any marshall

Aftershock (The Vestige AU)

Fang was jerked out of her sleep by the sound of Lightning wheezing and coughing.

“Lightning!” Fang sat up and grabbed the other woman. “What’s wrong?”

“Bathroom!” Lightning spat. “Get me to the bathroom.”

It was a testament to how bad Lightning felt that she didn’t even protest as Fang scooped her up into her arms and carried her into the bathroom. At any other time, the marshal would never have allowed someone to carry her about like an invalid, so this has to be serious.

It was.

Fang spent the next ten minutes holding Lightning’s hair as she emptied the contents of her stomach into the toilet. And even when there was nothing left to throw up, her stomach continued to convulse until she was dry-heaving so hard that she would have slipped and fallen if Fang hadn’t been supporting her. Once she’d finally stopped, she staggered into Fang’s arms.

“Water…” Lightning washed out her mouth and then leaned on Fang again. “Bed.”

Once Lightning was on the bed, she fumbled about in her bedside table until she found a container of pills. She fumbled with the container, but her hands were shaking so badly, she could barely get it open. Fang reached for them, and Lighting shot her a glare before finally allowing Fang to take the container from her.

“Give me four of them… no, five.” Lightning swallowed the pills without water. Maker, she must have done this before, so many times before. Her hands continued to tremble, and Fang couldn’t stop herself from staring. She’d never seen Lightning’s hands be anything but steady and totally in control, but they were trembling so much that it was like looking at…

At someone with neurological problems.

And now Lightning’s whole body was trembling, even her damaged leg.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Lightning stilled.

“What… what was that?” Fang asked.

Lightning dragged in several deep breaths. “You already know that I’m not entirely well.”

“Yeah… you suffered neurological damage piloting Odin solo in the same battle where… where you hurt your leg.”

“Most of the time, it’s not too bad. But… I get episodes sometimes.” Lightning swallowed thickly. “Uncontrolled neural activity coupled with a host of other symptoms, of which the most common is vomiting. Basically, my brain goes into a… mini meltdown like an Eidolon core overloading.”

“Maker… does… does Dr Estheim know about this? Does Vanille?”

“They are both aware of my… episodes,” Lightning sagged back onto the bed. “The pills are designed to suppress extraneous neural activity. I won’t bother getting into the exact science of it. Suffice it to say that it’s extremely complicated.” She closed her eyes. “You have a question.”

“How often does this happen?” They’d been sharing a bed for almost a month now, and this had never happened before.

“Not too often. Nora and Vanille both thinks its stress-related, and we’ve been pushing a lot the last few weeks…” Lightning kept her eyes closed. “As long as I don’t get more than one episode a week, I should be fine.”

“One episode a week?” Fang growled. “Are you insane? I just watched you empty your stomach and then have some… some sort of seizure -”

“There is no one else,” Lightning snapped. “There is no one else who can command as well as I can. When there is, I will gladly step down. Why do you think I’ve been doing my best to train potential successors? I’m not an idiot. I’m well aware of how stressful my job is and what will happen if I am incapacitated at a crucial time, but at the moment, there is no one else.” Her voice softened. “And what’s one life for the rest of the world, Fang?”

“Your life means a damn lot to me and everyone else, Lightning.” Fang’s eyes narrowed. “You should take tomorrow off.”

“No. Not possible.”

“Lightning -”

“No.” Lightning shook her head. “Just… let me sleep. I’ll be fine in the morning.” And then she was sleeping. Fang, however, did not get much sleep that night. Instead, she remained awake, wondering how much more Lightning had left to give… and how much more she would have to give if they wanted to win the war against the fal’Cie.

Uncommon Reminder

Eminem is NOT a misogynist.

Eminem is NOT violent.

Eminem is NOT racist.

Eminem is NOT homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic etc.

Eminem is NOT abliest.

Eminem is NOT antireligion.

Eminem is not a horrible or bad person. Yes, he said shit but, he didn’t mean it in a literal sense (and don’t roll your eyes at that). The sole purpose of his words and Slim Shady was to be controversial and for butt hurt asses to hate and get pissed. The world has done loads of shit to him and he wanted to piss it off. And, loads of his work helped so many people through shit. But, closed minded individuals choose to look at Slim Shady; instantaneously assuming that that is who he is as a person (when, for the record, Slim Shady is a created character not a diagnosed alter ego). They discard loads of his deep raps and refuse to look into what good he has done by retaliating and claiming ‘he has done none’. Don’t you think that that is for Stans (his fandom base) to judge… they were the ones he helped after all. His humour is dark; but he is also deep. And if you don’t get it or, it doesn’t ‘rock your boat’ then be gone.. and steer clear of it :)

So please, I ask who ever is reading this to discard all hate. After all, he is a great artist and if you hate him, at least respect his talent and work. And, keep your comments away. You can possess an opinion but it is not a necessity to share it.

Thank you.

- A stan.

Klaus: *on his playground of doom* *his toy drops* THIS!! IS!!  BETRAYAL!! I!! WILL!!!! KILL!! EVERYONE!! YOU!! HAVE!! EVER!! MET!!

Elijah: To Hayley - My favorite color is Red.
           To Rebekah - My favorite color in Blue.
           To Klaus - I do not even like colors,Niklaus.

Rebekah: Why am I not allowed to date?

Freya: ….Vodka?

Hayley: Hey!jack you can get into my pants while, Elijah worships the ground I walk on.


Marcel: Klaus man, stop killing my vampires every fucking season.

There’s a tech at my job who has a window sticker that says “FLORIDA CRACKER”

Like that’s a Official Thing ™ down here lmao they really call themselves that