any excuse to draw them as the doctor

Strordo Valentine’s Day...♥

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! \*-*/

Meaning that lovely time of the year where you draw super romantic fanarts of your OTP, or write fluffy romantic fics of them, make edits etc.

With Doctor Strange being new to the MCU, its pairings aren’t big/widespread yet, but with each pic or fic we release, our beloved characters & pairings get more visibility and more potential fans get interested in them too!

So Valentine’s Day is a lovely occasion to not only celebrate our love for Strange and Mordo (if, like me, you’re into Strordo), it’s a great time to also spread around the Strordo love and hopefully have it touch the hearts of more people out there. :D

Plus, any occasion to draw or write for them is always fun~! ♥

So, how about we each produce something with the pairing to celebrate? :D
(Or with other Doctor Strange characters/pairings, or other fandom pairings that you love, if you’re not into DS or Strordo. After all, the world could always use some more love and positivity of any fandom~! (╯◕ヮ◕)╯*:・゚✧♥)