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i feel like the narrative on women and makeup has become so muddled and confused and misguided. there is honestly an industry at this point based on denying that makeup has anything to do with patriarchy in any way, shape or form. despite the obvious fact that, no, the vast majority of men do not wear makeup–and yes, we still consider many of them beautiful without it, and without even thinking about it. 

the beauty industry has become attuned enough to the change in culture and women’s increasing liberation over time that they can no longer get away with marketing all their products as “fixes” for your “flaws.” no, they’ve actually co-opted feminist/activist rhetoric to sell their products to you. this imbues their product with a significance and a weight that, without this language, it simply does not have. sadly a lot of this language is similarly used by makeup blogs/vlogs/instagrams/etc without understanding that the capitalist machine has pushed this nonsense on us for years to dupe us. let’s actually take a look at some modern advertising in the beauty industry:

wow! it’s almost like “having it all” sounds familiar? hm, where have i heard that?

this is just one of dozens of products that compare their makeup to a revolution.

the beauty industry has been steadily using rhetoric to suggest that cosmetics bring women power and the like, such as:

but when all else fails, don’t convince women that beauty products will empower, change, enliven them, or make them assertive. just tell them it’s a part of who they are!

because how could the real you shine through without the help of some new foundation or lipstick?

there is such an absurdity to these slogans and such a sexism to the idea that these products are going to change women’s lives, bring them confidence, give them power or anything else. these products, nine times out of ten, are going to paint women’s faces in order to make them more appealing to the patriarchy.

it’s even gone far enough that women online have recently created a hashtag #thepowerofmakeup (?) to insist that makeup is not due to insecurities or a desire to please boys, but simply a personal choice and pleasure that exists in a vacuum and has nothing to do with anything else ever. this is the extent of the brainwashing. i don’t condemn these women in any way because their lack of understanding is not their fault and is a product of growing up in the society they have. to make myself perfectly clear, i do not condemn any women who wear makeup in any context. however the hashtag creator’s notion that “nowadays…it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup” is literally baffling. makeup has never been more popular or beloved than it is right now, and the small group of people criticizing its misogynistic origins are nothing compared to the millions of women who feel compelled to spend hundreds every year on these products. it’s incredible to see women who do wear makeup portrayed as the outcasts, while women who don’t wear makeup know that they’ll have a tougher time getting jobs, be consistently assumed tired/upset/having a bad day, and be generally considered less desirable and inadequately feminine on the whole. 

speaking of the growing prominence of youtube channels, instagrams, tumblrs, etcetcetc centered around makeup and makeup products, i want to make a point. can makeup be art? absolutely! can makeup be fun? absolutely! can makeup exist totally separate from male dominant spaces? i’m not positive, but i think it’s possible. however, it is the dominant culture’s obsession with and need for these products which is harmful to women and girls. many will proclaim that, “i like how i look without makeup too!” and “i can still leave the house without it!” but, as someone who once constantly reiterated these phrases, unfortunately i know them to be denials in many many cases. i felt myself, over the years, insisting that i could leave the house without makeup, yet found myself doing that, at most, five times in an entire year. i told myself i liked how i looked without makeup, yet after two days in the house without a drop, i looked in the mirror and felt ugly, dirty, incomplete. and i know i am not alone. sure makeup makes you feel beautiful, but why?

if we want to talk honestly about makeup and the enormous influence it has on women and girls, we have to rid ourselves of patriarchal notions and delusions that makeup “just makes me feel good!” and embrace the idea that we can feel good, all the time, be beautiful, all the time, no matter what we look like, without makeup in any form. our choices do not exist in a vacuum, and there was a reason i cried hysterically to my mother at 13 for not being allowed to wear mascara. all women are beautiful, all the time. it’s okay that women wear makeup. we just need to start examining why we want to, and patriarchy’s role in that “choice.”

Art Theft Alert

Let’s play my favorite game, it’s called “Don’t Steal My Art!”

All of these are no credit, many have the watermarks cropped :T A lot of them also steal images from CHARITY zines, which is just… like… how low can you be? Videos below the cut. As always, please DO NOT HARASS THESE PEOPLE, and please only report them if you are the artist. You can also tag artists I missed.

PS: THANK YOU to my precious followers who ALWAYS have my back and inform me about these people so I can report them. You are angels!!!! <3

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Followed a bunch more people today who seem to still be part of the clexa fandom...

…if you are still very much invested in clexa and post/reblog a good amount of clexa content can you like/reblog this please? Then any people I still might not be following I can add. 

Of course feel free to add me as well. I won’t be moving on for the foreseeable as I was trés late to the party with this ship.

Thank you!

Oh, also, quick question - what are the best tags to use when posting original clexa content? Aside from ‘clexa’. :)

things you can do to make your posts more accessible to mentally disabled folk

  • dividers (like “————” between sections of long posts)
  • pictures make things easier and less of a hassle to read
  • bullet points
  • try not to use super hard words
  • make your paragraphs less lengthy (more spaces!)
  • titles
  • numbering

(personally i use a lot of emojis and short hand!! 😸)

Crouching glaive, hidden princess? lol I can’t think of any titles for this one xD.

Had time to finish it today. Got too excited and broke the schedule xD

Reasons to either read or not read Killing Stalking


  • Interesting look at taboo subjects not often explored in media
  • Dynamic and interesting characters
  • Good art
  • Psychological thriller
  • Classic horror nods (a otherwise plain song becoming a symbol for a bad event, captives legs broken similar to Misery, etc)
  • Open for theories and interpretation of characters
  • Incredible composition and scene set ups
  • Unique but not overly annoying characters
  • Currently readable in one night
  • Often ignites a strange curiosity in readers


  • Themes that may be considered highly triggering; rape, self-harm, abuse
  • Can be misconstrued as romantic
  • Tumblr discourse
  • Sexual content
  • Earlier chapters can blur together easily
  • Shippers
  • Highly debatable and sometimes offensive contravention
  • Constant mental and physical abuse that is often not correlated or relating directly to future plots; can feel unnecessary for those with a predisposition against gore
  • As being a thriller with more damaging themes there can be a sense of panic and anxiety for new viewers- sometimes leading to anxiety attacks
  • Breaks may be needed for those who suffer from anxiety

Reminder that some of the more opinionated pros and cons come from the tags themselves, so don’t shoot the messenger- but feel free to discuss any topics I should add or change.

Hey guys, that ad that ends with a school shooting kind of set me over the edge and now a lot of you guys are reblogging it, and I just want you to know that I’ve never before considered something a trigger for me but I think that makes the list because I was shaking so badly after I watched it and my heart was pounding so hard it was actually hurting me. I’ve had too many horrific nightmares about that kind of thing, I really don’t need to have something like that there. I know it’s supposed to make you feel disturbed, but I don’t know if people realize just how mentally shaken it can leave some people.

Please tag it or something, please.

And if any of you are sensitive to that kind of content, please be aware of how the ad ends, it seems like an innocent sweet school romance between two kids writing on a desk but it does end with a school shooting, calling people to be more aware of people around them and trying to spot warning signs. 

I don’t want any of you to feel how I felt when I watched that for the first time. 

I know that it’s important, and a real issue that needs to be confronted, but I also feel like some people could really do without seeing it. 


Okay, so earlier today this post (x) prompted the idea that we should try to go radio silent to one up the moles. We’d not 100% stop posting, just stop theorizing about things until we have tangible clues to go on. So next time that website updates, we just ignore it. No more Game of Life bullshit.

We stop playing their game and see what happens. Demand better.

To go with this we’re setting up a Discord group so that we can still theorize in private. So PM me if you have any interest in that. :>

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Things Jack Merridew would probably fall for

•(pfft ralph)
•"if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer!“
•"spell pig backwards and then say pretty colors”
•February 30th jokes
•any classic April fools day jokes (whoopie cushions and other shit like that)
Please add more I’m suffering bc I can’t think of any

Due to a lack of any other festive tag-wide events this year, I’m happy to host the Toonblr Bad Xmas Movie Stream!

Curl up with some cocoa, some popcorn or a little eggnog and prepare for over 10 whole hours of holiday nonsense!! From classics like Frosty to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, I’ll more than likely have it in the playlist and if not–I can add it! 

***Please note that many of these movies, even the classic “family-friendly” ones, were made before 1970 and WILL contain depictions of racist stereotypes. Please watch at your own risk.****

  • Who? Literally anyone that sees this post is welcome to join in!
  • Where? My cytube channel, Crimbo, a private room where we can watch the movies together at the same time! I’ll post the link to the channel on the day of the stream. I can also set up a skype call as well so I can hear your screams as Santa battles the devil in the cult classic Santa Claus (1959).
  • When? December 20th! From 4PM CST - whenever the playlist ends!
  • Why? Because reasons.

🎅I hope to see you there!🎅

anonymous asked:

Hello Ally! Can you rec any tumblr blogs that stan matt/alec? The only blogs that i follow are more like news blogs and i want to follow more people freaking out about matt/alec and the series in general! Thank you!

hey thanks for asking!! Tbh I follow mostly magnus stans bc how #me of them but here a few that I can think of that really love alec/matt

@doddario @dearestalec @softspookyjace @abloodneed @mattsalexander @alecsagitta @alecspookylightwood @alecmagnu @pumpkindaddario

here’s a list of ppl that are great and that love the series in general

@blushinglightwood @princessblackbird @deadspacedame @thelushfiles @fitewood @trickorclizzy @nightfallgoddess @latinalightwood @melbopo @misiach @hcrryshumjr @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter @courageincombat @raphaelsdumort @magsbanes @magnuswinchester @nanachiwoo @spookyprincemagnusbane @magswoods @lightwoodskies @softbanes @warlocksrune @highwarlockkareena @carstairsbane @claryfightwood @alecfightwoods

This is a fucking call out post cause I am not holding back:

I legit had to pull off the road cause this shit is ridiculous.

@worshippedlove (since you have me fucking blocked and I can’t tag you) EMMIE:

Seriously, get off your fucking pillar. At this point it might as well be made out of sand, it is that worthless and sturdy. Your hypocrisy is astounding.

Having any kind of discourse with you, is like speaking to a rock…although, the rock may prove to add more value to any conversation. The same can’t be said about you.

Emmie, you love to contradict yourself sweetheart, thinking you’ve got the upper hand but I’ll tell you what you’re most afraid of, it’s not being wrong, it’s people being indifferent to you. I, personally, could give two shits about you, just don’t go after my friends.

You speak of the fact that you like to partake in discussion and do not shy away from argument, but your stubbornness and narcissism doesn’t allow you to hold an audience with people far smarter than you…and that’s the majority of the population.

What you contribute is all plagiarized information found by others, and then you “reword” it and claim it as your own. You are no original. You have no ideas that have been solely birthed by you. You’re a fraud.

Step off. Stay in your lane. Call me whatever you want, but at least I know who I am. I hope you can scrape off whatever can be salvaged out of your “personality” in order to find human decency, because at the moment, you’ve been found lacking.


I’ve been working on this FC directory for a while, so finally, here it is! This directory includes filters for gender, age, ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour, and other misc traits. Multiple filters can be selected at once too, making it easier to narrow down your search. I’ve also included a link to my tag of resources for each FC, and I’ve only added FCs with at least one gif hunt, but, of course, I’ve been trying to build up tags for each of them with more resources than that where possible. As of right now, there are 200+ FCs in this directory, but I’m going to continue to add more, so I guess you can call this a permanent work-in-progress. I’d really appreciate it if you could like and/or reblog if you found this useful, and also to spread the word!

[ side note: don’t hesitate to message me if you find any errors in here or have any issues, or even if you just have suggestions for ways I can improve it! ]


I want to do a project.

I kind of want to try to collect book blog URLs, so I can feature them on my bookish blogs page. But because I do Shout Out Saturdays for lesser known blogs, they’re in two categories - those with 0-5000 followers, and those with 5000+ followers.

So here’s my thought. If you still want to be featured one of these Saturdays, you can always fill out this form. But regardless of if you do that or not, I’d still like everyone with a book blog to do any of the following: like this post and reply with your follower count, reblog it and add your follower count in the comments or the tags, or just send me a message (I’d rather it be reblogged, so more people can see it!). I know there are SO MANY BLOGS out there that I’ve forgotten to include on that page - even popular ones - and I’d like to try to fix that.

So! If you don’t mind then, go forth and do your thing to help me out! I hope to hear from all of you soon! ♥♥♥

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So I'm genderqueer, and I have only one other person that is genderqueer that I know. Any ideas on how I could meet more? (I also have two transgender friends)

If you mean irl, you could perhaps see if there are any trans/genderqueer forums or facebook groups etc. that are based in your area?

Otherwise, just going through the #genderqueer tag here on tumblr might allow you to find some people who you can befriend! But of course forums and facebook groups can still be very useful.

If any of my followers have any other suggestions, please feel free to add to this post.

Live Bait

Summary: When Castiel suggest to use the reader as bait Dean isn’t too happy about it.

Characters: Y/N, Dean, Castiel, Sam

Word Count: 2,000 ish

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Dean being over protective, Crack-ish, fluff

A/N:  This is my entry for @creatively-charlie ‘s Anniversary Writing Challenge and my prompt were “Excuse me I have to go make a scene” & “Hey, no threatening the Angel.”

This is also my entry for @atc74 follower celebration, my song was Down in the Mississippi (Up to no good) by Sugarland.  The line I had to use was “All these years without any help, well guess what honey? Clothes just don’t wash themselves.”

**If you would like to add yourself to my tag list you can do that here, also check out my other stuff on my masterlist! **


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i did some thinking after they released information on yugioh vrains and i’ve decided to accept vrains imagines on here instead of making a new blog for it. i already accept arc v with any other series so i’ll add vrains and vrains can stand alone as an imagine as well. i will remain as arcvimagines but think of this as vrainsimagines. i did make a separate twitter for vrains though it’s just more organized that way over there. over here you can find what you need through tags so searching isn’t an issue. you can submit vrains imagines starting now!

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hey melissa! do you have any sambucky fic recs? i miss my dads 😭

Im soooo sorry Anon but my brain’s been totally broke and not letting me read more than about 2k a day so I really haven’t been keeping up! TOTALLY check out my to read tag because I 100% know there are some fantastic fics in there that I can’t wait to dive in to!! Also may I recommend anything by @zamnwilson , @permashift and @backtozain who I know have been writing a lot lately!

Also please feel free to add your own recs folks!!


I saw these little plastic ball chain garbage cans on the interweb and laughed maybe a little too long at the idea of making these for some of my buddies that like to joke about being trash. 

They are now an official 4.00 add on to any tier 20.00+ on my current kickstarter project:

Part of the add on is that it’s not limited to the pairings shown. You could do any “trash” you want be it a ship from a fandom you love, or even proclaiming you are  such things as “BBq trash” or “anime trash”. Anything goes.