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#that’s a smart girl tactic for ‘don’t mess with me bitch’

You can literally list one thousand things to hate about the revival but honestly; complaining about how Luke and Lorelai had communication troubles misses the entire point of that arc. “In 9 years they would have figured it out!!!” Bullshit, in 9 years they would have had up and down moments and Richard’s death would have done exactly what it did: thrown Lorelai into a fearful retreat because she hates being vulnerable and she realizes that she absolutely needs Luke in her life and that he could someday not be there. In 9 years they wouldn’t have magically figured everything out. The magic of the revival is that instead of letting her fear spook her, Lorelai addressed it head on and came out the other side.

In 20 years of marriage they’ll still have communication problems. 9 years of being in a committed relationship made them comfortable, it didn’t cure them of their bad habits.


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

Gilmore Girls Revival.

So many questions.

All of them are just ‘why’. 

Liiiiiike it confronted maybe 10% of the problems it introduced and then spent like 30 minutes on an eyesore of a musical just to show off Sutton Foster? I’m just? What? Who? Why?

the signs as gilmore girls characters

saries: kirk gleason

taurus: dean forester

gemini: lorelai gilmore

cancer: luke danes

leo: richard gilmore

virgo: paris geller

libra: rory gilmore

scorpio: jess mariano

sagittarius: christopher hayden

capricorn: michel gerard

aquarius: lane kim

pisces: emily gilmore

“logan was an awful jerk!!! he was the worst!!”

k well maybe u forgot that he:

  • respected rory as a reporter (he literally gives her the nickname ‘ace’. he’s literally calling her a great reporter)
  • he comforted rory when her boyfriend broke up with her in public 
  • was upfront to rory about what kind of guy he was (he told her that he had only had casual rel. before. he didnt hide it and understood that rory didnt feel the same)
  • lent his car and driver to rory bc her mom was upset 
  • he asked her for permission before they had sex. he. literally. asked. for. her. consent.
  • he recognized his feelings for rory and gave up his other casual relationships bc he liked her sm
  • he stood up to his shitty family who were awful to her
  • he understood that she was upset and wanted to talk to her about it
  • understood that rory needed to make her own decisions about school. (i know a lot of ppl hate him for this but honestly…wtf was he supposed to do? he challenged her by not demanding that she go back— he let her do what she thought was best for her)
  • the entire vineyard valentine episode
  • he respected lorelai and all the work that she went through in running away raising rory. he makes an effort to understand her and her relationship with rory.
  • “if you come with me i wont get on the plane”
  • the love rocket
  • he literally got so happy and excited about work and he was super good at it. a real work dork
  • faked a meteor shower
  • “im tired of not being around you.”
  • accepted that he made the wrong decision and took responsibility for it
  • denounced his family and gave up his wealth to start fresh and work hard to earn his own money
  • “I want to work. I’m ready to work. And I want to work hard.” 

gilmore girls revival…………………

anyway who’s gonna write the actual ending where rory and paris realize they love each other and finally get together