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precious cinnamon roll onoda with 10. A Shy Kiss

“Can I kiss you?” Onoda asked all in a rush. His partner blinked at him in surprise, then smiled, blushing faintly. He smiled back, nervous and shy, anxiously awaiting their reply.

“You don’t have to ask, you know. But yes.”

“Well, I just figured—since we’ve never…before…” he trailed off, realizing he was babbling out of nerves and swallowed hard. They were watching him expectantly now. Waiting for a kiss. “M-Maybe if you just close your eyes—”

Their smile widened but they obediently closed their eyes.

If anything that made him more nervous.

Well, here goes.

He leaned in slowly, hoping and praying that it would be a good First Kiss. How long was it supposed to last for? The closer he got to him, the more nervous he felt. He didn’t have enough knowledge on kissing to know what was right. He gave them a quick peck on the lips—warm, soft, very kissable lips—and backed away, blushing furiously.

“Was it good?” he asked, faintly mortified with himself for even asking. They opened their eyes, still smiling.

“Sure, but I want to ask you something.”


“Can I kiss you?”

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number 55 with derek? Love your blog, sweetie!

Thank you so much!! That means a lot to me!!!

55. “They say I’m in here because I’m crazy, I think I’m crazy because I’m in here.”

Your leg bounced as you anxiously awaited the arrival of your visitor. You weren’t allowed them until you proved to be safe. A whole month of nothing but seeing the same people and the same walls and now you get to see a familiar face of someone you love.

He’s barely taken a step into your room before you’re in his arms, face buried in his neck and breathing in his comforting scent. He squeezes you against his chest, “Hey sweetheart.”

“Hey Derek.” Slowly you step away from him, fingers slipping through his and tugging him with you as you sit on your bed. Your knees brush and you play with his fingers, “How’s the pack?”

“Everyone is good,” he tucks your hair behind your ear and cups your cheek, “Worried about you but good.”

Tears prickle in your eyes, “They say I’m in here because I’m crazy, I think I’m crazy because I’m in here.” You sniffle, “Am I crazy?”

Derek smiles at you, “No you’re not. You are the strongest person I know and the farthest thing from crazy.”

“Then why do I hear voices and feel like I’m losing my mind?”

Derek pulls your face towards his, “Because you’re a banshee.”

I’m accepting 3 more prompts before I close requests so I can fill the ones in my inbox

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I love the idea of emo slut Pete being 101% mega gay and he's like "women??? Fuck women lmao I love dick" and he hits on dudes all the time and gets massive crushes on random dudes like he's SO gay and flaunts it 24/7 but the first time he has sex w Patrick he's really nervous and jittery and his hair is getting in his eyes and he's going soo slow and anxiously that Patrick is like "fuck this" and pushes Pete onto his back and rides him hard n fast and they both love it

k but
“oh my god would u just fuckin put it in already”
“patrick im cryin a lil bc i luv u and i cant see where ur ass is to put my dick in it bc there r tears in my eyes”
“ur cryin bc ur eyeliner got in ur eye so it’s tearing up dumbass”
“if u love me fuck me then, asshole! and hurry the fuck up too”
“i dont wanna hurt u so im takin it slow stop bitchin at me”
“u kno what fuck this”
“woahwoahwoah tf r u doin - oh, oh shit, oh my god”
and then they fuck & it’s gr8 but at the end patricks like “im tellin everyone that ur so emo u cry during sex” and petes like “LISTEN MOTHERFUCKER” ong
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Find a Black Yoga Teacher

Fish Mouth

Featuring: Seungri/Lee Seung Hyun/ BigBang

Story type: One-shot 

Story style: 3rd Person writing POV
(Trying cause it seems that I can portray both side so deeply!!! Tell me what you think! yes or no?) 

Story Summary: Fluff, Angst, Alcohol, Confession, Drunk

Seungri tapped his fingers against the coffee table anxiously. It was way past midnight but his girlfriend is no where to be found. Her phone ring endlessly and with each ring, the lump on his throat grew. An uneasy feeling settling on his stomach as he lay down on the sofa. Pulling the cushion closer to his chest, he tried to chase away all irrational thought as he focuses on the television. His favorite variety show but he wasn’t paying attention to it at all. Despite the sound coming out from the television, he could almost hear the ticking sound of the clock. The last conversation they had was she asking if he will be home for dinner. He had replied truthfully, that they had another concert rehearsal today and he was unable to make it. He had felt a wave of guilt float over him as he realise that this was the 3rd time this week that he had rejected her invitation of dinner. The last night, when he reached home, she had fallen asleep on the sofa. Another wave of guilt spread over him as he carried her to the bedroom and tucked her nicely into the bed. As he lay beside her sleeping form, he noticed the faint frown between her eyebrows. Using his fingers, he had smoothed them away. He sighed as he knew that the moment he wakes up tomorrow, she would already be setting off to work.

Picking up his phone again, he continued calling her phone. It rang and rang and rang. Could something have happened to her? Where could she be? He tried scrolling his contacts for anyone who might be her mutual friend but came up with nothing. His rubbed the temples on the side of his head as he sighed in worry. It was then that he realised that he didn’t know her friends. Neither did she talk about her life much. It was not that she didn’t wanted to, more because of she always listens with the smile on her face, asking endless questions about his life. His life. Another wave of guilt overwhelmed him. He knew that her family does not stay in Korea. He wonders if she meets with her friends often. He wonders if she feels lonely. He wonders if she spent many nights like him. Waiting. He wonders if he hear the clock tick as loud as he does.

A loud sound blasted through the air, startling him so much that he nearly jumps out of the sofa. Grabbing his phone, he immediately pick up the call after noticing that she has finally return the call.

“Y/N?” He asked, panic evident in his voice. He waited for a moment but an unfamiliar voice came through the phone.

“Hi. I am calling from the pub. She saved this number with a heart and it was the most called contact.” The man voice came through the phone. Seungri felt his heart started to beat faster. He frowned his eyebrows and tried to remain calm.

“Is she okay?” He asked.

“Yeah. Well. She’s drunk. And we are closing. She didn’t seem like she has any friends with her. So I figured I used her phone to call someone.”

“Yeah okay. I am coming now. What’s the address?”

Seungri took a paper and scribbled the address down before rushing out of the house. He only stopped to make sure that he grabbed an extra coat for her. Sprinting to his car, the engine came alive immediately and he drove quickly to the pub. It was a dimly lit pub and he stopped right outside. Looking around, he realised that she must have stopped here after work as her workplace is located right down the road. He took a cap to cover his face before half sprinting into the club. As he opened the door, it took him a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dark surroundings.

“Hey she’s there.” The man with the familiar voice called out.

“Thanks.” He called but the man stepped into his path, blocking his way to her.

“Wait. Show me your phone.” Seungri was surprised as he passed him the phone. He managed to calm down after realizing that the man just wanted to make sure it was the correct person to pick her up.

“Thanks for taking care of her.” He replied before walking towards Y/N, who was passed out on the table. In front of her were many shots glasses as well as some tissues. His heart ache as he thought about how she was sitting there drinking and crying. 

“Hey beautiful…” He whispered as he rubbed his hands softly on her back.

She stirred a little before squinting her eyes at me.

“Seungri?” She croak in her hoarse voice. The smell of alcohol was so strong.

“Come lets go home beautiful.” Seungri said as he draped the coat around her shoulders and held her strongly against him, supporting most of her weight. She staggered and swayed a little bit eventually leaned into him, allowing him to half carry and half drag her towards the car. As he placed her down onto the car seat, he secured the seat belt and was about to go into the restaurant to ask for a body of water before he was stopped by her hand pulling into his shirt.

“Don’t go….” She whined as she held on tightly. Seungri smiled as he leaned down to plant a kiss on her head.

“Just going to take some water. You are burning.” He whispered before closing the door.

Once he was back in the car, he placed the bottle that was wrapped with a thin cloth around her neck before starting the engine and driving home. He stole glances at her sleeping form all the way home. The moonlight shinning into the car, illuminating her face just slightly. The nervous feeling that something bad had happened had disappeared but the guilt was there. Was she upset? Why was she drinking? He didn’t have the answers to all those. He realised that he never really hold a conversation with her about her problems. He took in a deep breath.

Reaching home, she was too drunk to walk, so he just carried her all the way to the apartment. Settling her down on the bed, he busied himself by wetting the towels to helped her clean up. It was right then, that he heard the sound of someone retching. Rushing out of the bathroom, he raced to the bed and saw her squatting by the bed and vomiting on the floor. He rushed forward and took the pail from the bathroom to let her vomit into it. After she was done, he carried her up and headed straight for the bathroom.

“Let’s shower okay. Your clothes have some vomit.” He whispered as he begin filling up the tub with warm water. She was slightly more sober now, as she fussed around and held her head in her hands. She retched once more and threw herself into the toilet bowl, vomiting the rest of the night out. It was only liquid that was coming out and Seungri frowned at that.

“Did you drink on an empty stomach?” He asked disapprovingly. She nodded in response as she continue retching.

Once she was done, he helped her into the shower stall to rinse off before lifting her up and gently easing her down to the bathtub. He shampooed her hair and wash off every single grime and evidence of the alcohol binging session. Her head was lying on his chest and he heard soft sniffing. Looking down, he slightly tilted her face upwards before drowning in worry.

“What’s wrong beautiful? Are you in pain?” He asked anxiously as he quickly empty the tub and carried her out to dry her up. He lay her on the bed and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. He patted her gently and urged her to sleep 

“Sorry…” She whispered in a voice that could be barely heard.

“I should be the one saying sorry beautiful.” Seungri whispered back as he cradled her tighter. Tears were flowing down her cheeks as he felt wet and warm tears seep through his clothes.

“What is wrong…..” He whispered gently as he tried to comfort her. She didn’t answer and her sniffing slowly grew into sobs.

“So…sorry” she said in between her sobs. He frowned as he shifted her into an incline position to help her breathe better.

“What is happening?” Seungri asked once again. “Do you wanna talk about it?” He prompt.

She shook her head as she hugged him tighter.

“I missed you.” She whispered as she begin to calm down. He felt his heart break into a million pieces after hearing her say it in her trembling voice. He nodded and squeezed her tighter to urge her to continue what she was saying. 

“I miss my mum. I miss you. I miss my friends….” There was along pause following that before she continues “I… Made a mistake at work… I forgot to logout and the data got leaked. My boss says she give me a week to resign if not she will fire me…..” She choked and started crying again. Seungri just hummed a response and continue holding onto her tightly. “I didn’t mean to be drunk… I am sorry… I just didn’t wanted to eat dinner alone today. I was being stupid… I don’t even know why I went to the pub…” She blurted as she started sobbing, her shoulders heaved up and down as she tremble slightly.

“Beautiful why didn’t you call me?” Seungri whispered.

“I… Am sorry. I don’t know..i know you are busy… but I felt stupid for feeling lonely. I just… Urghhhhhh…” She groaned as she started hitting her head with her hand. Seungri eyes widen as he quickly reach out to stop her.

“Hey hey. Okay it’s okay. Everything is fine now. And you are not stupid for feeling like this. Come here…. Shhhhh….” He said as he pulled her into his arms and held onto her tighter than ever. He let her cry for as long as she wanted and finally when she started to calm down again, he slowly release the grip. Her body tremble as she sucked in shaky breathes.

He shifted her upwards and place his hands on both side of her head so that they could look each other in the eye.

“Look at me beautiful…” He said as he peer into her eyes. Once their eyes connected he begin speaking.

“I am sorry for being so busy with the restaurant, academy and work. I should still have made the effort to spend time with you. I am sorry for letting you feel that lonely. I promise that will change alright. And don’t. Don’t ever not call me for something that you are feeling. We are in a relationship means we share good and bad times with each other so I want to hear even the slightlest thing that made you upset okay?”

His eyes was sincere and by the time he finished the speech, his eyes was slightly red and glistening. Seeing the look on her face crushed his heart into pieces.

“I love you beautiful.” He whispered as he pulled her into a hug.

“I love you too Ri.. Sorry…” But she got cut off by his finger against his lip, holding the two flaps together and making her look like a fish.

“Say sorry one more time and I will kiss this lips till it become swollen…like a fish” Seungri warned as he released the grip and place a kiss on her lips.

She giggled at the warning before snuggling into his stomach.

“Ya! It’s itchy!!!!” He said as he tried to squirm away.

She giggled again as he pulled her up and lay right beside her face.

“1” and he kissed her forehead.

“2” and he kissed her nose.

“3” and he before he could kiss her lips, she squirm away.

“Ya!!!!” He shouted slightly as he tried to grabbed her back.

“I don’t want no fish lips!!’ She said as she broke into laughter. Seungri being the adorable panda, he started pouting and tried acting as though he was crying. She laughed at his ridiculous acting before kissing him on both eyes.

"Thank you Ri…” She whispered as they both cuddled tightly against each other.

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Infinity Gauntlet #2 (1991, Starlin/Perez) continues to see the series anxiously try to convince that it’s really serious, man, and in the process, overplay its hand. (Spoilers: when you announce that Japan no longer exists, that’s a pretty big sign that none of this is going to stick around for long.) 

Of particular note: The “This is bad”/”It doesn’t get any worse” exchange above is particularly hilarious in light of the fact that the issue’s title is “BAD TO WORSE,” and I love the idea that Starlin has Doctor Doom proclaiming that the backstory of the Infinity Gauntlet is “an amazing story and a peril that rivals the coming of the Beyonder!” When you’re reduced to saying, “this is just like Secret Wars II,” then you should know you’re in trouble.

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A lonely child approaches- how do u comfort her?

“What would a child be doing in a danger zone?” Scott frowns anxiously. “I attend natural and global disasters; sink-holes and hurricanes and tsunamis. She shouldn’t be anywhere near those kind of things so I guess I’d take her home to Gramma. Gramma fixes everything.”

We have been heaven blessed

Molly had been feeling unusual sitting there in St. Mungo’s. Obviously, it was distressing to see Gideon all bandaged and many of her friends hurt. However, what she’d been feeling wasn’t worry, helplessness, restlessness or anything of that sort that would usually bother her. No. It was the feeling that was strangely familiar, making her wonder what it was. Suddenly it struck her. She hurried over to get herself checked when she found a little spare time on her hands.

It had been a day since she’d taken the test, making her anxiously wait for the results. She’d been pacing up and down, wondering whether she was right in her speculation. Her intuition seldom failed her. They’d said that they’d be sending her an owl with the test results. She hadn’t received any owl till now and it was already past bed-time.  Molly had been sent back home by Gideon to take care of the children, after lunch. And she’d spent the next couple of hours worrying about her brother interspersed with this worry. Just then an owl hooted and Molly whipped around to look at the window from where the sound had come. Blinking twice to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating, she made her way to the window on shaking legs. She took the letter with a trembling hand and offered the owl some treats before it flew away, leaving Molly with the letter, silence and surging anxiety. She opened the letter and read through the report. Her eyes welled up with tears and she sat down heavily in the sofa. A crack sound at the fireplace made her look up, a tear rolling down her eye.


The snow was red, red, RED.  She loved the color of red, the richness of scarlet so prominently displayed in the city she wandered so, but right now she loathed it.  Detested it, even, with every fiber of her being.

Her fingers were covered in the warm sticky mess as she anxiously pried away the plate.  The warmth of the blood brought feeling back to her fingertips, made it easier for her to seek out the straps she needed to undo; it made it harder to grasp them in return, the devil’s work behind such a sinful color’s gift.

As she fumbled blindly whilst struggling to distance herself and remain calm, she wasn’t sure what terrified her the most  – that she was, in fact, afraid, or that for a singular moment she felt guilty.

Imagine Person A is in a huge rush and must take an elevator from the first floor up to the fifteenth floor to arrive on time. Person B, on the other hand, is totally in control of their lives, and is taking the elevator from the second floor to the nineteenth. Person A gets on first and is in the elevator, tapping their foot anxiously, as the doors open on Person B. Person B saunters in and presses the button for the nineteenth floor. The doors close, and the two are left in silence as the elevator dings at each floor, nobody else entering. The elevator dings … . and dings … . And Person A sees a number thirteen light up … and ding – And – The elevator struggles to a stop, a loud crushing noise sounding from above. The lights flicker for a moment, and then go out.

Person A and Person B are both stuck inside the elevator.

Bonus: Person B and Person A already know each other. Well, sort of. More like Person A knows of Person B. They, uh, might have a crush. Maybe.

The Challenge (Part 33 of Faking It)

33 parts! Only 2 parts left! Hope you enjoy this one!

Faking It Master List

Word Count: 3400ish

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, strip club, Dean gets a lap dance, squirting

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QB Pt. 2- Luke Hemmings

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Ayyyy thanks for all the people who requested part 2, I hope you like it :))) Part three will be up sometime tomorrow and will probs b the final part

Part One |

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