anxious writing

Do you ever just suddenly feel really shitty because you’re not particularly good at anything and you don’t know what you wanna do with your life and like you didn’t ask to be born and have to deal with all of this and yet here you are, confused and anxious and paying to exist on this trash planet

My lungs tighten
My air way closes
The room starts to spin
My heart is going out of control
Deep breath in and out
It’s not helping,
I run outside.
I let the fresh air blow across my face
“Focus on the pretty trees”
“The pretty sky”
“It’s a beautiful day” I tell myself.
My breathing evens out
My lungs relax
My air way opens
And my heart slows
“You’re okay.” I whisper
“You’re okay.”
—  Chapters from my life
I start to dig my nails in my hand,
Feeling the anxiety.
Without saying a word,
He grabs my hand and holds it.
Calming me.
Im driving and I’m nervous because I don’t know where I’m going.
I’m biting my nails.
“Honey.” He says gently
“calm down I can tell you’re freaking out.”
Calming me.
My heart is pounding,
because I don’t know any of these people.
He wraps his arm around me and rubs my back.
Calming me.
I don’t even have to speak,
For him to get what’s going on with me.
And that makes me feel more comforted,
And safe then I ever have before.
—  Chapters from my life
Some days I feel so hollow I swear you could scoop out the contents of my chest and I wouldn’t feel a thing. I walk weightless; a feat possible only after the conviction you’ve become nothing. So many believe a mental disorder hurts the mind, but it’s the mind that hurts me. How is something so futile so cruel?
—  Numb // A.S
Writers: Break the Rules

The entire reason we want to have writing “rules” is so that we can break them

Between my annoyed ranting and my personal opinions, it slipped my mind that many people haven’t been told this, and it’s only been brought to my attention recently that my own posts (and many others) don’t emphasize this point nearly enough.

Please take every writing guideline with a grain of salt. 

If someone says don’t do this it should never mean don’t ever do this but rather do this sparingly in order to get the effect you want out of it.

If you use stammers and ellipses to show pacing throughout your story, those things become the pacing itself. But if you use the sentence structure and action tags to show pacing, you can use stammers and ellipses to show anxiety, or create a unique speech pattern for a particular character, or a multitude of other cool things.

If you constantly use epithets to describe every character in your story, they become a long, often annoying alternate to a pronoun or name. But if you cut out most epithets, and just use a specific one to refer to a particular person or group of people, you can show something about your pov character’s view of the world, whether prejudice or admiration or adoration; the possibilities are endless. 

The same idea can be applied to most things pertaining to writing. Remember that almost anything you use frequently throughout your writing will loose its point. That’s why said is such a good dialogue tag. Once you use it enough times, most readers don’t notice it anymore. 

So when you read a writing guideline, one of your first thought should not be that’s a foolish rule or wow my writing must be terrible, but rather in what ways could this rule be broken in order to achieve a certain effect? 

Once you know that, it’s much easier to tell if the rule itself (and the breaking of it) is something you think would benefit your writing, or if you’d be better off ignoring it entirely.

(If we could pass this around the writeblr community that would be wonderful!) 

Disclaimer, sarcasm, and more info below the cut:

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Stop pretending you’re fucking fine! Because you’re not, I know you’re not. God, the whole world can see it. Just because they don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t.
—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write part I
Have you ever looked at the stars and get mesmerized but when you try to capture the moment with your phone there was nothing and it’s like a blank night sky. Like how you look into that one special person and simply see their appearance but when you look deeper, you can see through their eye, a soul, and a galaxy of infinite abstract.
I really want someone to love me. I want someone to look at me with that sparkle in their eyes that says, “Out of all the people in the universe, I choose you.” Maybe I sound selfish but I’ve always wanted that kind of love. I want someone to love me for me and feel like the luckiest goddamn person in the world.
Your anxiety whispers that he doesn’t want you. That people don’t want you around; that you are a burden so you start to doubt and push people away and expect the worse. How do I know if I’m just over thinking or if it’s true? So now I have this heavy burden where I don’t know what’s true and not. Am I making it all up?
—  Chapters from my life