anxiousness quotes

  • Mitch: I am so excited. [Opens envelope] Coupons for...five free hugs.
  • Auston: You don't like it?
  • Mitch: Are you kidding me? I love it. It's so creative--coupons for hugs, which are usually free, but this makes it official, which is so great.
I would do anything. Anything to forget. They said to drown your name with alcohol but all that did was make me forget mine. They told me to suffocate the memories with smoke. But all that did was make my voice catch on fire when I tried to say your name. They told me to bury myself in pills but all that did was make my hands shake to the rhythm of your heart.
—  Emilia Voudouris

I’m not psychotic. I just have anxiety. Even the slightest chance of losing you makes my heart skip a beat with worry.