any man that cries

My Jared photo-op was the most amazing and emotional experience of my existence.  

Some of you may know my story, some may not, but most of you can assume that it has to do with AKF and you’re absolutely right.  To put it in the simplest way I can: Sam Winchester saved my life six years ago when he sacrificed himself for the world, but Jared Padalecki gave me my life back when he opened up about his depression last year.

I had been looking forward to this moment since the premiere of “Swan Song” and it was finally happening at NashCon.  When they called for the Jared-ops, my legs were trembling as I walked up the stairs.  I stood in the long line alternating between crying and shaking and when I finally saw him, just more than an arm’s length away from me, I didn’t know what to do.  

When it was my turn for the photo I somehow managed to walk up to him.  He smiled down at me (dimplesdimplesdimples) and leaned down to be eye-level.  Green and browns swirl together in those eyes.  He said, “Hi!” in the kindest voice and I immediately started crying.  The next thing I knew he had cupped my head with his hand (and his hand takes up my entire head) and pulled me into the tightest hug of my life.  I apologized four or five times into his chest and he said, “No, no, no, doll, it’s alright.”  (!!!!!)

There was a fifteen second time span where it was just him looking down at me and I realized (after that fifteen seconds) that he wanted to know what I wanted to do for the picture.  I apologized (again) and he laughed, so kindly, and told me it was okay.  I asked him for a hug and he grinned real big (dimplesdimplesdimples) and answered, “Absolutely.”  

He pulled me back into a hug, the one you see here, and Chris snapped the picture.  I was crying again - being in Jared’s arms for just a moment was too much - and I thanked him quickly, knowing he had more pictures to take. 

But as I was walking away he grabbed my hand in his and pulled me back into yet another hug.  When he pulled back he looked down at me, still holding my hand (he has a callus on his right ring finger), he said, “You look beautiful.  Do you have any other pictures or the autographs later?”  I told him I had a picture with him and Jensen later and then autographs and he went, “Awesome.  I’ll see you then, okay?” and then he blew me one of those two-handed kisses he does.

Jared is the most genuine and kind and comforting person in the entire world and my life has been changed for the better because of him and everything he does and not a day will ever go by that I won’t look at this picture and be eternally grateful for him and everything he’s done.  


Bonfire night begins; Barney is no where to be seen. Mintilda can’t deny that she’s vastly disappointed, but after calling his cell - and being sent straight to voicemail - her heart is broken. He said he would be here, so how can she trust him now? She hangs up the phone, looks herself in her bathroom mirror & reminds herself that no Mulberry lady cries over any man. She shrugs off the disappointment, heads back out to the party, tosses back a couple glasses of wine, and she’s ready to dance the night away! Her and her co-workers are having so much fun that by the time the fire is dying, only herself, Don, and a lot of empty glasses remain. He offers to help her clean up; and she insists that he not drive home in his state and begs him to crash on her couch.

when u see a nerd and think u could be friends but then u talk to them and they are the wrong type of nerd. i cannot synchronize my nerd-ability with you. nerd incompatible, mission status: disaster.


“He tends to blame himself. Blames himself when the team doesn’t win, blames himself when he can’t recover from an injury quickly, blames himself when things aren’t in the favor for his team. He is a man that has experienced a lot of pain and suffering, even in his football career. People chose to ignore that, and see him as a selfish, whiny baby on the pitch. But what he really is, is a passionate man that would die for his job. He gets angry, he cries, he shows emotion, just like any strong man, and people criticize him for that. But nobody is a bigger critique on Cristiano, than Cristiano himself.”

The Hunt…. now this was really an event he could get behind… and in front of, and probably sideways if he tried hard enough, Luka was not by any means a predator most of the time- the man cried at the very thought of hurting a hurting any kind of woodland creature- but he still had predatory instincts, and this game was getting his instincts revved up before it even started, he had already stripped into hunting attire- well, hunting attire for a wolf anyway, plain black sweatpants was all he needed, and the second he heard the signal for the chase to begin he took off like a bullet into the outdoor grounds of Krov’s

“Little lamb little lamb… come out come out wherever you are….”