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He’s a mystery that no one really knows about. He’s a mystery that draws people in with the rings on his fingers and the charms that drape around his neck.

He’s tall and his eyes bore secrets that people can never hold his gaze for long.

He helps people, those who desperately need it, whispering latin and spells underneath his breath, the candles creating a fog that only seem to make the gold in his eyes stand out more.

But while he’ll help those who come asking it, he doesn’t even think twice about punishing those who don’t have pure intentions. Those who intend to use his magic to hurt or harm.

He’ll help those who need it but he’ll punish those who deserve it.


So i just realized that i hit 5k followers, and i want you guys to know that i love every single one of you! I am so thankful to have so many amazing people on this blog, and thankful for all the friends i have made. You guys are truly amazing! Words can not explain how happy i am. This is just so cool that so many people like my blog. Thank you all so so much, and if anyone ever needs a friend i will always be here!

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I forgot how happy your blog makes me omg~ also ,,,, throw some smoker!dean shit at me because I live for that (bc just like reader and dean laying in bed quietly sharing a cigarette and just pretending that hunting doesn't exist and there are no monsters and they are normal for like half a second)

okay so since i am wincest trash, i had to make this about wincest so sue me.

like i can only imagine that the first time that dean found sam smoking he more or less freaked because dean was a hypocritical bastard who thought that it was only okay for him to smoke, not his little brother (pretty much what sam said when dean took away the cigarette, that along with some words that dean knew sam didn’t learn from school).

but like out of spite, sam kept smoking. he convinced some of the older kids at school to buy him a pack or share one with him and well, with a face like his no one ever did object. dean tried to fight it, tried to tell sam that it was bad for his health and sam would only throw that shit back at dean because dean smoked more than he did so finally dean just stopped trying to get sam to quit.

instead, dean told sam that if he wanted to smoke, he could only smoke with dean (because dean didn’t like the way that those guys looked at sam when he smoked) and well, sam was more happy to comply.

they didn’t smoke a lot partly because it wasn’t like they had a ton of money to spare to buy cigarettes and it was kinda a hassle to steal them so it was an irregular occurrence that they both cherished.

whenever dad would be away on a hunt or at the bar or whatever he did, dean would pull one out and stretch out on the bed, sam pressed up against his side and they would share a cigarette, letting the black tar fill their lungs and they would mutter dreams of far away places where monsters didn’t exist and they didn’t live in a crappy motel with weird ass stains everywhere. they would think of places were they could be together, actually be together, where there wasn’t the fear of being discovered of what they really were.

they would talk of places were everything was normal and dean would have high cholesterol because he eats too many cheese burgers and his body would be soft, not hardened from being a hunter. and sam, he would go to school and be a lawyer with those beautiful hazel eyes and chestnut brown hair.

the smoke would dance across their vision and create images of that house with a white picket fence and sam would have a dog and when the smoke would clear, they would see the reality that they live in and know that there would never be that normal for them.

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How yoi plays with sports story scheme

I was wondering recently why Yuri on Ice seemed to be so different and fresh to me and why so many people get so emotionally engaged with it. There is definitely a nice animation and great characters and representation and such a beautiful love story but I felt like there was something in the narration layer that I couldn’t name until I compared yoi storyline to the most common schemes.

When you look at most of the pop cultural stories, especially those where main plot focuses on sport, you’ll see that there is that one scheme they all follow - you have a hero who has talent but lacks something (like a good mentor or hard work or confidence), he finds a motivation to win (it may be anything from parent’s death to wish to impress a girl) and he finds a dedicated coach, he trains, he loses, he learns something about himself, he wins, he gets an award. This is the basic way of constructing such stories and it’s catchy because we all want to believe that we are able to fight our weaknesses and win by ourselves. You may modify this scheme to a large extent but the main core will always be a single hero who needs to grow in order to win and actually I think that this scheme is present in Yuri on Ice but in Yurio’s not Yuuri’s story. Yurio has talent, lacks hard work and needs to learn something about himself, his skate-off with Yuuri gives him a motivation to win, he trains hard, he loses, he grows, he wins. This doesn’t make his story or his character less interesting but I wanted to give you an example of what am I talking about so I could compare it to Yuuri’s story.

So now, where is Yuuri’s plot different you could say. Well, in a way you could find all those elements in Yuuri’s story too but his development is where it all turns to be innovative. You see in the basic scheme the hero needs to learn to win by himself while Yuuri has got to that point a long time ago. He had all of that: his motivation, his hard work, most of his abilities, his own strength before he met Victor. He was fighting by himself for five years before and even if his anxiety makes him look like a weak loser it is obvious he is already beyond that “learning about myself” phase. Even this confidence Victor helps him to find he already had just hidden. Yuuri knows his emotions and some of his strengths and most of the weak points himself and either he wins or loses those minor competitions it doesn’t change him too deeply. But what Victor gives him is the belief that he doesn’t have to fight by himself anymore. Not in a “you can learn from other people” or “teamwork is important” kind of way (’cause they are still used in most of the stories) but in acknowledging that you may become better if you let someone close to you (this lesson applies to Victor to btw but he is not the main hero so I’ll skip this part). 

I won’t say this reverses the scheme completely as this is still some kind of personal development that helps to win (though the fact that Yuuri does not finally win is interesting by itself) but it definitely changes the subtext of the whole story.  We like stories about heroes fighting by themselves because we often struggle with our problems alone and we need to believe me can do it. But Yuri on Ice gives us the idea that thought you are strong enough to fight maybe you don’t have to fight alone at all. I guess this is why it has such a great emotional impact because in a world that tells you all the time that it’s only for you to win the story of someone who still needed help even if he already was strong and beautiful is really hopeful, positive and in a way more realistic then the basic “hero can only win by himself” scheme. 

There is also the whole layer of how Victor doesn’t fit to the standard portrayal of a mentor figure but I think this is quite easy to spot and maybe let’s not make this longer than it has to be but the last quick reflection I had is that the most common way of portraying romantic relationships in the sports stories is either when the hero needs to sacrifice his relationship in order to focus (which is the trope I personally hate) or when he wins the attention of his love interest by winning the final competition (so the love is somehow a reward then). What is great in Yuuri and Victor’s relationship is how Yuuri doesn’t have to win to prove his worth to Victor. Almost from the beginning, Victor knows Yuuri’s flaws and he falls for him anyway. So Yuuri is not only given support that helps him to become better but also he doesn’t need to earn that support. Which I think again is quite moving because everyone dreams of this kind of relationship. We are all scared that we are not good enough to let someone help us in the first place and this is where yoi tells us it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m sure there are much more tropes that are reversed in yoi and there is the whole narration layer that is also quite original but as storytelling is what I have the most experience with I decided to focus on this aspect only. And I may be wrong I just like to find and discuss narration schemes so please argue if you disagree but I love the fact that even when yoi takes those basic narration schemes it uses it to send a very positive message across and for me it could be a reason why there is such an enthusiastic fandom around it - because this anime exchanges the story of fighting alone for a story about growing in a relationship though it does not change a sports story for a cheaply romantic one.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people how I simultaneously love girls so freaking much but also have internalized lesbophobia that makes it harder for me to view myself in a loving and committed relationships with a woman because of society’s fetishization of lesbians and wlw to the point where being with a girl just feels like I’m part of some kink to get straight men off

I was thinking about maybe starting an ask-blog thing with either bts, exo, or kim kogane ahhh idk ;3; also what au to choose?
Basically I’ve been stuck in bed for 4 days now with bronchitis so I’m bored af

in case you were wondering… i have better taste in men than i do in women.

i wasn’t planning to draw these two then uh, i did, so here is a boring contribution to the boy lovin’ vidal effort

I frequently see short text posts praising Joan and wishing for the universe to bestow Joan with a girlfriend already or affirmations that she’s a wlw, all of which are absolutely wonderful, and I want to ask anyone who has any thoughts on it, what is your ideal, dream situation for Joan? Living situation, spouse or no spouse (who you ship her with and why), her sexual orientation, children or no children, any change to her job(s), hobbies (besides baseball and jogging), more pets or different pets… change in hairstyle or wardrobe… tattoo ideas…

I’m just really curious of other people’s Joan Watson headcanons?