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In general, I have some FEELS regarding the ebb and flow of Njord’s place among mortals and the gods. He has gone from a respected and presumably beloved figure among the Vanir, to being a hostage, to becoming one of the foremost among the gods in Scandinavia, to being one of the few who had folk practices left lingering to honor him, to now being one of the least recognized and represented deities among the norse pantheon.

One song I have on the playlist I’m working on for him has the lyrics ‘They will build me no shrines and sing me no songs’, in the view of a person who has started, or is in the middle of, a long winding journey. He has gone from being a displaced god, to one with many hoffs and homes, to one whom even fellow pagans I talk to in the real world barely know of, if at all! Some of the most popular posts in his tag is not about him, but rather has him as a side mention to his daughter Freyja, or to his ex-wife Skadi.

Of course, he doesn’t seem to have the hunger of power that I’ve found other gods have. There is something so… accepting about this in his nature, the recognition of the way time and the universe WORKS.

You will be forgotten, you will be remembered, you will be found again, you will be lost again. The universe is vast and human memories are so very small.


Freya: “My brother is back in town, you know.”
You: “Which on?”
Freya: (smirks) “The one you like.”
You: “I-I don’t like any of your brothers.”
Freya: “Tell that to Kol, love.” (she smiles) “Because I know you can’t wait to see him.”

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Its like Hogwarts in here

Request -  Can you write one where Freya teaches you magic? Reader is a female and they’re best friends.

Im so sorry its so short but i couldn’t really think of anything else that i could add but anyway, i hope you like it! :) 

Word count - 638

Ever since Y/N was little, she had been close to the Mikaelsons. She had become homeless at a very young age and Elijah was the one the save her. He brought her back to his home and ever since then, she has been like their sister. 20 years after Y/N first encountered the Mikaelsons, a new sister came into the picture; Freya Mikaelson was their oldest sister who they all thought was dead and because she was in a sleeping curse with their Aunt Dahlia, she had never got turned into a vampire and was still a witch.

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What everyone in the family, including Y/N, didn’t know, was that Y/N was a witch. It all came to light one day when Klaus’s daughter was in danger, Y/N got angry and managed to snap a unknown vampires neck with the magic she didn’t know that she had. 

After this, Freya and Y/N became closer. Freya had started to teach Y/N magic and no matter how hard Y/N tried, she couldn’t control her magic. Some days she couldn’t even do a simple magic spell and other days she was burning the curtains across the room. 

Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Veras” Y/N started chanting. Klaus and Hope were somewhere in the city and Y/N was trying to find them using a locator spell. This was her first time doing a spell like this and it scared her. “ Sequita Saguines” She continued to chant. By each word, she was getting more confident and with every word the blood was moving closer and closer to the location of the father and daughter. “ Ementas Asten Mihan Ega Petous” And with the last word, the blood stopped moving and Y/N was able to see where Klaus and Hope were located. In the record shop. 

Freya then called Klaus to know he was no longer needed and that he could now come home. 

“Well done, your first successful spell” Freya screeched while running to Y/N, hugging her. “Now you know you can do a spell, you’ll be able to do more powerful spells and eventually be at the same level as me. Im so proud of you”

“Thank you Freya. I couldn’t have done it without your help” explained Y/N. Just as Y/N was going to ask Freya if they could try one more spell for that day, they were interupted by a loud, angry-like voice.

“Blood hell, it looks like Hogwarts in here!” Klaus announced. And sure enough, as Y/N and Freya looked around, it did. There were grimoire’s everywhere, broken glass and burnt down curtains. “Yeah okay i was expecting a mess, but not this bad. Please tell me either you two are going to clean this up or you have a spell that can do it in less that 1 second”

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“Klaus, don’t worry. All this will be over with in a few days” Freya explained, while slowly pushing Klaus out the room.

“Why a few days? I thought it would take weeks to teach Y/N magic”

“Hey! im not that bad” Y/N objected. She knew herself that she was lying but she didnt want to admit it. 

“No you’re amazing Y/N” Freya answered. “Any other witch in your position wouldn’t be able to do that locator spell so soon, so i can tell that, if you put a lot of effort and concentration into the next few days, you will be like me sooner than you think”

A few weeks later, Y/N was on the same level as Freya. They did most spells together to make them all quicker and a little more effective. Y/N was so happy that she was now a witch because now she could help protect her family and not just be kept at home like a child. She had a purpose and she loved it. 


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“Don’t get frustrated trying to read the Latin” she firstly advised you. “If you get stuck on a word just ask. Otherwise your frustration could affect your magic. Our emotions are strongly tied with our magic so we have to be careful” she explained as she flicked through her Grimoire looking for a spell for you to say. “Thank you Freya, for offering to teach me” you smiled. She looked up from the book quickly returning the smile. “I wouldn’t rather any other protege”

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Any staves related to the Goddesses? I know there are two that reference Odinn/Freyr, but I'm curious there are any that reference Idunn, Freya, Frigg, ect.

Norse Gods in Late Medieval Icelandic Magic

You are probably referring to the bind-runes you’ve seen where the bind-rune has been named “Odin” and “Freyr”. I have previously posted about those. There are a few staves that have either Odin or Thor in their title, but they are not mentioned in their purpose. There are no staves named after Norse goddesses.

However, there are a few records of other Norse gods being invoked in magical spells, the above being one of the best examples.

It is very relevant and bears pointing out, Icelandic magic, most predominant in the 16th and 17th centuries, was part of the very strong Christian faith. Christianity was almost universal for all Icelanders.There were opposing opinions regarding magic when the Reformation brought new priests and priest taught on the European mainland back into Iceland. Some were very strict and caused magic/“witchcraft” to be outlawed, while other priests not only allowed the practice but practised magic themselves. 

In other words, the practice of magic was not a “pagan” phenomenon. It was Christians using whatever powers they thought would help them achieve their ends, usually using Christian Gods and other Christian entities (saints, angels, leaders, kings, etc.) but also occasionally using the gods of old.

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Wcif the outfit that is like a black crop top and a mid calf-ish length skirt and it is white with navy stripes on it? It's on a blonde girl sorry for not being very specific

i’m sorry but this is too little detail for me to go off of. i need either the post number (e.g. /post/123456789012) or the caption of the post to know which sim and outfit you’re asking for.

i’m still not 100% this is the outfit you’re looking for but this is what it got from your other messages.

top by @tamo-sim // culottes by @theslyd

Beauchamp siblings on Smells like king spirit

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Hey, Yunan! I'm sorry if you've answered something like this before...(I tried to search for it!) But I've recently felt a pull to start working with Thor. I've only been working with Freya up to this point, she's the one who introduced me to the gods in a way. But I'm so new at this I'm not sure I'm ready to devote myself to another Thor when I'm not sure I'm doing my best for Freya. Any advice?

Hi! That sounds awesome to me!!

The thing is, you can start working with Thor without devoting yourself to Him. In fact, I recommend you do so. A practitioner becomes a devotee with both the God and the practitioner agree on it. You can start by simply talking to Thor, and giving occasional offerings while still worshipping Freya.

I doubt Freya would have a hard time with you working with Thor. If you’re worried, you could talk to Her about it. 

It’s common for new worshippers to wonder if they’re doing it right. But it sounds like you’re really trying, and putting your heart into it. That sounds like you’re doing enough to me.

Also, might I recommend @hippydippywitchy if you’re interested in working with Thor? Best resource I know of (⌒ー⌒)b

I hope this helps. Good luck! ヾ(・ω・o)

Fertility Spell: A Call to Mother Freya

This spell is to be performed on the Friday (Freya’s Day) on or before the New Moon. Ideally, this will stimulate ovulation and fertilization to help you get pregnant.


  • Red apple
  • Red candle
  • Knife (boline)
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Mugwort
  • Rose quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Small drawstring bag or cloth 

Slice the apple in half horizontally (the seeds should form a pentacle), then carve the rune Fehu into the center. Sprinkle with mugwort and put the apple back together, tying it shut. Place the stones in a bag or cloth. Charge both over a lit red candle while chanting the following:

Goddess Freya, true and fair,
Far too long have I lain bare
Grant my womb and honored guest,
Swell my stomach and my breast
My greatest wish bequeath to me
Quicken the seed, so mote it be.

Bury the apple under the window to your bedroom. Place the stones with some mugwort in a bag or cloth and tuck it under your pillow. If you can, wear red to bed, sleep in red sheets, or tie a red ribbon to your underwear. Before you fall asleep that night, repeat the following ad nauseum:

Quicken the seed, so mote it be.

Note: This will (obviously) only have any effect if you also do the baby dance or undergo some kind of implantation/sperm donation. This spell will not spawn any messiahs. 


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