any new movies you seen

The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

So if any of you have seen that new Beauty and the Beast movie and are ready to cry listen up

That song Evermore? It’s nice until you imagine Jumin singing it when MC has to leave the penthouse before the party, the lyrics for that song are EXACTLY WHAT JUMIN WOULD BE THINKING



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Chris Evans had been one f your best friends for quite a while now, more than five years. But through those five years you’d ended up doing something dreadful, you’d fallen in love with him.

You could remember the exact moment you’d fallen in love with Chris. He’d come round to comfort you after a rather bad break-up. The guy had dumped you rather harshly over a text message and you’d spent half of your day crying over it. But then Chris had called you for a quick chat, and after hearing your hoarse voice he rushed over to comfort you, bringing alcohol and your favourite candy with him.

It didn’t take long before he was in the front room pacing and calling your ex-boyfriend ever insult under the sun And then, in a drunken spur of the moment, he’d begun to list how he’d treat you if you were his girlfriend.

He’d cook for you, even if you didn’t like his cooking, he’d do it anyway just to show you he cares enough to do so. He’d celebrate every day he was your boyfriend because even just having you as a best friend was a gift. The first thing he would do in the morning and the last thing he’d do at night would be explaining how much he loved you.

After that he went on to make a revenge plan, which included sky diving, shark wrestling and a pool full of jelly. You laughed so much that night and by the end of it you had the sudden realisation that you liked Chris more than a friend.

That was three years ago and by now you were simply fucked. It’s Valentines Day and all you could think about was Chris, Chris and more Chris.

You’d just arrived home after an hour of supermarket shopping that just reminded you of how alone you were. You unlocked the door to your apartment, stepping through and grumbling to yourself about how much you hated your heart for choosing the wrong guy to fall in love with, a guy who will never be yours-

You blinked, practically blinded by the large amount of red roses that covered your apartment. There had to be ten thousand vases covering most of the floor and pretty much ever surface, and stood leaning against the counter in your kitchen was none other than Chris Evans.

You didn’t know how to react, so you giggled. “Gosh, only ten thousand roses, you need to step up your game, Evans.”

He let out a chuckle, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I forgot how high your standards are.” You put a hand over your heart and let out an ‘ouch’. He began to walk closer towards you, holding out a single rose (as if you needed any more roses). “Even so,” he began, “I was hoping that maybe, you might like- I mean, no pressure you can say no - that you might like to be my valentine?”

You blinked, expressionless. You’d impressed yourself by being able to keep the inner fireworks that were going off in your heart from him. “Well, y'know, you did go to all this trouble.” You tried to act nonchalant but that quickly went through the window when you threw yourself at him, his lips eagerly connecting with yours.

I just got home from watching the new live action Tokyo Ghoul movie and !! I’m so happy it turned out well, I love Tokyo Ghoul so much and it’s a series very close to my heart and I just,,, my love for TG is so strong rn

I know this blog is for Magi and I promise I will answer the requests I still have in the box and eventually open the box to more, but does anyone here like Tokyo Ghoul? Have any of you seen the new movie? Would anyone like to discuss ghouls with me or ask me something about the series? Lemme know bc I am HYPED right now lol

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Have any of you seen the new kingsman movie ? What do you think ?

Not as good as the first one. Still fun. I WISH I had gadgets like that.

- James.

Oberyn Martell!

- Jamie.

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Okay but has anyone seen Kurts lips?? Like just imagine them softly encircling your clit and like him just gently sucking. Ever so gently and he slowly makes eye contact???? Like that would be perfect please yes thank you. (I've never seen any new X men movies I've learned everything from yours and trashimagines blogs and lemme say YALL NEED JESUS......I do too it's chill. BUT HIS LIPS LIKE UGH And his hands in between your legs softly caressing spreading them further so his face has more room.