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Aisles  [M]

Aisle One

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 7,458

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Aisle One Aisle Two Aisle Three

“What toothpaste brand do you like?” you asked as you walked down the aisle. You were  too busy staring at the different brands of toothpaste in your hands to notice the person you were talking to wasn’t Hoseok.

“I like the one in your left hand” a strange voice responded.

Your head snapped up to look at the owner of the voice that didn’t belong Hoseok. As you took in his frame, he was definitely the complete opposite of the person you had mistaken him for.The boy in front of you was tall, muscular. His messy dark hair hidden beneath a beanie. He smiled at you and for a second you forgot how words worked, incapable of processing anything else that he was saying.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were my roommate” you nervously spat out as soon as you regained the ability to speak.

He laughed as the two of you stood awkwardly across from each other, “Don’t worry about it”

“Marco!” you heard Hoseok’s voice ring out through the otherwise quiet pharmacy.

“Polo” you responded as your cheeks flushed a million different shades of red as the boy’s face lit up even more. But you couldn’t get the nerve to look at him, avoiding eye contact by returning one of the tubes of toothpaste back onto the shelf you had taken it from. The sound of your rescue, Hoseok’s footsteps, got louder and louder as they filled the growing awkward silence between the two of you.

“Y/N, where have you been? I thought you got swallowed by a toothpaste monster or something” Hoseok teased as he walked up to the two of you.

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Infinity - Made in the A.M. series

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Requests: 1. Getting into a fight with h at Anne’s house please. 2. request-going to lunch with h, his family, and your family. (These were two separate requests I just combined them)

Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

A/N: I’m starting to work on the requests I’ve been sent, thank you so much to everyone who has been sending them! Feel free to send more 

It had been one of the best days you had had with Harry in a while.

Every day you spent with him seemed to be a great day, but he had been really busy lately so the two of you hadn’t been able to do much. You never blamed him, this was the lifestyle you signed on for after all, but you were still grateful for days like this.

The two of you had started the day with a lazy sleep in. Despite it being the late morning you had remained in bed, shifting from lying in each other’s arms to gentle, loving kisses for hours. The two of you shared some long-awaited downtime together, just drinking each other in.

But when the time on your bedside clock had hit 11 o’clock the two of you had begrudgingly gotten out of bed and started getting ready for the day. Anne had been planning this lunch for weeks and the last thing she would have wanted was for the two of you to be late. You both knew how her mind went to the worst case scenario when anyone was more than three minutes late.

So, punctual as ever, Harry’s car rolled into the driveway of his family home right on 12:30. You had gone to open the door to get out but Harry had grabbed your arm to catch your attention. “Hey,” he spoke softly, “I love you.”

You were sure your smile spread from ear to ear as you returned those three little words. You leaned over to place one last gentle kiss on Harry’s lips before you joined both his and your family for lunch.

When you walked in, both your families were already scattered in small groups throughout the house, each in separate conversations. “Y/N!” Anne exclaimed as she saw you walk through the door. She quickly made her way over to you and wrapped you up in a big hug, squeezing you so tight you could hardly breathe. “Good to see you too, Mum,” Harry joked as he stood to the side.

She gave him a light smack on the arm but pulled him into a hug seconds later. “It’s good to see you,” she mumbled into his shoulder.

The two of you spent the next half hour greeting the rest of the family members who were at the gathering and sipping champagne, up until Anne announced that the food was ready. You both took your seats at the table and seconds later Harry had placed his hand on your thigh, tracing small circles with his thumb.

For a while, everything was complete bliss. Harry was by your side and your family was all around, chatting and eating great food. You had always been very family orientated and times like this were one of the things you loved most in this world.

Everything was going perfectly until your mother brought up your family friend, Isabelle, having a baby last week.

“Hopefully it won’t be long until Harry and Y/N start giving us cute little grandchildren,” Anne said with a grin.

“Well, he better put a ring on it first,” you joked and everyone else laughed along easily.

Everyone, that is, but Harry.

At your words, he hastily removed his hand from your thigh and your laughing was cut short. A few people around the table, as well as yourself, noticed his sour expression, Gemma being one of them. With a quick glance between the two of you, she knew to change the subject.

“I’m thinking of visiting Isabelle and the baby tomorrow if anyone wants to join me,” she broke the silence that had filled the room. By now everyone had noticed that Harry did not appreciate your joke, so everyone was quick to latch onto her subject change.

You, on the other hand, just looked at Harry in confusion. What was his problem? The two of you had been dating for over three years now and had been living together for almost two. Surely marriage is what you were working towards. The two of you had never said it out loud before, but you had thought you had this silent understanding of what you both wanted for the future. But now you were starting to doubt this.

Harry refused to meet your gaze, eyes moving to whoever was speaking at that moment but never engaging in the conversation.

You stared down at your food, no longer feeling at all hungry.

“Excuse me,” you mumbled, standing in your chair abruptly.

“You alright love?” Anne looked at you in concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just going to the bathroom sorry,” you smiled at her, but it didn’t meet your eyes.

You quickly exited the dining room, acutely aware of Harry standing in his place and following you out. You walked all the way to the other end of the house before turning to face Harry, you didn’t want your families to hear any of this conversation. You opened your mouth to speak but Harry beat you to it.

“What the hell was that Y/N?” he snapped at you.

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A Different Fight

Request: Can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader has gotten into a fight with peter and peter gets a little rough with the reader (like pins reader into the wall very hard and he punches into the wall) and you can take it from there!

Warnings: HECKIN ANGSTY, it gets a tiny bit physical but it by no means shows or romanticizes abuse !! that’s not coolio !!

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: ANGST

Word Count: 1.5k (sorry this one ended up being a bit shorter haha)

Update: I’m so surprised at how many positive reactions this got! You guys are the best :D

Part II can be found here 

To say you had a bad day was the understatement of the century. To start off with, there was an Algebra 2 test that you were totally unprepared for and you had left about half of the questions on it blank, which definitely wouldn’t end up getting you a good grade. At lunch you went to buy some pizza only to find out that you forgot to turn in your food service money and had none left in your account, leaving you very hungry and irritated. Your locker got stuck making you late to 5th period, the water fountain was broken and sprayed all over you, and you got stuck with a burnout for a lab partner. A lot of little things started to add up and by the end of the day you were dangerously close to absolutely losing it. If anyone did anything more to bother you, it was going to send you over the edge. It just so happened that the poor soul was Peter Parker, your best friend who you had a slight crush on for a while.

Peter had told you he would come by your place to work on some homework and just hang out after school. You were really looking forward to it since he was super busy and you couldn’t see each other as often as you would have liked. You waited patiently for a few hours before settling on the fact that he had stood you up. At that point you were completely pissed off. You grabbed your phone only to see new texts from your friends. Apparently there was a party at some senior girl’s house and a lot of people were there including, to your surprise, Peter. You were more than a little hurt. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he had just cancelled but the fact that he blew you off completely really stung.

About an hour passed before you heard a knock at your door. You answered it, finding Peter standing there with an apologetic smile on his face. Any other day you would have melted at the mere sight of him grinning like that, but today wasn’t like any normal day.

“What?” you asked brusquely. Your hands moved to your hips and you stared at him expectantly. You didn’t really know what excuse you wanted to hear, but practically all of them would have been the wrong answer.

“I came to hang out with you!” he said and pushed past you, making himself at home. “Sorry I couldn’t come sooner, I had to take care of some stuff relating to you-know-what.” You rolled your eyes. Peter told you about being Spider-Man a few months back, which explained how busy he was, but this time that wasn’t going to cut it. You had seen the pictures from the party and there was absolutely no way it involved him like that.

“Right,” you said sarcastically. “I’m sure every party needs Spider-Man there to make sure things don’t get out of control. Tell me, does Liz Allan have a thing for spandex? Is that why you ditched me?” Peter’s eyebrows shot up, surprised by your dark tone. He had never seen you mad before and it both concerned and confused him. At the same time, bringing up Liz was a hit below the belt.

“E-excuse me?” he stammered, his smile fading. “What does she have to do with this? Look, I’m really sorry I’m late but at least I’m here now so can you just let it go?”

“No, I can’t,” you said defiantly. “Don’t try to change the subject. I saw the pictures of you at that party, you can’t deny it.”

“So I’m not allowed to go to parties now?” he asked, his anger rising as well. “What gives, Y/N. Are you jealous of Liz or something? Is that what this is about?”

“I would never be jealous of her,” you snorted. “You’re trying to turn this on me, but it’s not my fault. You think you’re so high and mighty just because you swing around all over Queens in tights every night. ‘Look at me, I’m Peter and I shoot nasty ass spider juice all over the place. Tony Stark loves me and so does Liz Allan”. Seriously, it’s ridiculous.“ Your voice got louder and louder as you went, your emotions getting the best of you. Peter’s eyes dropped to the floor and he balled his hands into fists. You regretted yelling at him like that, but you refused to back down. All of the anger that had built up inside you was finally coming out, and you couldn’t stop it now.

“First of all,” he said fiercely, “I don’t wear spandex and I definitely don’t wear tights. Second, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I’ve never said anything like that in my life. I don’t know what your beef is tonight but if you don’t want me here then I’ll just leave.”

“Leave and go where?” you spat. “Back to Liz’s house? Fine, see if I care. I didn’t know Spider-Man was a party trick now, but it’s cool. I’m sure everyone is dying to see you crawl around on the ceiling. Maybe shoot some webs, lay some eggs? Personally, spiders have always grossed me out, but if that’s what the senior chicks are into-” Suddenly Peter slammed one of his hands onto the wall next to you, using the other to pin you back, and you were so startled that your voice caught in your throat. His chest was rising and falling, the veins in his arms and neck noticeably present.

“Stop. Talking. About. Liz.” Peter enunciated every word carefully, his eyes locked on yours. A shiver ran down your spine. This was a different Peter than your dorky and awkward best friend. He was intimidating and tough, and all of his anger was aimed right at you. Never in your life did you ever think you’d see him like this, and it scared you. You knew what he was capable of, and you wouldn’t have been surprised if he had punched a hole in the wall. His arm was pressing into your chest and it hurt. It wasn’t like you couldn’t breathe, but it was still painful and uncomfortable. You were so shocked by it, especially since Peter never touched you without asking first, even just to link arms or something. His gentle demeanor had vanished completely, and that’s when you figured out that you had really messed up.

“Get off of me,” you said hoarsely. “Get off of me right now.” Peter blinked, only just realizing what he had done. His grip loosened and he took a step back, his eyes wide and full of panic. Neither of you really knew what to do next.

“O-Oh god, I’m so sorry,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… I never meant to do that. I’d never hurt you, I didn’t want to hurt you-”

“Peter, I think you should go,” you said, tears pricking the corners of your eyes. Your breathing was uneven and shaky, and he noticed it right away.

“Y/N, I didn’t… I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked, almost pleading with you. He took a step toward you and you instinctively backed away. The look of pain on his face made you feel like you had kicked him in the stomach. By then you didn’t even care that there were tears were streaming down your face. You couldn’t think straight, your mind was whirling and you could hear your heart pounding.

“Peter, you need to leave,” you choked out again. He nodded slowly, processing things but still not moving.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a voice just above a whisper. “Please, just… Just tell me I didn’t hurt you at all. I swear I’ll leave right after…” You wiped your eyes and shook your head. You heard his breathing stop for a moment before he took another step backwards. He was crying too and looked absolutely broken. It was all your fault. All of this. If you hadn’t been so grumpy and jealous in the first place none of it would have happened. You told yourself over and over that you needed to apologize, you needed to tell Peter that you were alright and that it wasn’t his fault. For some reason you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it, so you stood there in silence crying as he slowly made his way out the door and out of your house.

The second the door closed behind him you collapsed onto the ground. Your sobs echoed off the walls of the empty room. There was no anger left inside of you, only regret and sadness. You didn’t mean any of the things you had said, you weren’t in your right state of mind, but that didn’t change the fact that you still said them.

Your chest ached, not because Peter had hurt you, but instead because your heart was broken.

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Wings of Butterflies

A/N: Adele believes in trilogies, I believe in pentalogies. This is the fifth and final installment to Rotation (I mean it this time). 

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain //

Who knew the South of France could be boring?

Neither the wine nor the men, either the beaches or the crystal clear water could interest you. Your family knew something was up with you, your brother even attempting a heart-to-heart one night to pry deep into the corners of your mind to understand why you weren’t your happy, bubbly self. Even Harry’s family had taken notice, his sister struggling to get more than three word answers from you, either via text or in person, over the last few months.

But you stayed mum. You hadn’t much to say anyway. You’d done a lot of growing, a lot of thinking, since Harry had left you all alone.

If life were divided into chapters, the night he came round and the morning he left made for a very distinct Ending and Beginning.

Harry hadn’t been able to ignore you for much longer than a week. Not because of your persistence—no, you hadn’t reached out to him again since the day he all but vanished from your bed—but because guilt kept gnawing at his conscious every time he looked at his phone. He’d read all the texts—and saved them, too—stared at the missed call notifications, but he hadn’t brought himself to listen to the voicemail you’d left late that evening. He hadn’t mustered up the courage, and he was disgusted with himself for it.

So, with a deep breath, he listened to the message. Better a week late than never, right?

You were crying; well, sobbing was more accurate. You didn’t say anything at first, probably not realizing the recording had clicked on as you choked in search of air. Once you settled down, you laid into him with a few choice words—all of which he agreed with—but it wasn’t the name calling that stuck with him or the way you hoped to never see him again that plagued him with regret. It was your final word, your final question, that haunted him.


Because there were a million reasons why and none of them excused him for being such a dickhead. And that made him angry, very angry, because there weren’t many situations he found himself completely lost in, unable to navigate the waters, yet here he was drowning in your tears without a buoy or damn life preserver in sight.

So he called.

And, despite being in the library studying for an exam, you answered. You hesitated at first, the stitches holding together your heart pulling at the seams with the sight of his name and his face across your screen, but answered nonetheless.


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your "where would got7 like to be kissed" post had me giggling like a flustered schoolgirl, i s2g. thank you so much for doing it! the request i have slightly different, though. could you please do where would got7 like to kiss you the most? i know your blog doesn't mainly do got7, but i was just hoping you could make an exception for this request. if you can't, though, i'd completely understand!

sure i can, never ever has been on repeat for me the last couple of days!!
find the where would got7 like to be kissed ver (here) 

JB would like kissing your neck the most. It’s a sensual place to begin with, but also he’d like having your hands in his hair and being close enough to hear your voice shake when he grazes his teeth over your skin. 

Jinyoung has a natural need to care for others, it doesn’t go away with his significant other, it’s just much softer than it is with his friends. He’d love giving you kisses on the forehead, whether it’s a goodbye kiss as he drops you off at home or a kiss when you’re cuddled up against his arm on the couch, the both of you reading your favorite books side by side.

Jackson loves kissing your thighs, literally don’t argue with me on this. While it is true that Jackson loves kissing you everywhere because he can’t keep his hands to himself around you, he’d love having his head on your lap, turning it and kissing your thigh playfully or you know, when he’s in between your leg and kissing it not so playfully,,,,,,,you get my drift. 

Mark is a tease, but like a soft tease so he loves trailing kisses from your wrist up your arm. Treating you delicately, like royalty and then stopping right at the dip of your collar to look up and smile at you. He’d also hold your hand and bring it up so he could kiss your palm aimlessly while you two are out on dates. 

Youngjae likes to cuddle and can be a shy boy from time to time so I feel like his ideal is to spoon you from behind and give your back little kisses as he pulls you closer into his arms, but can also hide his face from you in case he feels embarrassed. It’s cute, and  the kisses tickle if your shirt is hanging low or there’s no shirt at all, but it makes Youngjae feel more intimate and happy. 

Bambam likes to make out with you. I’m not going to hide it or sugarcoat it, he likes your lips and gets into the habit of staring at them in public and you’ve got to literally snap him out of it. But seriously, this boy will give just about any excuse to lean in and start kissing you, quick pecks and teasing half-kisses that turn into a lot more unless Jinyoung is there to pull you two apart. 

Yugyeom is the kind of boyfriend that hugs you from behind and rests his chin in your hair so he’s always giving the top of your head kisses. Like you bend your neck back to look up at him and he’ll lean in to kiss you, but since that’s work you just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing and Yugyeom kisses your hair and plays with it until you have time to give him attention. 


She was so damn pretty, everything she did, it was just….pretty.

Jughead leaned back against the lockers, rolling the word around in his mouth, he was fairly certain that term had never passed his lips before. When you thought of Jughead you didn’t think of flowery words like “pretty”, you thought of darker words like “morbid” or “obtuse” neither of which described the blonde beauty currently digging through her locker, loose, light blue, floral skirt flowing softly behind her.

Something was different about her today though, he couldn’t place it, he really had only caught a glimpse of her face as she headed through the doors but just a look was enough to tell him something was off, not in a bad way no, but it was different.

Sure her hair was out of it’s usually tight and slicked back ponytail, but that wasn’t all. Almost as if sensing his stare Betty closed her locker and turned to face him, her eyes looking past him at something in the distance.

Oh, that was it.

Betty’s face was devoid of all makeup, her normally pale conplexion was a bit tanner and her cheeks had a natural pink blush to them. Her eyes seemed younger underneath long light lashes, free of the heavy black mascara, her gorgeous wavy blonde hair fell in her face and he watched as she blew a strand from her light pink lips. He liked that color more than her usual “perfectly pink” shade.

Suddenly dark green eyes connected with his own stormy blues and those soft pink lips quirked up into a smile, she was walking towards him, her backpack hanging off her bare shoulders.

“Morning Juggie.” She smiled softly, gently nudging him with her shoulder and leaning on him for a moment.

“Morning Bets, you look..different.” He said slowly, careful not to offend her, he knew how sensitive his mother had been about not wearing makeup.

Betty laughed heartily, resting a hand on his arm
“It was way too hot today Juggie, all of my makeup would’ve melted off, and I get horrible headaches in the heat, that ponytail was just not happening. I know I’m a mess.” She shrugged delicately as they began their walk to class.

Jughead shook his head quickly, he couldn’t stop staring at her, it was like she wasn’t real, some kind of angelic figment of his overactive imagination.

“You look good, I like this better.” He coughed awkwardly, rubbing his neck and shifting on his feet.

Betty looked up at him and beamed
“Really? I don’t look… I don’t know. Sick?”

Jughead shook his head again, putting a hand to her cheek and brushing away a stray, honey blonde curl
“No. you look good. Perfect.” He mumbled.

Betty blushed again, placing her hand on her cheek to cover his own.

They hadn’t established what this “relationship” they had begun was, after only a few stolen kisses in bedrooms or on street corners, Jughead had pulled back, he didn’t know where he stood with her and he didn’t want to over step his boundaries, but god did he ache to touch her. All the time actually. And moments like this, just staring at her. He realized just how lucky he was to have her. In any way.


The sudden noise caused them to break out of their personal bubble. They both broke apart, flinging away from each other like they had been burnt. Veronica and Kevin stood, their hands on their hips and smiles on their faces.

“Sorry lovebirds but some of us need to get into the classroom.” Veronica giggled, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Sorry! We were just.. I had um.” Betty trailed off, her eyes turning to Jughead, pleading him to come up with an excuse

“You don’t need an excuse to stare lovingly at your boyfriend B. It’s totally normal, I mean if I were him I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of you.” Veronica winked as Betty physically relaxed, leaning her back against Jugheads chest.

Kevin was nodding, his smile bright
“Next time let me know though, I’m head of the yearbook committee and I would love to get some shots for “class couple.” He winked and shoved Veronica softly into the classroom.

Jughead dropped his hands to Betty’s shoulder and turned her around gently

“So..” he started.

Betty was quick to interrupt

“I’m sorry, they can be… a lot. Veronica doesn’t know what she’s talking about, I don’t want you to feel pressured to put a label on this.. it’s not…” she rambled before Jughead cut her off with a swift kiss

Pulling away he smiled at her dazed expression
“Man, my girlfriend talks a lot.” He smirked.

Betty’s eyes instantly brightened and she smiled up at him.

“Well deal with it mister, you’re in it for the long haul… right?” She asked, a shy, questioning, smile on her face.

“You bet I am.” He wrapped his fingers around hers and pulled her into the classroom, he couldn’t wait for the long haul.


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirsty crew! This is some self-indulgent, romance-novel levels of hurt/comfort, touchy-feely shenanigans. I hope you like it! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and of course, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

(Also apologies on this being a little late, the wifi was not cooperating)

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|| Girls Chase Boys ||

{summary: a love story based on mixed signals and a dash of miscommunication.}

i reached 700+ followers! this is such an amazing milestone for me and honestly, i’m so fucking happy! as a thank you gift, here’s a full story based on my ‘imagine peter parker falling in love with you…“ prompt ;)

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

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warnings: none but extreme fluff

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!**


{all the broken hearts in the world still beat/ lets not make it harder than it has to be/ ooooooh, it’s all the same thing/ girls chase boys chase girls}

“Doesn’t it ever annoy you?” You hear your best friend, Melody, ask while you were doing your homework in the library. Only half listening to her since you were so engrossed in typing out your essay for English Lit, you were in the midst of editing a few paragraphs when you respond with a half-hearted, “Does what annoy me?”

“The fact that that Parker kid keeps staring at you.” Recognizing the surname as belonging to this cute boy named Peter who happened to be a good friend of yours while sharing nearly all of your classes, you frown at Melody’s words and look over to your right where she was sitting, “What? Peter never stares at me. What makes you think that he’s staring at me all the time?”

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anonymous asked:

Hii, I've never seen this request, but this is an important step in a relationship, can you do a RFA reaction to the first MC's fart ? Thank youu

i love you 


  • Playing games with Yoosung is always such a fun time, curled up together in his room, wasting away hours and hours with your bbe
  • You feel a fart coming on, and you’re like ya ok chill I can feel this one it’s the quiet type
  • So ever so slowly you unclench your butthole, focusing on the game in front of you
  • Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeephbt
  • what was that?
  • oh, just the sound of gas leaving your body
  • you’re pretty sure that your soul just left too
  • You bite your lip and keep playing, wishing Yoosung to not have heard it
  • but you bet he did
  • Yoosung excuses himself from the room, but you can’t make out his expression because it’s too dark
  • Did Yoosung just leave because of me?  Did I gross him out? Is he going to break up with me?
  • You follow him out, searching frantically for him
  • it takes almost ten minutes for you to find Yoosung in the kitchen, having a mental breakdown on the floor
  • ‘Y-Yoosung, ah! I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have I’m sorry!”
  • Yoosung looks back at you, tears streaming down his face, “N-No MC I’m the one who’s sorry - I just,” the takes a deep breath and scrunches his face, “I just…I just never knew farts could be so damn cute?!”
  • o_o


  • Zen’s been going on and on about how amazing you are
  • how you’re so lovely
  • so gentle
  • so inhumanely perfect 
  • and you’re 100% done with his bullcrap
  • Zen look at me I am human I sweat and pee and do humanely things
  • one day, you guys are watching a movie, some cliche flick about a man finding a fallen angel or something and them falling in love
  • Zen turns his head to you dramatically, comparing you to the angel, all like “See that’s you, a creature of the sky who came all the way here for me…”’
  • “Creature of the sky” my ass
  • you stare him dead in the eyes and just 
  • let one rip
  • it makes the whole couch vibrate like a magnitude 5.5
  • “Earthquake!” Zen cries, leaping into the air
  • “Zen!” you call out as he runs out of the room, “that was a fart.”
  • “It’s an-!” his head peers out from around the corner. “What?”
  • “I uh, farted.”
  • You can almost see the cogs in Zen’s head turning as he tries to come up with a suitable reaction
  • “…oh?”
  • “Well,” you pout, “You’re always describing me as some sort of inhuman thing…so I thought I should do something human to disprove your idea of me.”
  • Zen adopts his Theatrical Voice and swoons at you
  • “But my princess, even your flatulence is otherworldly! It sounds like the trumpets from heaven, signaling your descent-”
  • “ZEN!”
  • your farts sound like the trumpets of heaven 10/10


  • After a long day of work, you’re closing up shop, washing counters and turning off lights
  • You hum to yourself, scrubbing away at a coffee stain, Jaehee doing something else in the kitchen
  • You let out a fart, not quite demure but not obnoxiously loud, glad that it doesn’t smell
  • You hear a soft giggle from behind, and you whip around, Jaehee smiling at you from behind the cash register
  • Fuck I thought she was in the kitchen?
  • Jaehee laughs again and says,” MC, please don’t be shy, if anything…it’s rather..endearing? It’s nice to know that your body is working, doing it’s own thing right here, beside me, so please,”  she tilts her head to the side, “never feel the need to restrain yourself around me. 
  • She is the best wifeu supportive to the max and will never judge you for any of you normal bodily functions
  • Jaehee’s always happy that you’re around, that you’re alive, that she can love you just the way you are


  • You’re having a formal dinner with Jumin’s father, and everything is dandy
  • the food is nice, the atmosphere is nice, you know you’re loved by Mr. Han
  • you’re so carried away by the moment that when you feel the urge to fart, you do so, thinking that it’ll be a quiet one
  • Lo and behold, even your neighboring tables heard it
  • Jumin doesn’t even bat an eye, but his father chokes on his food and stares at you, his face momentarily disgusted
  • the CEO-in-line resumes conversation without effort, and Mr. Han happily obliges, but he pointedly ignores you for the rest of the evening
  • You stare at your plate, which you no longer have any appetite for, and sneak a glance towards Jumin
  • His face is mysteriously pink
  • You frown, and turn your attention to the tablecloth instead, absentmindedly dusting crumbs onto the floor
  • The next time you look at Jumin, his complexion is even more flushed
  • he seems almost feverish
  • then, a moment later, his eyes widen ever so slightly, and he excuses himself from the table, pulling you along in his wake
  • luckily, you were dining in the restaurant within the same building as Jumin’s apartment
  • as soon as you return home, he precipitates himself to the nearest washroom, while you, confused and still rather mortified by the earlier occurrence, plop yourself down on the armchair
  • it is only when Jumin emerges a while later, obviously fresh out of the showers, that he tells you his reason for leaving so early
  • also note to self but blushing, abashed Jumin is a sight for sore eyes honestly what a cutie
  • anyways so basically it turns out that was trying to fart for you so that you wouldn’t feel humiliated
  • but he ended up shitting his pants instead


  • You’re having one of those days where you feel uncomfortable gassy
  • The air buildup inside your stomach hurts, and the pain shows on your face
  • Seven interprets it as some sort of foul mood, which he thinks he can solve by joking around
  • Therefore, he decides that tickling you is a good idea
  • all those who have ever had the misfortune of feeling gassy will know that this is the opposite of a Good Idea
  • Despite your many protests and struggles to contain both your laughter and your gas
  • They just sorta slip out, one after the other
  • As soon as your abs clench when you giggle, you let out flatulence the likes of which Seven has never heard (or smelled) before
  • Which is saying something because he is one heck of a Farty Boy
  • He pauses mid-action for a fraction of a second, but before you can even begin to feel embarrassed, Saeyoung flashes a wicked grin and dives right back in
  • Within a minute, you’re liberated from the painful bloating of your abdomen, although the room now smells like concentrated fart
  • Seven literally doesn’t give a shit though
  • if you ever feel insecure about yous gas, he’ll make sure to let one out that’s far louder than yours (but he’s more of the silent but deadly type so loud farting is quite the achievement for him)
  • on the occasion that you guys have fart wars, no guests are allowed within twenty meters of the house unless the wish to die from methane poisoning
  • except Vanderwood, who is quite welcomes during these times
  • he nearly passes out the when he visits on the same day that you guys have a flatulence competition
Identical Boredom

Prompt: Batmom meets Tim Drake.

A/N: Damian’s up next! 

You and Bruce hardly ever hosted parties at the manor, but when you did, thousands of millionaires and billionaires alike lined up to get an invitation. 

Tonight was one of those rare nights. 

Before meeting Bruce, you were far from being social. But after years of being with him, you learned to adapt to being the life of the party. It was what was expected from Bruce Wayne’s wife, after all. 

Normally you wouldn’t give a damn about what anybody thought, but these parties and gatherings were very important.

To be completely honest, if it wasn’t for your husband’s hunger for justice, you wouldn’t even have to interact with all these stuck up people. The perfume of the women you had to surround yourself with was too much for your nose to handle and it took everything in you not to faint. 

“Have you heard about what happened with the Lowes?” Delilah Windsor said, ‘whispering’ to the three women (including you) around her.

You immediately resisted the urge to roll your eyes while shaking your head. These types of conversations made you want to throw up. 

“Apparently, while Joseph was in China, Ruby was having an affair with the gardener.” Delilah eagerly told, and the other two women around you gasped dramatically. 

“Why is it always with the gardener?” Elizabeth said, shaking her head with amusement clear in her brown eyes.

“Because they’re always so good looking!” Julia responded as though the answer was obvious. “Well, the ones we hire, anyways.” 

They bursted out into giggles and you forced yourself to laugh along with them. 

‘I have to get out of here,’ you thought to yourself before opening your mouth to make an excuse. “Well, it was nice to speak with you all, but -” 

“Janet Drake, is that you?” Delilah, the most annoying out of them, exclaimed loudly. She stared at the woman with an irritating smirk, “How’s motherhood going for you?” 

You turned your head to look in the same direction as her and saw the familiar face of Jack Drake’s wife. 

The false smile on your lips was replaced with a genuine one at the sight of a small boy in her arms. He couldn’t have been any older than five but by his body language, you knew that he was smarter than your average toddler.

You internally chuckled at the boredom written all over his lovable face. ‘Me too, kid, me too.’

“Hello, Delilah,” Janet greeted, “and Liz, and Julia.” Her eyes paused on you and her previous smile faltered. “Y/N Wayne? Why, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” 

You tipped your head, “And you as well.” Not wanting to continue talking about ‘hot’ gardeners, you shifted the attention to the child. “And who may this be?” 

Janet looked down at her son, “Tim,” she called to get his attention. The bored boy glanced up and made eye contact with you. You smiled warmly, but he merely just blinked and narrowed his eyes curiously. “Don’t be rude and say hello.” 

“Hi,” Tim whispered, barely loud enough for anyone to hear. 

“Aren’t you just adorable!” Julia squealed and both you and Tim winced at the sound. 

You chuckled. He was already growing on you. 

“Mom, can we go outside?” Tim asked, “It’s too stuffy in here.” 

Janet sighed in annoyance, “We just got here, Tim.” 

“I can take him,” You suggested, half worried about the boy and half wanting to get out of whatever conversation Delilah would start. “Children don’t really like these kinds of things.”

Tim grinned happily while Janet frowned disapprovingly, “We don’t want to be a bother.” 

‘You won’t be,” You dismissed, using your ‘I’m richer than you’ voice that usually got people to back down. “I can even show him around the manor to keep him busy.” 

“Are you sure your husband won’t mind?” She asked and you mentally groaned. 

“He never minds people touring our home.” 

“Please, mom!” Tim begged, staring at her pleadingly. 

“Oh, just let him go, Janet.” Delilah scoffed, rolling her eyes with a scowl. “You’ll be able to have some fun with him gone.” 

Janet bit her lips before sighing in defeat, “Fine.” She said, staring at you with hidden distaste.

Tim’s eyes lit up and he reached his arms out towards you. Janet reluctantly handed him over.

Straightaway, Tim leaned close to your right ear and whispered “Can we please go now?”

You bit back a chuckle and nodded. 

“Enjoy your night,” You told the four women in a painfully sweet tone, “if you need anything, Bruce is just over there.” You nodded over to your husband who was busy talking with some businessman from Central City. 

With that, you walked away from the large crowd of people while carrying a grinning Tim Drake. 

You had no idea, however, that in years to come, the boy in your arms would become your third adoptive son.

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hi can u do reaction when they want to have sex but you're insecure because u didnt shave? make this nsfw af THANK U AND ILYSM 💕

Seokjin: *gets slightly confused*

“Why would hair turn me off?” “You’re not making any sense, now undress for me”

Originally posted by fawnave

Yoongi: *Gets slightly irritated that you’re using that as an excuse*

“If you don’t want to, just say so*

“No, I do..”

“Then shut up and let me fuck you”

Originally posted by tahyns

Hoseok: *slightly confused*

“Baby please?” “It hurts, and only you can fix it” *Starts begging*

Originally posted by nycbtslover

Namjoon: *chuckles*

“If you think that’s going to stop me, you’re wrong baby girl” “Bend over got me, now”

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin: *Finds you amusing*

“You’re funny, Jagiya.” “Now quit being silly and open your legs for me.”

Originally posted by itschiminie

Taehyung: *Stared at you with a small smirk on his face.*

“Jagiya, I’m still going to fuck you whether you have hair or not.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: *Laughs at you*

“I have hair too, and that never stops us” “Come on baby girl, let me change your mind”

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Imagine Remus always flirting with you but you only realizing how serious he is while you’re taking care of him

(Wooo back it at with the one shots XD hope it is as requested and you all like it :D i tried my best to incorporate as much as i could of the request…but unfortunately I couldn’t get to the smut yet i just felt like it was too fast this way…so instead i’ll just make a 2nd part for that XD hope it’s ok! GIf not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

The sound of bells ringing could be heard outside of your room and instantly your eyes opened wide. “Holy shit!”, you thought and nearly jumped up your bed, reminding what day of the week it was.

Quickly, you rushed to get ready, picking up your dress shirt, pants and your robe, buttoning everything up just to get your classes earlier than usually.

It had only been a few months since you started teaching at Hogwarts and already you had been late to attend most of your classes.

Although the students, always found it funny to see you that clumsy other fellow colleagues thought it was irresponsible of you to let the kids wait alone in the classroom for that long.

Surprisingly yet luckily for you, another fellow teacher was on the same page as the students, finding you to be rather hilarious and was kind enough to stand in for the few moments you weren’t around. It happened so often, it became a habit of his to stay around a little while just to tease you along with the kids or even come back once they had all left.


You ran down the stairs, holding onto your books and just hoped you wouldn’t be seen by anyone else until you got into your classroom.

As you neared your destination, you slowed down and took in a deep breath, smiling to yourself that for once Professor Snape wasn’t in the halls, making a comment about your tardiness.

You stopped at the corner of the door, trying to calm yourself for a moment before facing the countless of students you had but instantly heard your name being called by that familiar voice.

“Ah! Professor L/N! I can see you’re finally here!”

As usual, your friend, Professor Lupin was right where you expected him to be. He just had to make a comment about you the moment he sensed your arrival or rather noticed your robes peering from the corner of the door.

Everyone turned towards the door and with that, you sighed and slowly made your move to show yourself. You looked down to yourself and quickly moved towards your desk to take your place all while greeting and apologizing to everyone for this.

“Morning everyone…I’m sorry for this again…I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s alright, Professor!”, he said in his cheery tone as he got up from your desk to let you prepare your things.

His chuckle made you look up at him surprised and as you awkwardly move in to set up your things, he just had to add, “No need to apologize…Young folks such as yourself still need more than 8 hours of sleep, am I right!”

The students roared in laughter again, making you roll your eyes at him and shove him slightly for that little teasing comment about your age, as usual. You mimicked him out of pure pleasure and quickly tried to dismiss him from your class, leading him out of the room.

“Whatever, Professor Lupin! You can get back to your class or wherever you need to be, I have some students to teach!”

He held in his laughter to see you act so embarrassed and as best as he could recollected his serious expression and waved his hand in surrender.

“Alright, alright, the class is all yours…beautiful…” He said with a smirk and a wink while backing up slowly to leave you to yourself. While most of the crowd had quieted themselves at that last remark some of the older students had opted to let out some whistles, especially seeing how red you had gotten.

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Fairly you

Hi, thank you for requesting! I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. I initially loved the first draft I made but then this happened and I feel so-so about it. Nevertheless, thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy this.

PS: I no longer have a fever so that’s a good thing! I’m still coughing with the occasional runny nose. Just in case everyone missed my latest post, REQUESTS WILL BE CLOSED ON SUNDAY! So, if you have any you want me to write, I will be accepting them until Sunday! Refer to the post here.

JJ has been playing quietly by himself since he got dropped off by his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. P. That isn’t really her real name though. JJ just can’t seem to remember what her name is. He kicks a pebble and let out a sigh. Daddy had to work and could not pick him up because of work and since Daddy didn’t give any emergency contact to Mrs. P, she had to send him home. Mrs. P had waited with him for a while but had to leave after half an hour. So JJ has been playing alone in his front yard since then.

Bored out of his mind, JJ flops on the grass and closes his eyes. “I miss daddy.” He murmurs sleepily, his exhaustion finally catching up to him. JJ must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing he knows, he is being gently shaken awake and someone is holding an umbrella over him.

“Hey, JJ.” You sigh in relief when the blond kid with the beautiful blue eyes you have come to love finally open his eyes. You had been on your way to your house when you spotted the little boy sprawled on the lawn, unmoving and your brain automatically assumed the worse so you had run over to him, dropping your belongings beside him before trying to wake him up which brings you to your current situation.

“Hi, Y/N.” JJ rubs his eyes sleepily as he sits up. “I fell asleep.”

You nod your head, kneeling beside him. “What are you doing out here?” You glance over to his house but it didn’t seem as if anyone is home at all. You spy JJ’s school bag in front of his door and now that you finally manage to look around, you also notice his dad’s red Maserati is not around too. Immediately, a frown appears on your face. “How long have you been out here, darling?” You turn to look at him, bringing him in your arms, lifting him up. JJ wraps his arms around your neck instinctively.

“I dunno.” JJ shrugs, enjoying being held by you. It reminds him of daddy. “Mrs. P dropped me off and waited with me for a bit because she could not reach daddy’s phone. She left after that though.” JJ explains when he remembers your earlier question. Besides, Mrs. P was a boring companion to be with – she didn’t even want to play with him.

The frown on your ace deepens. You are aware that JJ’s kindie often ends early – some days earlier than most – and today must have been one of those earlier days. You also know that JJ’s daddy – Jason Todd – is a very busy man. Not to mention sexy too. But that is absolutely beside the point. The teacher definitely needs a talking to, too. What if you had not decided to go home early today? What would have happened to the poor boy?

“How about we come over to my house first and then we can wait for daddy together? How’s that sound?” You pick up your belongings and head towards your own house when JJ nodded his head and unlock your door. You set him down and JJ opens the door, peeking in to your house.

“Thank you.” JJ looks back to grin at you and you almost sigh at how adorable the boy is. You push open the door wider and Max, your Alaskan Malamute, comes out running to greet the both of you happily. You laugh when Max jumps and licks your face. He does the same to JJ too when he sees his favourite boy. “Hi Max!” JJ’s giggle is very adorable and you smile.

“Alright, let’s go in. I’ll make us something light to eat.” You tell JJ as the three of you walk inside. Max skips happily in front of the two of you. “Are you hungry, JJ?”

JJ nods his head. “Yes!”

You close the door behind you and make sure the door is locked before dropping your keys and belongings on the counter. JJ runs off ahead with Max chasing after him, laughing happily as the two of them start playing chase. That is how you spend the rest of the day – playing with JJ and feeding the little boy.

Jason grunts as he parks his Maserati, letting out a few expletives. His work hard taken too much of his time and Jason had actually thought he would have finished it before JJ is let out of kindergarten but that was not the case. His house is dark and it is really late at night too. What the fuck had the teachers been thinking by leaving his son alone here? He really should have given them Alfred’s number as an emergency contact – but at the same time, Jason did not want JJ to be seen as the billionaire’s grandson! He wants JJ to grow up without the eyes of the public on him.

“Fuck.” Jason panics when he does not see JJ anywhere but stumbles upon his bag. He really should consider moving JJ to a closer kindergarten or maybe even considering just sending JJ to a private day-night care instead. Jason is about to call out JJ’s name when he spies a paper stuck on his door. “What the hell.” He rips the paper off of the door and squints as he tries to read it in the dark. His head shoots up and he looks at his neighbour’s house before sighing in relief.

Jason crosses the lawn and knocks on your door. He can hear JJ’s laughter from inside and Jason releases another sigh of relief. He can hear your voice telling JJ (“That’s your daddy, let’s go greet him,”) and Jason suddenly feels anxious.

The moment the door opens, JJ jumps towards Jason, causing Jason to reach forward to wrap his arms around his son. JJ giggles happily when Jason showers his face with kisses, momentarily forgetting about your presence. You, on the other hand, are melting inside at the display of affection. You have always known Jason to be a very loving dad – JJ tells you about all the things Jason has done for him – and seeing this right in front of you almost makes you feel shy.

“Thank you so much, Y/N.” Jason thanks you profusely and you shake your head, trying your hardest not to let your blush appear on your cheeks. Up close, Jason is seriously super handsome and how you are still standing is a mysterious. “I really should pay you for your time – I didn’t mean to be unreachable. I thought I could get back before JJ was let out of school.” Jason rambles and would have continued to ramble if you had not stop him.

You shake your head. “No, it’s quite alright. JJ is a very good company too. You don’t have to pay me,” You assure Jason but it seems as if Jason is not having any of your excuses so he takes out his wallet and tries to give you a few bills and you shake your head. This goes on a few times – Jason trying his hardest to convince you take the money and you rejecting the money because JJ is a very adorable, laughable boy.

Jason is about to insist you to take his compensation money when you blurt out, “How about you pay me by coming over to dinner instead? I make some mean steak.” Jason stares at you in surprise and you blanch when you realize what you have just said. Your face turns absolutely red and you almost stumble backwards.

“Can we have some mashed potatoes too, Y/N?” JJ asks excitedly. He really likes eating your food – it reminds him Grandpa Alfred’s food too. Jason looks away from you to look at JJ briefly. JJ seems very happy, excited too and he looks at you, waiting for your answer.

“Of course.” You smile at JJ. “We can have mashed potatoes too.”

Jason grins. “Only if you let me bring some wine over.” He tells you. You flush under his stare and nod your head. “We can have some steak, mashed potatoes, wine for us and some smoothie for JJ.” Jason takes out his phone and hands it over to you. “Put your number in – we can set a date sometime this week?”

You nod your head, inputting your phone in to Jason’s phone. “That’s a date then.” Jason chuckles and nods his head. The two of you stare at each other quietly and would probably have gone on much longer if JJ had not yawn. Jason seems to remember that it is quite late at night and JJ might have missed his afternoon nap too. “I’m going to go home now, thank you again for taking care of JJ when I wasn’t around, Y/N. You are a life saver.” Jason leans forward to press a kiss on your cheek and you grin at him, your heart beating wildly against your chest.

Jason leaves you standing by your door, cheeks flushed and there is a little bit of a spring to his steps. He definitely is lucky to have a neighbour like you – one that would take care of his kid willingly. He knows JJ can be a handful sometimes – JJ picks up much of his habits too! – and it can really be tiring at times but as he walks all the way to his own house, JJ has yet to stop talking about all the fun things he had done while at your house. He even talked about Max, your dog and how bigger the dog is than Uncle Damian’s Titus is!

Maybe it is about time he acts on his feelings for you. Suddenly, Jason is looking forward to having dinner with you. You might even be what his life needs.

Fix Me

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Your wish is my command c: Thanks for requesting, and sorry for the wait!

Prompt: “Could you do a RaphxMutant!Reader where the reader has had the WORST day possible and just wants to collapse and cry and when Leo picks on her a bit, she does so?” @mentallydestroyedfemme

Word count: 1064

Warnings: Swearing, Death

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It was the day the moon fell.

You woke some time in the afternoon, promising yourself that you would make the most out of the rest of the day. After all, it’s not everyday that you got to go to the surface.  

But that changed when Master Splinter completely shut down your exploration quest.

“Did you do your chores last night? Or did you pay Michelangelo to do them, [Y/N]?” his voice was stern, his eyes solid on your face.

“W-well-” you couldn’t come up with a good excuse, but just glared at Mikey, who was stood behind Splinter, staring at the ground. Rolling your eyes, you snatched the broom out of Mikey’s hand and went to re-do the chores that were already done with drooped ears.

The rest of the day wasn’t any better.

“[Y/N] do this!”

“[Y/N] do that!”

You were sick of it, and were on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Why’d you have to clean anyway, it’s the sewers. Living with the turtles wasn’t your life goal, but it wasn’t that bad. You just had to get used to it. You’d grown up quite sheltered, and you did have loving parents. But all that changed when you got home on May 12th.

Bleary eyed, you walked up the steps of your home, opening the door to find an empty house. Even the furniture was gone. Of course you panicked to begin with, millions of conclusions rushing to your head at once, all of them put to rest when you walked cautiously into your barren living room.

Blood. Your feet carried you forward as you stared down at the two bodies on the ground. You don’t remember if you screamed or not, but you did feel your chest tighten, your body trembling and your world crashing to a halt.

Unfortunately, you weren’t the only one in that house that night. You felt a crack against the back of your head, and the heavy footsteps walking and stopping in front of you.

After that night, you’d forever been stuck with the exterior of a cat. It was a remake of the original green ooze that seemed to have only worked on you for some reason. And because of that, the masked figures that killed your parents took an interest in you and kidnapped you. Long story short, the green terrapins that you now deem your family, rescued you, and you would be grateful for as long as you lived.

One particular person you became very close to over the months was Raphael; he was your best friend after all. But you couldn’t help but hope for more. The more time you spent with him, whether it be reading in the room you shared with him, or watching him work out, you fell a little bit more for him. The way his lips curled up when he tried not to smile. The way he’d grunt in his sleep when he’d turn over or try to get comfortable. The way he knew every lyric to every song you liked. The way he’d sing them with you. The way he opened up to you, and how he always seemed to try and get you to open up.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he liked you too, but you were way too broken to even think about someone actually reciprocating your feelings. Who wanted damaged goods? 

“[Y/N], when you’re done with the rest of the lair, feel free to go make me a sandwich.” Leo grinned, laughing to himself as Mikey knitted his eye ridges together before shaking his head and going back to his game.

“I’m not your fucking maid, dickhead.” You threw the feather duster at his head, and he just turned around, glaring back at you. From where Mikey was sat, your body was practically shaking like an angry wave, ready to splash and diminish any kind of sandcastle building, which is why he got out of there before the yelling began.

“You know what your problem is?”

“Please, enlighten me you insensitive douche.” That made him scoff, standing up and walking over to you and getting close to your face.

“You want everyone to feel bad for you because you lost your parents, but guess what? Everybody has been through shit, and it’s time you grew up [Y/N], and stopped being so weak and pathetic.” What he said next really hit a nerve, but like he said, you were too weak and pathetic to do anything. “It probably wasn’t even murder, they probably killed themselves after having dealt with you for so many fucking years.” With that, he took a seat back on the couch and you lowered your head, the tears pouring down your fluffy cheeks, matting the fur with the salty liquid.

Raphael was stood next to the entrance of the lair, and he heard everything, and was about to burst into the room to kick the living shit out of Leo for saying all of that, but when he got to where you had been stood, he just watched you walk into your bedroom. He didn’t have to hesitate to know he had to go and comfort you, or at least try to.

“Hey, ya okay?” you didn’t pick your head up as your body continued to spasm with sobs and cries. Rushing over to you, he went to wrap his arms around you, but you flinched, another sob running through your body.

It felt like hours, you were both sat there, Raphael just trying to keep you calm, and failing.

“You and your brothers have this obsession with “fixing” people, but you can’t fix me! I’m not broken, don’t you understand? This is me. Every horrible, awful, disgusting part. That is me and I can’t. Be. Fixed!” Raphael was stunned, he didn’t know how to react to what she’d said. All he could really do was pull her into him and hold her, his Sun, his Moon. 

Misconceptions Chapter 3

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut. Horrible painful smut.

Translations: I hope this is accurate. I might be swearing at ya’ll. I hope not


Pridi na moy chlen- come on my cock (Russian)

Da detka, pozhaluysta, userdneye- yes baby please! (Russian)

Teper’. Pridi seychas- Come. Come now (Russian)

te iubesc- i dont want to give anything away, so if you really wanna know google it.

Sestra- Sister

malen’kaya lisa-Little fox

Originally posted by pleasingpics


“(y/n)’ Bucky moans into your neck, fingers tangled in your long (h/c) locks, the slick drag of his cock has your eyes rolling into the back of your head, your breath coming out in short harsh pants as he picks up the pace. “Krasavitsa” he murmurs, his eyes hazy as he looks at your sweat drenched body. You’re keening and arching into him, grabbing at his ass when a particularly hard thrust meets your special bundle of nerves head on. “Pridi na moy chlen” he growls at you. “Da detka, pozhaluysta, userdneye” you scream at him, clenching spasmodically around his length, his hips falter at the feeling. “Teper’. Pridi seychas” and you do, your mouth opens in a silent scream, back bowed unnaturally as your orgasm washes over you. Your vision goes white as Bucky fucks you through it, his hips stuttering, ass clenching, moaning so beautifully into the crook of your neck. You feel him throb as he empties himself inside you with a loud “Te iubesc” his harsh breathing is the only thing you can hear now.   You’re trying desperatly to catch your breath, a light sheen of sweat covering you, a pleasant ache settling in your muscles. ”What was that last one, Buck?” you ask. He blushes furiously as he replies ”Maybe I’ll tell ya one day kitty”


 You couldn’t hide. Nat would drag you kicking and screaming into the land of the living, Steve would stay outside your door until his relentless mothering broke you down, you had to go on like nothing was amiss, you had to pretend, swallow down the pain and nausea. 

18 hours you remind yourself, another 18 hours and I can run, I’ll never have to see the pity in his eyes again. 18 hours you repeat it in your head through breakfast, purposefully avoiding Bucky’s red rimmed eyes and Natasha’s concerned stare. “You doin alright there baby girl?” Sam asks as he watches you mindlessly push your food around your plate. “Yeah Sammy, not feelin so hot, think I might have caught a bug on that last mission” you reassure him, plastering a fake smile on your face. “Sestra” your gaze snaps to Natalia, she’s scanning your face looking for any signs of deception, concern etched on her immaculately made face. “Excuse me” you mutter as you stand, making a break for the common room. Sestra, you think. 

 16 hours you repeat when Steve asks you to speak to Bucky, concern for his friend radiating off him like cheap cologne. “Please Kitty, I don’t know what’s eating at him, he won’t speak to me!” He’s frantic, fists clenching with every word “I’m sure its nothing Stevie, if he needed to talk to me he would have found me already, why don’t you ask Nat?” I can do this, I can pretend, a little while longer, come ON (y/n) LIE TO HIM. “He mentioned something about not sleeping too well after the last mission, I’ll ask Nat to have a word.” He breathes a sigh of relief “Thanks kitty cat, what would I do without you?” he grins “Crash and burn” you reply. 

 13 hours you repeat when you walk in on an impassioned Bucky and Nat on the couch, oblivious to the outside world, her body wrapped around him, hands in his hair, soft moans spilling from her lips “malen’kaya lisa” He whispers rolling his hips into hers “I need you” he moans, she kisses a hot path down his neck “Natalia” he warns. Yup. You think, this is what dying feels like. 

 9 hours you repeat when you’re bent over the toilet bowl heaving out the remnants of dinner. Why the fuck is it called morning sickness when it lasts all day? Brushing the tears from your eyes. I can’t do this alone. Oh God, I can’t do this alone.

 3 hours you repeat when you hear Bucky banging on the bedroom door begging you to open up, to let him explain, how nothing he said to you was true. “Please just let me explain! I’m a fuckin idiot (y/n)! I need you! Let me IN!” he’s screaming, rattling the door, “C’mon kitty please” he whispers

 2 hours you repeat as you break down on the other side of the door, listening to the broken sobs of the man you love pleading with you to listen, your breathing harsh and labored as you question everything you thought was right.  

30 minutes you repeat as you hear Bucky leave, “You’re gonna have ta talk ta me eventually (y/n), ya can’ keep avoiding me for ever, I will make ya listen” he threatens. You clutch your non-existent baby bump, forcing yourself not too feel, burying the emotion so deep down inside that you’re not sure it’s ever going to come back out. 

 5 minutes you repeat as you fix the mess that is your face and collect your bags, waiting for F.R.I.D.A.Y to give you the all clear.

 30 seconds you repeat as you stroll through the darkened compound to the elevator that will take you to a non-descript car at the front of the building

10 seconds you repeat as you watch everything you love disappear in the rear view.

 A mistake, Just a mistake. 

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Ready or not (Young! Sirius Black x reader)

A/N: wrote this imagine this morning in school. I really hope you like it. Kind of proud of it to be honest. I was so happy to read the request and I started writing it right away bc I just have nothing else to do except to study.

Request: Heyy could you write a Sirius x reader in which there’s some months before school finishes and she finds out she’s pregnant and is so scared but Sirius is excited and so over protective and all but only the guys and lily know??💜

Warning: My English and I was a bit drunk writing this. Comma addiction.

Part 2


You were sitting on a toilet, tears rolling down your cheeks and holding on a pregnancy test. “Positive.” you mumbled under your breath.

You heard a knock on your door and a familiar voice spoke. “(Y/n)? Wha- what is it?” asked Remus, who was waiting for your response. He was your best friend out of all the marauders so you trusted him with everything. “Is it positive?” he asked quietly through the door.

“Is what positive?” you heard James come into the dorm.

“James, Peter! Umm…nothing.” responded Remus turning towards them.

You opened the door and all eyes were on you. Your cheeks were wet and your eyes were red and buffy.

“(Y/n)?” asked Peter, wondering what the hell are you doing in the boys bathroom.

James, who was like a brother to you walked over and brushed your tears with his thumbs. “What’s wrong?”

You hugged James tightly and started crying. “It’s positive.” you sobbed. “How can it be positive? We were careful and-and…” you stuttered, tears rolling down your cheeks.

James looked at Remus confused. He didn’t know what it was about so Remus showed him, using his hands, and started pesturing an imaginative baby. James’ eyes widened and he grabbed you a bit tighter. “Oh, (Y/n).”

“What am I going to do? It’s our last year and I- I…. How do I tell him? What will he react?”

“Shh…” whispered James, hugging you even tightly. “Don’t worry,okay.” he tried to comfort you.

“Don’t worry!Don’t worry!!!!” you pushed yourself out of his grip. “What do you expect me to do?!? I get knocked up just before the graduation and you expect me not to worry!! How will I take my O.W.L.S or my Newts!! Do you know how stressed will I be!! What will my parents say?! What will Sirius say!?” you started panting from all the screaming.

Remus’ arms wrapped from behind you. “Calm down, (Y/n). Take one step at the time.”

“And what is step one excatly?”

“Step 1: Calm down.”

Three weeks had passed and you still haven’t told Sirius about the baby. It was almost a month and still you were procrastinating in any way possible. Remus was nagging you about telling Sirius but you just snapped at him everytime he mentioned it.

You were sitting at the Gryffindor table with your boyfriend’s arm around your shoulder. Remus, like always, was giving you the stare. The stare he started using since you all found out and to be honest you wanted to punch that staring face so bad.

“ So I was thinking, Hogsmeade this weekend, you and me, and maybe something else later.” Sirius winked at you.

just as you were about to come up with an excuse you suddenly smelt Peter’s tuna sandwich, making your stomach turn upside down. You quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

Sirius looked at his friends whose stare quickly moved away from him to something else. Peter back to his tuna sandwich, Remus back to his book and James stared into his cup of tea. “Do you think she wants to break up with me?” Sirius asked all of a sudden.

James choked on his tea and Remus on his coffee. Peter just stared at him and tensed up. It all felt too suspicious to Sirius. Peter always tensed up when he was holding something from him. “Peter?” he asked suspiciously.

Just before Peter could babble it all out, James immediatelly jumped in. “Why would you think that? That girl loves you.” he said and wiped the spilled tea off the table.

“Does she love me? Because I feel like we are drifting apart. ” he looked at his friends, who didn’t say a word and kept staring at him. Sirius leaned closer. “And…and…well…” he hesitated for a bit. “We haven’t. You know….slept together for a month.”

James choked on his tea again, spilling it all over Sirius face. Remus and Peter started laughing and soon Lily, who was talking with few of her other Gryffindor friends to avoid Sirius, started laughing along.

“Really?” said Sirius glaring at him.

“Sorry.” was all that James could say. He was a great liar, all of them were. But when it came to lying to their own friend, now that was a problem.

Sirius was pacing in front of your dorm and you knew it. You knew that those were his steps and he wasn’t sure if he should knock on the door or not. ‘What if she breaks up with me?’ he thought just before he was about to knock.

You walked over to the door and opened it. You placed a smile on your lips, pretending everything was normal, where clearly it wasn’t . “Are you going to actually knock or were you waiting for me to open the door? ” you teased.

“Are you going to break up with me?” he asked all of a sudden, your smile dropped and your eyes widened.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and laid your head on his chest. “No. Of course not.” you mumbled quietly.

You felt him relax and he let out a deep breath. He hugged you back and leaned his chin on your head. “Than why do I feel like you are slipping through my fingers. ”

You took him into your dorm and sat him down on your bed. “I have some huge news and I have no clue how to tell you.” you let out and put your hands on his.

He started playing with your fingers and his gorgeous grey eyes were gently looking at you. “I swear if you tell me that you will dye your hair green I will cut it untill your beautiful (y/h/c) shiny hair grows back.”

You chuckled and looked at his breathtaking smile. “No. ”

“Not that you wouldn’t look hot in green. I just prefer your natural color because well-”

“I’m pregnant.” you cut in, immediatelly shutting him up.

His eyes drifted from yours to the wall. He stared at the photos of your friends and family, which were all over your wall and on your nightstand. You started to panic. Noone stares at the wall for six minutes straight and what the hell was happening in his head. “Sirius.” you said quietly, rubbing your thumbs on the back of his hand.

He immediatelly snapped back into reality, looked at your interlaced fingers and slowly looked up into your eyes. “I’m gonna be a dad?” he asked quietly at first. Since the words didn’t want to come out, you just nodded. “I am gonna be a dad!” he yelled with a huge smile on his face. A big rock rolled off your chest as you saw your boyfriend jumping around the room and screaming: “I AM GONNA BE A DAD!!” he yelled even louder. He jumped in front of you and put his hands on your belly. “Hello Sirius Jr. I am gonna be your dad. And I thought she was breaking up with me. Do you believe that? ” he looked up to you and saw that you were crying. “Why are you crying?” he asked.

“I am just so happy that you are happy.” you cried out and threw your arms around his neck.

He lifted you up and spunn you around. “I couldn’t be happier! ” He slowly put you down and leaned his forehead against yours. “ We are going to be a family.”

“We are.” you smiled at him and gave him another hug.

“Wait till I tell James and the others!” he yelled and sprinted out of the door. “James! You are gonna be an uncle! ” you heard him yell down the common room.

You came down to the breakfast, still wearing your pijamas and your hair put up in a big mess. You walked over to Sirius and sat down. “Good morning.” you yawned and stretched you arms.

“What are you doing up? You should be in bed, resting.” worried Sirius. “And put on a sweater will you. You will freeze to death.” he said and took off his jacket. “Here.”

You chuckled and took his jacket only to put it on your lap. “Sirius. Calm down. It’s been only few months and I’m fine to walk and do stuff on my own.” you explained as he was clearly not familiar with all the baby stuff.

“Yeah. Wait till the hormones kick in, that’s when the real challange lies.” said Lily grinning at the two of you.

The only people that knew about your pregnancy were the four marauders and Lily. Since she and James are dating and the fact that she is one of your closest friends, you trusted them enough to keep their mouth shut. You didn’t want to tell anyone else but the belly is already growing and you knew that the big sweaters won’t help that much after another upcoming months.

The morning passed rather quickly, but even though you loved him, you were so annoyed by Sirius right now. He kept insisting to carry your books, he got really upset if someone accidentally bumped into you and he made sure to yell at anybody, who stepped in your way. It was cute, but it was also a bit annoying.

After lunch all six of you were studying for your Newts and you couldn’t stop to notice, that Sirius was glancing at you from time to time. He glanced at you again and this time you cought his glance only to disappear back into the book and pretend to read it. “Sirius.” you said annoyed.

“ Yes, love.” he slowly closed his book and looked at you.

“Why are you staring at me?” you asked.

“Because you are so adorable.” he beamed at you.

He let go off his book and wrapped his hands around you. Your back was pressed against his chest, your hands holding a book and your eyes carefully reading it. Suddenly you felt his warm hands slid under your sweater and around your belly. You closed the book and looked up to his grey eyes. “What do you think we should name him?” he smiled down at you. “ I like Tobias.”

“What makes you think its a he? What if its a girl?” you said and put your hands on his, which were still placed on your belly.

“How about Norah?” he spit out the first name he thought of.

“Norah?” you chuckled. “I am not naming our daughter Norah.”

“If it is a daughter.” he corrected you.

“What if its a boy you call him James and if its a girl you can call her Jamie.” said James looking up from his book.

“Or if its a boy you call him Peter and if its a girl, Petra. I like that.” added Peter.

“I prefer boy as Remus and girl as Remi.” continued Remus.

“How about girl as Lily and boy as Louie?” said Lily closing her book.

Both you and Sirius started laughing. “Clearly you gave a lot more thought in naming our child, than we did. ” said Sirius interlacing his fingers with yours.

“Yeah lets just name a boy James Remus Black and what…a girl Petra Lilly Black?” you continued to laugh.

“That would be so awesome.” said all four of them at the same time.

“His or her surname would be Black?” asked Sirius, looking down on you. He didn’t know if he would either be happy, that his kid will carry his last name, or if it will only be a burden.

“Of course. After his or hers brave and handsome father.” You said giving him a quick peck on the lips and turning back to your book.

“But my family, (y/n).” you felt him tense up so you sat back up and turned to him. You took his hands, which immediately turned cold.

“We are your family.” you said putting his hand on your belly. “You, James, Remus, Peter, Lily, me and this baby. ” you said quietly, feeling his hand grow warm again.

He gave you a light smile and you both put yourself in the same position as you were before. He started running his fingers through your hair and you tried to focus back on the book. Everything was so quiet, so perfect.

“But what if you had quadruplets? ” said James breaking the silence. You all groaned and threw a pillow at him. He blocked few of them with his books but he got some to the head. “But just imagine. Three boys and a girl. Then you would have no problem naming them.” said James,again, getting pillows thrown at him.

BTS reaction to dating a shy S/O

okay so i probably don’t know how to write just reactions xd

Kim seokjin

He would respect you so hard. Each time he saw you blush because something he said, or clench when he was maybe too close, he would soflty stop and give you an apologetically smile, or ask you if he should do anything else and if you were okay. He would try to understand why do you feel so shy, discretely asking you when lying on his bed or watching a movie.

Your happiness will mean all to him,  so respecting your shyness and your space, though hard, would not be impossible. He would feel a little down knowing you didn’t felt comfortable while hugging/kissing in public, but knew that when you two got home, you will probably caress his neck nervously and start pecking his lips, and that was all he need.

Eventually, that same respect he had for you, would start boosting your confidence. You would realize being shy was not something bad, and that people could understand you instead of forcing you to do stuff you weren’t prepared for. One day, when you genuinely approached him in public to hug and kiss him happily, Jin’s heart would burst. Everything was going to be even more perfect than it already was before,

Min Yoongi

Being someone who had deal with social anxiety, he would very well the feeling of not wanting to talk. You weren’t just shy: you were utterly quiet. He wouldn’t mind spending hours with you were you only muttered five or six sentences, usually very short. Actually, he would feel amazing having someone he could ramble about his hundreds of ideas and that would be really paying attention, or just someone he could be totally quiet and would enjoy it as much as him.

Anyway, it would be hard for him each time you got out, knowing you could feel uncomfortable, and the genuine lack of words and blushing you had to experience. He got angry to people when they insisted on talking or forcing you to do something, only making you sad and nervous. He would always try to confort you when it was too much, caressing your back, kissing your temble, or simply rubbing his thumb on your hand. When home, he would make some tea and hold you, telling you his favorite childhood stories as you let yourself laugh and relax. And each night, when you finally fell asleep, he would take care of you and try to think how to take away all the fear on your shoulders.

Jung Hoseok

Hard. It was really hard for him to understand your shyness at first. Being such an outgoing person he could not get why would you want to be so shy. He was loud, playful, loving, touching. And you rather stay on the back, silently reading a book or browsing through your phone. 

It would also make him sad. The way you tensed when he suddenly hugged you from behind, or when he felt the urge of bathing you in kissing while in public. It wouldn’t hit him how much hurt and insecure of everything you were until the day you were about to do it, and you bursted into tears.

Everything changed since then. He would became the most understanding person on the planet. Each time he felt you tense in public, he would excuse both of you and leave, taking you to a quiet coffee or a nice bookshop. Something would change inside of him, making him appreciate the beauty of the behind and the silence. You would start opening yourself so much, and your physical relationship would become intense and sincere. Quiet dates, full of selfdiscovery would become part of his routine, making both of you realize that there was nothing that should be changed at all.

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon wasn’t exactly shy, but he could get embarrased really easily. You would probably meet him as he accidentally stumbled in front of you making you drop your books or coffee. As he apologized repeateadly and blushed hardly, while you stuttered uncomplete words and sentences, he would suddenly get distracted by a philosophical idea and after telling to you and hearing your answer, you would end up with his number.

You would be the shy and he would be the clumsy. You would get even more shy each time he broke something, or hit someone, or hurt anything and himself. Half of your relation ship would be you taking care of him, and the other half him supporting you.

Not a fan of going out, your favorite places would be your homes, libraries, museums, or small playgrounds. Anywhere you go he would find a quiet and lonely place where you would not feel observed and he could vent out his thoughts without being judged. Overprotective, he could get agressive when anyone or anything make you feel bad. At the same time, he would confort you in one thousand and one ways, always finding a new idea to relax you an dget your smile. He was willing to hit someone or run out of anywhere if you felt attacked, and also lo leave anything if you call him or text in need.

At the same time, while in private your shyness would wake up something totally different on him. He would feel attonished to the sublte blushing, the short breathing, the stuttered words. He would enjoy them even more when those actions appeared as you were naked under his body. And then, as every night, he would cuddle you and caress your body, making you wonder why you couldn’t feel as good as you felt on his arms each time you were outside.

Park Jimin

To begin, it would took you SO MUCH TIME to start dating. You both flirted endessly through the screens but, when face to face, he would hide behind any excuse and you would run as soon as you catch him staring. Eventually, Yoongi would be fed up and drag you both of to the same place, and tell in your faces what you always wanted to tell each other.

Jimin would be the most understanding. He would find cute your blushings, your tremblings, your nervous giggles. You rarely got nervous with him, though, because he wouldn’t just know but feel each one of your limits. Sex time would take a long time for both of you, because each time you got close, one of you would be too shy to continue and you would end up cuddling. It would actually take you a little booze for you to be together the first time.

When together, it would be hard for people to decide who was the weirdest. Your awkward laughs, your constant blushing, and the overlapped sentences would amaze people and entertain them, only to make you feel even more shy. Usually, one of your defense strategies would be him hugging you from behind, so you could feel contained and he could hide his face on the crook of your neck or your shoulder, or vicerversa in case you were taller than the boy.

In the end, your relation ship would be a soft cloud of endless talk and private laughs, full of constant reassuring each other, and beautiful gentle touch that would drive both of you crazy.

Kim Taehyung

It would be that same shyness the one that actually made Tae lay his eyes on you. Why you avoided everyone gaze wwhen you had the most beautiful eyes, or why you rarely speak out with such an amazing voice. His usuall flirting tacticts wouldn’t work with you, as being an overconfindent and outgoing person would only pushed you away. He needed to be more subtle, but without stopping being himself.

That’s when he started with the hints. Small poems (written with Namjoon and Yoongi by his side) left on your clothes or bag, always leading you to small gifts. You might be shy, but also very curious. When the last hint lead you too him, weirdly nervous and holding a daisy, you knew he might was worth a try.

And it was. Hard for him as it could be, he still managed to find a place where you could be yourself and he could still be a dumb. He couldn’t stop wanting to be with people, but he selected a group of people that would always be the same when he was with you. His family and those friend quiclky would get use to your presence, respecting everything on your person. And when those weren’t available, he would just keep holding your hand, squeezing it, and making dumb jokes to relax your body and get your smile. And even though you knew you may never be a public figure or get all your insecurities up, at least you would know that everything would be easier if Tae was by your side.

Jeon Jungkook

It all started with a kiss. You were akwardly far talking on the couch, then you were akwardly close, and when something on the tv reminded one of your moments and you turn to each other at the same time, somehow your lips ended up together.

It all went down after that. He would look at you, but you were to shy to talk him back. He might hate you, you believed. And your actittudes told him the same, making it impossible for him to approach you in person.

Eventually, he did. And things got better, and worse. You were both shy, but not the Jimin way shy. You were the kind of shy people that could sit silent for hours feeling uncomfortable just seeing the amount of people. He had managed to survive it due to his career, but it was harder for you. You would not only suffer the fear of attention and people, but you would hurt when you caught him suffering too, seeing his nervous tics, his short answer, his constant blushing, his teary eyes.

Though you would manage to had your own medicines. Long warm baths, endless walk on the beach. Soft nights together, only caring about the other’s body. Leaving your phones home and taking a run to the woods, so he could shout an infinite amout of photobooks just of the two of you. Of course he would be scolded when he came back and found 20 lost calls, but he wouldn’t mind. He knew how much you needed to be alone, and reconnect with your stressed body to calm it down. I mean, he needed that too, and that’s why he would pick you over and over again. His reason to keep trying. Your reason to be alive.


Break A Little

Pairing: Tom Holland X Actress! Reader (I)

Warning: Some swearing

Songfic: Based on a song called ‘Break A Little’ by Kirstin.

I do not own Marvel, Ben & Jerry’s, the photos, etc. I only own the writing. (Because this was a plotline I came up with after listening to ‘Break A Little’ by Kirstin.) All rights go to their respectful owner. And I don’t think the tweet is real. I just made it up on the spot.

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Heart Eyes - Peter Parker x Female! Reader

Originally posted by tomhollanderr

@cherylbombshellsworld Can u do one where the reader just moved to queens and ends up living across peter and then gets a crush on him and so on?

Word count: 1,248

Warnings: a shit lot of DC and probably some swearing

A/N : Thank you all for 400 followers! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

And i can also make a Part 2 if anyone wants lmao

You woke up.

The window next to your bed was open and you felt the cold breeze that crept in. Today was moving day! Your feet swung across the bed an attempt to leave the comfortable mattress.

After you took a few steps down the corridor you saw one of your roommates – Artemis.

She was trying so hard to fix her hair and leave for a mission. After she spotted you on the doorframe, she smiled.

“I can’t believe you are leaving us!” she cried out. She got up from her seat and proceeded to hug you. “Do you really have to? You are only sixteen!”

“I have to be on a mission. You know, Justice League stuff. Besides, Dick will be there most of the time. Because I’m technically not an adult yet.”  You simply replied. Artemis hugged you for a few more minutes before realizing she is going to be late. “Not that he is much of an adult himself, but whatever.”

“Wally is still in the kitchen if you need anything. “ She called out after she left through the door. You stared at it for a few minutes.

After a few seconds, you made a sharp turn to the right which led you to the kitchen. You saw your other roommate before slipping some cereal in a bowl.

“Are you ready to move, (Y/N)?” Wally said with a smile.

“I will be if you fly me over to Queens!  And by me, I mean me and my suitcases.” You chuckled. Wally’s playful frown made you chuckle again.

“And please thank Bruce once again. I can’t believe he actually paid for my apartment!”

“(Y/N). You thanked him at least twenty-five times.” Wally said while taking a bite of his sandwich. “And I can’t fly you up but I can call Bruce-“

“Stop right there, West. Bruce already paid for my apartment, and as much as I love to travel in the Batwing, I can’t even dare to ask this big hearted man for that much.”

“Big Hearted?” Wally laughed, “Anyway, I can call Hal if you want”

You snapped your fingers and point at Wally playfully.

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Being incredibly clumsy and whenever you have another one of your clumsy spells; Fili just smirks and picks you up in his arms, carrying you around everywhere, - no matter how unnecessary-.

Word count: 1,370 (I really, really overdid it.)

Waring’s: Extreme fluff at the end.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fili unfortunately or any of the other characters mentioned in this imagine: Tolkien owns them.

It seemed to be that of an enigmatic situation. You were the most ungainly of women that these mischievous batch of dwarves, single hobbit and lone wizard had ever come across in their lifetimes. To call your foot work graceful would be incredibly inaccurate. You were known for stumbling over your own two feet, bumping into trees, large rocks and whatever seemed to be in your bumbling clumsy path: And by the end of the length tiring day, cuts and bruises littered the majority of your body. It was a poor sight to see.

Though your unwieldy sense of movement should have struck others to pity you, the dwarves found it ever so amusing; to which they would take turns in teasing you for the new bruises you had awarded yourself with. “What was it this time, lassie? The rock got in your way?” Bofur would howl, a slight mocking tone but nonetheless a playful banter brewing.

You could not deny that their teasing came to you in big large bites, that soon swallowed the majority of your self-esteem, but you brushed that off, indicating that they were just having a bit of fun: Their pleasure being found in the beams upon their faces when your face deepened in the shade of red.

Though, one outside of this group would surely question as to why the company would keep you around; they would not know of your innate and impeccably grace with a sword. As danger neared, it was as though you had shifted and morphed into another being. Danger brought you a clear head, your awkwardness shedding from you like the scales of a snake. With a sword you were a force to be reckoned with.

Your foot unsurprisingly got caught upon a leg of an elvish made table, to which caused a shrill shriek of astonishment to flee hurriedly from your mouth as you rocketed towards the ground with your arms spread out, ready to break your fall. Though, before you were capable of breaking your bones upon the ground in Rivendell, a strong muscular arm wrapped around your midsection, pulling your rear side of you flush against their strong chest. A deep chuckle rang in your ears as the others chortled too. “Falling for me already?” a poor joke poured from Fili’s mouth, a hot blush staining and blazing your cheeks.

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