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"Fluffybuns" could just refer to Asgore being a fluffy cinnamon roll. On the subject of nicknames, what about Sans' pet name?

Hey it could be! Maybe Asgore’s nickname is more innocent and we’re just the naughty ones. 

As for Sans, we haven’t shown it yet (though it was and still is going to appear in the next comic) but Papyrus sometimes calls him “Bb” and River is to blame for that. When he was little, River would refer to him as “Baby Blue” due to his magic color and being their lil baby and it just sorta stuck. I mean…

Can you see why they called him that? Their Baby Blue~

Dings started calling him that and, while Pap has never said “Baby Blue,” he called him Bb for short. Eventually Tori, and a few others, will learn of this name and will abuse it. He’ll get an array of pet names from Toriel as they grow closer as well.

And we can’t forget the pile of strange and mostly inappropriate names Chara has for him. Bone Daddy being one of them. I could go down a list but then we would be here forever. This child needs parental help. 

~ Sol

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could you recommend some cool people to follow??♡

sure anonnie!! not sure if you’re looking for any type of blog in particular so i’ll try to categorize a bit (sorry if i sort anyone oddly, it’s basically just what i know you most by lol) ^^

@apgujeon @bwink @gotjhope @gukiee @cyyphr @kthish @yoonseok @beuits @hoseokxx @kths @jjks @yahjiminie @booptae @sweaterpawsjimin @jiminrolls @rapdaegu @bwiyomi @taeguk @bwiseoks @bwipsul @parkejimins @zutterv @yoonem @mvssmedia @femaleidols

gfx &/or fanart
@kassareo @shuaitofu @peacheschild @mewchim @rravenous @bloominflowers @calemiel @mangaetteok @yoongsins @seiyoko @mssuga @ttaewo @zotte @noxiim @87gloss @chimilkeu @kkumri @ask-bts-stuff 

other blogs/ppl i love!!
@pjxmin @jeondiary @silvertae @bfmoni @agu5td @crossfilth @mytaeddy @hobih @kimtahyung @1una @rosytaes @fluffyliontae @inlovewithkook @softminyg @dearkook @cypherslut @bfjoonie

im honestly forgetting so many wonderful people and i feel bad djfskdjf. check out my blogroll as well!!

so i follow/am mutuals with alot of fakes

lmao if ur a louie/ot4 stan who dOESNT HATE the other boys, freddie, their families + significant others, then follow me on @donnylilshit !!!! im! so! over! the! bullshit! I! see! from! y'all!

hi guys! so i know this is quite late and we’re already quite a way through feb, but i thought i’d quickly throw this out here and start my first of what (i hope) will be a never ending monthly botm thingymagigy !!


  • must be following the trash princess
  • reblog this post
  • entries close 28th feb midnight GMT
  • you can be any type of blog
  • sideblogs are fine (just put in the tags what your main is so i can check you’re following me)
  • there will be one winner and three runners up
  • announcement will be made in the first week of march


  • winner: 2 promos upon request anytime during the month; 1 edit upon request
  • runners up: 1 promo upon request anytime during the month

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Do you have any Hannibal blog recommendations?

I’m glad you ask, anon XD

IDK if there’s any special type of blog you’re looking for, but my favourite writers, artists, and giffers are @crossroadscastiel @wrathofthestag @damnslippyplanet @avegetariancannibal @lecteronthelam @the-winnowing-wind @cervolina @insanereddragon @hannibalina @h4nnibalism @hannibly @desperatelyseekingcannibals @willsravenstag @foyernormanchapel @stalkandlure @willgrahvm @vulcanplomeeksoup @valarism @byk23 @apoptoses @hannibalgraham @hannigal @hannigrammatic @willinterrupted @lovedcrimes @sirenja-and-the-stag @existingcharactersdiehorribly @fragile-teacup @fragile-little-mongoose @victorineb @devereauxsdisease @feyestwords @cannibalcuisine @friendlycannibalhannibal @graham-muffin @bonearenaofmyskull @dolcewill @fancybedelia @tartufibianchi @fannibaling @granpappy-winchester @hannibalnuxvomica @hanni-bunny-lecter @crave-that-mineral @super-queer-hannibal-obsession

@greyjoyvs @harmibal @shelrokc and @ohpotter post some Hannibal among amazing multifandom posts :) Honestly, those are the best, so go check them out if you’re looking for quality content!

Aaaand my primary blog @wiilgrahams is Hannibal as well ;)

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yea but, how bout them tit pics, bitch?

Hey you! Yes, you. I see you dropping these sweet little messages in my ask box every time I’m active on tumblr. I know, you’re shocked because I’ve never replied to any of the numerous doting billets-doux from you. But I’m replying to this one because I wanted to tell you that you make me laugh. How is it that every time I post a few things, you end up here, asking to see my breasts? Do you have your post notifications on for me? Or do you obsessively check my blog every hour of the day? Do you have a micropenis and therefore no experience with women? Or maybe it’s your degrading demeanor that repels the ladies? Either way, that makes me chuckle. I picture you thinking to yourself, “Maybe this time, if I call her a cunt she’ll post nudes? Bitch didn’t work last time.” It’s as if you are trying to decipher an exact formula of degrading names to send to me that will unlock my desire to expose my body on the internet; which is hilarious to me. Let me tell you something, dear anon. I will not be posting “tit pics” on my blog, nor any type of nude photo. Not for you, not for anyone. Good day.

Why did 9 Mazda blogs start following me? Is there a new anime that has to do with cars?

Edit: I figured it out. This blog I follow posted this picture of ramen and tagged it as mazda for some reason. I liked that post, so therefore I like Mazdas. Obvs.

you can tell a lot about a person based on their first run through of stanley parable 

Why does tumblr keep having me follow these random ass blogs


She is really tall! The tallest out of the group! (Jaleen and Kathy are the shortest LOL) 

hi guys ♡ !! this is the first time i’m doing this so fingers crossed that this does well. (pls spare me guys and enter this).


  • mbf this star wars stan
  • reblog this — likes count only as bookmarks
  • must reach 40 notes
  • ends may 11th ; winners will be announced in the second week of may
  • 1 winnner, 2-3 runner-ups

looking for

  • any type of blog (fandom, aesthetic, etc.)
  • clean and organized blogs (nice theme, tagging system, etc.)
  • friends and active bloggers


  • follow from me, if not already
  • winner: 3 gifsets upon request (msg me whenever you want), unlimited promos during may (upon request), personal moodboard and spot on my updates tab
  • runner-ups: 2 gifsets upon request (msg me whenever you want), 5 promos during may (upon request), character moodboard and spot on my updates tab
  • honorable mentions (if any): 1 gif set upon request, 3 promos during may (upon request) and spot on my updates tab
  • my love and friendship! (◡‿◡✿)

that’s all! thank you for entering and good luck!

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Hello there! I recently came across your blog and I just wanted to stop by and say I adore your cosplay and your blog in general. I want to make a Gerita cosplay blog with my girlfriend but I am not quite sure how. Any tips?

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! It makes me so happy to know that people like my silly cosplay… ^^; I’m actually just… I’m so flattered that you would ask me about it, too!! Thank you so much for the compliment!! Here are some other posts I’ve made about making a blog! :)

Alright, so- here are some very important things about making a cosplay (or any other type) blog for anyone who would like to know!
1. You aren’t going to get a lot of asks in the beginning. Really, you’ll get pretty much nothing. It took me FOREVER to get asks!! I recommend doing photoshoots or character introductions to start to pick things up before you get any!
2. Make all footage as consistent as possible. I usually try to film at the same time of day with the same backdrop and costume and font in my gifs and everything. People like consistency I guess? I would just recommend to keep everything as normal as possible!
3. This is the MOST IMPORTANT!
OUTREACH. So many excellent blogs don’t get noticed because they either- 1-Don’t ask for help from amazing blogs like @hetaliafandomhub to help them get noticed (I’ve said it once and I will say it again, they practically started my blog single-handedly), 2 - THEY DON’T TAG EVERYTHING!! Go look at all the tags on my stuff. Annoying, right? But people can’t find your work unless you tag things until your fingers hurt! And 3 - They don’t ask other creators for help and message them, make responses to them, and send them in-character asks. Every single creator I’ve met on here has been kinder to me than I ever imagined. Honestly, the thought petrified me at first, but I finally got the courage to talk to people and it made my blog grow so much!!!! Always utilise the opportunity to spread your reach to get more popular and make new friends!
4. It’s practically impossible to film every day once you start to get lots of asks (or at all), so film in really large batches and work from there, saving posts and queuing them when you need them. Just remember- Tumblr is a little wanker and you can’t save or queue direct answers to asks! So I recommend saving images of asks and turning them into pictures at the top of a response. Just remember to tag whoever asked if you use an image file! :) Arduous, I know, but it helps in the long run!
5. Reblog non-cosplay as little as possible. It’s unfortunate, but text posts and non-cosplay content aren’t as well received. If it’s a cosplay blog, try to keep it mostly cosplay and not add in too much unrelated posts. And while this might just be me because I know that I’m boring, I try to do Munday as little as possible as well, since I know that people prefer cosplay over me. However, all of this last point is up to you and you can do whatever you want!
6. Have fun! Remember it’s not about likes or reblogs or asks but it is about the amazing people you meet and the joy you can give to the fandom. Though that doesn’t mean that having some pride is a bad thing, right?
7. It makes me sad that I have to say this, but ignore any hate you get if it’s not constructive. Something I like to remember, and this works outside of blogs, is that if someone took time out of their day to mess with you, at least you made enough of an impact and were so important that they would feel the need to be mean! That’s… Not the best way of looking at it, I suppose… Just- don’t let them get to you! People are cruel to be cruel, and it’s no reflection on you.
8. Please tell me if you make a blog!!!! Please, please, please!!! I really would love to interact with anyone who asked me anything like this! I’d love to see you guys!!

I hope this helped anyone who wants to make a cosplay blog or any other type of blog. Please do so! And best of luck!!

Hi! I need some more witch oriented blogs to follow. I’m primarily looking for:

- kitchen witchcraft
- hedge witchcraft
- divination blogs
- sigil blogs
- astrology blogs
- blogs about herbs and plants and their properties (not necessarily magical)
- blogs about crystals, minerals, and different types of rocks (also, not necessarily magical)
- mythology blogs, any type
- general “witchy” aesthetic

*as a side note, I am not a Wiccan. Though I don’t mind following blogs run by Wiccans, the Wiccan religion is not what I’m looking for.

If you could like or reblog this post, or just give me recommendations, that would be great. Also, this is a side blog, so I’ll be following from my main. Thanks!

new tag toyvillage

inspired by the island of misfit toys from Rudolph

whats toyvillage?

its nostalgia, safe for work, happy feeling, childish feeling type of blogging !

colorful toys, pastel toys, soft toys, stims (slime / sand etc), stuffed animals, childhood places (playgrounds etc)


why the tag?

cg*l / dd*lg blogs have ruined baby*core, kid*core, age*regression, ch*ire and other safe tags for minors and non consenting adults. 

i want this tag to be a safe spot for minors and adults who are survivors or not  who just want to blog safely without having to worry about dd*lg interaction

who can be part of the tag?


minors or adults its okay

otherkin or not

for nostalgia or aesthetic or for coping its alright

who cant be part of the tag?

cg*l / dd*lg / kin*ks / ns*fw / “safe for work” dd*lg or cg*l / sexualized age regression or child regression , ped*os , ter*fs , racists 

just all around hateful or awful groups of people. i will block anyone who enters this tag who is like this. 

so no gor*e blogs or any type of not safe for work. this is for safe and child like feeling only

thats about it!! have fun tagging !! 

once again if any cg*l or dd*lg is in the tag i will block you. i have 0 tolerance for any of that. if anyone sees dd*lg (SAFE FOR WORK OR NOT) feel free to block them bc i know i will