts, her palms running over her nipples as he dipped his finger back into her.

“Charlie,” she whined, licking her lips.

He pulled his hand from her center, quickly taking off her pants the rest of the way.

He chucked off his jacket and situated himself to where his mouth was lined up with her wetness.

One leg was draped over his shoulder, resting on his back. Charlie held the ankle of her other leg, having her opened wide.

Without any other warning, he dove right in with a growl, his tongue dipping in her folds.

She cried out, her hands blindly searching for something to hold on to.

Using his free hand, he opened her lower lips, dipping the tip of his tongue into her, pulling it out and tracing the opening of her entrance before frenching her core.

“Holy…. Shit!” she cried out, her heel digging into his back as she raised her hips.

Charlie let loose a cross between a moan and a growl as he rolled his tongue into her entrance.

“Charlie!” she cried out.

He kissed her; the kisses, wet and loud on her wetness. He continued to french her as he made his way to her clit.

There, he flattened his tongue and dragged it over the bundle of nerves, making Y/N’s body shake as she moaned.

Taking his two fingers, he dipped them into her, slowly pumping them in and out as he began to suck on her clit.

Y/N placed a hand on the back of his head, sitting up so she could watch him.

Her gasps were loud and heavy as she rolled her hips against his fingers and mouth, “Don't… don’t stop!” she begged.

Her hips rolled quicker as he pumped his fingers faster and sucked her clit more firmly.

“Yes… yes! Oh my God!” she chanted and cried out as her orgasm took over.

Charlie lapped at her clit as she came down. When she collapsed, he kissed her clit, then kissed his way up her torso.

“The mouth on you Charlie Peters,”

He laughed, wiping his beard, “I’ll take that as a thank you,”

She snorted, turning her head to him and opening her eyes.

“Let me take care of you, Charlie,”

Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, Y/N flattened her hand against his stomach and slid it into his pants.

Charlie’s arms shook as her warm hand wrapped around his length.

“Hell,” he breathed, bowing his head while she stroked him.

Her thumb running over the head, spreading the precum sent a jolt through his body. Y/N repeated the move twice before he couldn’t take it anymore.

Charlie stood, toeing off his boots and yanking down his pants. His manhood bounced as he stood back up.

Sitting back down by her feet, Charlie gave her his hands to pull her up. Letting him lead her, she straddled his waist like earlier, only kneeling taller as the head of him touched her folds.

Staring up at her, he grasped himself at the base and moved the head over her slit. Starting at her eyes, he slowly looked at her body.

Her pupils were blown with lust, her lips red and plumped from their kissing and her teeth dragging over them.

His eyes moved down as he continued to tease her wetness with his seeping head.

Her chest moved up and down with each breath, putting her nipples near his mouth. As she breathed in, her breasts popping in front of him, he quickly licked her hard nipple.

The second go around, as he licked her, he ran the head of his shaft over her clit. The action made them both moan.

He needed her… now.

“Ride me, baby,” he whispered.

Slowly, she sank onto him, rolling her hips every other inch until she sat perfectly in his lap.

His tongue peeked out, touching his top lip as she rose up onto her knees and sank down again.

He gripped her waist, his eyes heavy lidded as he enjoyed the feel of her, “That’s it… Just like that, Y/N.”

She rode him, leaning back slightly, her hands on his knees for support.

The sight of him moving in and out of her wetness, the way her small clit was exposed; he just wouldn’t last long.

“Faster, Y/N,” he begged softly.

She ran a hand through her hair as she rolled her hips to a quicker pace, her breasts bouncing.

Pulling her forward, Charlie buried his face in her breasts, kissing and nipping at them as he helped her move.

Y/N’s lips rested on his head as she panted, “So close, Charlie,”

He groaned, bracing his feet on the floor, “Me too, baby… hold on,”

Using his feet, he thrusted upward and she came down.

Her pants and cries became louder each time their pelvis’ connected.

With one hand, she held on to his shoulder and the other reached down to stimulate her aching clit.

The sight was enough to make Charlie shout as he came inside of her.

Her keening cries progressively got louder until her breath caught in her throat in a soundless orgasm.

Charlie pushed one last time, his groan deep in his chest at the prolonged feeling of her walls contracting.

“Holy… shit…” Y/N panted.

Charlie laughed, kissing her shoulder, “Right?”

“I have never been fucked senseless before,” she giggled.

“Happy to be of service, Sweetheart,”