any anime fans out there

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I saw you reposted some of Lack's art. They illustrated Dragheart and Driver and so many other cards I love. What card is your favorite art wise and who's your favorite bushiroad illustrator?

Yes! I try and follow as many TCG illustrators as I can on both Tumblr and Twitter. My favourite TCG artist, and one of my favourite animators, is Masami Obari  大張正己. His work has spanned across so many of my favourite mecha series, even leading the Daikaiser, Glendios and other transformation sequences in Cardfight!! Vanguard. Any fan of mecha anime, or TCG artists, should go check out his works. 

Favourite single favourite unit card artwork is such a hard question, it usually fluctuates between set release. For a while now though it has been DaiEarth 


any Fairy Tail fans out there? #fairytail #natsudragneel #swaggin #piano #dork #anime #dontjudgeme #ohyea

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