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Black Cats and Croissants

Here is the commission I did for the wonderfully amazing  @squirrellygirlart !!!!

You have her to thank for this lovely piece!!! This was honestly so much fun to write I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have ^_^

WARNING: There is some SIN- but I will warn you beforehand and mark where it ends as well.

Chat’s week wasn’t going very well. The boy had been run ragged with photo shoots and akuma attacks. And with the new diet his father had him on he was absolutely starving! ‘It’s almost swimsuit season Adrien,’ His father had said. Hungry and exhausted Chat was not up for another akuma attack, let alone one against Marinette.

It had all started with Chloe (didn’t it always?) Marinette, sweet, kind Marinette who’s parents made the best pastries Adrien had ever tasted, had brought croissants to school for her friends. She looked about as tired as he felt but despite that she smiled as she went to give her friends the sweet buttery gift. Adrien was certain he could hear his own heart break when Chloe came barreling in, knocking Marinette and the delicate pastries to the ground. Chloe smirked down at Marinette as she made a point of walking across the breaded treats, squashing them beneath her feet. Marinette’s face flushed red with anger as she stood with her hands in shaking fists at her sides. Marinette opened her mouth and a loud long irritating noise covered her words from Adrien’s ears. The long drawn out noise was Nino making a constant high pitched hum as he covered Adrien’s ears with his hands. Marinette’s words weren’t for innocent ears, he had told Adrien later on. Whatever Marinette had said landed her in the headmaster’s office where she was sent home from school suspended from the rest of the day’s classes. From then on Adrien had been traipsing across the city as Chat Noir chasing after a very angry akumatized Marinette.

“Princess I know you’ve had a crumby day but you’re batter than this,” Chat chuckled to himself as he dodged another croissant heading towards his head.

“Enough with the puns!” Marinette shouted in irritation sending more croissants sailing his way.

“Aw Princess I know you don’t knead that,” Chat snickered before a buttery croissant landed smack dab in the middle of his mouth. Chat hummed in delight his stomach growling in response.

“And stop calling me Princess!” Marinette hissed. She was dressed in a black and purple apron wielding a large purple spoon in her hands, purple cake batter splattered across one of her cheeks. She was the least intimidating akuma Chat had ever seen.

“Well you didn’t like muffin or cupcake, I’m running out of nicknames here,” Chat complained taking the croissant reluctantly from his mouth.

“Stop with the nicknames,” Marinette shouted throwing another croissant his way. This time Chat snatched the breaded delicacy out of the air and began stuffing it in the slim pockets of his suit.

You’re pathetic, Plagg’s voice sighed in his head.

Hey, don’t judge me I’m starving here! Adrien snapped back.

“You need a name sweet stuff.” Chat smirked. A croissant bounced off his head. “Okay you don’t like that one, how about…” Chat snapped his fingers a cheshire grin spreading across his face. “Pastry Princess!” Chat purred.

Marinette gave him a deadpan look. Chat opened his mouth to say something else but before the words fell past his lips a cupcake the size of a car landed on top of him. Chat popped his head out the top. Sticky frosting slid down his face and clumped in his hair.

“I take it you like your new name,” Chat cooed. Marinette gave him an irritated look as she hopped over to the next rooftop leaving Chat in his cupcake prison. It was surprisingly difficult to move within the dense cake. Worried Marinette might get away, and with no Ladybug in sight to come to his aid, Chat summoned his cataclysm and let the cupcake disintegrate around his feet. It was a shame he lacked the time to eat through the sweet instead. His stomach grumbled in agreement.

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A thing you probably don’t know about me is that sometimes I get in this mood where I don’t want to do anything but spend every spare moment binge-watching House, M.D. for several days at a time. I was on ep 2.15, “Clueless,” AKA that one where Wilson crashes at House’s place for a while, when inspiration struck and this Sterek drabble happened. Or… It’s almost 2k words, so maybe it’s a bit more than a drabble, BUT it’s still a drabble in spirit. (Rated T.)

It’s almost midnight when Derek finally shoulders on his coat, locks his office door, and steps out, only to spot Stiles crouched in front of the vending machine at the end of the hall, whacking the glass with the heel of his palm and muttering darkly.

Derek can’t just ignore him; he never can. (It’s a bit of a problem, and everyone in the hospital seems to know it, except for Stiles.) Before he knows it, he’s changed tracks and walked right over. “What are you still doing here?”

Stiles sits back on his heels to look up at him. “Bob ate my dollar and I’m feeling petty so I’m trying to get it back.”

“Bob?” Derek asks, a split second before he remembers that Stiles named the vending machine. It’s just this kind of thing that makes Derek feel guilty for sometimes looking at Stiles’ mouth a little too long, or pausing to let his eyes follow Stiles’ progress down the hall. Stiles isn’t a kid or anything, but he’s still only 26 to Derek’s 32, and he’s still got a year of residency to go. A lot of times, like when he’s jamming out to his iPod while he looks over lab work or doing stupid stuff like naming the vending machines, he seems to Derek more like a college kid than a grown man with a medical license and a house and a girlfriend.

Stiles goes back to hitting the vending machine, and Derek remembers why he originally came over here. “Didn’t your shift end at 7?”

Stiles smirks up at him, and Derek tries very, very hard not to imagine him making that same face in certain… other contexts. “What, you got my schedule memorized now, Dr. Hale? I’m flattered.”

It would make Derek’s life a lot easier if so much of what Stiles said didn’t come out sounding so flirtatious. Derek crosses his arms over his chest. “You’re deflecting.”

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Not Entirely Make-Believe

Request: “Could you please write a reader x Cedric where the Reader needs a fake boyfriend to present to her parents and Cedric volunteers (but she is actually in love with him). Then soon afterwards someone asks the Reader on a real date and she says yes because she was convinced that everything with Cedric was fake but when he finds out he gets extremely protective and jealous? Thanks ^^ Love your stuff! 💙”

Pairing: Cedric Diggory x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: this is short n shitty lol enjoy

Originally posted by cedricdiggoryfans

Before anyone could voice their own reactions to the letter you had just read out, you pulled your wand out, casting a quick inferno spell and watching it burn to a crisp. Your head fell into your hands as the embers drifted to the floor, the ashes blowing away without a trace. Cedric popped his head down beside you, pulling your hair away from your face as you massaged your temples.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine.” He cooed, placing a comforting hand on your back. You had to fight the urge to hum in content as he rubbed.

“Yeah,” your other friend chimed in, “I’m sure the wedding won’t be that bad. You’re overreacting.”

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{Special} College!AU Hyungwon
  • major: linguistics 
  • minor: german 
  • sports: considered doing basketball for a bit but…..
  • clubs: on campus book club (more like gossip club), sometimes he writes critiques for the uni journal, co-founded nap club which is Exactly what it sounds like, works w/the german club to help out transfers 
  • the most annoying thing about being a linguistics major for hyungwon is when people ask him what the HELL linguistics even means 
  • and when hyungwon’s like “it is the scientific study of language” people seem to look at him like he’s out of his mind
  • but hyungwon loves language, ever since he picked up his first book, and since then he grew an overwhelming fondness to classic literature and authors like hermann hesse and thomas mann 
  • so hyungwon decided to learn german
  • german & korean ??? seems like it shouldn’t mix at all but the fact that not many people study it makes it in-demand when it comes to translators and TAs in the language so hyungwon easily finds an internship with the government where he works alongside the german translator for the prime minister
  • and it’s like a really upscale position and a rare opportunity but it’s funny because hyungwon treats it so casually, but because of his looks, everyone there is like he’s not the dongsaeng,,,,he’s too,,,,,,too,,,,,chic
  • hyungwon is really outspoken in his classes like you’d think there isn’t much to talk about in a phonology class or a syntax class but hyungwon is the student that always raises his questions and isn’t even afraid to get into an argument with a teacher if he has a different understanding of the readings
  • and he’s been like that since he was a freshman and everyone in his major looks up to him because like WOW he’s never nervous all his presentations and ideas are always so clear and to the point
  • as for german class, hyungwon can get really frustrated with it
  • because learning a language so different from his own sometimes gets him all riled up
  • and he’ll only speak german for like three days so when wonho, his roommate, tries to ask him if there’s any food left in the mini-fridge hyungwon is just like “ich bin beschäftigt, ich kann gerade nicht reden*” and wonho is like “….did you just curse me out or what???”
  • but hyungwon works hard like people at his internship and in school think this knowledge comes easily to him but they don’t see him sitting up till 4 am at his desk recopying notes and listening to german conversation recordings
  • and yeah he might look cool and unapproachable as he’s sitting in the campus cafe,  reading a book titled “Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages”, and sipping an americano but 
  • he’s actually just a suffering college meme like the rest of his friends 
  • i.e. hyungwon cheering jooheon on when he said he’d salt kihyuns gummy worms when kihyun wasn’t looking or when he fell asleep standing up in the line at mcdonalds with wonho OR when he saved 126 photos of pepe the frog because minhyuk once compared him to the meme and now hyungwon can’t get over it
  • so as much as he model walks his way into intermediate german or down the halls of the government building he works at………like in his free time hyungwon’s napping in mismatched pajamas or laying upside down off the couch in his dorm watching dramas for 5 hours straight
  • long story short; looks cool but isn’t actually cool on the inside
  • and you know hyungwon since middle school you two grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends ever since
  • granted there was that one fight back in high school you two had but that you Never Speak Of but anyway
  • you know hyungwon better than most people and so his balmain jacket, lemaire sweater, acne studio sneakers, and SL glasses don’t scare you away
  • instead you sneak up on him as he’s sitting in the library and ruffle the top of his hair like whATS UP bro and hyungwon’s like wh Y do you always do this it took me 45 minutes to comb my hair and you’re like ‘because when you’re sitting it’s the only time i can reach the top of your head’ and hyungwons like rolling his eyes like you’re so short
  • and you’re like NO YOU ARE THE TOO TALL ONE SHRINK and by this time everyones looking at you and you have to slink down into the seat across him and hyungwon’s like seriously you’re so loud and you’re like pfft whatever
  • and you guys have this dynamic that’s playfully teasing since you know it has been years that you’ve known each other it’s just comfortable
  • and you’re close to minhyuk and wonho too so it’s like you four are your own lil group with inside jokes and funny kakao talk chats 
  • so as you pull out your own notes hyungwon keeps writing and it’s just you know……..normal
  • until kihyun appears three minutes later, slapping down his stuff on the table and almost making you fall off your chair
  • and he’s like HYUNGWON SHES HERE
  • and you’re like ???? and hyungwon is like “who-”
  • and kihyun is jumping up and down more excited than ever and he’s like hyungWON HOW COULD You F O R G E T 
  • and hyungwon gets up and hes about to put his hands on kihyuns shoulders to stop him from bouncing around when suddenly someone else appears and everyone in the library turns to look because
  • the girl that walks up to hyungwon is gracefully tall with curly brown hair and glowing tan skin 
  • and kihyun hops over to you and he’s like “doesn’t she look like a model????” 
  • and hyungwon smiles and the girl introduces herself in stumbling korean as a transfer named agatha 
  • hyungwon’s voice turns warm and he says something about showing her around and after that the two start speaking in german
  • and you watch until you feel kihyun pat your back and say “don’t those two look great together? two models, really. we gotta make sure hyungwon doesn’t leave us for germany for good now - amiright?”
  • but you don’t really know what to say like  you’re not…’re not jealous it’s just weird because hyungwon never told you about this. usually he tells you about the transfers that come to work with him but he’s never mentioned this agatha person
  • but you don’t let it get to you, you shake it off and roll your eyes and tell kihyun that he needs to stop being so dramatic
  • and you gather your things and decide to just go and kihyun shakes his head and you don’t hear him but he’s like ‘….maybe this will finally make one of them confess’
  • and a couple of days later you run into hyungwon and agatha and for some reason you try to duck and hide but hyungwon sees you and waves you over
  • and he’s like “hey, you haven’t met agatha but she’s her from germany to study korean and ballet -” and in your head you’re like no wonder she’s so gorgeous and thin she’s a ballerina ho W WI ll i eV  E R stack up
  • but the other part of your brain is like: um hello no we aren’t jealous shut up and be nice to the girl you don’t even know her
  • and so you smile and introduce yourself back and hyungwon is like “actually, can you do me a favor?” and you’re weary like no i wont tell shownu you got food poisoning again so you can avoid his cooking but hyungwon’s like nO i have to go to my internship but agatha needs to find the language department can you take her????
  • and you’re like sure,,,?? and hyungwon gives you a lazy little smile and wait. did your heart just - it did. it. totally did
  • your heart just skipped for hyungwon. chAE HYUNGWON 
  • and hyungwon, completely oblivious, turns to agatha and is like “ill see you later, tell me if my friend does anything dumb” and you’re like heY ExcuSE m E and hyungwon just peaces out
  • and you’re standing there looking at him from afar and huffing like where does he get off saying you’ll do something dumb
  • but then agatha is like “is the language department over there?” and you’re like right i need to help this girl out
  • and so you walk her over and ask her a bit about herself and she’s really nice and sweet that in some ways you feel even more worse because obviously she’s so great and …………..hyungwon gets to spend an entire week with her
  • finally you guys get to the right department and agatha thanks you but before you leave she asks you how well you know hyungwon and you’re like um i guess pretty well?? we’ve been friends for some time and she smiles and she’s like “do you know if he’s seeing anyone?”
  • and you’re like …………………………………………..
  • well you’re like frozen because thinking back to it you and hyungwon barely ever talk about like………like as long as you’ve known each other neither you nor hyungwon has ever brought up your relationships or crushes with each other
  • which only know you’re starting to realize is kinda weird because like you went to middle school with him. high school. and now even college and you’ve never like heard him bring up a significant other
  • which is a shock considering how much minhyuk is always talking about romance and how many people have come up to you when you hang out and ask hyungwon or wonho or any of the boys really for their numbers 
  • and you must have been silent for a bit because agatha asks you if maybe she mispronounced something but you’re just like no no no it’s just….i don’t know im sorry
  • and she’s like “oh, i thought you might because you and hyungwon are close” and you’re like sorry,,,,,i …….
  • and you don’t really feel comfortable talking about anymore so you make up some quick excuse about running late for a club and basically make a dash across campus 
  • that night you get some texts in the group chat but you don’t open it and it gets the point where hyungwon even texts you outside of the chat to see what’s wrong but for some reason you can’t bring yourself to answer
  • and like ok maybe you’re being a little dramatic but it’s just weird ….romance never got between you and him but maybe in the back of your head you always knew hyungwon was good looking on a whole different level…..
  • like you were destined to only be his friend
  • AND THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OK until you found yourself looking through your old photos where he’s standing with his hand casually around your shoulder ……. or where he’s doing some funny face……or when he’s not even the main focus of the photo but still
  • you can’t take your eyes of him
  • you /like/ him and……….you’d never admitted it to yourself until now
  • so when you wake up you tell yourself that no. you have to get over hyungwon. and you know just the way the do it
  • it’s lunch and you’re sitting beside minhyuk who said he’d be studying but fell asleep and across is wonho playing on his phone and hyungwon reading another thick, intimidating looking book of his
  • and you clear your throat and you go “does anyone …… does anyone know someone whose free this friday?”
  • suddenly all three boys are looking at you like ????? what
  • and you bite your lip but keep your composure and you’re like “i got free tickets to this movie and,,,,idk do you guys know anyone who’d wanna go with me……..c’mon minhyuk you like playing matchmaker”
  • minhyuk, whose wide awake now, is just a gaping fish and he’s like um U M i mean…………um……… friends with mark maybe he…um i know taehyung a bit…..
  • and wonho’s like “do you want a boy or girl or does it not matter?”
  • and hyungwon. hyungwon is silent
  • and for the first time you actually feel awkward around your best friends until suddenly like out of thin air appears………kihyun
  • and with a grin he’s like “i heard you had tickets to a movie, how about you take me?”
  • and you don’t see it but hyungwons fist clenches a bit over the edges of his book
  • and tbh you don’t like the smug grin on kihyun’s face, but your heads spinning and before you know it you’re nodding and reaching into you bag to hand him a ticket
  • and kihyun winks your way and ruffles your hair telling you he promises he won’t be late
  • and when he dashes off you turn and wonho and minhyuk both go into a fit of whistles and minhyuk gives your shoulder a little shove and they’re both like ‘ooOOOOO kih YU N~~~~~’
  • but hyungwon just shuts his book, mumbles “das ist zu viel” under his breath and gets up
  • wonho asks him what he says but hyungwon says he needs to go to catch the bus to his internship. wonho shrugs and turns back to you but in the back of your mind you know that….hyungwon doesn’t have his internship today
  • at 8 pm u get the text from kihyun that he’ll meet you outside in front of the college’s library. you feel bad  and consider texting him to cancel the plans but the movie isn’t even like a rom-com it’s some random title you picked and plus it’d be a waste to just throw away the money you spent so you try to pick a cuter outfit but in the end you end up late, rushing across the quad with your hair still slightly messy and notes from one of your classes scrawled on your arm
  • but once you get to the library,,,,,there’s no one there 
  • and you frown and call out kihyun’s name because c’mon don’t hide and play childish jokes like this
  • but ,,,, kihyun doesn’t appear
  • and then your phone rings and you pick it up expecting it to be kihyun with some lame excuse and you’re like “just tell me where you are kih-”
  • but then you hear hyungwons voice and he’s surprised like “kihyuns not there yet?” 
  • and you kind of freeze because why is he calling you all of a sudden?? but you’re like “n-no, do you need something?”
  • and hyungwon sighs on the other end and he’s like “no, i was just….worried” 
  • once again your test tightens but you try to ignore it and ask him why he has no reason to be and the other line is silent for a bit until he says that you just seemed weird… and when kihyun invited himself along with you…..hyungwon just stops there and sighs again 
  • and then your phone lights up against your ear and you look at it to see a text from kihyun’s number with thirty crying emojis and a ‘im sorry i can’t make it tonight’ text and you’re about to hang up so you can text back angrily but the next thing you see is the text:
  • ‘i know you didn’t want it to be me. ask hyungwon to go with you.’
  • and in your head it clicks, kihyun knew all along. he must have even predicted hyungwon would call you
  • and you’re quiet for so long until hyungwon’s voice asking if you’re still there is on the other a line
  • and you take in a breath before asking hyungwon if he wants to maybe……….go with you instead
  • and im not saying hyungwon runs over to you, because we all know about his inclination to doing the least amount of physical activity ever, but that’s exactly what he does
  • he gets to the library five minutes later huffing with his hands on his knees
  • and you’re about to make some joke but he beats you to it, pointing at your arm covered in reminders from class and messy hair and he’s like “seriously? you were going to go on a date looking like that?” 
  • and for a moment it’s as if everything is back to normal and you threaten to kick his shin and hyungwon laughs and you’re like let’s go we’re gonna be late
  • and at the movies hyungwon pays for your snacks and only complains the usual amount and you guys try ur luck at the crane games outside the theater and make fun of minhyuk’s snapchat story as the commercials play
  • and when finally the lights dim and the movie starts you finally realize that right now you’re technically on a date with hyungwon
  • your best friend
  • but as warm as you get for a moment, you remember agatha’s pretty face and how smart and handsome hyungwon is
  • and when you turn to see his profile illuminated by the lights from the screen you can’t help but just get sad again because ,……date? what a joke you guys are just doing what you always do….you’re just hanging out
  • and once it’s over, hyungwon is saying something about how bad the script is and you two are walking and laughing couples are passing by and all of a sudden you feel someone grab your hand in theres
  • and when you look down, hyungwon is lacing his fingers with yours and you stare at your hands and then up at him and hyungwon takes a step closer and then another until he’s so close your bodies are practically touching and he leans down
  • and for a second all you can see are his lips and when they move hyungwon says, “im glad it was me with you today and not anyone else.”
  • and your mind starts to interpret that one million different ways but your body just picks one and then moves you so your pressing your mouth to his
  • and hyungwons hand lets go of yours so his arms can wrap around you lazily
  • and it’s a gentle, slow first kiss but it’s made better by the fact that you can tell that it’s a hyungwon kind of kiss and his smile against your forehead when he pulls away makes you feel like you’re dreaming
  • until he whispers against your skin that he’s been waiting since fucking high school to do that
  • and that’s how you two finally - FINALLY - express how you feel
  • and as you’re going back to campus hyungwon stops and he’s like “i need to tell you something” and you’re like oh no. is this already the end what is happening
  • and hyungwon bites back his lip and he’s like “don’t be mad, but kihyun told me about how you think i like agatha.” and your eyes widen and you’re like hOW DID HE KNOW WH A  T i n EVEr sA Id Th AT TO  HIM and your cheeks turn red with embarrassment
  • but hyungwon just chuckles and puts a hand around your waist to pull you over and he’s like
  • “when he told me i thought he was joking because honestly, no one compares to you for me. like i literally can’t see anyone else but you - it’s kind of annoying at times.”
  • you hit him playfully on the arm and hyungwon just buries his nose in your hair and he’s like “kihyun told me, and then when you asked to go out with someone all of a sudden i thought it was over, that you had really……given up on me…..but then that rascal kihyun comes over and i knew he was planning something….”
  • you pull back and narrow your eyes like “wait - are you saying tonight was a set up????????????”
  • and hyungwon shrugs and looks away like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about but you’re like oh my GOD you conspired with kihyun
  • and hyungwon’s like don’t blame me!!! i thought you were seriously gonna move on without me,,,,,and date kihyun,…..
  • and youre like oh my god and hyungwon’s like ok ok ok at least we’re here together now - that’s good enough right?
  • and you huff but also like,,,how can you resist this tall memes smile
  • and so you just tell him to make it up to you by buying you lunch and he just grins and leans down to litter your neck in sloppy kisses and he’s like “are these not enough?” and you’re giggling but also like hyungwon,,,please,,,,,,
  • when you come into the cafe holding hands the next day minhyuk damn near spills his coffee over himself and runs over to demand and explanation
  • and you wanna say something but hyungwon just kisses the top of your head and is like “wenn du ihn/sie" anschaust, kille ich dich” and pulls you along
  • and minhyuk is like WHAT
  • agatha from like her seat at a table somewhere: “he said that if you look at his significant other, he’ll end you”
  • speaking of agatha she thinks you and hyungwon are so cute and tbh she’s so adorable at one point you’re like hyungwon i might break up with you and run away to germany with her,,,,,, and hyungwons like ha ha ha don’t or ill tell her in german that you’re toxic or something
  • but now that you two are dating like you still tease each other like before
  • except now you tease each other while cuddling and/or making out
  • and every time you’re like “you look dumb” hyungwon’s like “you look dumb too” and then you both laugh and kiss each other and literally everyone is like awwwwww except for jooheon who’s just like ??? yall just call each other dumb and then proceeded to kiss What Kind of Millenial Romance….
  • when it’s just the two of you though, hyungwon always makes you clear your lap so he can lay his head on it and read
  • and you play with his hair or do your own homework while he lays there
  • and sometimes you have to like pull his ear cuz he’ll doze off and you’re like c’mon focus buddy
  • your dorm ends up being filled with books that hyungwon leaves lying around when he comes over
  • and your roommates like “i didn’t know you were studying german?” one day and you’re like im not and she’s holding up like the advance textbook for german language and you roll your eyes because right my boyfriend left that here
  • you try on hyungwons expensive (but always too big) clothing and he’ll be like ‘that jacket cost 5k’ while sitting on his bed watching and you’re like ‘why it’s so ugly’ and hyungwon shrugs like ‘it’s fashion’
  • sometimes you’ll go to meet him after his internship and when he comes out you wave and he’ll purposely pretend to look around and not see you because he’s tall and you’re always like hyUNGWON and he’s like “i hear a voice but where is it coming from,,,,,,”
  • the funny thing about this is you two are joking around like this and hyungwon’s coworkers are watching from the windows like,,,,,,,hyungwon??? has a dorky side???? that boy with his perfect face is actually………..cute????
  • and yes yes he is he’s esp cute when he hasn’t had his morning coffee and keeps falling asleep with his head in the crook of your neck
  • and when he talks against your collar it tickles and you have to try and wake him up and he refuses until you literally get him his iced americano and put the straw to his lips
  • hyungwon once tells you that one of the prettiest words he’s ever heard in the language is actually your name and you get all blushy like what no,,,,and he’s like “im a linguistics major, trust me when i say your name is just so pleasent to say…”
  • and whenever he gets out-of-nowhere romantic like that you fret and say a corny joke but hyungwon just pulls you over so you’re ontop of him and gives you those slow kisses of his
  • and you wanna be like hEY but ……… he always smells good and his lips are always so soft how would you even say no
  • hyungwon and you go shopping together and you’re like watching him pick good outfit after good outfit and you’re like ….how….does he do it
  • like you pick something and hyungwon’s like shaking his head
  • and soon enough he’s shopping for you
  • but it’s worth it because when he picks something out and yall go out on a date to like a bookstore or a new art exhibit everyone does a double take because you two look GOOD
  • power couple amiright 
  • people always ask how it feels to be dating a male model and you’re like he’s not,,,,,but,,,,,,you’re right he should be
  • that and you also can’t help but laugh because these people think hyungwon is so chic and cool when last night you literally wheeled him around in one of those grocery carts in the parking lot of the school
  • it was funny because his long legs hung out of the cart and you were sure they were gonna touch the floor at some point
  • but that corny, playful side is just for you and hyungwons close friends
  • there’s a time where hyungwon starts refreshing his memory for a big german test he’s going to have and he’s going over the words for the body, like the translations 
  • and he pulls you by the wrist and points to your eyes and then nose and then lips and he’s reading them off in german but somehow………
  • his mouth trails over the curve of your neck and he starts whispering the words against your skin
  • and like im not saying that you guys are alone in his dorm, wonho’s gone on one of his study abroads, the windows are dark and it’s raining ever so slightly outside and hyungwon’s big warm hands work their way up your shirt
  • and no way am i saying that he lifts you up to sit on his hips and before you know it he isn’t speaking in german or korean or whatever he’s just listening to the sounds you’re making and yeah
  • you all know where im totally going with this ok
  • waking up in the morning and helping hyungwon find his glasses, sitting up in the sheets with him and brushing his bangs from his face, kissing his pretty more puffy than ever lips ^^
  • sometimes you’ll sit in between his legs and the two of you will look at those old photos from the past and embarrassingly confess that you guys have been into each other for way longer than expected
  • and hyungwon might bring up that time where he felt really bad about not asking you to prom
  • and you’ll tell him how sad you were when you guys got split up for different math classes that one year
  • and then you’ll laugh about it because you’re here with each other now
  • hyungwon makes you join nap club and when you’re like “what do we do?” when you show up in the room to find all the tables moved to the sides and a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor
  • hyungwon just wraps you up in a hug, pulls a blanket over you two and he’s like “we. Nap.”
  • every time you guys walk past kihyun he does the finger guns at you and you’re literally like hyungwon hold me back i want to fight him 
  • reading your paper outloud to hyungwon after you guys make out and order pizza and he offers critique and you wanna be like gOd why is he so smart and always right but you just settle for rolling your eyes and hyungwon grins because he’s like “ill take that as a you agree that im right” and you’re like dont make me shove this slice of pizza in your mouth
  • one night as you’re falling asleep in hyungwon’s arms, he says “du bist die wichtigste Person für mich auf der ganzen Welt”
  • in the morning you try to memorize it and put it into google translate but it doesn’t work, instead you find someone else whose taking german and they’re like “oh! it means you’re the most important person to me in the world”

college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here)

find college!woozi (here),  college!wonwoo (here)college!seunghceol(here), college!seokmin (here) , college!jun (here) college!mingyu (here), college!jeonghan (here), college!hoshi (here), college!joshua (here), college!the8 (here) & college seungkwan (here) !

find special college!jb (here), college!mark tuan (here) college!youngjae (here), college!jinyoung (here)

find special college!wonho (here) , find special college!im (here

and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

Camera Shy (Part One)

AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

Read on AO3 here

A/N - I’m terrible with summaries but I hope you guys like this. This idea came to me a few days ago when the Cole photographer photoset was going around. Enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

Title prompt: I knew I loved you before I met you

Serena sits at her kitchen table, flips open the pad of off-white letter paper and uncaps her fountain pen.

‘Dear Bernie,’ she starts. She pauses for a moment, slips a letter out of an envelope and unfolds it to read again, picks up a small photograph from the table and gazes at it, smiling.

‘It’s been grey and damp here today,’ she continues, a smile still playing across her lips. ‘The sort of day that made me almost glad to be stuck in meetings all morning and in theatre all afternoon. Certainly not picnic weather! I’m hoping for a return to crisp autumn days soon – a chill in the air and all those glorious colours as the leaves turn. I know how much you miss it and I know this isn’t the same, but I picked this leaf up earlier in the week thinking it would give you a taste (if it even survives the journey, that is!).’

She picks the yellow-orange-red maple leaf up by its stalk, lays it carefully across her palm and thinks of Bernie doing the same three and a half thousand miles away in an Afghan desert.

She adds a few more details about her life these past weeks, replies to Bernie’s questions from her previous letter, asks questions of her own (the sort Bernie is able to answer, about how she is and the tricks her younger colleagues have been up to), reaches the end of another page and reluctantly signs off.

‘Stay safe, soldier. Serena x’


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Work Trip

Pairing: Negan x reader

Warnings: inappropriate language and relationship between boss and employee, mentions of exhibitionism because…um this is me we’re talking about, outdoor sex.

Words: 1570

Author’s Note: Requested by @prettyepiic  Who basically wrote the summary for me:

Ok. I want Negan to be some big wig bossman and I’m his little naive secretary. I think he’s smashing good looking but I never realize it until he hits on me. Somehow we fuck and it’s nasty naughty goooood.

The first piece of Negan writing I’ve done that doesn’t feature a threesome. If that’s your thing, check it out here.

You were organizing your desk. You were still fairly new at your job and eager to impress, especially Negan, you boss. You heard elevator to the top floor chimed signalling that Negan would soon be making his appearance. You smiled hearing his gravely voice. “Y/N, how are you sweet cheeks?”

“I’m fine Negan. The reports are on your desk and you have a meeting at 11 to discuss the new Atherton Solutions project” Negan gave you a smile that made your heart race. You didn’t think you would ever get used to Negan and his dashing good looks.

Negan scrolled through his phone, looking at emails. “What are you doing this weekend?”

You shrugged, you didn’t have any plans. You were just planning on watching some television while snuggled under the covers. “Nothing”

Negan raised his eyebrow. “How does a gorgeous girl like you have nothing to do? No dates?”

You blushed and shook your head. You didn’t want Negan to know how unlucky in love you were. “Those men don’t know what they’re missing.”

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The Reunion

Summary: It’s time for the Riverdale Class of 2019 Ten Year Reunion! Betty Cooper is excited to see all of her old classmates, but there’s one classmate in particular that she can’t seem to get off her mind…

Chapter One

“Hello and welcome back to Riverdale High School! Please take a moment to find your name tag - you’ll notice it has your yearbook picture on it to help people better recognize you.”

Betty smiled brightly as the man in front of her searched for his name tag. She watched with curiosity as he plucked one off the table - Benjamin Nisher.

She tried to remember any sort of memory she had with him. She seemed to recall something about… chess club? Or maybe it was the book club? Whoever he was, Betty was drawing a blank.

Oh well, you can’t know them all.

“Ethel,” Betty turned to the young woman standing beside her, “Would you mind going back into the kitchen and checking on our appetizers? Guests are arriving and I want to make sure the wait staff is prepared to start making the rounds.”

Ethel nodded with a smile and headed off toward the cafeteria, leaving Betty alone at the welcome table. She looked around, smoothing the skirt of her dress before readjusting the floral arrangement for the millionth time. As former student body president, it had been her responsibility to plan the ten-year reunion. Which worked out surprisingly well, coinciding perfectly with Betty’s career as an event planner.

She remembered being in high school, dreaming of being a reporter. She had even followed those dreams to Boston University, majoring in journalism and graduating with honors. Unfortunately, dreams were quickly dashed when she found herself glued to a desk instead of out in the field, everything she reported on feeling lackluster when compared to her times in Riverdale.

She had been tasked to interview an up-and-coming event planner in the area when things finally clicked into place. Before she knew it, she had applied for an internship with the company, quickly rising through the ranks before finding herself second-in-command of one of the most elite planning companies in the United States. She loved every ounce of her work - the planning, the use of creativity, the organized chaos of it all - it left her buzzing with satisfaction. And now here she was, back at her old high school, with everything seeming to come full circle.

Ten years. It had been ten years since she’d graduated high school. Ten years since she’d left the borders of this town. Ten years since she’d seen him.

Her heart sighed at the thought of him. She wondered where he was now. She’d heard rumors - everything from being in jail to thriving in New York - but the only truth she knew was in his novel. His tale of Jason Blossom’s murder had mild success across the country, and wild success in Riverdale. He had sent her a copy when it was published, a simple “Thank you” scrawled on the inside cover. Nothing more. It was the only real communication she had received from him since graduation.

The door opened, and Betty brought herself back to reality. Plastering on her best smile, she welcomed an alumni couple as they approached the table. Giving them their name tags and sending them on their way, Betty mentally kicked herself for getting so lost in the haze of adolescent memories. There was no use thinking of him, she reminded herself, because wherever he was he was long gone. He had even RSVP’d no to the reunion.


A familiar voice rang out across the hall, and Betty looked up to spot her lifelong best friend walking toward her.

“Veronica! Hi!” Betty rushed out from behind the welcome table and embraced her. “How are you? It feels like it’s been forever.” 

“Wonderful!” Veronica beamed, “Tonight is our first night out without the baby. Archie was incredibly nervous, but we simply couldn’t miss this! Especially since it’s a Betty Cooper event! Plus,” Veronica winked at her, “I needed a good excuse to wear this.” She backed away and gave a small twirl to show off her slimming black cocktail dress, complimented by violet heels and her signature pearl necklace.

“You do look amazing.” Betty laughed, “As always.”

“As do you!” Veronica cooed, “Seriously, Betts, that dress is gorgeous with a capital G! Blue has always been such a great color on you.”

Betty blushed at the compliment, her heart warming in the glow of her friend’s affection. “So, where is Archie?”

“Parking the car, probably double checking that all he has all the baby photos ready to show off.” Veronica laughed. “What can I say, he’s one proud father.”

“Talking about me?” Archie appeared, a smug grin on his face and a familiar blue and yellow jacket slung over his shoulders.

“Archie, it that -”

“His letterman’s jacket?” Veronica rolled her eyes, “Yes, it is. Babe,” She gave him an accusatory look, “I thought we agreed you’d leave it in the car.”

“Oh, come on Ronnie! I’m reliving high school!” Archie pouted dramatically, “Just let me have my fun.”

“Alright fine - but just for tonight. Then it goes back in the attic where it belongs.” Veronica smiled and placed a single hand on his chest, leaning in and kissing him sweetly. “Now come on. Let’s head inside and let Betty finish her work. She’ll join us later.”

“See you on the dance floor Betts.” Archie joked, winking at her and dramatically spinning around to show off his “moves”. Veronica laughed at him before pulling him away, the two of them disappearing into the gymnasium.

“Betty,” Ethel scrambled up to the table, “The appetizers are ready to go, but Josie just grabbed me and said somebody moved her earpiece after sound check, she can’t find it.”

Betty sighed. It wouldn’t be a true event without at least one problem to be handled. “Okay, I’ll go talk to her. I’m sure it’s nearby. Do me a favor and keep greeting our alumni okay?” Betty placed an encouraging hand on Ethel’s shoulder before moving down the hall, welcoming people as she went.

She was halfway to the music room when she spotted him.

thirsty-angst-lord  asked:

Could you do the Chocobros and their S/O at the beach? Hope this blog can expand. 👍👌

Awww this is such a cute idea! And thank you for your support!! :D And yes I realize Ignis’s is longer then the rest of them but I just couldn’t help myself XD


You smiled as you laid down on your towel. You and the guys decided to take a day to yourselves and went to the beach. Ignis sat next to you under an umbrella reading a book while the other three played in the water. “You don’t want to join them in the water?” Ignis asked you never looking away from his book.

“Not right now, I’m having fun just laying here.” You told him and sat up to look at the others. You and Ignis watched as Gladio picked Noctis up and toss him into the water as Prompto tackled Gladio. You laughed and Ignis grinned at the site of them having fun. Noctis walked out of the water and headed over to where you and Ignis sat. “Hey Noct having fun?” You asked him as he got closer

“Yeah.” He gave you a short reply as he squatted down in front of you. “Are you okay?” You asked him worriedly since he didn’t look very good. He didn’t answer instead he started leaning over you. “Noctis?” You asked him very confused and started leaning backwards.

Ignis watched you two wanting to know what Noctis was doing, even though he had a good idea of what was going on. You fell onto your back and Noctis flopped down on top of you. You grunted as Noctis landed on you and shook your head. “You could have just said you were tired!” You laughed and he nestled his head into your chest.

“That’s not fun though.” He mumbled and you ran your hand threw his hair.



Whenever you went to the beach it normally ended up being a photo shoot with Prompto. Not that you minded because you get more of a reason to be with your favorite man. “Okay now put your leg up by your head, lean down while turning your head to the sea and touch your foot with your left hand.” Prompto told you and you stood there.

“Sweetheart I’m not that flexible and what you just said did not make any sense.” You giggled at him as he walked over to you. “I know, I just wanted to say it. Can I get a shot of you jumping in the water.” Prompto asked you with a puppy dog look that you couldn’t say no too. “Alright get ready.” You told him and dashed over to the sea.

Prompto aimed the camera at you and took the picture just as you jumped into the water. You walked back out and ran over to him and a grin on your face. “Did you get it.” You jumped once you got over to him honestly having the best time of your life.

“Yeah I got it, and it’s my favorite one.” He showed it to you and you took the camera from him and set it in your bag. “Now let’s go!” You grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the ocean



“Wait Gladio!” You shriek as Gladio threw you over his shoulder. You had come down to the beach and you were sitting under your umbrella enjoying the shade when Gladio came up behind you and picked you up. “Okay I know I pushed you into the lake while Noct was fishing but it was shallow!” You tried to bargain with him. “The ocean has shallow parts too.” he said as he started walking toward the sea.

You started moving around trying to get him to drop you but his grip wouldn’t let up. You were actually enjoying this, not that you would tell him that. Gladio lifted you over his head and you let you a yelled. He waddled waist deep into the water and you waited for your demise. “Any last words?” Gladio called up to you and you closed your eyes

“I shall take my punishment with honor.” You said and Gladio threw you into the water. Gladio laughed before realizing that you haven’t resurfaced. “(Y/n)? (Y/n)?!” Gladio started to panic “Damn-” He was cut short when he was pulled under the water.

Gladio came back and you shot out of the water laughing. “You should have seen your face!” You hunched over and Gladio couldn’t help but smile. “You know this isn’t over right?”

“I know, can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.” You grinned at him



You laughed as you sat on Ingis’s shoulders while Noctis’s sat on Gladio’s. You had suggested playing chicken fight and Noctis and Gladio agreed immediately. You needed a partner and Prompto was to busy trying to talk with this girl he met. So you pulled Ignis up from where he was sitting and he just couldn’t resist.

“Your going down (Y/n)!” Noctis called out to you and you shook your head. “I’m afraid it will be you who is going down!” You called to him and Ignis and Gladio walked closer to each other. “Prompto start us off!” You called over to him and he excused himself before running over to the four of you. “Okay ready, set…start!” he called out and watched as Noctis started trying to get you off of Ignis’s shoulders.

“Just give up (Y/n) you know how this is going to end.” Noctis smirked at you and you pushed him back. “Hell no! Cause I’m going to win.” You returned his smirk and saw him start to lose his balance. “You can do it (Y/n)!” Ignis called up to you while making sure you were balanced on his shoulders. Noctis gave you one final push making you slide off Ignis’s shoulders and into the water. “Nice one Noct!” Gladio called up to him while Ignis helped you out of the water.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, dear?” He smirked at you and you nodded your head. “Oh yeah.” You told him and he squatted down cupped his hands. You stepped into them and he launched you up to Noctis and ran at Gladio effectively tackling him and Noctis into the water.

“That’s cheating!” Noctis told both of you as you resurfaced. “Eh.” You shrugged your shoulders as Ignis lifted you back onto is shoulders. “How about another round?” Ignis’s smirked at the boys and Noctis climbed back onto Gladio’s shoulder

“You’re on Specs!”

Fate? - Bucky Barnes x Reader (soulmate au)

Word Count: 2546

Request: Can we get some Bucky meets his soulmate fluff? Thanks

Warnings: F L U F F (with a dash of swearing… just a little bit tho)

Author’s Note: happy valentines day! i hope yours is better than mine. enjoy some soulmate fluff ;)

Song Featured: I’ll Take Care of You 


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Enouement- 7

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 745

Warnings: Mentions of cheating.

Author’s Note: This… Is actually one of my favorite chapters. Oops?

Master   Part 6

Bucky tried to rationalize it. You were distant. He was hurting. Any excuse he came up with was only an excuse, and he knew there was no real reason for what he was doing. There was nothing he could ever say or do that would make up for this. But things were moving too fast, his mind spinning too much, he couldn’t stop the world from spinning or slow down time.

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sometimes this has a hot, sweet taste

summary: Then, the inevitable declaration, murmured into the skin just below his ear: “I really, really love you, Phil. Like, so much.”

word count: 2.4k

trigger warnings: none

a/n: this is slightly trashy and they’re uncharacteristically sappy, but maybe i got it spot on. if you can’t tell, dan and phil at the beach is my favourite thing.

Santorini is sleep, sun cream and fruity cocktails all folded between a few days of calm, and Dan realises he needs it.

This revelation arrives with half-lidded eyes, his body curled into the rubber of an inflated doughnut, floating in the pool of one of those Greek villas he used to see all over holiday sites and Pinterest. The water is blue and blinding and smells like bliss, and he has never appreciated Bryony’s spontaneity more.

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Part Two of the Time and Space Series.

Doctor Who AU featuring Park Jinyoung as The Doctor.

Word Count: 3.6K

You ducked down behind some boxes clutching your knees to your chest. Tears of fear welled up in your eyes clouding your vision. You sent out a silent prayer in hopes they wouldn’t find you.


They were getting closer, there evil robotic cry sounding as if it were only a few feet from you now. They were coming.


You buried your face into your arms trying to figure out a way out, but none seemed to appear. You could see no way out. “Doctor,” you whispered at the pocket watch hanging around your neck. “Where are you?”

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A Girl Worth Fighting For- 19 (End)

Summary: When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.

Words: a lot idfk
Warnings: none?

Author’s Note: Oh geez guys. I just gotta say thank you all so much for reading, for the messages and comments, and I hope you’re all happy with chapter 20. ❤️❤️😘

Tags moved to end.
Masterlist   Part 18

Originally posted by jeweljessicajones

Peggy Carter was tired. The past ten years had taken their toll on her, showing in the gentle age lines on her face and the slight slump in her shoulders. She carried herself with dignity, head held high as her heels tapped lightly on the tiles. A few familiar faces passed her with small smiles or nods of acknowledgement which she returned, clutching a briefcase in her hands.

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Fred Weasley x Reader: Family Photo

Originally posted by radcliffeandphelps

A/N: Everyone was wild for more Fred Weasley, so I had to deliver! <3

Warnings: Vomiting mention, pregnancy

Y/N had known for quite a while. She and Fred weren’t trying persay, but weren’t taking precautionary steps to protection either. The both of them had wanted a family and figured that whatever would happen would happen – and this was the surprise they had received. Y/N had a sneaking suspicion when her period was late, but it was confirmed when she had told Ginny to run to the shop to pick up a pregnancy test. Two little lines marked the assurance of the little one, and Y/N ran from the loo with tears of joy in her eyes, squeezing the daylights out of Ginny.

“That’s fantastic!” She said, laughing. “How are you gonna tell Fred?”

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Work Comes Home - Part 3

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: 2505

Author’s Note: Here it is! Thanks to @secretschuylersister for reading it over crazy late last night - you’re amazing, wouldn’t be doing this without you!

Warnings: Some swearing.

Askbox | Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

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All-Encompassing School Resources Masterpost


  • Astronomy

  • Learn About Stars

  • Interactive Galaxy

  • Psychology

  • Minute Physics

  • Periodic Table Song

  • Interactive Periodic Table

  • Chemical Equation Balancer

  • Cool Science

  • Hard Science Words

  • Learn Science Easily

  • Science Translated to English


  • Online ruler

  • Mathematical Formulas

  • Math problem solvers [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Math Training

  • Video Math Tutor

  • Multiply Big Numbers

  • Calculator [Square Roots] [Cube Roots]

  • Microecon and Macroecon


  • Greek Gods Family Tree

  • Roman Empire

Writing [School Resources Masterpost] [Grand Writing Masterpost]

Geography [More 1]

Learn a Language [More 1] [101] [BBC] [Anki] [FSI] [DW] [Ukger] [Lingq] [Busuu] [Babbel] [Korean] [FluentU] [Memrise] [Textfugu] [Lingualia] [OmniGlot] [Duolingo][Translator][Enochian] [Babadum] [OpenCulture] [Radiolingua] [Conjugator] [Livemocha] [Languagetool] [MyLanguages] [AmericanDialect] [LearnALanguage] [SurfaceLanguages]

Computers and Programming

  • Codecademy

  • Programmr

  • GA Dash

  • CodeHS

  • w3schools

  • Code Avengers

  • Codelearn

  • The Code Player

  • Code School


  • ProgrammingMother

  • Bento

  • Bucky’s room

  • WiBit

  • Learn Code the Hard Way

  • Mozilla Developer Network

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

Photography and Film

  • Exposure Guide

  • The Bastards Book of Photography

  • Cambridge in Color

  • Best Photo Lessons

  • Photography Course

  • Production Now

  • nyvs

  • Learn About Film

  • Film School Online

Homework Help

  • CrashCourse

  • Khan Academy

  • SparkNotes

  • Cliffnotes

  • Sparknotes

  • World Factbook

  • Mahalo

  • Luminosity

  • YouTube Edu

  • Whiteboard

  • Homework Help [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Educational Websites [More 1]

  • Things to Remember [More 1] [More 2]

  • Finish That Assignment [More 1]

  • Tumblr and High Grades

  • No Homework Excuses

  • How Stuff Works

  • Final Grade Calculator

Free Online Courses [Alison] [Coursera] [FutureLearn] [Open2study] [edX] [P2PU] [Reddit] [Saylor] [AcademicEarth] [iversity] [Stanford] [MIT] [Yale] [BBC] [OpenLearn] [CarnegieMellon]

Self Control [chrome] [firefox] [mac] [self control] [Pomodoro] [ColdTurkey] [FocalFilter] [Freedom] [InternetOff] [Keepmeout] [Nanny] [ProductivityOwl] [RescueTime] [SelfControl] [SelfRestraint] [SimpleBlocker] [StayFocused] [StrictWorkflow] [TimeDoctor] [WasteNoTime] [WebsiteBlocker] [MarinaTimer]

Effective Time Management

  • Sleep Calculator

  • Falling Asleep Tips

  • How to Wake Up in the Morning [More 1]

  • How Long to Nap [More 1]

  • Time Management [App]

  • Pull an All-Nighter [More 1]

Anxiety and Disorders

  • Anxiety & Panic [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5][More 6] [More 7] [App]

  • Depression [More 1] [Bipolar Disorder]

  • Suicide Hotlines [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5][More 6] [More 7]

  • Talking to Someone with Depression [More 1]

  • Alternatives to Cutting [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

  • Recovery Resources [Emotional Trauma] [Self injury] [Depression] [More 1]

  • How to Deal with Mental Illness [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Upset? [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5] [More 6] [More 7]

  • Cheap Stress Help [More Help]

Coping Skills & Distractions

  • Venting [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5]

  • Reading Body Language

  • Know What Your Emotion is

  • Guided Relaxation[More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5]

  • Breathing Exercises [More 1]

Calm Happy Things

  • Compliments [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Confidence [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5]

  • When You Are Sad [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5]

  • Yoga [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5]

  • Trekkie Care Package

  • Reasons to Live [More 1]

  • Make a Comfort Box

  • Calm [More 1] [More 2] [More 3]

  • Help Others [More 1]

  • Happy Nice Things [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

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White Noise

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  • 100 Years of Rock

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  • Find Facts about Songs

Make Music

  • Music Matrix

  • Make Some Music

  • Make an Acapella Band

  • Voice Recorder

  • Old Sounds Archive

  • Make Music on itunes Sound Great

  • Create iphone Ringtones From Your itunes

  • Music Theory Classes [More 1] [More 2] [More 3] [More 4] [More 5]

  • Make Music with Balloons

  • Learn to Play the Guitar [More 1] [More 2] [Bass]

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Studying Tips and Tricks

  • Studying in a blue room relaxes your mood and makes you more productive, which is great for finishing up assignments and homework.

  • Spray an unfamiliar scent, and chew an unfamiliar flavor of gum while you’re having a study session.

  • Before you start your exam, write down the things you think you might need while they’re still fresh in your head at the top of the page such as formulas and vocabulary words.

  • ‘Times New Roman’ is the easiest and fastest font to read.

  • When writing an essay, add the opposing point of view to make the read look at both sides.

  • When you’re taking notes, pretend you’re writing them for some else, preferably someone you care about, and imagine them not knowing anything when it comes to the class you’re writing notes in.

  • Using colors when writing your notes helps you remember faster, avoid using only one color as it might dull out important information.

  • Change your font from 12pt to 14pt when writing essays, it looks the same but increases the number of pages by 1-2.

  • Cinnamon flavored gum helps you stay awake, use it for your morning classes.

  • Speaking something out loud helps your remember, so always read your notes aloud when you’re studying.

  • Reading the first and last paragraphs and only running over the middle has the same outcome as reading all of it.

  • Chocolate has the ability to improve your math skills.

  • Always have an alternative email, you never know when it might come in handy.

  • Cold showers over coffee anyway. It keeps you fresh the entire day, and also helps you stay focused and less tired throughout the day.

  • Reward yourself with 15-20 minutes of free time with every 45 minutes of studying.

  • If you’re pulling an all nighter, sleeping the 20 minutes before the sun comes up helps your body relax and you’ll be less tired.

  • Replace the color tube of your red pen with the blue one. No one steals a red pen, and no one wants it.

  • Always say yes to extra credit, no matter what your grade is. It can make a huge different seeing as it has the ability to change one percent which can change an entire grade letter.


  • Writing something down is an equivalent of saying something 7 times.

  • No matter how much time you have left, do it earlier. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Be friends with your teachers, you never know what can happen during the school year.

    Have a study group, you’ll have friends to explain things to you and vice versa, also you can share notes and finish up homework without feeling like time is passing by slow.

  • Do not pay for your textbooks if you don’t have to. Even if you aren’t down with illegally downloading your books, you can waste hundreds of dollars on textbooks you will never open. Wait until your professor says that you’ll need it or if material from the book will be on an exam.

  • Try and have one friend in each class so if you miss a class, you have someone to tell you what you missed and let you copy notes.

  • If you’re in a productive mood, take advantage of it.

  • You are more important than anything in the world. Don’t ever put yourself in a bad situation for any reason ever, even if that means taking a day off for yourself

  • If there is anyone in your life who doesn’t think of you as highly as kayne thinks of himself then that person doesn’t deserve to be in your life you don’t need them

  • Try your best. not everyone can get all As, and getting all As does not make you better than everyone else. just do the best you can and be the best person you can be.

  • Don’t tick off your teacher, follow the rules to an extent, get to class on time, respect your classmates and teachers. you know, just be a decent person.

  • Find which clubs look interesting and go to their first meetings- there’s never an obligation to join, but you might meet a lot of new friends.

  • Get advice from other students on if your classes/teachers are difficult and figure out which ones you’ll need to work the hardest in.

  • Goals. When you sit down to study, write down everything you’re going to do and do it.

  • Tea and coffee - if not for the caffeine, then for the feeling of cozying up with your text books and feeling studious.

  • A place to study. it doesn’t matter if it’s in a coffee house, a library, or your kitchen table. as long as your bed’s not in sight and tempting you into a nap, you’re good.

  • Your mental health is more important than your grades/school work

Seventeen going to a Buffet Pt. 2

Episode Nine: Seventeen heads to the Buffet Restaurant and Joshua decides to start a fight with Seungcheol

*in the queue for the buffet restaurant*

Waiter: “For how many?”

Scoups: “13 please”

Waiter: “Um…” *looks back at the packed restaurant*

Waiter: “Can you sit separately?”



Scoups: “Yeah it’s alright, we can just split into four or five per table”

Hoshi: “BUT I WANT TO-

Scoups: “Soonyoung you can sit with Jihoon now shut up please”

Hoshi: *smiles*

Waiter: “So twelve adults and one child?”

Woozi: “You better not be talking about me”

Dino: “I think he was talking about me hyung…”

Waiter: “Oh hey there little one didn’t see you back there, should I get two baby chairs for your children?”

Woozi: “Someone hold me back or I’m gonna dig out his eyes”

Hoshi: “Go get him Woozi! He tried to separate us just now!”

Woozi: “Suddenly I like this waiter a whole lot, should we be friends?”

*at table one: Jeonghan, Joshua, Scoups, Dino, DK*

DK: “Dish ish da kool peepur’s taburle”

Dino: “I don’t think I understand what you just said…”

Joshua: “Ugh why is the third party here?”

Scoups: “Are you perhaps referring to me Hong Jisoo?”

Dino: “I don’t like this table…. Can I go sit with somewhere else?”

Jeonghan: “No, you need to sit beside me so I can cut your food for you and feed you”

Joshua: “Why are you always third wheeling around Jeonghan and I?”

Scoups: “Know your place Joshua Hong, I came first”

Joshua: “I hope you mean by birth because if we are talking about his heart or feelings, I come in first”

Jeonghan: “Keep it down will you? People are staring…”

Scoups: “Well, why did you lead Joshua on and ruin our relationship then?”

Joshua: “Excuse me, what?”

Dino: “I’m leaving this table-”

Jeonghan: *buckles chan down into his baby chair*

Dino: “DANG IT”

*at table two: Wonwoo, Jun, The8, Mingyu*

Mingyu: “Okay guys half of this table is mine, please make sure your plates do not invade my side of the table”

Jun: “Four of us are sharing the table and you’re claiming half of it?”

The8: “It’s not like you don’t know him Jun, he probably needs half of the table for the amount of food he is going to take”

Mingyu: “Ding Dong Deng! Minghao you know me so well!”

Jun: “Then is the three of us supposed to share the other half???”

Mingyu: “UM DUH”

Wonwoo: “Why was it only a dream???”

Jun: “Did you say something Wonwoo?”

Wonwoo: “No… I’m going to get myself some food…”

*at table three: Seungkwan, Vernon, Hoshi, Woozi*

Woozi: “I can’t believe I’m seating with you”


Woozi: “I’m reconsidering my new-found friendship with the waiter…”

Vernon: “I can wait here while you guys can go get your food”

Seungkwan: “Why? Are you saying that I’m too greedy and that I can’t wait?!”

Vernon: “I didn’t mean it like that… Then shall I go get the food first while you wait?”

Seungkwan: “What are you implying Hansol Vernon Chwe? That if I go there I’ll take all the food and you won’t have any left, so you better go take your share of food first before I eat it ALLL?!!”

Vernon: “I am so done with you”

Seungkwan: “Are you saying that I’m annoying and irritating?”

Vernon: “Does anyone want to swap seats with me?”

Dino: “ME WANTS!”

Jeonghan: “Stop it or I’m not letting you have any fries”

*buffet counter*

Mingyu: “This is Mingyu’s heaven, they have everything I ever craved for, they have pizza, fried chicken, kimchi fried rice, dumplings, kimbap, pasta, udon, ramen, ice cream, gelato, WAFFLES! OMG SOMEONE CAPTURE THIS BEAUTIFUL MOMENT FOR ME!” *sobs*

Wonwoo: *snaps a photo*

The8: *takes a whiff*

The8: “Some of these don’t seem that fresh….”

Mingyu: “Shut it Minghao how can you insult such beauty in this sacred place”

Scoups: *reaches out to take some seasoned beef from buffet counter*

Joshua: *shoves coups*

Scoups: *moves away from Joshua to take some japchae*

Joshua: *shoves coups again*

Scoups: “Stop shoving me will you Hong Jisoo!!”

DK: “Well someone please take the salt shaker away from Joshua because someone’s salty about life”

Woozi: “No Seokmin…. no….”

Jeonghan: “Boys, I know the both of you are crazy about me but am I really worth ruining your friendship because of me? Who am I kidding, of course I am”

DK: “Well someone please pass Jeonghan a mirror because he needs a reality check”

Woozi: “Please just stop trying”

Wonwoo: “Mingyu can you help me take that?” *points to eggrolls*

Mingyu: “No why would I?”

Mingyu: *takes a mountain of eggrolls for himself*

Wonwoo: “Oh right…. The dream’s not real” *cries*

Hoshi: “Jihoonie would you like some bacon and scrambled eggs?”

Woozi: “I can get them myself”

DK: “Would you be able to reach them tho”

Woozi: “Don’t test my patience Seokmin”

Scoups: “Wait if we are all here who’s at our table?”

Jeonghan: “Chan is, I’m sure he’ll be fine”

*meanwhile at table one*

Dino: *attempts to cut the belt of the baby seat with a plastic knife*


Vernon: “What?”

Dino: “Help me get out of this baby trap”

Vernon: “Why would you want to get out?”

Dino: “Didn’t you say you want to swap seats?”

Vernon: “I did but won’t Jeonghan hyung be mad?”

Dino: “Nah he’ll be too preoccupied with the two idiots fawning over him to notice”

Vernon: “Okay… if you say so”

*table two*

The8: “I know you said you’d take a lot of food but this is just too much”

Mingyu: “Yes thank you, put it over here please”

Waiters: *carrying 100 plates over*

Jun: “The tall thing is taking up our side of our table!”

Mingyu: “This is only round one”

Wonwoo: “If you can’t finish it, you have to pay for the food wastage”

Mingyu: “Are you three doubting me?!”

The8: “Can’t we just go to the Chinese restaurant across the street?”

Jun: “We can try to make a run for it”

The8: “Alright we’ll make a dash for it in 1…. 2…. 3… RUN!”

Jun & The8: *runs out of restaurant*

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu… do you remember anything about lemonades or pancakes or anything at all?”

Mingyu: *finishes 30 plates worth of food*

Mingyu: “No why? Oh no did I get drunk and talked about food again? I really need to fix my drinking habits”

Wonwoo: “Never mind pretend I didn’t ask”

Mingyu: “Are you finishing your pancakes?”

Wonwoo: “Why? Are you gonna get me more Mingyu?”

Mingyu: “What? No, I want to eat it if you can’t finish them”

Wonwoo: “Oh”

*table three*

Hoshi: “You got a little something on your lips Woozi”

Woozi: “Where?”

Hoshi: *cleans it with a tissue*

Dino: “Chan’s eyes…. chan’s eyes…. it needs to be cleansed”

Woozi: “dOn’T toUcH mEH”

Seungkwan: “What are you doing here?”

Dino: “I switched seats with Vernon hyung but honestly this seat is kind of bad too”

Seungkwan: “Excuse you but this is the best table because I am here”

Dino: “I know why Vernon was so willing to switch with me….”

Dino: “I want my fries….”

Seungkwan: “You’re not having mine”

*table one*

Jeonghan: *eats a mouth of the jjamppong*

Jeonghan: “This tastes way better than any of the crap you’ve ever cooked for me Seungcheol”

Scoups: “Let me see you try cooking then!”

Joshua: “See Hannie, if you were with me, you’d eat good food everyday”

Scoups: “Like you can cook Joshua”

Joshua: “Who said anything about cooking? I’m talking about bringing Jeonghan out to eat at restaurants”

Jeonghan: “Ohhh fancy! I like the sound of that!”

Vernon: “Dino was right, Jeonghan’s so busy that he didn’t even realise his beloved child is missing”

DK: “He wouldn’t even know if we stole all of his food from his plate”

Scoups: “Do you think money is so easily earned?! It’s not! What about eating with family? What about home-cooked meals?”

Joshua: “What’s the point if the home-cooked meal gives you food poisoning?”


Vernon: “Guys….”

Joshua: “It’s like you have short-term memory, when we first met you cooked porridge for Hannie and he couldn’t stop vomiting for a month”

Scoups: “It helped him lose weight!”

Jeonghan: “Well… I did manage to fit into size XS after that”



Waiter: “Sorry what did you say?”

DK: “What team are you rooting for? I’m in #TeamCoups

Woozi: “Is this really the time to be in teams?”


Jeonghan: *gasp*

Waiter: “Did you say crap?”


Hoshi: “I’ll be whatever team you choose Woozi”

Woozi: “Well I’m not gonna pick sides”

Hoshi: “Okay so I’m on #TeamWoozi




Jeonghan: “My hair….”

Vernon: “Does anyone see the look in Joshua hyung’s eyes? He looks like he is about to pounce and tackle someone”


Joshua: *hits coups with a chicken drumstick*



Joshua: *throws dumplings*

Waiter: “SIR!”



Waiter: “I’d like for all of you to please leave our restaurant premises”

Mingyu: “But I’m not done yet!”



Vernon: “Yes he can, you idiot”

Mingyu: “Look I still have my voucher! I’m an entitled customer!!!”

Waiter: *rips voucher into half*


Waiter: “Oh well… now you’re not. Get out”

Mingyu: *breaks down*

*meanwhile at the Chinese restaurant*

Jun: “Ahhhh how nice”

The8: “Silence and peace, tranquillity…”

Jun: “Would you like more green tea Mr Xu?”

The8: “Yes if you do not mind, Mr Wen”

Waitress: “Is there anything else that you’d like?”

The8: “Yes, to stay here forever away from the obnoxious members”

Jun: “and also your phone number”


Waitress: “I’ll get you more green tea”

masterlist ✨

Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to a Buffet Pt.1

Alignment (starring Sam Wilson)

Episode 1: Let them eat cake!

A/N: It’s Sam and Lyra’s 3rd anniversary. The night is perfect and she would be content to live in this moment forever, but time stops for no woman. Something is going on under the guise of this beautiful evening and the only thing I can promise before sun rise is, there will be tears.

 Warnings: none so far but maybe violence and language

Originally posted by quite-a-catastrophe

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minimallyeschew  asked:

Yo! I'd love a fic from the The Way That Light Attaches to a Girl universe, using the word "award!" You're so great for doing these and for doing all the awesome fics you do year round.

Takes place during the first fic! Series here.

“This really ins’t something you need to be nervous about,” Clarke says.

Bellamy doesn’t look convinced. If anything, it makes him look more nervous, and Clarke tamps down on the wave of fondness before she can do anything stupid, like kiss the costar she isn’t even supposed to be dating at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

It’s not her fault she likes him better than Finn.

“That’s easy for you to say,” he grumbles. “You do these all the time. We’re presenting. How do we present?”

“We rehearsed it, remember? Just do what we rehearsed and you’ll be fine.”

“What if they slime me? That’s this one, right? The slime one.”

“They don’t actually surprise you with the slime.” She pats his shoulder. “You’re going to be fine.”

He lets out a breath, closing his eyes, and Clarke takes advantage of the moment to check him out. Dressing up for the Kid’s Choice Awards isn’t really a huge thing, especially for guys, who have more trouble finding a happy medium between t-shirt and jeans and black-tie event, and Bellamy struggled with it. But he’s wearing a nice navy button-down and jeans that look more expensive than they are, his hair artfully distressed.

He doesn’t really look better than he usually does; he just looks good all the time.

“You think I’ve actually got a shot at winning?” he asks, finally.

“Definitely. I keep telling you, you’re way more popular than Finn.” She pauses and adds, “I voted for you.”

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