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Why do you always reblog the same people and answer to the same people? I mean maybe you didn't realise that but I've seen some people being REALLY upset that you only reblog "simple screenshots" over and over instead of fanart...

I’m not intentionally prioritising certain people over others. I just interact with what’s in the tag as I go through it however I see fit at the time. Some people are just way more active all the time which leads to repeat “notices”. Not my intention at all and I’m sorry if that upsets any of you.

You also shouldn’t be making stuff and putting in the tag just to get noticed either. That’s always going to end up in disappointment at some stage then because I literally can’t get to everyone

What I don’t want is people resenting each other over it. Whether it be people not getting noticed hating those that do or those getting noticed to feel better than the others. We’re all just here to have fun but I will definitely try to be more cognisant of it going forward

welcome to the letters network! i’m very excited to announce this net, which is a place to meet other studyblrs (make friends!!) & learn with (and from :D) studyblrs of all ages.

an overview of the net

  • we’ll have a shared group blog & also a chat on groupme
  • the blog itself is empty right now, but it’s right here!
  • it’s for any studyblr, of any age, who’s interested :D
  • we have the #lettersnet tag to get members to see/rb your posts! 
  • there is a focus on lettering & art & aesthetics, and we’ll have (monthly? maybe?) challenges & tags! 
  • but that’s all totally optional and secondary to the main goal of meeting people, hanging out, and having fun

why you should join

  • loads of new people to meet & friends to make
  • it’ll be tonnes of fun!
  • more visibility for your posts with the #lettersnet tag
  • chat with all members & learn from/with them ^-^
  • do lettering challenges!!
  • find people with similar interests
  • enjoy the group chat and the blog full of resources!

how to join

after you’ve been accepted

  • i will send out messages to let you know
  • you’ll get links to join the groupme chat and the net blog!
  • you can use the #lettersnet tag to get your posts seen
  • we’ll start getting to know each other, putting together challenges, reblogging posts, and asking questions!
  • everyone can send messages to the blog (chiefly about lettering & the blog itself!) and we’ll all put in input and help out :D

if you have any questions at all, please go ahead and send me a message here! i’m super excited to get this started/read all the applications and i really hope you are too!!!

- grace (@intellectys)  ❤ ❤ ❤


You loved it last year so we’re bringing it back! The 2017 edition of  #INUKAGWEEK; will start on March 20 and end on March 26. Just like last year, this event is meant to celebrate the relationship between our beloved Inuyasha and Kagome ♥


➳ All kinds of fanworks are accepted, including fanarts, graphics, fanfictions, playlists, headcanons, etc.  Everything that is put in the #Inukag week  tag will be reblogged to this blog. (Just remember to include it within the first 5 tags on your post!)

Everything you need to know about the event is on our blog, so here are the links:



We’ve color cataloged the prompts so that anyone who wants to work on edits or gifs or other color related works can have fun too, but it’s completely optional. If you want inspiration, we’ve explained the prompts more in detail on our prompt page!

If you have any question, feel free to message us :)

Olicity: Incoming Message

Prompt from @jesileighs:  “You’re so lucky your daughter didn’t have my phone when that text came through.”

“You’re so lucky your daughter didn’t have my phone when that text came through.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what I said.”

“Are you also renouncing your parental rights on that, or is she in trouble?”

“She could have been in trouble.”

“Okay, what’s going on, Oliver?”

“You send me a sext.”

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phil said they’d announce it at 8pm this friday so i made a chart for different timezones. circled is UK time, 8pm, and highlighted is the rest of the world’s timezones so you can know what time you can find out the The Thing™

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It’s 2017 and here at bradleycolingifs we thought it’d be nice to host another Colin/Bradley week! Because it’s been awhile.

This will pretty much follow how past Brolin weeks have been run. Each day will have a theme and you can have as many posts as you want for each theme. It can be any type of fanwork: graphics, edits, gifs, art, fic, fanvids, fanmixes etc.

This Colin/Bradley week will take place from JUNE 12th-19th. This fest will be completely relaxed and simple, so don’t worry about missing a day or skipping a day, or just doing even one day if you’d like! Anything that tickles your fancy. We want you to have fun!

The themes are:

Day One: Favorite Colin/Bradley behind the scenes (interviews, events, stories from the set, etc.)
Day Two: Favorite Colin/Bradley photo(s) (candids, official promos, etc.)
Day Three: Favorite Bradley role
Day Four: Colin/Bradley quote(s) (about each other or said by other people, etc.)
Day Five: Colin/Bradley no-sense-of-personal-space moment(s)
Day Six: Favorite Colin role
Day Seven: A Colin/Bradley AU (this may also translate to modern day Merlin/Arthur if you’d like!)
Day Eight: Bonus day! Free choice! 

We’ll reblog all of the posts on this blog! Tags that we will be tracking are: colin morgan, bradley james, brolin week 2017, brolinedit, merlincastedit, merlinedit, and bradleycolingifs. You can tag it with any one of these tags if you want us to reblog your fanwork! Please put at least one of these tags in the first five tags of your post because that’s how the tracked tags work on tumblr, thanks!

***PLEASE DO NOT REPOST anyone’s graphic/gifs/edit/other fanworks, without their permission for this fest. Please create your own! Thank you! 

If you have any questions, send us an ask!

*For reference, the previous awesome Brolin weeks can be found here, here, and here!

Mirror of the Soul: Part 2 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Reader has the power to see people’s souls when they look in their eyes but doing so almost kills them. I love Tony being an adorable uncle. Please let me know what you think or if you want to be added to any tag lists!

Words: 1545

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

               "Put the knife away, Nat,“ Tony said, his eyes fixed on the magazine in his hands.

Slowly, Natasha did as he said but her muscles remained tight, ready to pounce should she need to. She continued to stare intently at the dark corner of the room in a failing attempt to make out the identity of their unexpected guest.

               "She won’t come out if you keep that up,” Tony groaned, throwing the magazine onto the table. He practically jumped to his feet and reached into the shadows, wrapping his hand around you arm and pulling you into the light. “See? Definitely not an assassin.”

You certainly weren’t what Natasha had been expecting and her cheeks flushed ever so slightly in embarrassment. “Oh, hi. Sorry. You must be Y/N.”

Ripping your arm free from your uncle’s grip you took a seat on the floor, resting your forehead against the full length window and taking in the view. “Don’t worry about it,” you told Natasha quietly. “It’s good to meet you.”

Scanning the city before you, your vision focused in on the bright green light shining in a park blocks away. Even from a distance, amid the millions of others that lived around the Tower, you could sense the complexity of Loki’s soul. It called to you and you wished that it were possible to get closer. Sadly, you knew you’d never be able to join him - a thought that made your chest ache. Being in public was far too dangerous for you.

A hand on your shoulder brought you back to the room with a start. A gentle squeeze told you that you didn’t need to worry, not that it mattered. Your fear had immediately dissipated when the distinct yellow mist filtered into your peripheral vision. You knew the feel of Tony’s soul well. Being family, his aura was almost tangible and it wrapped its way comfortingly around you whenever he was near. You often told him that he was like a warm blanket to you, a description that he was secretly delighted by.

               "Sorry. What did you say?“ you asked, purposely keeping your gaze from the beacon of green. Instead, you lifted your gaze to the sky and watched the planes fly by, half wishing that you could just board a jet and fly away for ever.

               "Nat asked how you were, kiddo,” Tony whispered, sitting himself down beside you and bringing you into an embrace. You rested your head on his shoulder and the desire to fly away suddenly lessened. For a second, you felt truly welcomed in his home and in his life but you pushed that comfort away, remembering how dangerous it was to get comfortable.

               "I’m fine,“ you said automatically. A moment later, in response to Tony’s deep sigh against the top of your head, you added, "My head still hurts but today I’m actually… Well, I don’t feel so numb.”

Reflected in the glass, you watched a goofy smile spread over your uncle’s face. “That’s great, Y/N.”

               "Yeah, I guess it is,“ you said, Tony’s enthusiasm contagious.

Your mind had already begun to wander so you missed her exact words but as you half registered Natasha’s voice you turned to face her. Immediately you regretted it. Even without making eye contact, the strength of the assassin’s soul hit you like a tonne of bricks.

Scrunching your eyes shut, you tried to separate yourself from the vision but the tightly wound crimson ribbons shot at you with a fierceness that you couldn’t avoid. You tried to draw strength from Tony, practically praying for his familiar yellow haze to protect you, however it made no difference.

               "Get me out of here,” you screamed, although it came out as more of a tortured whispered. A strong pair of arms lifted you up and bit by bit the burning crimson bonds loosened their hold around you. As cold air rushed back into your lungs, your fear began to drain away until you once again felt nothing.

Sometime later, you murmured, “I tried… She has to understand… I really wanted to…”

               "I know, I know,“ Tony said, gently stroking the back of your head when you curled up against him. He flung a blanket over you both, wrapping you up to reinforce the atmosphere of safe. It helped. Your muscles relaxed and your trembling finally subsided.

Swallowing deeply to steady his own voice, thoroughly shaken by having to watch you suffer and being completely unable to help, your uncle asked, "Can I get you anything? Tea? A sandwich?”

You shook your head against his chest, immensely grateful that he hadn’t asked if you were okay. In your current state, the answer to that question was fairly obvious but that rarely seemed to stop normal people from asking anyway. “Actually, there is something…”

Surprised by the sudden change, Tony straightened and told you that he’d get you anything you needed. You allowed the briefest smile to tug at your lips at his eagerness. Even though you couldn’t see it, you could feel the small bursts of grey flashing around him; this pure desire to help protect someone else always made your skin feel tingly.

               "You know those biscuits that you hide…“

               "I knew someone was stealing them!” he exclaimed. Placing a kiss on your forehead, he promised to return with a selection of biscuits fit for the gods themselves.

You heard the door close and finally opened your eyes, almost letting out a scream when you saw Loki appear a few feet away. He immediately held his hands up defensively. “It’s alright, Y/N! I’m only an illusion.”

He waved his hands around a little, as if that would help prove his point, before sitting cross legged in front of you. His gorgeous green eyes met yours, the corners crinkled in worry, as he said, “I heard about what happened earlier.”

               "I thought I could do it,“ you sighed, instinctively lowering your gaze to his hands.

               "Hey, look at me.” Loki went to lift your chin up but stopped just before he touched your skin to save the illusion from shattering. Even though his fingers didn’t actually make contact, the closeness was enough to send a shiver down your spine. “Look at the positive here. You left your room and went out with the intention of getting to know someone else. Even if it didn’t end the way that you’d hoped, it’s a step forward.”

Rubbing the back of your neck with one hand and pulling the blanket tighter around you with the other, you nodded in agreement. “I guess. I just wasn’t prepared for how intense Natasha’s soul would be.”

               "Did you even look her in the eye?“

               "No. It hit me before I got anywhere close. I guess she isn’t one to feel things lightly.” Biting the inside of your lip, you changed the subject, desperate to escape the earlier failure. “How was your walk? I saw you in the park.”

Loki leant forward, intrigued. “You saw me?”

               "I mean, I saw your soul. That shade of green is unique to you. Well, it might not be… I’ve just never seen it anywhere else. And it burns so brightly.“ You took a deep breath to try and calm yourself. You knew you were rambling but Loki didn’t seem to mind. In fact, it made him smile in a way that lit up his entire face. "It stood out in a sea of millions. I couldn’t help but follow it.”

Trying desperately to hide his grin - an action that only seemed to make him smile more - Loki said, “My walk was very pleasant. It is good to get away from this place every now and then. Maybe one day you will accompany me.”

               "I’d love nothing more,“ you said honestly, although you knew it’d never be.  

               "Oh, don’t be sad,” Loki murmured, lifting his hand to your cheek. The amount of control he possessed to hold it so close without touching you was astounding. “My sweet Y/N. It’ll be alright eventually. I believe you are more than strong enough to control this power.”

               "Loki, I…“ you paused mid thought, hearing Tony causing a commotion in the hallway. Your eyes flickered to the door then back to the god. For one long, terrible second you thought that Loki wouldn’t meet your gaze and when he finally did your chest suddenly felt ten pounds lighter. "Will you come back later?”

His intense glare softened and he nodded. “What do you want to…”

               "Bring a book,“ you interrupted, knowing your uncle would clatter through the door any second. "I mean, if you can do that… I’d love for you to read to me.”

Loki nodded, hiding a smirk at the adorable nature of your request. Leaning forward, he planted a kiss on your forehead and the illusion faded just as Tony kicked the door open.

               "Thank you! Oh, god, Tony, look out!“ You squealed just as he tripped over a shoe, lying forgotten in the middle of the floor. He hit the ground with a loud grunt and you couldn’t help but laugh at the sight before you. The two of you were so caught up in hysterics that it barely registered when your gazes met. 

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The poll is over, and the official prompt list has been chosen! So here is the official prompt list!

Once again, the official dates for Soriel Week Year Two will be from July 30th, 2017, to August 5th, 2017!


  • Day 1: Trust
  • Day 2: Sleep
  • Day 3: Hidden
  • Day 4: Protection
  • Day 5: Confession
  • Day 6: AU Day
  • Day 7: Free Day (create whatever you want!)

Similar to last time, please keep the following rules in mind!

  • Use the tags #sorielweek and #sorielweek2017!
  • Please tag this blog (@sorielweek) to make sure that your post will be seen and added to the reblog queue! Tumblr has not been playing nice with links/showing things in tags recently, so this will ensure that I will see your submission!
  • Tag for NSFW, blood, gore, and any other violence or sin accordingly! I will not stop you if you want to sin, but be aware that there are minors in the tags and put things under a cut if needed! 
    • Additionally, NSFW submissions will not be reblogged to this blog in order to keep things PG-13!
  • You can create whatever you want based off the prompts! All fanwork is accepted!
  • You can post your submissions late! I will also keep an eye on the tags/@mentions during the week after the event and will continue to reblog submissions!
  • Do not bash any other character and/or ship in your submission! We’re here to celebrate our ship and have fun, not to tear other people down. Submissions that break this rule will not be reblogged to the main blog. On a similar note:
  • Have fun and play nice! Spread love, not LOVE!

I’ll see you all again for the event! 💙💜

trekking-in-a-tardis  asked:

Hey :) I just saw your previous ask and do you have any fic where Tony's convinced the team hates him? (Pre-cw) I love them too ^^

Hi there! Let me start by congratulating you for your fantastic taste lol. I wasn’t sure if you meant whether I have written such a fic or whether I can rec any, so I’ll just go with both, hope you don’t mind!

I’ve written one fic that might meet these criteria, which you can find here. (It’s a high school AU but otherwise it absolutely fits.)

Now as for others I can recommend:

[Please check the tags of these fics before you read them if you want to avoid any triggers, as I won’t put any warnings or even specific pairings into these recs]

  • and you needed someone to show you the way by SailorChibi: This precious gem is basically 25k of Tony revealing how little he thinks of himself whilst kidnapped, and a very pissed off team coming to his rescue. There’s also a pretty side-dash of soulmate angst. I also recommend Tony Stark, Pokemon Trainer (nobody appreciates how much Tony does for the team) and hold the things you wanna say (in which Tony works himself into exhaustion because he doesn’t consider himself part of the team) from the same author
  • First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass: A beautiful, heartbreaking series in which the Avengers do in fact start out bullying Tony until things come to a head- and then have to deal with the fall-out. (There’s a happy ending, I promise!)
  • Breathe by Avengerz: In which a villain buries Tony alive and convinced the team won’t come to save him. I almost died reading the first part (and would’ve offered the author my soul for the second one, but it was written before I got the chance.)
  • Not a special snowflake by Annehiggins: Tony rants to his kidnappers about all the reasons why he’s a worthless hostage- only the Avengers hear it too, and they are not impressed. I just love this concept.
  • Irreplaceable by orphan_account: Another kidnapping in which Tony’s convinced he isn’t needed. The team begs to differ.
  • Infinite Disaster by Waterfall_Creek97: Pretty much same premise as the two above, a kidnapped Tony who’s sure the team hates him.
  • And the Sky is Grey by Teyke: This involves a serious misunderstanding between Steve and Tony that gets out of hand. Also contains a protective JARVIS, which is in itself worth the read.
  • Somebody’s Hero by EternalSheWolf: I gotta be honest, this one isn’t a Tony-thinks-the-team-hates-him fic but it is a Tony-doesn’t-think-anyone-will-ever-come-for-him fic and all sorts of amazing, you should definitely give it a shot!

Alright, I’m gonna stop here, but I hope there are a couple that you either don’t know yet or are happy to re-read a second time! Enjoy :)

New accounts to follow

I noticed have way too much nct/exo/bts content on my dash and not enough of other groups I like! I also run a underrated and/or rookie boy group blog, so I’m looking for accounts I can follow for both of those reasons! Here are a list of groups; if you post/reblog content for any of these actively, please reblog and I’ll check you out! If you feel like it, put which groups you post/reblog for in the tags. Thank you~

Cross Gene*
Golden Child*

*Starred groups are my particular favorites/groups I would most like more of on my dash.

Tries to avoid the plain old do a character a day thing but fails, horribly. 

Hello everyone and welcome to mcsm-inktober 2017! 

I've chucked together a couple of prompts to help inspire you during mcsm-inktober! I will also be reblogging the art that has  #mcsm-inktober or #mcsm inkober in the tags. 

If you cant part participate, please show your love and support for the artists by reblogging or liking their art!

It all starts at the beginning of October and I can’t wait to see all of your art! 


  1. Either put #mcsm-inktober or #mcsm inkober into your tags.  We would also like it if you say the day that you did the artwork for as well. Make sure these two tags are within the first five tags of your post so we can see it and reblog it.
  2. Be nice! Don't try to be mean to other people, everyone is just here to have a good time.
  3. Keep this art SFW/kid-friendly, but if you want to put something like blood in it, tag it. 
  4. Ship art is completely okay!
  5. Have fun!

Any other questions will be in our FAQ page or if you have any questions, please p.m. us or send in an ask, we will be happy to help! 

                                                                             Good luck~ from mcsm-inktober

Organized by @becguin (mod bex) and @zoesmcsmstuff (mod zoe)   

  • you don’t have to be following me (but that’d be nice).
  • you have to reblog this post.
  • your url must be related to one direction, little mix, backstreet boyscillian murphy or any other fandom i’m in. (my tags here)
  • idk if it’ll happen, but i might not understand your url :| so please put the meaning of your url in the tags! (unless it’s too obvious lol)
  • i will TRY to do all of them. it will depend on my inspiration.
  • you also can see some of my graphics here. :)
Lullaby pt. 2 // Happy Lowman

authors note: mkay so I suck and this has actually been done for a ridiculously long amount of time…yeah I suck. But it’s okay because I’m TRYING to get my shit together. Once again huge shout out to @crimsonheart01 and @megasadpizzazz for putting up with me and giving me feedback. I would love to hear what y’all think about it or any thoughts on this so feel free to send me an ask. ALSO if you want me to tag you in upcoming installments of this story lemme know 


She’s almost 5.”

“Five?” Happy choked out.

“Yeah. Look, why don’t you give me a some time to see if I get any other hits on the name, okay? I don’t work Sunday so why don’t you drive up here and we can go grab a drink of something. Just give me a couple days.”

“Fine. See you Sunday.” Happy deadpanned snapping the disposable shut. “Tomorrow.” He could do that he thought, sighing. With a crack of his neck and one last drag off his cigarette, Happy took a deep breath and revved is Harley to life.

Sunday. It had always been his favorite day of the week. The club never did anything because some of the guys had families, plus Gemma didn’t like being told no when she suggested family dinners. As the years went on however, the dinners became less and less frequent eventually becoming nonexistent. So Sunday’s were Happy’s “do nothing” days, meaning he’d clean his tools and guns even if he hadn’t used them that week. Sunday was also the day he’d go visit his mother; he placed Sunday’s very high on the very short list of things that were important to him. Once he met Dani, that became the day he did all those things, with her. In his world, everything happened on a Sunday.



“How long have you been up?” She hummed wrapping her arms around him from behind as he cleaned his already clean knives.

“A while. Took Mom to the doctors, went to the store for her, and ran some errands for Gemma.” Happy rasped.

“Oh. I thought I was going with you today.”

“You were sleeping, couldn’t wait all day for you to wake up. Had to get Mom to her appointment on time.” He grumbled detaching her from himself.

“O-oh. I guess I’ll go to the store so you can make your dessert for Gemma’s dinner tonight, then.”

“I’m not making it.”

“But you always make it?”

“Don’t have time today. Gotta run to Lodi and Stockton for the club.” He said bluntly, sliding the knives into the holder and walking away to their bedroom closet.

“It’s Sunday, Happy.” She reminded, leaning against the door frame.

“So? Shit’s gotta get done.”

“Jax never has you run errands for the club on a Sunday.”

“Everyone else was busy with their old lady’s or family. I’m not.” He snapped closing the closet door with his heel.

“You’re not?”


“You’re not busy, like you are every fucking weekend?”

“You see an old lady and kids running around this fucking house? No. So till that day happens little girl, I’m gonna run club errands and you’re gonna remember what is and isn’t your place.” He yelled stepping closer until he was standing over her.

“My place. My place? You wanna talk about what is and isn’t my place? How about the next time that you come home absolutely covered in blood, I just throw the shit out. Because god knows, you never figured out how to get blood out of a piece of clothing. Or next time you need me to do shit for the club, I tell you to fuck off because that’s not my fucking place. Or the next time I take your mother to see her doctor because you’re on a run and forgot, I’ll call her a cab instead of driving out to her house, picking her up, and taking her out to lunch afterwards because that’s not my god damned place. How bout that? And, you know what, in return I won’t ask for or expect a ‘thank you’ because it’s not like I get one either way. It’s all shit that I just do for shits and giggles. There’s no point putting in as much effort as I do because it’s not like I’m your old lady. You force me to be at the lockdowns, fuck up my ability to keep a job, tattoo your fucking crow and name on me but I’m the fucking problem. ” She snapped pushing him back, throwing the towel he’d used to clean his knives at his chest.

“I ain’t got time for this shit. I’ll see you at Gemma’s.”

“Fine.” She snapped taking a seat on their bed and putting her head in her hands.

And just like that, he walked out leaving her to sit in their bedroom. She wished she could say this was the first time but she couldn’t. Although this was the worst one, it had been like this for weeks. Normally she would’ve brushed it off as him being pissed that he had to give up his Sunday, but that day she couldn’t. Not after what he had said. Not after what she’d been dreading telling him for weeks.

“You see an old lady and kids running around this house…?”

Because he was right. She wasn’t his old lady and there weren’t supposed to be kids running around this house. He couldn’t have an old lady. She knew that. She knew that he wasn’t capable of doing that and she knew that although his mother wanted to have grandchildren, he was never going to have kids. He didn’t want them. But there she was. Acting like an old lady, embracing the club shit like she’d been given the security of the title, and pregnant. Almost 6 weeks pregnant and being smacked in the face with the realization that she couldn’t stay. She couldn’t take his eyes changing into cold and emotionless. She wasn’t wanted here anymore. He didn’t need to say it, in fact she really didn’t want to hear him say it. So she broke down. She cried and slammed her fists into the bed, begging for this all to be some sick twisted dream. But it wasn’t. So she screamed until she had nothing left to give the world. Until every ounce of soul crushing, heart shattering anguish had left her body. And then she grabbed her a few bags, taking only what she needed. Clothes, phone, charger, her great grandmother’s ashes. And then she left. No note or explanation, it didn’t matter at this point, she wasn’t wanted or needed here anymore.

That was the last time Happy had seen her and it killed him to know that. It tore at him everyday that he hadn’t stayed and talked it out with her, that he’d lied to her. He hadn’t been running errands for the club, they knew better than to ask that of him on a Sunday unless it was an emergency. But he lied, left her there, and then she disappeared and that was something he’d never forgive himself for. He should have stayed. He knew it then, but instead of handling it, he bailed and went to bury himself in a distraction.

Today’s the day, so here’s a reminder to NOT put spoilers for The Woods in the Sugar Pine 7 tag! If you absolutely have to, be sure to tag them accordingly ( “spoilers //”, “the woods //”, any other variation you can think of ). Please try not to put any gifs/edits of the special in the tag; we don’t want to ruin it for those who can’t watch it until next week!

NejiTen Month 2017

Dear friends, rejoice! For the long-awaited NejiTen Month is finally here! I bet every one is excited, but before anything else, allow me to set a few rules to make this event a successful one.

RULE 1: Follow the weekly prompts. The weekly prompts are there as your guides, so I encourage everyone to be creative. Think outside the box! 

RULE 2: Kindly tag your stuff/submissions as nejiten and nejitenmonth. No spaces please. Will definitely put all the good OTP stuff in this blog.

RULE 3: Absolutely NO flaming or baiting other ships. You can mention your other OTPs too (although NejiTen should be the main focus), but NO ship war-related submissions.  

RULE 4: If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to talk to @kovyxghost or @fruitysmellz

RULE 5: Have fun!

And with that said, here are the prompts for JULY || NEJITEN MONTH!

*** RANDOM, by the way, means that you can use any of the prompts available or make your own. Just make sure to add the prompt’s title in your work.

*** This will be for the month of July. However, the prompts are posted earlier so people can have a good head start.  

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anonymous asked:

Because you like Josh/Donna, I have a question. What are your top 5-10( depending on how many you have) moments that you consider underrated?

hmm not sure if any of these are “underrated” exactly but:

  • all the stuff in “evidence of things not seen” after the gunshots, especially “can I call Stanley Keyworth and tell him maybe you’re going to be calling him later?” and “I was in here, I didn’t even see it”…I’ve def waxed lyrical about this in tags before but I love how much they’re aware of what they each might need without asking too many questions…they know each other so well and she sets out to put help in place that she knows he might not reach out for himself and he goes to comfort and reassure her because he knows this is scary for her as well. this episode delivers so hard on everything I love about them, but this exchange is made better by the fact that it follows on from flirty banter—it’s that fast turn to seriousness and plainly showing how much they care about each other.
  • the end of “war crimes” and the weight behind what he’s doing for her like…objectively breaking the law and committing blackmail for her is pretty terrible but subjectively it added five years to my life.
  • that ridiculous married bit in “manchester” where she steals food from him and his objections are minor, indicating that this is true love to anyone who was somehow thus far unaware.
  • “Josh wrote you a memo on Molly Morello?” idk maybe I’m overestimating what a significant thing it is for the deputy chief of staff to the president to take time out of his day to find out a bunch of stuff about his assistant’s high school teacher and then write a memo on it, but his days sure seem laden with work that is probably more important in the grand scheme of things, such as running the country.
  • any time anything happens like…him offering to lend her money, or her mentioning him coming to her apartment outside of work hours, or anything at all that shows us they were way beyond a professional relationship from really early on, not in terms of potential romance but just as friends and people who have a natural closeness with each other? like yes, I’m sure a more close relationship than what you might find in a regular workplace is necessary but the solid foundation of friendship before they ever move on to romance is really important to me.