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There is a plaque outside my school written in a local indigenous language which I painstakingly translated in part, but literally no one working at the school was able to tell me what it really said for sure. I wrote to former administration and followed leads and even wrote to native Facebook groups dedicated to preserving that language…. no use.

I translated enough of it that it’s contents aren’t really a mystery, I’m just frustrated that I’m seemingly the only person who gave a shit.

self care is sneaking out in the middle of the night even though you have your own apartment and driving to the coast. any coast, so long as you cant see the other shore. one of the oceans, one of the great lakes, whatever. you watch the waves for a while before you find yourself in a denny’s eating pancakes at 4am. you leave and find yourself a run down motel with windows overlooking the highway. you’ve come this far, you think, why not see how much farther you can go. you clear out your bank account through the atm across the street over the course of a few days, you assume a new name, a pen name you always dreamed of using if you were an author. your eye for detail and steady hands help you make a fake ID. you cut and dye your hair. you don a pair of glasses the old you wasn’t brave enough to wear. you dress in goodwill flannels and torn jeans, an old green parka from when you were a teenager is the only thing you keep. you travel the country, stay in motels wherever you go, you collect their matchbooks. you find yourself in the arizona desert when your car breaks down. you wander the road, but no one passes by. you see a person on the horizon and you wonder if it’s a mirage. the person is a teenage boy dressed in 80′s clothes. he doesn’t look real, you wonder if it’s a fabled sand spirit. he directs you to the way of the nearest town. you never see the boy again. you find yourself a nice motel in arizona, and help out the owner, an elderly mexican woman, in return for free occupancy. when she grows old and weak, she hands over the motel to you. you remain the owner until your own death 60 years later. you meet the sand spirit again and you haunt the desert together, helping lost motorists who dare wander into this most inhospitable place 

…a relationship is two people. Not two people and everyone who has an opinion.


God Bless this woman. It can’t be said any better then that.

Scribbled a quick Allura before the hurricane hits my state ;_;

This message was discovered on a chalkboard inside a school following Hurricane Katrina. It reads:

September 2, 2005 9:13 A.M. “We ARE sorry for the school, but the shelter was a blessing. We had to bring over 200 people here with no help rom any Coast Guard Boats, people died and are still in there [sic] house, we had to leave them We asked the C.G. for help and got NONE. thanks to Micky, McKinley, ERIC PHIL Tyrone, Karl B., Cory, & J-R Richard, Cedric, Jeff D., Jeff, Ben, Big Greg, Rick, Al, Lance + Dougie ANTHONY we saved the whole project. THEY LEFT US HERE TO DIE.”

Does this still count as a 2014 design update if I had the lineart for this done ages ago, but I procrastinated on it for over 7 months and now that I’ve finally finished it it’s gone 1am on the first day of 2015…? Probably not.

Like most of my characters I don’t think I’ve shown Coast on this blog yet, so meet my third main character! She’s an illogical fox-fish hybrid and Huski’s best friend (aka Huski’s target for dragging into life-threatening adventures against her will).

Oxyopes scalaris “Western Lynx Spider” Oxyopidae

Missoula, MT
May 6, 2016
Robert Niese

Lynx spiders are some of my favorite arachnids! They’re stealthy, fast, agile and ferocious predators, some of which specialize on other spiders! Oxyopes scalaris is virtually the only species of lynx found in the PNW, however. It can be found in just about any habitat from the coast to the Rockies and as far north as BC. One additional species, the Striped Lynx (O. salticus) can be found along the coast from California through Oregon and, rarely, in southern Washington. 

Rambling update

I’m doing well. When you think about it, apart from one blip in December I have been purge free since October. And that is a huge fucking deal considering it wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t go a single day.

But today is hard, and for no reason at all. My urges are 89000 x stronger than they have been in ages. I’m not posting this for any point other than noticing how funny it is that when you’ve been doing ok for a while, you start wondering if there was ever a problem in the first place. You weren’t *that* bad and you weren’t *really* sick. But then you hit that stumbling block and it brings it all back.

Hindsight is a fucking liar. It was that bad, you did have a problem and you do have to keep working even when you don’t feel like it any more, because coasting is an open invitation to that disorder to come creeping back in. So I’m gonna keep working 👊🏼💥

I would like to Officially Propose: Percival doesn’t remember much of his time at sea or the months surrounding it. That doesn’t mean people don’t remember him.

mmmlem  asked:

I know u go to cons n stuff so I gotta know if ur going to Star Wars celebration this year in Orlando???? Or just any east coast cons ever??

Ahhhh i live in oklahoma so it’s kinda hard for me to get transportation on that side of the US so I probably won’t :(( also a lot of those cons are kinda of hard to get into w/ my current skill level & name so,,,;;; 

I might look into more east coast cons after a couple years? Right now I can’t drive and don’t have a job so money’s tight for traveling and stuff so maybe in the (distant) future !!! 

I bought a one way ticket cause I knew I’d never see the ground, unless I was aboard a jet plane and we were going down.