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The Magic Kaito fandom is just constant screaming literally any time Gosho decides to throw us a bone.

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Soooo, hi Haley. I'm new to Rooster Teeth through Camp Camp. What would be your suggestion for how to best go about watching the rest of RT?

Good question! First things first, there’s fifteen years worth of RT content out there, so do NOT go into it expecting to be able to watch it all at once, or even watch all of it ever. But the good news about that is that while you might not be able to watch ALL the content, there’s PLENTY to choose from and plenty of different things to enjoy.

First off, what kind of content interests you? Do you like Lets Plays? I’d try Achievement Hunter or any of the others in the Lets Play family (though I have some bias considering AH is the only one I watch consistently.) But I’ve watch some Demo Disk from Funhaus and that’s a lot of fun. I’ve seen some Cow Chop and heard good things about SP7, too.

There’s also other cartoons that RT has put out like Xray and Vav or Sex Swing (though they are cartoons centered around AH in-jokes and Funhaus in-jokes, but I still think they’d be fun if you went in blind). 

And of course, Red vs Blue is a great show and it’s what got RT off the ground as a company. Even if you don’t play Halo, you can still enjoy it (trust me, I was worried going in I wouldn’t get it because I don’t play much of Halo, but it’s all pretty much their version of a fanfic within the Halo-verse so you should be fine). Each season of RvB is about the length of a movie so it’s not as long of a watch as you’d think. However, you CANNOT skip the mini-series if you choose to watch, they are part of the plot. Usually. There’s some you could skip, but why would you want to when they’re so fun?

If you like anime, then RWBY’s a good bet, too. Just….avoid the fanbase, it’s about as good as any other anime-based fandoms out there. Ugh.

I’m also a huge fan of the Ten/Eleven Little Roosters series, though Ten was definitely superior in my book. If you’re into murder mysteries, you might like it.

If you have a FIRST membership, I’d definitely check out Backwardz Compatible, which has Miles Luna and his pal Kyle Taylor playing games that make them either rage or scream in fear. It’s great.

Or Theater Mode, which is just Mystery Science Theater: Achievement Hunter edition, and even when the movies are AWFUL, it’s funny to watch the boys suffer as they trudge through it.

On the Spot is RT’s official game show where everyone finds a way to break Jon Risinger’s spirit and happiness. Usually while drunk. It’s incredible. Some of my absolute favorite episode are the ones with Jeremy Dooley, or the No Swear Words episode.

Strangerhood is also a thing but….I can’t describe it. It’s just…an experience.

And there’s plenty of other content out there to choose from, this is just my own list of faves.

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I DIDN'T KNOW THAT YOU LIKED KEKKAI SENSEN!??! THE ONLY OTHER PERSON WHO I PERSONALLY KNOW WHO LIKES IT IS MY COUSIN AND I AM SORRY FOR SCREAMING. I've just recently gotten into this series and I love it so much already and I feel bad for being so late into the fandom and now that I know that season 2 is coming out in 2 weeks, I am hyped up. I just needed to share this excitement (*≧∀≦)

Oh man I freaking love it!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortuantely it’s so underrated in the western anime fandoms and there’s barely any fan content out there, so it was a bit hard for me to stay in a ‘kekkai sensen phase’. I’m still hyped for s2 though!!!

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