any hour like two am for example

Everyone remember the “fading scene?”


Prepare to feel an avalanche of more feels.

It has recently come to my attention (through @astargatelover) that over in German countries, they release audio versions of Disney movies, with narrators so people know what’s happening, and they’re a little shorter.  The one for the 2017 BatB movie was a little over an hour.  And they changed a few things around from the movie that we all know and love.

Like the fading scene, for example.

According to my friend, they made that worse.

Now here I am thinking “How could that scene possibly get any worse?  They didn’t get–oh, I don’t know–severely hurt in the battle or something, right?”  


Turns out, that’s exactly what happens.

Now it was only two of them, but I’m not going to say which two because I don’t want to break anyone.  If you want to know, just message me and I can tell you…

But I am emotionally drained

and I haven’t even heard this audio…I have only been told about it.

hyde to ken [ROCK IT! 1997]

I listen to these two talk, and it’s almost as if they’re brothers… Who is the older brother, and who is the younger, we will leave that judgement up to our readers.

We get a glimpse at the lovely relationship between hyde and ken, as they look out for each other, respect each other. There are also other new(?) discoveries revealed.

hyde, ken, do you remember what your first impressions of each other were? 

k: I was an acquaintance of tetsu’s, so I’d gone to their concerts before. Ah huh, I’ve actually been to a L’Arc~en~Ciel concert as an audience member. 

h: After the live, we would go out to eat together and, to me, he was just “tetsu’s friend, the cool guitar boy”. 

k: “Boy”?! (laughs) 

h: Also, once, tet-chan’s car battery quit on him, and he called ken-chan and was like, “please help!” ken-chan came, and then, to me, he became “the boy that fixed tet-chan’s overheated engine” (laughs). 

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