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 and really any artist out there in the Ham fandom- je t’aime. I may not really talk to any of you, but I want you to know I appreciate you because you are doing exactly what you enjoy doing. You all seem like really lovely people, and I admire how you all interact with your followers. There are so many other artists I should be adding to this, so please add them. Everyone deserves to be appreciated. 


handwriting tag!! everybody who does these has really nice writing and then there’s me ??? LOL i wrote so much about music bc i was thinking about it all day sorry

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i tried to tag some people i haven’t talked to before (’: if you do this make sure to tag me bc i’d lov 2 see what you write
19K+ followers!

YOU GUUUYYYYSSS!! I snuck over the 19K follower mark yesterday evening, but apparently I gained a whole bunch overnight as well (*≧ω≦*) 

God I always worry that these posts sound contrived and insincere, but I honestly, genuinely, am 100% continually delighted, touched and overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. Every like and reblog and added tag and message mean so much to me and the enthusiasm for my Haikyuu!! AUs never fails to blow my mind. 

Thank you for being the best bunch of followers a person could ask for <3

[This is perhaps a little premature, but I’d like to do a giveaway for 20K followers. I’ve never done one before and don’t even know what people would possibly want from me, so if you have suggestions drop them in my inbox!]

so I’m pretty sure the kinkiest thing an elf can do in the bedroom is ‘telling lies on purpose’ or as we humans call it ‘roleplay’


“You would rather do this with the gardener?” said Fingon, looking distressed.

“No!” said Maedhros. “I only want it with you, but you behaving as if… as if you were the gardener.”

“But I’m not the gardener.”

“I know you’re not the - that’s the point, I - oh, never mind.”

“I’m not even very good at gardening,” said Fingon. “Though I will learn, if it pleases you! I would beg lessons from Yavanna herself.” He looked determined.

“You don’t need to actually do any gardening!” Maedhros said. “Just… say you do. Say you’re the new gardener and you saw me and decided you wanted to -”

“You want me to lie?” said Fingon, sounding scandalised, but then he looked thoughtful. “But you’d know I was lying the whole time.”

“Yes,” said Maedhros. “That’s the idea.”

“So I could say anything at all. Anything I wanted. I’m the new gardener,” Fingon tried. “I’m the new gardener and my name is… Nognif.”



Six Silver Spoons and Moon Glow by Tom Brown // “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac

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(available to buy here and here)

  • I think I’m getting a cold. I never get sick. That’s no good.
  • I’m reading a collection of Ron Rash’s short stories, and the collection as a whole is pretty great, but I’ve been blown away by one story in particular: “Those Who Are Dead Are Only Now Forgiven.” A heartbreaking, beautiful piece of work. The ending really got to me. I’ve reread it a few times now, which is a bit of a rarity. 
  • That new Adams album is pretty good. Dude definitely listened to BitUSA and ToL a lot. I don’t always love everything he does, but I (like many of y’all) hold a soft spot for him that I don’t seem to have for any other artist, really. His last two albums rank up with his very best.
  • New Son Volt is pretty good, too.
  • I hope you have a wonderful day.