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Did Murdoc take Noodle to a strip club?! If so I wonder how that went down... Noodle: "... Murdoc-chan, what are we doing here?" Murdoc: "Look, this is 'ow my dad and I bonded growin' up, so I don' know any other way 'ow to do this."

So I looked up kabukicho and holy moly, it is a red light district :’) would you look at that.

Personally, I don’t think Noodle is that innocent; I think she has done a plenty at 26. But to be honest, I can see Murdoc and her bonding over this, yeah. Your dad doesn’t take you to the strip club?????? can’t relate.

Quality Gorillaz family bonding 

Reference from a pic of Jamie and Rebecca

Reference from a video of Damon and Angel


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Hey I recently decided to move over to tumblr for writing instead of Wattpad and I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to start like do I need to do anything before I start to post chapters or what. I also really love your work. Thank you in advance!

Hmm, I can’t really think of anything you should do before posting. 

Some ideas for when you post: 

  • I’d be sure to tag it like crazy, every tag you can think of (ex: dean x reader, dean winchester x reader, etc.). You could check any of my work (not my early stuff, I was awful about tagging) but more recent stuff for tagging ideas. 
  • If you can submit to blogs like @dirtysupernaturalimagines or the like, definitely do it. That’s how I started. It gets your work out there, gets you noticed. 
  • If you are taking requests, I’d be happy to add you to my Authors with Open Requests list.
  • You could try tagging other blogs, though I recommend checking with them first.
  • Timezone reblog. Tumblr has users from all over the world. When I post at 6 pm my time, it’s 1 or 2 in the morning in other parts of the world. Timezone reblogging allows users in different parts of the world to see your work.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ll add more if I think of anything. Good luck, Nonnie! 

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(Femme anon) I'm much too shy to come off anon lol but I really appreciated what you said and I think a large part of my confusion comes from the fact that I really haven't engaged myself in lesbian narratives and thought about my place in them and I probably just need to take the time to immerse myself in our culture and discover my identity. I think I will pick up a copy of stone butch blues but can you recommend any other books / films etc you feel are essential lesbian / femme reading ? 😙

I’m glad you did and I can!

S/he by Minnie Bruce Pratt is the femme book for me, personally. Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold is classic, and so is the anthology Persistent Desire. Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers by Lillian Faderman for a good, broad and grounding history lesson. Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme is very popular although I personally don’t like it as much as some other things you could grab. Dagger, which I’m reading right now, is phenomenal and incidentally says things about femme that I really love. I liked Surpassing the Love of Men also by Lillian Faderman but it’s been ages since I read it. You could check out Butch, Femme and the Woman-Identified Woman, which is only six pages.

On my to-read list: Lots of Joan Nestle (A Fragile Union: New and Selected Writings, A Restricted Country, Butch-Femme Relationships: Sexual Courage in the 1950s), Femme: Feminists, Lesbians and Bad Girls ed Laura Harris and Elizabeth Crocker, Butch/Femme: Inside lesbian gender by Sally Munt.

I’ve told at least ten people this already in the few months I’ve had the book (and at least ten people told me before I picked it up) but if you’re thinking about femme and can only read one thing it should be S/he! I love it very dearly and it means a lot to me. And if you’re looking for movies you can always check out the Lesbian Film Review. Nothing springs to mind about femme though, hmm, except My Femme Divine which I haven’t seen yet.

LGBT representation in the media
  • My mother: (homophobically) Are there any shows these days that don't have gay people in it?
  • Me: Biting my tongue back because I could go into a whole rant about how underrepresented the LGBT community is in television and how when we ARE represented it's either stereotypical Gay Best Friends, or good looking, cis, gay white boys. I could tell her that all of it is usually blatant gross fan service and Hollywood throwing the dog a bone, and I could tell her that The Straights are freaking EVERYWHERE and since we've all been doomed to watch them fall into sappy repetitive overly dramatic cliched insta love over and over again in the least she could do is not be homophobic while the boyfriends in this show get their 30 seconds worth of allotted screen time (that was only given, in the first place, because Hollywood feel like they have no other choice but to be 'politically correct')
  • So I need backup here to show her.
  • Can you all PLEASE like and reblog the shit out of this post if you agree that the LGBT community on a whole is grossly mistreated and actually, contrary to what she may think, very underrepresented in the media.
  • -------
  • Edit:
  • It has been brought to my attention that I shouldn't use shipping tags on posts like these. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by that. It won't happen again! 😊
  • For an explination, though, the reason I tagged ships on this is because I figured you all would understand/relate to what I was trying to say.
Petition to change captions 2.0.

YouTube, I know you are not going to listen to me and thanks to Mark & Ethan I now 100% sure know you are not going to listen to your creators, and even less so to your fans..

Why are you like this YouTube?? Why don’t you see that people are being so terribly ableist.
Examples I’ve seen for the past weeks
- Excess use of some emojis and people being proud of using them
- Septiplier in the captions (  you are a gross disgusting being if you do this )
- People saying throughout the video, things like “ My captions were messed with im sorry i tried to fix it “
- Use of Zalgo Text ( a glitch font ) in captions.
- Selfpromotion
- Own commentary in brackets after the original captions ( seriously get that shit out of there, put that in a comment section )
- People claiming to it being okay to put bullshit captions in if there is no talking going on ( You know that, a deaf person wouldnt, because surprise surprise, they dont know when someone is talking or not. )

I know you are meaning well, but thats not going to fix it.

I have realized that there is no way I’m going to be able to reach out to YouTube itself and tackle this problem there. So instead I’m taking it to the ones who can really change this. The creators.

So here comes my tag list of people who can hopefully change this system for the better
YouTube is not going to change its own system.
So here is my idea on how we could do this: Hire people to change your captions correctly. Some of you might be happy with the idea of captioning being a community based thing, and I know for a fact there are fans out there, who are able to do this professionally. Or people who would be willing to learn how to do it professionally.
Captioning works educational aswell for therapeutic.
I’ve always said I would take a job in captioning in a heartbeat, sadly some companies are really strict on stylesheets and their own rules.
I wish YouTube and its creators would realize how many people out there wish to do this as a freelance thing.
Simply as video-editors, there can be video-captioners.

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @crankgameplays @pewdie @wiishu @pixlpit @danielhowell @tyleroakley @cinnamontoastken @lordminion @gamegrumps

Feel free to reblog & tag any other YouTube creator you can think of.

Save CC for safe CC

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I've seen a blog say that Chris and Seb aren't friends, that Chris hates Seb. What do you think? This is giving me anxiety, I think they are friends, but now I don't know.

They’ve both said multiple times that they’re pretty friendly, and that even if they go months without seeing each other between movies they’re perfectly capable of picking up right where they left off and it’s like no time has passed.

They’ve also both gone out of their way to compliment each other and each other’s work even when they didn’t really need to bring the other person up, and particularly with Chris I think it’s pretty easy to see when he’s not feeling very comfortable, yet in all the footage we’ve gotten from the movies press tours and different events we can see them constantly laughing and having fun being very at ease around the other.

They may not be the closest friends ever, but I do think they mean it when they say they get along super well (lbr we’ve all seen what happens in movies when the 2 main actors have zero chemistry or don’t get along, and Chris and Seb work AMAZINGLY together), and tbh even if we didn’t have lots and lots of evidence, just them saying so should be proof enough. They have no reason to lie, they’re both grown men and very professional and perfectly capable of making these movies together just keeping a polite work relationship, no need for them to say they’re good friends if they’re not, imo.

So I really do think they get along super well and feel comfortable around each other (which, with Chris’ social anxiety, it also tells you something), and I’m gonna respect what they’ve both said about the topic. But in case you’re still worried about it, nonnie, I gathered these for you <3

  • them sharing a private moment and laughing together while someone else was answering a question [x]
  • Seb walking out and going straight to squeeze Chris’ shoulder and Chris holding his hand [x]
  • you can’t fake THIS [x]
  • they’re both all Heart Eyes™ is2g [x]
  • ahemm… [x]
  • AHEMM…. [x]
  • and just… what even was this hug i swear [x]
  • the Chubby Dumpling Incident [x]

and honestly I just had to stop there because I could go oooon and on and I’d never see the end of it, so I hope these few examples will help calm you down!

I’d recommend unfollowing/muting/blocking that blog if it’s making you feel that bad about this, and just ignoring whatever they’re saying about these two or about Chris hating Seb, because, really, look at this man:


What it’s Like to be...

Hello tumblr! I have a very special announcement that I would like EVERYONE to read: I’m doing a “What it’s Like to be [gender/sexuality]” series and I want everyone to participate! My main goal is to inform everyone about all of the different genders/sexualities, and help those who are questioning. Each gender/sexuality will have its own post which will consist of submissions by you! Each post will have the flag, definition, myths/misconceptions, tips/tricks, and your experiences and thoughts!

Here’s how it works:

  • If you are a member of the LGBT+ community, send me a message or ask telling me all about what it’s like being your gender/sexuality. Everyone can submit! You don’t need to be following me, and you can submit for multiple genders/sexualities. You can submit on or off anon, one point or 500 points. You can submit even if you think it’s already been done, you think it’s an obvious point, or if you’re closeted.
  • Send me a message/ask listing your experiences, jokes, tips, myths, definitions, symbols, and more related to your gender/sexuality. There is no limit for submissions!
  • Send everything in by Friday, July 28, 2017. The reason it’s that far in the future is because I want time for a lot of people to submit. At the moment I don’t have a lot of followers, so I allowed myself some time for word to spread and submissions to start coming in. I will start posting on Saturday, July 29, and will continue until I have posted all the submissions.
  • Unless otherwise requested, submissions that are off anon will be tagged in their contributions as a thank you. You can ask to be tagged as well if you don’t submit, but I really hope you do because this can help a lot of people out there to get information.
  • If you remember something or want to add something after a post has already been posted feel free to comment/reblog anything we’ve missed! Please do not change anything if you do, but you can add to it.
  • Remember that each experience is different for everyone. That’s why I want so many people involved. When reading these posts, if you disagree with a point please do not hate on me or the person who submitted it.
  • Each post will be tagged as [ #what it’s like to be ] along with the gender/sexuality of the post and any other relevant tags.
  • Here is an example of what a post might look like:

What it’s like to be [gender/sexuality]

{Picture of flag}

What is [gender/sexuality]?

[gender/sexuality] means…

Myths and Misconceptions:

People often think or confuse us for…

What is it like to be [gender/sexuality]?

Your experiences, stories, jokes, symbols,  and more.

Tips and Tricks for being [gender/sexuality]

How to pass, where to look for good clothing, how to explain your gender/sexuality, showing pride while in the closet etc.

Contributions by:

Tag list of people who contributed off anon

Additional Tag list:

Anyone who wanted to be tagged that didn’t contribute, just shoot me an ask or a message and I’ll add you to the tag list!

I highly encourage EVERYONE who can submit to do so, and if you can’t please signal boost this! I hope this will be a huge success and will inform a lot of people about the LGBT+ community.

this saturday night on ‘ty has an idea’: the foxes playing laser tag

  • probably nicky’s idea lbr
    • “cmon guys whens the last time we played something that wasnt exy? this’ll be fun!“
    • he has no idea what hes gotten into

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I’m going to start a 6-week internship in July, which will require me to relocate to NYC. My current part-time job isn’t exactly fattening my wallet, so to help with finances I’ve put my ATLA artwork up for sale on Redbubble. Feel free to look around and hopefully you’ll find something you like! 

If you’re unable to make a purchase at the movement, I completely understand. No hard feelings! Nonetheless, I would greatly appreciate a reblog, or even tagging/linking someone to this post who you think would be interested.

(SIDE NOTE: I’m aware that there are numerous websites where people can donate money to others, but I personally don’t feel comfortable with asking strangers for financial help without giving them something tangible in return.)

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me!

Thanks in advance :)

                                     vvv DIRECT LINKS BELOW vvv

(from left to right) 

*rb= redbubble link

Row 1: [rb | tumblr post]  \  [rb | tumblr post]  \ [rb | tumblr post]

Row 2: [ rb | tumblr post] \  [rb | tumblr post]  \  [rb | tumblr post | rb | tumblr post]

Row 3: [rb | tumblr post]  \ [ rb | tumblr post]  \  [rb | tumblr post]

Dipped in Ink (Namjoon/Reader)

Prompt: REQUEST COMING THROUGH! Idk if you know what a stick and poke tattoo is, but I was wondering if I could have one with Joon where he gives the reader a stick and poke tattoo? I know he’s pretty clumsy but I feel like doing something like that for someone who he loves he’d be super careful. (if not pick any other member i’m cool with all my boys). I just think it’d be something sort of intimate cos it kinda hurts. and then maybe it could lead to some sexy times? THANKS LUV U

Genre: Smut

Words: 4K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: “You know,” He began carefully, voice lowering as he leaned back over your body, pushing the needle into your flesh again slowly. “I’ve heard that for some pain can be an aphrodisiac…”

Tags: Mentions of Tattooing (needles, blood, etc.), Dirty Talk, Mutual Masturbation, Daddy!Joon, Baby Girl, etc. 

Please note, I am no expert in the art of anything tattoo related, so please do not try to be rude if I messed up any of the details as far as that goes.

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Hey i read in a interview with the director of that movie that she wanted to tell a story of how the fate of many black and biracial kids was affected by the holocaust; with many of them also ending up in concentration camps. And that the kid of an SS officer with whom the lead falls in love with is realizing as he gets older what horrors his regime is doing and can't understand it. Can you explain how this romanticizes Nazism?

thank you for asking. i appreciate that you want to learn more about this situation. it’s taken me a while to collect my thoughts, so here they are.

i’m usually a firm believer in both the power of love through adversity and the artistic rights of actors and filmmakers. i’m not trying to place blame on amandla stenberg or amma asante. however, this movie feels insensitive, exploitative, and extremely tasteless. every other jewish person i’ve discussed this with has had the exact same reaction. here’s why:

before she edited it, amandla’s post called the holocaust a “backdrop” for the love story. that’s right, the genocide of my people used as a narrative device to frame some sort of “forbidden” romeo/juliet type  relationship. in a world where fucking neo nazis are making a comeback i’m afraid i’m not so forgiving to situations like this. goy filmmakers have a long history of exploiting the holocaust and the suffering of jewish/romani people for the sake of furthering their own heroic narratives and i’m done with that bullshit. 

i’m aware that hitler youth was often compulsory for german children. i’m also aware that hitler’s doctrine threatened everyone perceived as “un-aryan”, not just jewish and romani people. the fate of poc, especially black and biracial people, in hitler’s germany is absolutely something worth talking about and exploring further. i’ve often advocated for studies of the holocaust include sections that discuss not only the complete jewish and romani experience, but also the experience of poc, lgbtq people, disabled people, and others affected. but to do it in a way that humanizes their oppressors, who are literal fucking nazis, is absolutely atrocious. there is no equal love between an oppressed person and their oppressors. 

in conclusion, nazism is not a hurdle for kids to overcome on their path to true love. nazism is an evil mindset that led to the deaths of 6 million of my people and millions of others as well. these deaths should never be a rhetorical device that goy filmmakers exploit for the sake of making their story feel more “forbidden”. being a nazi doesn’t mean you get to be a star-crossed lover. being a nazi means you should get punched in the face.

in conclusion, this ethnic jewish girl is fucking done with the romanticism and humanization of nazis. she’s fucking done. 

Why I Need You

Characters - Bucky Barnes, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson

Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Summary/Request - Yay! Could you write one with Bucky? He and the reader are in love with each other but don’t know how to tell the other. Maybe some commentary from the other Avengers? Little smut if you’re not opposed to it ;)

Word Count - 4,441

Warnings - Smut…Fingering, Unprotected sex… A little bit of language, little bit of angst..and of course some fluff
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - First ever Avengers/Marvel fic, so be gentle XD
Couple songs included are Think A Little Less, She thinks she needs me, and This Is Why I Need You
Huge thank you (again) to my sister Wren for helping edit! <3

Tags (Want on or off? Send a message/ask!) - @theimpossibleg1rl​ @charliesxora@amantedelcalcio@hushothermuses@i-stole-rudolphs-nose​  @officialbroski10-blog@thepalaceofmelanie@serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes@buckyywiththegoodhair
(tagged a couple people who I know write Marvel..and have said people can tag them…I would love y’all’s input since it’s my first Marvel/Bucky fic)


Working with the Avengers was a challenge to say the least.
An enjoyable one, but still a challenge.

This was why Y/N had opted to keep her apartment in the city. So she could have a safe, familiar place to escape to when things got just too… heroically crazy.

It was rare that she would stay at the Tower over night, but Tony had a room set up for her anyway.
When nights like last night came around, she was glad to have a bed to sleep in rather than having to crash on the couch.

Just like every morning, Bucky and Steve had gotten up before everyone else in the Tower and had gone for a run. When they got back, they were a little surprised to see everyone still asleep. Each went to their separate room, to shower and get ready for the day before finding their way back to the kitchen.

Steve and Bucky settled onto the island stools, the former man looking to the latter. “So,” he began.

They had been silent their entire run, but now Steve had Bucky in his clutches…

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I went into the Wayhaught tag this morning and, man, I was not expecting that much reaction over a short one-second clip of Waverly and Rosita having a drink together!

I will say, on one hand, that I do understand that nervous/anxious response. I’ve seen how the introduction of a wlw love triangle can lead to ship wars and general fandom unpleasantness.

BUT, on the other hand, I don’t think that’s where Wynonna Earp is heading this season. I’m honestly not worried about any conflicts for Waverly and Nicole that are based on another woman. Why? Because:

  • Waverly and Nicole’s narrative thus far has showcased how they are very much in love, even if they haven’t said it in so many words directly to each other, and even when they don’t see eye-to-eye about their work. I don’t think that will be derailed in the latter part of the season.
  • Rosita has very much been set up as a love interest for Doc, imo, and the writers have already shown Wynonna being a tad insecure about Rosita. If anything, she will likely add to the Doc-Wynonna-Dolls triangle.
  • Yes, Waverly did call Rosita the “hottie mixologist.” But consider this: many women freely compliment other women and call them beautiful, pretty, hot, etc. That doesn’t mean they want to bone them or cheat on their girlfriend. Also, consider too maybe that Waverly, out of loyalty to Wynonna, is actually trying to get info from Doc about how he feels about Rosita. And Doc being Doc deflects with, “You think she’s hot?” I think that conversation was more about Doc and his affections than it was about whether Waverly was attracted to Rosita.
  • Lastly, Waverly could use a friend, don’t you think? Why shouldn’t it be Rosita, who needs more connections with the gang outside of Doc?

If we are to receive more Wayhaught angst this season, I’ll bet my life it’ll be connected more to Emily’s repeated statements that people will make difficult choices to protect the ones they love. What that means for Waverly and Nicole remains to be seen, but no, I don’t think it’ll involve a Waverly/Rosita pairing.


AA!! I am talking and I have a thing to SAY please read!!
GUYS!! I need your help with a thing, me and a few friends have been talking about it for a while and I wanted some opinion from the Tumblr Kids.
Y’see, we’re all tired of those fools who come to newbie artsy kids who want to share their arts in the interwebs and say stuff to them like:

(this one is a great example with all the “you NEED to” and “It’s NOT LIKE THAT”)

WELL we can all agree that is NOT constructive criticism and it SUCKS
SO! What we’ve been wanting to do is create a blog with ACTUAL support, advice and positivity for artists! Focusing on the young and the beginners! 

I may be no pro but I’ve been really wanting to do something to help and support artsy kids, and I’ll have help from some other more experienced friends so I think on that part I’ll be fine, I’m just really nervous because I’m not sure where to start and I really want this to work out y’know??

So if you see this please I’d love some feedback and advice!! I want to make this happen but I can’t do it on my own!! Thanks in advance and have a great day <3


So, as a lot of you know, I’m a huge fan of Thomas Sanders, and especially of the different “personality” characters that he has created. In fact, he and his characters are among my Special Interests. I rewatch all the videos that feature the personalities, plus a few others, at least once a day. And it’s because of this, that I’ve noticed something very important - something so important that I’m actually writing out a proper essay with punctuation and capital letters and everything.

What have I noticed, then, that is so important? Simple. In almost every aspect of his behaviour, Logic/Logan acts as though he is autistic.

While all iterations of Thomas are socially awkward, Logan takes it to a whole other level. As shown in the Valentine’s Day video, he has little to no understanding of how communication between humans actually works. He has difficulties comprehending emotions, especially the emotions of others. He has repeatedly been portrayed as unable to tell when something is a joke, and he takes everything very literally. When Anxiety said “Let me take a stab,” he didn’t understand that it was a metaphor but instead thought Anxiety had a knife and was about to stab someone. While he has expressed some interest in wordplay (“Don’t you mean a little… cat nap?), he gets frustrated and confused by a lot of Morality’s jokes - especially the ones that are built on facts that are only technically correct (such as the flamingo standing on one leg one). He shows signs of having Special Interests; when asked about his favourite book he immediately went straight to the ending - a typical infodump.

All of these are signs pointing directly to autism.

Now, I am very well aware that Logan was probably not intended to be written as an autistic character. He is most likely an invocation of the popular “emotionally stunted genius” trope, much like Sherlock Holmes or Spock or any other of the literal hundreds of characters who exhibit these traits. I mean, he was even explicitly compared to Sherlock in ‘Losing my Motivation’.

But this doesn’t change the fact that he is written like an autistic character, intentionally or not. He still exhibits these characteristics. Logan is autistic, and there is nothing that anyone can say to convince me otherwise.

I think it’s very, very important that people know this. As a person with autism, I so rarely see people I can see myself as in the media, and when I do there’s rarely any label attached other than the trope I mentioned earlier.

I would like to ask everyone who reads this to help me reach out to Thomas himself about this. Asks, tagging him in this, whatever you think will work best. When approached about his personalities resembling DID he took action to go educate himself on the topic to make sure he wouldn’t offend or hurt anyone. I’m sure, if made aware, he will do the same for this.

Even if you don’t want to help me out with getting the message directly to him, please spread this post around. I want it to get traction. I want it to be talked about. Please.

Oh, and also, just in case this works on the first try, @thatsthat24 I wrote this entire essay with the explicit purpose of getting you to see it.

Capable (Chapter 1)

Chapter 2   Chapter 3    Chapter 4   Chapter 5

Originally posted by fernfandom

Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (mild), angst, PTSD

A/N: This is my first fic so any feedback, if you can or have time is wonderful. I’ve tagged some pages down below, they are simply other writers who I follow (this is a side blog so if you think I don’t follow you, I promise I do) and love and wanted to tag, if you don’t want to be tagged in future fics please just let me know, promise I won’t be offended. Or if you do want be tagged and you’re not you can tell me that too! OMG I’m so nervous, here goes nothing.

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