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Clexa Week 2017

I’m happy so many people already are interested! :) I’m really excited for Clexa Week! I’m going to tag everything regarding it Clexaweek and CLW17.

So, we can either do 5 days starting from Monday, February 27th and ending on Friday, March 3rd, or 7 days adding the weekend. ALSO: we could START on the 3rd and finish the next week on the 9th if you’d rather have extra time to write/draw.

We need 1 theme (prompt) for each day. I think one of the days (probably the very last) should be a free-for-all.

Theme examples: a Fix-It day, a Roommates day, a Fake Dating day, a Childhood Day, a Forbidden Relationship day, a Harry Potter AU day, etc etc- suggest a theme you’d like and I’ll compile the majority and create a poll where we can all vote on the final themes we will definitely use for Clexa Week 2017! (Any suggestions for an online poll-maker? :)

We have 25 days until march 3rd! 600 hours to create some fantastic Clexa content :D please spread the word!

*EDIT* After discussion with @clexabrasil, we’re going to make just one tag to use since that’s easier. The official tag is #ClexaWeek2017 :)

year of the dragons -> awards

  • American Music Awards - Favorite Alternative Rock Artist
  • Music Video Production Awards - “Radioactive”: Best Rock Video
  • Teen Choice Awards - “Radioactive”: Choice Rock Song
  • Premios 40 Principales - Best International Rock Band