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So, under the cut I’ve compiled a master list of all of Donna Troy’s comic book appearances, including cameos (which are marked with a [cameo] next to it). I ordered them in chronological order by the first issue that she appears in of the series, the following issues of that series following after. If I’ve missed any issues, go ahead and tell me. I’m working on making more master lists for other characters and teams but feel free to request any!

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Jealous? (Kreider imagine for anon)

“So… who is he?” Chris came bashing in the door throwing his sports bag on the ground in front of him. You sat up from your position on the couch and stared at him.

“What? Babe what are you—“

“Don’t pull that shit on me! You know exactly what I am talking about. I saw you tonight with that douchebag at the game! He was so hitting on you right in front of my goddamn face and you didn’t even say a thing! You just let him sit there and smile at you and touch your thigh like a little—“

“Woah… Chris, what the hell! I cannot believe you! I cannot believe you are accusing me of… of I don’t even know what! I mean, he said hi to me, he asked me if I was a fan, clearly not knowing that I was with you and that’s it! Throughout the game he said a few things and we had a laugh! I can’t believe you got so worked up about it.” you said as you swung your hands in the air yelling at your boyfriend who was standing in the doorway looking like he could punch a wall.

“Well I think that next time someone talks to you, you should probably look less enthusiastic!” he yelled at you.

You stood up and threw the magazine you were reading onto the ground. Your blood was boiling, the amount of anger in your system was at an all time high.

“Well I had no clue that talking to people of the opposite gender as myself was not allowed in this relationship!”

You stood up and stormed past Chris who was still yelling at you. You made it to the bedroom that the both of you shared and slammed the door behind you. You made sure to lock it and then fell onto the bed, burying your head into the pillow as you started to cry.

Hours later, you were still sulking in your own sorrows as you went over the sentences that were yelled at each other all because of one teenage guy who was just so excited to see the Rangers for the first time so he decided to say hi. At the dreadful hour of 2 in the morning, you decided to get some sleep and confront your steaming boyfriend downstairs in the morning. As you got under all the covers and tried to block out the outside world and focus on your inner happiness but nothing was working. After a few painful minutes of trying to force your brain to shut off for a bit and fall asleep, you heard the softest knocking sound on the other side of the door, which immediately lifted you from your almost-sleep.

“Not now Chris…” you mumbled into your pillow.

There was no response from behind the door, so you assumed he gave up easily and went back downstairs, but you were wrong.

The door opened slowly, and then shut. You felt the presence of your boyfriend in the room watching you try to sleep.

“Baby?” he asked, his voice ten-times softer and more sympathetic.

“How’d you get in here?” you asked, not moving your head from its position on the fluffy material.

“Well, for one it is my room, and two… you do know that a set of keys did come with the house when we bought it… One of them happening to be able to open the door to this room.”

“Well fuck that then.” You mumbled again. Your comment earned a chuckle coming from his lips.

You heard small footsteps move around to the other side of the bed, the one you once shared together. You felt the end of it dip, a pair of strong arms wrap around you. You didn’t react at all, just stayed there as he kissed your cheek.

“(Y/N) please… please look at me.”

It took you a few seconds, and then you rolled onto your back and turned your head to look at Chris.

“I’m sorry for blowing up at you… I don’t want you to feel like you can’t talk to anybody, I was just… I don’t know, heated about it… we were losing and I guess I was just—“

“Jealous…” you interrupted.

“I was not jealous… that was not jealousy! It was a boyfriend who was—“

“Jealous.” You interrupted again.

“For the third time I was not—“

“Just admit it, and this conversation will be forgotten.” You said.

You heard him sigh.

“Alright… fine. I got jealous… okay, I didn’t want anybody else to look at you like I do, and then when I saw him, he just made you smile and it made me realize that I can’t be the one to cheer on your favorite hockey team with you in the stands because, well I will be on the ice and—“

You shut him up by kissing his lips and speaking softly.

“I love you… and only you. It doesn’t matter that you can’t sit with me in the stands, it makes me feel happier knowing you are on the ice. And Chris… I love you…. I love you so much okay?”

He chuckled and kissed your lips.

“I love you too, so much.” He smiled against your lips and kissed them again, and again.

You chuckled and slapped his arm

“I have a jealous boyfriend…” you sang in his ear before you both fell asleep next to each other. 

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Talk to me about Magnus and Alec please, it's 4am and my life is slowly falling down around me

i’m sorry bby, for whatever you’re going through ♥

but think about alec coming back to magnus’ apartment after a mission, and realising for the first time ever, he has someone to come home to, stripping off his clothes and padding into magnus’ bedroom, where magnus has been waiting up for him, or maybe he’s dozing lightly, and he rubs his eyes (and gets mascara everywhere, alec thinks it’s adorable, no matter how much magnus complains alec shouldn’t look at him while he has panda eyes) and he’s smiling fondly at alec, welcoming him into his arms, and alec gets to lie down next to him, slide up close and just… breathe. he has someone he can decompress with, someone to rub his bruises and tsk at alec not being careful enough, which of course makes alec huff and argue he was plenty careful, it was jace’s damn fault for trying to show off in front of clary, got alec tangled up in a fight with three vampires all at once. at which point magnus scowls and insists on coming next time to be alec’s back up. alec maybe rolls right into him, breathes in his scent, nice cologne from the day still present, warm and right and home like, says magnus is already his back up, is always there for him, there to come home to. 

and imagine magnus waking up all wrapped up in alec, smirking a little at the gold glitter eyeshadow he missed taking off the night before having somehow rubbed off all over alec’s neck, running his finger along the sparkles and along alec’s jaw, imagine alec waking slowly and feeling magnus’ caresses, leaning into them (maybe squirming a little because god, he hadn’t realised he was just a little bit ticklish) and magnus kissing him good morning, all soft and quiet in the sunlight, alec pressing into him, rolling them both until magnus is above him, stretched out over him, all strong limbs and sure hands. the both of them taking their time to kiss, to cherish the easy, gentle kisses that stumble into awesome, lazy hand jobs (and alec’s still not used to waking up with someone, especially someone else ready and willing and into touching him back, the way he used to touch himself alone, wishing he wasn’t).

imagine magnus at one of his clubs, bored and wishing he was home, and spotting alec at the bar, leaning back just watching him schmooze the guests, and alec’s got this delighted little smirk on his face (he thinks he looks hot, izzy told him so and she’s pretty brutal about when he looks terrible vs when he looks okay), he’s so smug about having gotten in and been able to watch magnus work, been able to admire how confident magnus is, how beautiful in the shimmering lights. there’s a moment as they gaze at one another across the crowd, and then alec’s striding through the sea of bodies to get to magnus, magnus is hurrying to meet him and then they’re in the middle of the dancefloor and suddenly alec is unsure. he doesn’t dance, he doesn’t really know how, but the music is loud and the bass is enthralling, magnus slides his arms around him, swaying his hips ever so enticingly and alec can’t help but pull him closer, press back into him. it makes him feel alive under the lights, meeting magnus beat for beat, their bodies getting ever closer until it’s just a grind and he can’t believe he feels free enough to do so, to kiss magnus whenever he wants, it makes sparks fly from magnus’ finger tips when he clutches at alec’s back, when alec kisses at his neck in an oh so possessive back off other dancers, this man’s mine way.

their first time, when alec’s still nervous and jittery, and magnus is teasing him, the so sure shadowhunter suddenly gone shy, picking at the hem of the bed cover as magnus strips off in front of him, climbs up the bed to him and alec’s flushing in such an adorable manner, it makes magnus feel a swell of such affection that he stops the teasing, suddenly gets careful, gentle as he touches alec’s shoulders, presses him back into the covers and promises he’ll go slow. of course alec insists he doesn’t need magnus to go slow, he’s just worried… you know… and magnus would blink at him in confusion because; how could alec ever be worried about anything in regards to them, isn’t he sure? and alec would respond he’s never been more sure of anything, he’s just worried he won’t be good at it, that he won’t please magnus, he knows magnus has had so many lovers (so many, he’d add under his breath in a jealous tone) and magnus would lean in and kiss his pout, explain that no matter how many, there has never been one as important to him as alec, that alec is perfect, and oof he’d suddenly be on his back, alec crowding over him, suddenly determined, he might not be perfect the first time, he murmurs, but he’ll get there, magnus can teach him, he’s determined to be the best magnus has ever had. (because, alec is nothing if not competitive and boy, does that make for some excellent sex for them both, it’s something of an amazement to magnus, how quickly alec takes to sex, considering how shy he’d been at first, but gosh, does he work out just how quickly to take magnus apart, to make him see heaven. how much he loves the determined expression alec gets when they’re fooling around, like a click in his head that goes over, boom, time for orgasms).

and the hundred ways they delight each other, how much they both enjoy bickering over anything and nothing, how alec preens when magnus calls him alexander, with that special tone he can hear that’s filled with love, or the way he breathes it out when they’re together in the bedroom, the way he says it proudly when he introduces alec to people, adds that they should call him alec, he’s magnus’ alexander. how wonderful it is to both of them to have been brave enough to give their hearts to one another and have the feelings reciprocated, the way they jumped the ledge together and it was terrifying, but worth it, how they belong together, alec has someone to give his undivided loyalty to, someone to butt heads with because they’re just as smart as him, just as able to handle themselves, just as strong and brave and powerful, how magnus has someone he can devote himself to, and to have those feelings returned. to know neither of them would ever willingly hurt the other, only fight for them and with them and every day as a team.