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Okay, but imagine Andrew squinting at his laptop screen, trying to decide whether or not to add a period. Should he capitalize? What about all caps?? Is there a printer in their dorm or does he need to send someone down to the library? He probably spends five minutes trying to get a decent shot without any shadow before deciding that this jives with his zero-shits-given aesthetic better. His password’s an impossible mix of 20 random letters that no one else can hope to figure out and he probably always stays on messaging apps so none of the Foxes can peek at his home screen over his shoulder. 

Carmilla Holiday Add-On Giveaway

Hello Creampuffs,

You may not know me, but my name is Lilly, an 18 year old from Los Angeles, CA. I have more money than I know what to do with and I would like to give away two Carmilla Holiday Add-Ons to Creampuffs who aren’t able to get one for whatever reason. I haven’t bought any of this content for myself because I’d like to make someone else’s day instead. 

Please reblog this to allow for others to have a chance at winning and so that I can choose the winners. On Christmas Day (12 AM PST), the winners will be notified. A follow is not necessary (and does not affect your chances of winning) because that’s not what this is about, but feel free to do so.


Happy Holidays everyone :)

Music in Magic: the Gathering

I’d like to post something before I forget to, so here goes.

One thing that I believe the MtG community can always use more of is music. Truly, the only mtg-related music producer that is on here that I know of is the truly amazing @visiblespectrummusic. Check out his music here if you haven’t already, his works are all really awesome and they cover different genres so it’s almost a given that you’ll adore at least some, if not all of them.

For example: his song for Eldritch Moon is positively beautiful, and I listen to his Spectrums album on my mp3 player constantly.

But, that said, Cody is one guy (or, in some occasions, one band, but you get the idea), and cannot supply an infinite amount of music.

So I’m making this post to ask people to reblog it and add onto it anyone else that makes any sort of music related to Magic, because it’s, I feel, really underappreciated.

And, if you can’t, do consider rebloging this just to get the word around. Thank you! I, and the artists that will be on this, appreciate this very much.

Tagging some big names like @flavoracle @sarkhan-volkswagen @sarpadianempiresvol-viii @sketchydoodles @sarpadianempiresvol-viii @elspethsunschampion @hopelessly-vorthosian @odric-master-swagtician @bace-jeleren and, of course, @wizardsmagic

I will go first: there’s a youtube channel called Falconshield: The Band. Now, admittedly, their channel is dedicated mostly to music about League of Legends. Which is why I was very pleasantly surprised when, a while ago, they released two awesome tracks: “Khanfall”, a very upbeat rock (it’s rock, right?) song about Tarkir, and “Ignite the Spark” (in collaboration with Julia Westlin), a very emotional and powerful song about Chandra. Do check them out.

Korrasami Month Begins Tomorrow!!

Hello lovely Korrasami fans! The time has come: Korrasami Month begins tomorrow! For all those who have done something for any of the prompts (whether it’s art, fics, or anything else!!), here is how you can tag your work when you post it:

1. Post it on your blog (because we want you to get the notes and exposure for your beautiful work!)

2. Add the following tag in the beginning of your post:

Korrasami Month 2016

3. The second tag should be in the style of Prompt:(name of prompt) so that we know which prompt you are making work for. Every one of the prompts for Korrasami month is listed below with how to tag it, so just copy that tag!

Prompt:10 Years Later

Prompt:Role Reversal


Prompt:Fanfiction Cliches


Prompt:Cultural Education






Prompt:Spirit World

Prompt:Meet the Parents

Prompt:Body Swap



Prompt:Battle Couple


Prompt:Pillow Fort


Prompt:Blue Korra


After that, you can tag it however you want! Just as long as Korrasami Month 2016 and Prompt:(prompt name) are the first two, we should be able to see them! Please give us a day to get your work reblogged; it’s just a few of us working in different timezones on this. If we do miss your post after a few days, please feel free to message us and we will make sure we get it reblogged for all to see!

If you have any questions, please let us know. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see what you all have made for this year’s Korrasami Month!!

✩ Witch’s Wish Jar ✩

In other words, a jar to help you or anyone you give this to achieve dreams, wishes and desires. Should be used in tandem with working towards these things! as always, feel free to alter and substitute as best fits you. 

you will need:

  • a jar or bottle
  • a lucky penny (or two)
  • stars and edible glitter
  • vodka 
  • an unused birthday candle 
  • candles 
  • something to stir with like a pencil end.
  • any decorations you want 
  • (optional) food colouring

✥ Step One -

gather all your ingredients and get yourself into a good space to work. uplifting music, photos that remind you of your wishes and positive surroundings will all help here. pour the vodka into your jar to about halfway. vodka burns. you know what else does? your desire for what you want. picture your desire as you do this.

✥ Step Two-

Add your edible glitter and stars to bring some life to the jar. You want it to be able to reflect light for you and shine good luck into your life. drop in your lucky penny, birthday candle and food colouring if you are using it. stir up your mixture and top up the vodka to fill the jar, picturing your good luck getting filled up. 

✥ Step Three-

by now, you should have something that looks sort of like the photo above. the last step is to decorate your bottle with your chosen items. I have used a fae wishing coin on this one. Finally, seal in everything with candle wax- i used light green for success and luck, with dark green for ambition and prosperity. Put your jar on a windowsill to let moon and sunlight shine through your wishes onto you.

✩  May you achieve all your wishes and dreams! ✩ 

sidenotes: I wrote a personalised sigil on the bottom of the jar and attached a charm with the same one. this means that when in need of extra luck, the charm may be taken off and put into a pocket.

My TOP hair products for short curly hair! As of 3/21/2016

My hair type: I have a good mixed of 3c (around the front of my hairline) 3a (at the crown of my head) & 3b every where else. It’s thick and gets VERY dry so..
I look for conditioners that will HYDRATE, add MOISTURE, & SHINE.

1: carols daughter black vanilla conditioner. I love this product cause #1 it smells AMAZING, and everytime I wear it, I’m complimented on great smelling hair. Too much of any conditioner will make it feel hard but this one leaves my hair feeling great!

2. Olive oil mousse- really suppose to be used for roller sets/twist outs things to that nature … But I use it as a conditioner/styler and it’s amazing , but I’m a lil heavy handed which can leave my hair just a taddd bit crunchy 😬..

3. Shea moisture curl & shine- is my handy dandy conditioner. Can never go wrong with this one. Love that it’s sulfate free, so that’s one less ingredient drying out my already dry hair .

So tell me what’s yall favorites and why?

The Bananas, Witty Nitty-gritty


  • 1 pound of bananas (for flavor and folly)
  • 1 ounce of wit (even though it and some of the other ingredients are abstract things that cannot be measured)
  • 1 original piece (or more if desired)
  • 1 block of cleverly written text (if and when needed)
  • 1 cup of love (providing you have any to spare)
  • ½ cup of simplicity (It’s really sugar, but let’s just pretend it’s simplicity)
  • ½ cup of complexity (It’s really flour, but let’s just–well, you get the idea)
  • Everything and everything else in the kitchen (including the kitchen sink, of course)


  1. Combine the bananas and wit (The wit may be a little bit, but it’s just enough for the wisdom to balance out the foolishness).
  2. Pour the simplicity into the mixture, and when no one is looking, deceptively add the complexity (Make sure the opposite qualities are equal so that one does not overpower the other).
  3. Liberally ladle the luscious love all over your labor. Hold and hoard the love; save it for when you’re working on commission. Why waste it on something you’re not getting paid to make?
  4. Add a pinch of crack to the piece to make it extra addictive. What?! NO! I don’t need crack for that! Come to think of it, how’d I even get hold of this stuff? Sh*t! I gotta get rid of it!
  5. Upload the piece and paste the block as a caption. Throw everything and everything else into the post and stir yourself thoroughly before publishing.
  6. Insert up to 20–19 if it’s a submission–systematized tags into the post, and make sure that they are relevant to it.
  7. Grab some pickles and a pound of cheese; get some burgers and mayoneese. Eat ‘em all up and don’t forget to chew, and you’re finished! So toodleeoo (Hey)!

*slams fists on the table* I CALL THE SOULMATE AU *grabby hands*

• Okay so I’ve done something similar for a different fandom but basically in this AU at a random time in your life when you go to sleep you’ll enter a “dreamland” for the first time. Some time after that ((any amount of time can pass)) someone else will be there too. That’s your soulmate. From that moment on, you can hear their thoughts, speak with them telepathically, and feel their emotions. (May add that your right eye color changes to match their eye color.)

• It’s possible to have more than one soulmate. You can have any number.

• The telepathy thing actually takes some time to work on, so you can control when you are and aren’t using it. The emotions thing? You can’t get rid of that. If your soulmate is anxious, you’re anxious. If your soulmate is excited, so are you. Heartbroken? You get to share the pain, my friend.

• You can tell when your soulmate is sleeping because you’ll immediately feel exhausted and want nothing more than to go to sleep. (A bit of a setback if your soulmate lives in another country xD)

• you don’t necessarily fall in love with your soulmate. They can be anything to you. Including an enemy.

• there are rare cases where people can see their soulmate, hear their soulmate, but the other doesn’t hear or see them back. ((Nor does their eye color change))

• When your soulmate’s heart stops, (even just for a moment) it feels like something breaks inside of you and it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever feel. No amount of ‘pain tolerance’ can measure up to it. It only lasts for three seconds but it could feel like hours. It also could affect the bond, and for a long time after that, you may not be able to see or hear or even FEEL anything involving your soulmate.

• if your soulmate dies, it has a lasting effect on you. Sometimes you may feel phantom emotions that you know aren’t your own, or hear things you weren’t thinking about.

• ((tbh you can pin this AU to whatever ship you want))

• ((But think VLD OT6 soulmate thingy ^v^))

• ((Think angst))

• ((think DD is most definitely not working on an angsty fanfic for this right now))

• ((…nope))

anonymous asked:

How much time do you spend with your birds and do you include them in what your doing ?

I try to have them out and interactive as much as possible, the only activities I don’t allow them to participate in are things that could hurt them (they aren’t allowed in the kitchen, near the rooms I’m cleaning in, etc.).  Since I now work full time I try to get at least four hours in on days that I work and then full days out when I’ve got a day off.  Any time they’ve got to spend a while in the cage I rearrange toys, add new ones, implement foraging in a variety of places and doing whatever else I can to ensure they don’t get bored while I’m out at work!

Partying Headcanons

(if they’re gonna party like pornstars you might as well have a good idea of how they like to party)

  • Matt is a lightweight. He can only drink maybe 2 beers before he starts getting drunk.
  • On the other hand, Ashley is surprisingly much more alcohol tolerant. She doesn’t drink much, but when she does, it takes her a lot to feel a buzz even.
  • Sam is the go-to planner for their parties, when they involve a lot of people. She also manages the playlists and music at their big parties.
  • Chris is always the first one out on the dance floor. At big parties, he will often pick random strangers to join in small groups when they dance, and he’ll also pick out random strangers for slow dances (on the off-chance Sam adds a slow song to try and get him to snuggle up close with Ashley).
  • If there aren’t any single strangers (or everyone is dancing with someone else) (or if he feels like it), Chris will actually end up slow-dancing with Josh.
  • Josh took ballet lessons as a kid, up until he was five, and he went to the same dance school as Emily and Jess. He still knows how to do some of the steps.
  • Emily is in charge of the invitations. She usually either goes all out or only invites some of the group’s closest acquaintances.
  • Ashley usually sits out from dancing, but she actually has some of the best moves out of the group.
  • Jess’s favorite dance partner is Matt, because they have similar music tastes (and he teaches her how to do some of the more recent dance trends).
  • Gangnam Style is Chris’s jam. He knows how to do the “leg thing” (as aptly nicknamed by Mike) that nobody else has quite gotten the hang of yet.
  • Mike is the leader of the dance trends. The Cupid Shuffle is his favorite, but everyone else says he’s the best at the Cha Cha Slide.
  • Emily and Jess, despite not really getting along any other time of day, usually remain close to each other when they do the Whip/Nae Nae.
  • Ashley is actually very good at the Gas Pedal, and the others often turn to her when the song comes on.
  • Josh isn’t into the big trends, except the Macarena.
  • Matt’s favorite dance to do is the Cha Cha Slide, but he also likes to do The Hustle.
  • Sam is strictly anti-dance trends. Her only exception is the MC Hammer Shuffle.
  • Jess and Mike only drink whenever the other is drinking. If Jess says she doesn’t want to drink, then neither will Mike, and vice versa.
  • Chris is the biggest drinker, with Josh in a close second.
  • Sam is anti-alcohol. She refuses to even take more than a simple glance at the booze.
  • Matt often fetches beer for Emily, and only rarely will he ever take a sip. She never seems to mind whenever she sees him take a drink from her cup.
  • Ashley is prone to drinking only when she’s been having a rough day, which is not often on days that they plan to be together for a party.
  • Josh likes to slow dance, and his favorite dance partner is secretly Chris, but he tends to dance with Sam on the rare occasion that she does dance as well.
  • Sam’s favorite dance partner is Josh, and she also really likes dancing with Ashley.
  • Chris doesn’t have a favorite dance partner, but he tends to dance with Mike and Josh a lot.
  • Mike’s favorite dance partner is Emily, because they have similar moves. Sometimes they even get together before parties and coordinate moves to certain songs.
  • Matt likes to dance with both Jess and Emily, and he also tends to dance with Ashley, Mike, and Josh. He’s the most varied in who he dances with.
  • Ashley likes dancing with Jess the most, but she also likes dancing with Mike. Sam also dances with her as well.
Today, I fucked up by reporting my dad in Facebook.

So, all of a sudden I got a Facebook invite from my dad. I thought, “that’s weird he already has a Facebook account and this one has no picture”. Now my grandma has had a problem twice with someone trying to copy her account and add all of her friends to try and get you in a scam. I thought this was exactly that and reported it to Facebook. Right after I get a text from my dad to all of us kids “got a new Facebook account go ahead and delete the old one”. And then he had a text “I downloaded the Facebook app and now it says my account was ended because I was pretending to be somebody else any suggestions and they need a positive ID”. He said that it was very difficult (but that’s my dad with anything technology,takes him longer) and it took a few days. So a note to everyone. Parents can do things that don’t make sense. If a new Facebook account adds you that says it’s your dad, it may be your dad.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

I’m probably going to lose followers for this and I’m going to add this to my rules but I don’t think I can avoid this much longer 

I personally don’t ship Shiro and the paladins together, or really ship any of them, but I firmly believe that anyone can ship whatever they want. I will not give anyone shit for shipping or not shipping Shiro/Keith or Shiro/Lance or whatever. If I see anyone giving anyone else shit for that though they will get an instant unfollow and if necessary a block from me. I do NOT condone any harmful behavior to anyone. That’s just wrong. 

I really really hate taking sides on things but I feel like I have to at this point. 


Hey guys, I have a question and hopefully you guys can give me some feedback.

For a long time now I’ve been limited to using Tumblr mobile, but I will be getting a laptop soon. Once I do get one, I will be able to post more frequently and I can answer asks faster, and more efficiently.

However, I would like to ask you all if there’s anything else I could add to my blog that would be helpful. Like character analysis sheets? Live videos for advice topics? Anything you guys can think of that would be helpful. I would be very thankful to hear any thoughts or ideas!

anonymous asked:

Could you do hcs about how the captains & vice captains would get angry? Like what topics are to avoided or what kind of comment/ attitude lets them snap. I always see these angsty fight scenarios but always the same reasons, so I want smth else c:

These are the only captains and vice captains that I am aware of, let me know if I’m missing any captains and/or vice captains and I’ll add them in! ^^ I don’t really read scenarios like that (I avoid angst like the plague if I can LOL) so I’m sorry if they seem similar to ones you’ve seen! OTL


  • It irks him that you would tell him repeatedly not to spend too much time with certain people, and to only spend time with you due to your own selfishness. He’s not your dog nor is he an object, he’s a human being who has friends that are just as important as you. Telling him that his world should revolve around you would cause him to snap.
  • He’d tell it to you bluntly that he can’t dedicate all of his time to you since he is the captain of the volleyball team and a third year nonetheless. If you still can’t understand that, well, you can get off the ship because Captain Daichi ain’t waiting for you to get your priorities straight anymore.


  • Suga’s a patient man, and he’s quite understanding too. There’s nothing that can get on this man’s nerves…except interrupting him in a middle of a sentence. He believes that a healthy relationship involves communication, and interrupting him every time he has something to say wasn’t what he had in mind. 
  • He would feel as if you aren’t interested in what he has to say or thought that his thoughts and feelings weren’t as important compared to what you had to say. He would confront you about it, and if you still decide to interrupt him numerous times, he’d probably blow up from all the pent up frustration.


  • Flaunting him around and showing him off just because he’s Oikawa Tooru wouldn’t sit well with him. Often, you would go on dates where there were a lot of people, and rejected any invitations for you two to spend some time together in a quiet place like a cafe. If Oikawa didn’t know any better, you were only going out with him because of his status and good looks. He wasn’t a trophy case for you to show off.
  • Oikawa wouldn’t beat around the bush and ask you about it, and possibly believe you if you were to deny his claims. But the more he spent time with you, the more he realized that he was right and he would end the relationship. Even if he didn’t, Iwaizumi would have forced him because as much as he didn’t like to admit, Iwaizumi wouldn’t want to see his best friend get hurt.


  • If you force him to do anything that he’s uncomfortable with, Iwaizumi would get upset. He’s a shy and awkward boy, and making him do anything out of his comfort zone is a big no. He probably thinks that you mean well and that you only want to do things that other couples do, but if it’s too much for him to handle, he wouldn’t be able to go through with it.
  • It really depends on what you’re forcing him to do. If it was something like sexual intercourse or anything along that line, Iwaizumi would honestly flip out on you. He has his morals and making him do stuff like that against his will would break him. He would honestly go to Oikawa for advice if the brunette hasn’t already offered his help to him yet.


  • Talking shit about other people behind their backs is a no go for this captain. He takes friendships seriously, and he can’t comprehend the logic behind being friends with somebody you can’t stand or waste your time and energy talking about someone you don’t like. He can’t help but feel like he loses a brain cell every time you scrutinize them once they walk by.
  • He’d talk to you about it if he liked you enough but if the person you were talking about was someone on his team, his second family, you can kiss yourself goodbye because he wouldn’t bother giving you a second glance after that. Even if you were his soulmate, his friends come first before anything. Besides, he knows for a fact that his soulmate wouldn’t do such a thing.


  • Excessive lying and excuses would set Kai on a rampage. If he had known better, he would automatically jump to the conclusion that you were cheating on him. Why go through the trouble of lying about going to a family wedding or make an excuse that you ‘forgot’ about the date?
  • After all, what’s a relationship without trust? If he can’t trust you enough to tell the truth, he would see no point in continuing the relationship. Sure, he had fallen for you, but you pretty much screwed it up by your compulsive lying.


  • It takes a lot to get on Moniwa’s nerves, but the one thing he can’t stand the most is seeing animals being treated coldly. It wouldn’t matter if you weren’t fond of animals, but treating them like rags is another thing. If he caught you screaming at a stray puppy for peeing on your shoe, he’d frown and most likely laugh because hell, you deserved it.
  • He has a few dogs of his own and seeing you treat his canine friends, or any animal, in a way that they shouldn’t be treated, he’d tell you how he feels about that first. If you still continue to disregard his words, you can say bye to this precious captain too.


  • Having no respect whatsoever for anyone older than you would be a real turn off for the previous vice captain. He believes that older people are much wiser and are able to teach the younger generation some really useful stuff in life. Seeing you spout profanities at your own parents when they did nothing wrong, or start fights with your senpai, would make Kamasaki have second thoughts about this relationship.
  • Kamasaki isn’t irrational, he can understand if it happens a few times, but all the time would just be pushing it. He can’t see himself spending his time and feelings with someone who would probably disrespect his own parents, so he’d end any affair you two had.

FUTAKUCHI (since he becomes the captain after Interhigh) 

  • Flirting with other guys when he’s clearly there would not sit well with Futakuchi. Why even bother when you have an amazing guy like him already? You say you’re only being friendly, but leaning in real close and practically brushing your lips against the other person’s cheek doesn’t strike as just friendly to him.
  • He most likely wouldn’t give you the time of day after that. He’ll admit that he does get selfish, but what’s wrong with wanting your significant other’s full attention? It’s only natural for him to want you to look at only him and nobody else.

AONE (I like to think that Aone becomes vice captain LOL)

  • Aone may not speak a lot, but with you constantly nitpicking him for every little thing he does would force him to raise his voice at you. Sure, there are things that people do that other people find annoying, but it’s different with you. If Aone is just standing there, you’re already telling him that he’s too intimidating and scary. Aone is breathing? You’re telling him that he’s too loud. Complaining about everything would really get on Aone’s nerves, especially if what you’re complaining about has something to do with him.
  • The only words you’ll get from him is, “Let’s break up.” You wouldn’t get a reason because anyone who’s seen you two together can just tell you in his place. That person would most likely be Futakuchi though. He was the first person to witness what you do and say, and asked Aone about it. As his captain and friend, Futakuchi felt like it was his duty to tell him what he thought and that this wasn’t a healthy relationship to be in.


  • Not properly taking care of yourself would get Bokuto mad. It may seem like it’s not a big deal, but in reality, it is. He only wants the best for you, and seeing you skip meals or taking on full nighters without a good reason would break his heart and patience. Bokuto may not look like one, but he’s a worrywart. If he were to see you faint or get sick, he wouldn’t know what he would do.
  • Taking time out of his schedule to make sure you were taking care of yourself would be taxing. Sure, it wouldn’t really be the cause of a break-up, but it would ensure a lot of arguments and fights.


  • Taking photos of him without his permission would make Akaashi frown. He doesn’t like having his picture taken without consent, so having you take out your phone at the most random times in front of him and snapping a photo would cause his trust in you to lower a bit.
  • As a pacifist, he tries to avoid any arguments and fights that might occur, so he’d usually ask you to delete the photo calmly. If you don’t, well, you can guarantee that you wouldn’t be talking to him for a while.


  • Acting all cute and defenseless when you’re clearly not would get on Ushijima’s nerves. You’d constantly ask him to open a bottle for you, to carry your bag so you can cling onto his arm, and to sometimes fight anyone who tried to mess with you. He’d be exasperated since he’s seen you lift so many things at once before without breaking a sweat, and he knows you have quite a vocabulary of curses and profanities.
  • He isn’t the type to be vocal about things like this, but his annoyed expression should give it away. It wouldn’t take long before his patience runs out and he’d just tell you straight up to do it yourself.
seo yuzuki has adhd

-doesn’t pay attention to surroundings
-gets so lost in thought that she doesn’t hear what anybody else is saying
-tends to blurt out what she’s thinking
-doesnt read situations well
-tends to miss the point of stuff
-often pulls people along unwillingly into her whims
-impulsive spending (when she bought the bra even though it was ugly af)
-perceived as rude and mean even though she has good intentions
-not good at communicating what she means
-doesnt always hear what people are saying to her
-high energy
-the other members of the glee club literally have to condition her into being calm enough to perform
-puts all her energy into focusing on one thing and then quickly tires of it and moves on to something else
if you have any other evidence, feel free to add

((Glanni is just like a cat. I mean both him and a cat:
▪keeps themselves all pretty and clean looking
▪Goes around all sly and sneaky like then jump out and attack people’s ankles
▪Your friend one second, the next trying to trip you down the stairs
▪Gets startled easily and screeches when startled
▪constant what I like to call the “underglare” (always glaring even if they are smiling on the outside)
▪everyone else is on this planet to serve them
▪doesn’t like people invading their territory, even if it was the others territory first
▪calm one second, sudden insanity the next, then calm again
▪has a grudge against you before you’ve even properly met each other, targets you for no reason

That’s all I have, but I have presented my evidence. If you have any to add feel free to!))

anonymous asked:

how can i have a cool blog and great followers like you do? Any advice please?

firstly, let me just say that i have zero idea why i have such great followers, and that’s not me being modest or anything, i just honestly don’t know!

  • okay so your blog is cool no matter what just because it’s your blog! don’t let anyone else dictate how your blog should look, blog for you and no one else! making your own creations will add a lil something to your blog just cause it’ll be a reflection of your likes/loves and followers will be able to get a sense of the type of person you are! the worst thing you could do is hold your blog up to the standards of others, it’s not a competition of who has the best blog because there’s no such thing! your blog should be a projection of you and if it is, then your blog is already cool, just like you.
  • as for the great followers section, just talk to people! i know i’m the worst person to listen to when it comes to this especially as i’ve admitted on here that i find it hard to connect with people on tumblr (as well as in real life) but when i first started out and was awkward asf, when the blogs i was following reblogged an ask game or something, i’d always send a number or a question into them to answer cause the more you do that, the more recognisable your blog and your blog name becomes and when people become familiar with that, they’ll feel more inclined to interact with you! also entering things such as blogrates, blog promos, birthday pages etc is also a good way to get your blog out there and hence more likely to get great followers! honestly though, i think most of my followers started interacting with me because of my personal posts! i’ll always post when something happens to me (usually embarrassing tbh) just so people can see that i’m a mess that they might be able to relate to!
  • i think your followers like to know as much about you as you’re willing to share because the more they know, the more likely they are to want to talk to you cause they’ll more comfortable! so i think it’s good to at least have some personal things on here, as long as you’re comfortable with it!
  • but honestly, i have no idea why everyone is so great to me, i really, really don’t and i’m sorry if this doesn’t help in the slightest but i just want you to know that your blog is cool and amazing and awesome and that has nothing to do with the amount of followers you have or how many friends you have, it’s just a simple case of your blog is you and you’re a pretty cool person!
Random Apollo Children and Nico headcannon

There are two cardboard boxes in the Apollo cabin. One labeled old clothes and one labeled Nico. The just of the boxes is that whenever one of the older Pollo campers outgrows a short they think Nico would like, it goes in his box. Anything else goes in the old clothes box. Once the Nico box gets full, they nearly fold the clothes and leave them on the front porch of the Hades cabin, the other box stays in the cabin for any new campers that come in. It also works like an in camp thrift shop. Everyone knows about the old clothes box, and often stop by to add to it. Of course, they also know about the Nico box. Each cabin has a box for giving the son of Hades within two months. There’s even one in Sally Jackson’s house and at Camp Jupiter.

Basically, all of Nico’s clothes after he starts staying at camp are hand me downs from literally everyone.

Edit: Like, just imagine Nico getting band shirts and shirts from musicals. He’s walking to breakfast in a pair of jeans he got from the Aphrodite kids and Kayla’s old Wicked T-Shirt omg imagine

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm not sure what you mean by angst suggestions but for me, it always has to do with cheating(one where the reader does NOT take the person back b cause cheaters suck balls) or someone falling out of love or IN love with someone else. I'm not sure if you've done any any of the ideas listed, though, and you can disregard them if you have. Ok I love you~

Hey. My goal is to make people cry. lol. I’m still getting used to that idea anyway.
I do hate cheaters. I have written one where Dean cheats and one where Sam cheats and the reader takes them back…I don’t think I could really take someone back though. 
And I’ve written one where Dean cheats and the reader ends up with Sam.
I’m gonna add this to the list of ideas and just see what I decide.

Thank you! Love you!

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Do you need an ask screener? I could be if no one else if available.

I have received a couple of warnings and one very worried “are you catching up? RUN AWAY FROM TUMBLR YOU’LL GET SPOILED” message but so far that thing about Qrow has been the only spoiler so far and that’s tiny. Everyone has been very awesome about not spoiling me. :) 

In any case I think I can’t add other people to this Tumblr since it’s a main account so I’m kinda screwed in that sense. :v Thanks for the offer though!