anxiousness quotes

  • Mitch: I am so excited. [Opens envelope] Coupons for...five free hugs.
  • Auston: You don't like it?
  • Mitch: Are you kidding me? I love it. It's so creative--coupons for hugs, which are usually free, but this makes it official, which is so great.

Daehwi: goodnight

Youngmin: sleep tight

Daehwi: don’t let the bed bugs crawl into your ears and whisper threatening things that make you question yourself

Youngmin: Daehwi what the fuck

The Carpe Diem Letters

For my Secret Snow Flake @waitingformydandelion,  It has been so much fun to get to know you.  I too love books.  I hope you enjoy this short story, your Secret Snow Flake - @mega-aulover  Thanks to @titania522 for beta’ing <3

A New Year’s Everlark growing back together story for you.
(written notes to and from Katniss and Peeta are Italicized)


“Make your choice, adventurous Stranger; Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, til it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.”  Peeta re-read these lines over and over again.  In the silence of his home, he closed the book written by CS Lewis.  These words resonated with him.  It reminded him of the Capitol saying ‘Carpe Diem’ which meant ‘Seize the Day.’ For months since he came back (Katniss and Peeta) were sharing meals but did not speak.  Peeta wanted to hear her voice, she was still mute.  He was ready to make a choice and seize his moment.

Peeta walked across the yard, his breath coming out in slow, billowy puffs.  It was dinner time.  He walked into the house and Katniss was already sitting at the table.  He noted the way her eyes lit up at the sight of him.  She opened her mouth but nothing came out.  Peeta anxiously recalled the quote from the ‘Magician’s Nephew.’  He waited until the end of the meal.  When she stood to clean her plate, Peeta left the small note and returned home.

Katniss turned around to say his name but she could not.  Not just because she could not make noise but also because Peeta had left.  Angrily she walked over to the table to grab his empty used plate.  Then she saw it the scrap of paper neatly folded underneath.  She looked around as if someone was watching her.  She touched where he had written her name in neat, precise pencil strokes.

Her heart beat so quickly, she was afraid it was going to blow up in her chest.  Katniss swallowed as tears rushed to spill from her silvery eyes.  Carefully she unfolded the paper.  However, before she could read what was written she put it down and jumped backwards.  The note fell silently to the ground, she walked away, afraid of what it contained.

Four hours she sat on a chair just staring at the note.  It was a joke that the great huntress, survivor of two Games and symbol of the rebellion was afraid of a note.  Katniss swallowed several times.  Then with a burst of energy she ran to the kitchen, picked up the note and forced herself to read it.

“Katniss, Real or Not Real, I once made you cheese buns when you hurt your leg?”

Katniss swallowed and read it again.  At first she was mad that he would ask such a silly question.  Then she chastised herself, Peeta was only trying to recall the past.  Katniss debated whether she should write to him. After some deliberating if she should write back, she decided she owed it to him, to at least answer him.

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