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if you could mute three bands or artists altogether from your life forever, like, you’d literally just hear silence in place of any of their music whatsoever ever & ever amen, which three?

mine are: red hot chili peppers, coldplay, the offspring


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Music recs!

that was so fast!  thank you, love, i seriously appreciate it <333


  • marc cohn (his name titled album is probably my favorite album ever— i have a very deep and complex read on the lyrics.  most people only know his song walking in memphis, which is a lovely song, but he has so many others that are just as good if not better on that album!!  i linked to a youtube vid of the whole album— the only song you should skip is 29 ways, that song sucks and i will be forever angry that it’s on an otherwise perfect cd)
  • ed sheeran (he’s got an incredible voice, style, and talent in general)
  • kishi bashi (complex and beautiful strings)
  • john mayer (the song my stupid mouth is maybe my favorite song ever?  very relatable, as are many of his songs.  who says, stop this train, vultures, gravity, the heart of life, belief, and many others are also faves of mine, as is his cover of free fallin’)
  • the way down wanderers (a pop/bluegrass band from chicago that write really awesome songs)
  • iron and wine (the trapeze swinger is a 7-9 minute song that tells of an entire life story and there are so many feels)
  • cat stevens (folk, upbeat, hippie music)
  • james taylor (good folky sleep songs.  also, his guitar is so good and so hard but it sounds easy and i just.  ahhhhh)
  • vance joy
  • josua radin (a smooth and calming voice, good for sleeping.  and please listen to his collab with ingrid michaelson)
  • jim croce (impossible guitar goals)
  • sungha jung (even more impossible guitar goals)
  • jason mraz
  • paul simon (if you haven’t heard his music, please look him up)
  • simon and garfunkel (paul simon and art garfunkel collab is genius)
  • passenger (he’s got a lot of sweet lyrics, and also some sassy ones, plus a beautiful voice)
  • alan jackson (because i do sometimes like country music and he’s a genius.  also, i saw him in concert once and i have no regrets.  heads up, i linked to a really sad song;;)
  • zac brown band (another country band, but they cross into pop, and their violinist is bomb.  i also saw them in concert, which was awesome, although one weird thing did happen that i still laugh about.  plus they do a collab with alan jackson)
  • eli young band (more country than zac brown, more pop than alan jackson)
  • radical face (very acoustic, very calm)
  • lee dewyze (i love all of his music, and he’s really a sweet person)
  • sheryl crow
  • josé gonzalez
  • the middle east
  • tracy chapman (deep, dark lyrics and her voice makes me swoon and cry and a mess of emotions)



1st of all i think it’s fucking dumb to have sex listening to music at all. but if i had to have sex to any music it’d be the getz/gilberto album 

Just to clarify for everyone def jam is managing their Japanese music they aren’t managing any music in English or for the American market, that’s why the news was published by a Japanese news outlet

i finally got around to watching the latest episode of ouat and honestly they couldn’t have done any more to tell us that emma & hook’s trainwreck of a marriage will not last; not only was it the least classy proposal i’ve ever seen but they didn’t even play true love music or any of the love themes while/after it happened

based off of this vine

official musician compatibility


1st violins: compatible with other first violins (to maintain the pure blood) and principle cello

2nd violins: compatible with violas because you’re both basically the same thing anyway. not compatible with other seconds because you’re just such awkward people 

violas: compatible only with other violas so you don’t infect the others with your viola cooties

cellos: compatible with pretty much anyone, but only if you’re first or second stand

basses: compatible with everyone at the same time because you’re generally attractive people just saying


flutes: compatible with clarinets and kazoos, and also first violins because you’re both the only people who can read ledger lines in treble clef really well

piccolos: only works with the oboe, because both of your instruments can really hurt to listen to

oboes: compatible with clarinets, but only if gay

clarinets: compatible with flutes, and with oboe because you share the bond of having people mistake your instrument for the other

bassoons: you’re kind of awkward people, but trumpet players (and traitorous second violins) find it endearing so there’s that

horns (french, english, and car): compatible with trumpet and trombone

trumpets: could actually be compatible with first violins if they weren’t so snooty

trombones: compatible with tuba just because the average person doesn’t know the difference between the two anyway

tuba (singular because what band would want multiple tubas): could be in a relationship with other under-appreciated instruments, like the bassoon, bass, kazoo, and viola

euphonium: lol did you think I would actually talk about this instrument

percussion: the sluts of the musical world. could get anyone they wanted to


pretty much everyone in choir is gay, so just keep that in mind and go nuts

*other instruments like harp, piano, and guitar are forever alone

*mingling between band and orchestra, orchestra and choir, choir and band is a sin but sin is okay as long as no one knows about it

they put a piano in the food court of the university center and tbh it’s the worst thing to ever happen here. why did they do this. theres always someone there playing “teenagers” by my chemical romance and there’s not even any sheet music there so for some reason there are multiple people on campus who have memorized how to play teenagers by my chemical romance on piano

twenty one pilots have the kind of lyrics that you want to scream while driving with the windows down on a sunny day when you know you’re alive but the lyrics make the fact of “being alive” feel more like living