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Rodrigo Guerrero is a 7th generation Toreador and the Prince of Cambridge in the Liberty x Undeath chronicle.

A handsome man of Spanish aristocratic ancestry, he is the successor of Prince Lisbette and adopted some of his mentor’s acumen, but remains a spirited and charismatic person. Though melancholy from the burden of leadership following 1776, he slowly came to accept his new role and performed well within it. His smile returned and his songs once more rose to praise the moon in her eternal beauty.

A fast friend to nearly any kine or kindred that he meets, he greatly supports the ideals of his adopted homeland and offers them to any that would enter his domain: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


This amazing gift was from @jessiphile and was drawn by @dancinfox. It was really unexpected and greatly appreciated.


Can I have your attention Please

its about this sexy fucker

in the new Pre-Season Art

I mean disregard the Vayne and the Braum as well as the Brambleback for a Second and gaze at the awesomeness that is Pantheon

just look at him that spear on his back the sexy gauntlet calling down the smite on that poor Motherfucker of a red buff.

Check out the arms, toned, defined perfect muscles for stomping any kine of idiot who dares to offend your awesomeness *cough cough* Darius

Its also canon that he is clean shaved, look at the sexy neck though so masculine and stuff as well as the Solari esq cape holder

Next up Check out those Abs, that Armour, that piece of skin showing that just has to make every girl swoon

the his legs like dayum he does not skip leg day even once a week, you know what those are good for next to skyfalling ;) yes Leona I’m looking at you.

And how could I forget the Butt of Glorious death and destruction ? Eat your heart out Darius and all the other guys Pantheon remains the booty over Lord. 

and now that I have made my points I leave you with this very important message:

SUCK IT DIANA you will be Pantheon sexual now 



Can all the people arguing in the Shizaya tag please shut up. Who cares if people like Shizuo and Izaya more, or if the latest eps make the ship “stupid” (in your opinion).

My favourite character- someone who is absolutely essential to the plot- isn’t even in the anime (the muse for this blog, actually), and you don’t see me complaining about it incessantly.

If you don’t like a ship, or a character, that’s 100% okay. But stop picking fights.

Without the shizaya fans, we probably wouldn’t have gotten a second season. If you want more posts about your fave, produce content. There’s barely any Kasane, or Kine, or Kazamoto, or any of the Russians.

Produce content, not fights. Shizaya shippers aren’t hurting anyone. Be the bigger person and ignore/block it.

To quote Wil Wheaton: Don’t be a dick.

Just chill.