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Matthew Macfadyen spam ♔ part 8/?

Sam Claflin recalls seeing Matthew Macfadyen reading the novel (Any Human Heart) between takes while filming The Pillars of the Earth, “sitting in full medieval costume in the middle of Vienna, thick mud all around, avidly turning the pages of a paperback”. It was a long shoot, and when Macfadyen had finished he passed the book to Claflin: “I’m not much of a reader, but I absolutely loved it.”

“Fuck! Fabulous!” was Macfadyen’s response, months later, when he discovered Channel 4 was plotting its adaptation and wanted him to play ‘middle Logan’. When he heard producers were looking for somebody to play Logan in his teens and 20s, he suggested Claflin. “Much better-looking but I thought he’d be perfect as a younger me.”