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Levy is Extremely Caring and Attentive to Gajeel

This is what Gajeel said in Chapter 486 during his fight with Bloodman:

As it can be seen, immediately after hearing Gajeel’s words, Levy became incredibly frightened and worried. She couldn’t believe that Gajeel had actually said something like that.

After some moments, Levy jumped between Gajeel and Bloodman in order to protect Gajeel with her Solid Script Magic. Then, the first thing she told Gajeel was:

She remembered Gajeel’s exact words from before. Even though Gajeel hadn’t given much thought to the way he had worded that reply of his and, just like he stated here, he had simply tried to come up with a good comeback while saying that, Levy had still become really anxious because of his words.

She jumped in front of Gajeel exactly in order to prevent his words from happening. She wanted to protect him, no matter the cost. 

Right after that, she made her absolute wish even more clear:

And, of course, Levy’s words deeply touched Gajeel’s heart, as he realised once again just how far she’d go in order to protect him:

Also, another instance that showed just how much Levy values Gajeel’s words and how attentive she is to everything he says is represented by Chapter 471:

Here, Gajeel promised Levy that he would bring her back to the guild. Thus, he basically promised her that both of them would eventually be fine. This promise was extremely important to Levy and made her feel much better, as it can be seen in this panel:

Panther Lily was glad to hear Gajeel’s words, as well. :)

Later, in Chapter 502, right after the reunion between Gajeel and Levy had taken place, Levy said this to Gajeel:

This way, Levy reminded Gajeel of his promise from Chapter 471, thus proving that she hadn’t forgotten it, of course. She then showed him how incredibly important it was to her and how much she wanted Gajeel to keep his promise:

Gajeel perfectly understood Levy’s wish and concerns and he promised that he would absolutely keep his word:

Gajeel understood how much he meant for Levy and how much she wanted him to be safe, just as much as he wanted her to be completely protected. Thus, this way, Gajeel assured Levy for good that both of them would eventually be fine and that he would do everything needed so that both of them would make it back to the guild, safe and sound. c:

stileswithderek  asked:

"i’m scared of the dentist so i brought my best friend along for support but they’ve been flirting with the dentist for the past fifteen minutes and now i’m third wheeling at my own dentist appointment’ au" Please? :)

May I present hot dentist Derek and shameless flirter Stiles! (also on ao3!)

“Dude, c’mon. Stop being such a freakin’ baby,” Stiles instructed loftily as he plopped down into one of the waiting room’s uncomfortable plastic chairs, crossing his legs to rest his ankle on his opposite knee, trying to get as comfy as he could on the hard blue plastic seat. He plucked a magazine at random from off the veritable mountain of tabloid spreads and old newspapers on the long coffee table in the center of the room, thumbing through it until he found some interesting pictures along with an article about lions.

Scott groaned low in his throat and begrudgingly took a seat beside him, pouting like a petulant little child as he folded his arms over his chest and stared down at the black and white tiled floor that looked like it had come right out of a 1980’s kitchen. Stiles nudged Scott’s arm with his elbow, flashing his friend a bolstering smile as he told him, “It’s just the dentist, relax. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Scott didn’t seem to appreciate the advice, sending Stiles a pathetic attempt at a glare that was supposed to be scathing but in reality just made him look more constipated than a Chihuahua. Apparently, Scott took his dental hygiene very seriously and while he had been going to Hale Dentistry ever since he was a little kid, same as Stiles, he had been anxious for his appointment since he was informed that his usual dentist would not be in and another doctor would be covering the checkup.

So, being the amazing, wonderful, out of this world best friend slash pretty much brother, that Stiles was, when he found out that Scott was worried about his appointment, he volunteered to go along with him. For moral support, of course.

It certainly wasn’t because his dad was trying some new diet that was beyond disgusting and was invented solely to torment Stiles’ taste buds, the Sheriff insisting that his only son stick to said hellish diet to show solidarity. Yup, it had nothing to do with the fact that he was hoping to stop by McDonald’s and Taco Bell on his way home. Nada.

Stiles had at first just thought that Scott was a little cagey because of the disruption to his routine, never a huge fan of change, thinking that his buddy was just a little nervous about meeting the new doctor that would have their fingers all up in his mouth. But that wasn’t the case. Scott was genuinely anxious, jumping from one worst case scenario to the next, one minute talking about how the new doctor might accidentally chip his tooth and the next talking about how he hoped the new doctor didn’t smell bad.

Stiles had a feeling that he was experiencing what it was like for other people when he inevitably wound up rambling on and on about something or another. He would have to bake his dad an appreciation cake. A low-fat, dairy-free appreciation cake, of course.

With his usual comforting tactics not working, namely self-deprecating humor and poor attempts at levity, Stiles decided to go the way of quiet comfort, gently patting Scott’s arm and giving him lots of thumbs up and encouraging smiles until the receptionist called them back to the exam room. Stiles hopped up out of his seat, feeling a bit fidgety and restless and extremely unfocused since he had forgotten his Adderall that morning. Scott much more reluctant to get back to his feet.

They followed the pretty nurse, who wore a nametag pinned to her orange fox patterned scrubs that identified her as Kira, into the exam room, Stiles thanking her while Scott continued to sulk like a kid who had just let go of his balloon. While Scott got situated in the exam seat, Stiles sunk down into a nice cushiony chair by the door, tugging his phone out of his pocket to check Pokemon Go, having been addicted since they added Gen Two.

He managed to catch two Jigglypuffs and a Cyndiquil before the doctor came in the room, making Stiles’ jaw nearly drop. Because doctors, especially not dentists, should be allowed to be that hot. Once someone achieved that level of hotness they should be promoted to Calvin Klein models or porn stars, preferably gay porn stars.

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Resentful // Taeyong

I’m so sorry anon this took soo long I hope you understand.

Resentful // Taeyong

Pairing: Reader x Taeyong

Word count: 970

Genre: Angst, fluff

Description: Taeyong gets jealous of his girlfriend, who is one of NCT’s stylists, showing Jaehyun too much affection.

You entered NCT’s dressing room, you were so incredibly lucky to be one of their stylists, meaning that you could spend a lot of time with your boyfriend, Taeyong, who you’d been in love with for a long time, and the fear of becoming distant to him diminished when you were hired by SM to be their stylist ‘on the go’. It was an incredibly crucial time for NCT, they had just debuted, and you were trying your absolute best to comfort Taeyong as much as possible, he was understandably very stressed and worn out from all of his consistent hard work, and lately, as a result, you had noticed he had become very easily irritable.
You were supposed to go and sort out Jaehyun’s hair, they were getting ready to perform on a live show, and they were all so nervous. You went over to Jaehyun in an attempt to calm him down.

“Hi oppa!” you said playfully, Jaehyun looked up in the mirror at you and smiled greeting you back. You started straightening his hair, getting lost in a conversation. Once you had finally finished he looked approvingly at his hair, “You never fail to impress me y/n” he said, and you felt yourself blush slightly. Just then he reached out to take something out of your bangs, it was a little piece of foil which he let fall to the ground, “Maybe I should have left it there” he said ruffling your fringe, and you pushed him away as a joke, and his parting messed up slightly. You told him to stop joking around so much warning him that you’d quit your job, and he pouted.  You fixed his parting one last time, “How do I look?” he asked posing, making you giggle, “You look amazing as always”
You turned towards the door to see Taeyong stood there, his eyes burning through you, you couldn’t tell if he was annoyed, tired, or stressed, he didn’t even smile back at you, he just stared, his cute bangs partially covering his eyes. He just entered the room and slumped in his chair behind the mirror without saying a word, and with that Jaehyun left you both smiling reassuringly at you

The atmosphere was so tense and apprehensive; you gulped slightly as you walked towards your boyfriend, firmly placing a hand on his shoulder, to which he did not react at all, he was motionless. “Tae I’m so excited for the performance” you attempted to make conversation, picking up the straighteners plugging them in, and he faintly hummed in response. “Don’t worry you’ll do amazing as always” you reassured, picking up a strand of hair that was framing his face to start straightening it, but Taeyong forcefully pushed your hand away making you flinch in shock, almost dropping the hot straighteners, you were so taken aback and shocked by his actions, and you looked at him, confused. He sighed in annoyance and left the room without even making eye contact, leaving you just standing there, immobile, throat dry, eyes stinging. You had seen his small scar at the corner of his eye, several times, and he had never reacting in this way before, you didn’t know why he was being so sensitive. You slowly walked towards the other dressing room to see your colleague doing Taeyong’s hair, you felt your heart sink, perplexed about what you had done wrong.


Whilst watching the performance, you didn’t feel the usual upbeat hype you did, it was instead replaced by a consuming anxious feeling, you were jumping to all sorts of conclusions in your head, you wanted to know why Taeyong snapped at you all of a sudden, why he had been behaving this way. Just then you were snapped out of your daze by Mark, “How were we noona?” he asked, so full of energy. “You all did so well” you forced a cheerful tone, but inside you felt deflated, you traced Mark’s footsteps to go and find Taeyong, on the way you encountered every other member, except him. You then opened the door to the dressing room he had been in earlier, and saw him sat alone, his back towards you. “Oppa” your voice trailed off when he slowly turned around, when you walked towards him, he stood up to face you. “What have I done wrong?” you asked naively, straight to the point.

“Wrong?!” he snapped, he had never spoken to you like this before, and you felt a lump forming in your throat. “You’re such a slut why don’t you go see if Jaehyun’s okay” he spat, and you felt your eyes welling up, you came to the sudden realisation that he was jealous earlier, but deep down in your heart you knew that it meant nothing, you were just good friends with Jaehyun, and Taeyong knew that.

“Tae, we’re just friends, if it makes you feel better I’ll just go..far away” you sobbed, voice cracking, and as you took a step back from him, his dark eyes finally softened, full of concern. He darted towards you, holding your shoulder firmly, “y/n I’m so sorry I didn’t mean that, I just…well…I’m just scared you’ll leave me for someone better….like Jaehyun” his voice trailed off, he was unable to make eye contact with you.

You placed a hand on his cheek “Tae I love you for who you are, I’m in love with you, you’re always telling me not to care about my appearance, so why are you being such a hypocrite? You look amazing all the time, and I don’t even know what I did to deserve you” you said, your fingers lightly tracing his scar, he grabbed your hand and moved it down, before his lips collided with yours, and you felt him smile in the kiss…


Young Tia wanted desesperatly to make studies about thoses mysterious creatures. One book in Starwill’s library got her attention : “terrian dragons : the emerald caverns of Dragon’s lair”. Not much informations were written in it but she wanted to know more about theses dragons she never saw. During the night, she sneaked outside with her sister and made the long travel to the dragon’s territory. Arrived in the mountains, the two sees a huge glowing hole. Luna goes inside first “what are you afraid of Tia ?”, anxious Celestia jump in the hole. They saw a little blue dragon on a pile of jewels and precious stones, an egg jealously guarded by the creature’s tail. Curious, she studied it, his forms, the colors…Luna takes it with her magic “if you want it so badly why not take it !”, Celestia started to yell at his young sister but it was already too late. The mom dragon woke up and saw the the egg with the ponies. The creature started to attack but in a instant the two alicorns flees with their wings. Full of greed, the dragon became bigger and bigger… enough big to take them before the end of the hole. The alicorns were already too high in the sky for the no-wings dragon. “give it back to her Tia !” Luna’s screamed at Tia. “I can’t, It’s already too late, sister”

Spike entered the cavern, unsure and afraid of the giant creature he would meet…. In dancing flames a giant emerald dragon appeared of the gold cave, angry about the one who interrupted her nap. She responds to a violent growl as the yound and little one ask “are you my mom ?”

Come Clean - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,053

Summary: The reader catches Jensen snooping through her phone.

Part 1

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.

“This can not be happening.” You groan bolting towards Jared’s trailer.

“Jared! Jared!” You’re pounding on his trailer door like a mad woman, getting concerned looks from a PA walking by.

“What?” He moans clearly just woken up by your tantrum.

“He knows.” You whisper on the verge of tears.

“Who? What are you talking about?” He asks adorably confused.

“Move! I don’t want him to see me.” You push past your best friend, tripping in the process as you make way to the couch.

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Throw Me To The Wolves

Summary: You and Bucky get tattoos

Words: 552

Warnings: None really

Just random one for you all. Hope you enjoy, Emma xxx

Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

“Is it gonna hurt?” you panicked, turning to Bucky as you passed the window, admiring the beautiful art they displayed in the window.

“I’ve had one before, so how would I know?” laughed Bucky, only worrying you more. Realising your anxious reaction, Bucky jumped in front of you, looking you straight in the eyes. “But think of all the pain you go through on missions and training, ok. This will be like nothing,” he assured you, pointing into the shop. Taking a deep breath, you stepped into the tattoo salon, amazing artwork plastering every wall. “Woah…” you gormed.

“Bucky! And this is…” called a guy from behind the counter, tattoos surprisingly not coating all of his skin. You had always imagined tattooist to be plastered in them, but for once, he wasn’t.

“Y/N, this is Y/N,” added Bucky, waving to you as you smiled nervously. The guy seemed nice, but it didn’t seem to be helping anything. “Hey, Y/N, you look nervous,” he stated, obviously reading you like a book.

“You could say that,” you laughed, almost sighing to your dismay.

“Ah, you’ll be ok!” he chuckled, making you feel slightly better. “Do you wanna go first, Bucky? Reassure her about it all and stuff?” suggested Darren as you read from his lanyard. Turning to Bucky, he agreed with Darren, getting comfortable on the seat and debating the artwork he was getting.

You had both agreed on your pieces a few days before and you couldn’t have been happier with the choices. Bucky opted for lyrics from both of your favourite song, Throne. Painting the guide ink onto Bucky’s arm, Darren looked down in awe of the work. “Dude this is cool,” he laughed as you read the markings.

It read: You can throw me to the wolves but tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack

It was perfect.

“Alright, we ready to go?” asked Darren, looking up to Bucky who nodded, smiling over to you as Darren begun the tattoo. You sat next to Bucky’s head, stroking his hair as he bore the pain. He seemed to be doing well but you weren’t too sure if he was just keeping a straight face so not to worry you.

After a good hour, Bucky’s tattoo was finished and boy was it good. You had to admit you felt quite emotional when you saw it on his arm.

Turning to the chair, you sucked in one deep lung of air as you sat down ready for the ink. You decided to go for the logo on top of the album, being an umbrella with water droplets. At first you nearly tried to get the whole quote along your arm, but once you spoke to Bucky, you wisely decided against it. Bring Me The Horizon had gotten you through a lot, and you were so grateful for it.

Bucky sat up above your hair, stroking your hair as you breathed out slowly as the tattooing began. It was painful, yes, but you had experienced millions worse on missions. “You’re doing great babe,” assured Bucky, holding tightly onto your other hand with his metal one.

“And I think, my dear, we are all done!” exclaimed Darren, wiping your arm as you smiled up to Bucky. It was perfect.

Together, it was perfect.

Klance Fic: Pacifier (NSFW)

The duffle bag hit the ground with a hard “clang,” causing his anxious boyfriend to jump and squeak. Keith gave him an unimpressed stare and snorted. He zipped the flap open and grabbed two things out of it. In one hand he held a bag of Gas, which he tossed to Lance who caught it with fumbling hands. The other, a sleek Beretta m9. Lance gazed at it with a mixture of fear and excitement and Keith couldn’t help but grin.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” He smirked and Lance nodded, reaching out to touch the gun before hesitating. Keith shrugged at his boyfriends hesitance and threw the gun on the bed, and popped his neck. Grinning at the way Lance grimaced.

“That’s so gross” he complained. “Yeah yeah, whatever. Are you gonna roll one or do I have to?”

“You suck at rolling blunts” Lance said cradling the thick bag of weed to his chest dramatically and Keith rolled his eyes. “I’m not even in the mood to smoke, I only brought my stash to chill you out before we do this” he snapped irritatedly. He could already feel his headache coming along.

“Keith” Lance started softly before sighing, “ Sorry its just- yeah I’m nervous. We’re really gonna do this after planning it for so long. I’m scared but in a good way” he murmured eyeing the gun on the bed and instantly Keith felt like a dick. He groaned.

“Alright, how about we do this; you get yourself all pretty, wet, and loose for me, and I go get my attitude together in the bathroom? Deal?”


Keith grabbed the Gas and gun and threw them in the duffle bag. He spared Lance a glance and sighed in relief when he saw the other boy rooting through his dressers. Good. He wouldn’t see how bad Keith’s hands were shaking.

He walked in the bathroom and went to lock the door before Lance’s voice calling out to him made him pause. “Keith”

“Yeah” he called back, knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the door knob.

“You did take your medicine right?”

A pause.

“Of course I did. I’m not a fucking idiot” he lied before shutting the bathroom door and locking it.


Keith threw the bag on the ground and groaned. He smoother one hand threw his bangs and tugged tight while his other hand gripped the sink. He thought about the Naloxone sitting back home on his dresser. Un-used and taunting him, like a freak.

He grit his teeth.

Keith didn’t need some fucking opioid to help him keep himself in control. He was fine- normal. Perfectly in control of his actions and the things he did.

He scoffed at the lies he told himself. Impulse control, huh?

He stared down at the gun in the bag. Pretty, sleek, bullet free.

Why did that seem so wrong? He tied his long hair in a stubby back pony tail with the hair tie in his wrist and grabbed the Beretta out the bag. His eyes flickered to the door and back to the gun. A single bullet laid in his back pocket and it burned. Pressed hard in the front of his mind, causing his fingers to jump and twitch.

What was a gun without a bullet?

What was the point of him and Lance doing mock fear play when the could get really kinky and do ACTUAL fear play? Keith made up his mind. He took the safety off the gun and put the bullet in. It fit snuggly, at home and Keith sighed.

He was so fucked up.


The gun sat in his palms heavy when he walked back out to Lance. Lance who wad naked on the bed, soft tan skin glowing while the black sheets illuminated it all. His breath stuttered. Lance looked so pretty and he’d be even prettier with tears running down his face.

“Did you get yourself ready?” He asked crawling over, setting the gun on the bed.

“Yeah, just like you asked” he was shaking. Nerves rattling him like a leaf in a violent storm and Keith shivered when something hot coiled in his belly. They barely started and Lance already looked wrecked.

“Let me see”

His dropped his fingers to Lance’s hole and was pleased to see it was indeed wet and loose. Practically gaping and twitching at his touch, so loose, so wet.

They’d have no problems with fitting the barrel in there then.

Keith kissed him hard. Cock already straining in his skinny jeans and Lance kissed back just as fierce. Hands fitting onto Keith’s muscled shoulders.

“Ready?” He asked, voice husky with lust and excitement and Lance trembled but nodded all the same.

Keith grabbed the gun with shaky hands, sweat slicking the butt of the gun up, as he placed the barrel to Lance’s rim.

He spared a glance to Lance who lay tensed of the bed with his hands fisting the covers.

“Relax” was all he gave him before he pushed the barrel past Lance’s rim.

Overcome with fear Lance tried to wiggle away but Keith held him down with one hand and began fucking him with it.

“K-keith!” He cried, lust and fear wracking his voice and Keith shook, fingers twitching with the need to do something he knows he shouldn’t.

“I’m here baby I’m here” he cooed before he pulled the trigger. Lance screamed hearing the empty click and Keith suffered with excitement and fear.

Lance feared for the sake of fearing. He craved it and trusted Keith to give him that with the promise of pleasure too. He KNEW that yet here he was playing Russian Roulette with his lovers life, him not even knowing and something about Lance not knowing was hot. Powerful even. His life was in Keith’s hands and Keith felt himself in a power trip.

His cocked leaked heavily in its confines and he palmed himself.


He. Was. So. Hard.

He fucked Lance harder and faster. Loving the way he shook and trembled beneath him. Keith was so glad Lance was on his back because here he could see everything displayed on his face.

The fear.

The pleasure.

The trust-

God how it felt good to abuse that trust.

He pulled the trigger again, dread and power coursing through his veins again and Lance sobbed with relief when it gave another empty click.

13 more rounds left. The next one could be the bullet Keith thought and he groaned.

He grabbed Lance’s cock with his other hand and stroked him fast in tune with the thrusting of the gun.

“Keith Keith Keith,” he chanted like a mantra and sobbed. “Kiss me. Kiss m-” Keith swallowed another scream when the chamber clicked empty again.

He felt like he was gonna bust in his jeans at any second.

He ground the gun against Lance’s prostate and grinned when Lance keened and rolled his eyes in the back of his head.

He pulled the trigger again.

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Welcome to the family! I wanted to know, how would the US/UF/SF skelebros react to their S/O constantly static shocking them and being static shocked? They're not doing it on purpose of course. (This kept happening to me today, everything I touch, I get shocked)

Thanks Fam! :D And I’m going to assume you mean Red SF (Fellswap) since most people don’t seem to ask about Purple SF (Swapfell)…

US!Sans: “DATE-MATE! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?” Blueberry is confused; he knows how static electricity works, but he’s pretty sure that you’re aren’t suppose to conduct that much static. He tries to fix it; suggests wearing less-fuzzy socks, take longer strides instead of shuffling your feet, anything that would decrease the shocks.

US!Papyrus: “such a shocking turn of events, babe…” Stretch is more than amused by your predicament, sending many shock and electricity puns your way. However, he just pulls you in an inescapable hug, because you can’t make more shocks when you can’t create more electricity; if you can’t move about since the friction of movement builds up the electrons, then less shocks. Don’t expect to escape, he has a surprisingly iron-grip, so it’s best to chill with your skele-bae.

UF!Sans: This anxious mofo will jump every time he gets shocked, but- thankfully- he has surprisingly good reflexes for a lazybones, so you don’t get impaled by a bone attack. Red does curse up a storm, “sick of all these mother-fucking shocks…” and the like. He’ll be emotionally tired and grumpy by the time the static shocks stop, so it would be best to cuddle up the angry bean and hand him a bottle of mustard; he’ll nearly cry tears of joy- being the affection-starved cherry he is- but Red will just cling like a koala, sip his mustard, and then fall asleep after all that madness.

UF!Papyrus: While not as anxious as his brother, he is very much so on edge- although he might seem cool as a cucumber- but he knows it merely excess electrons that built up due to friction. Unlike BB- who suggests things to fix the problem- Edge takes it upon himself to fix it himself; like, for instance, he forcibly changes your socks to less conductive ones. Depending on how sassy you were, he’ll carrying you around either bridal-style or like a sack of potatoes, “AS TO NOT HAVE YOU CONDUCT MORE STATIC.” Edge will be smugly grinning no matter what, whether you are blushing like a madman via bridal-style or indignantly flushed via potato-sack style.

SF!Sans: “DATE-MATE, I DEMAND YOU STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!!” Blackberry is NOT a particularly patient skeleton, but does know that this not something that’s easily controlled. He takes a deep breath- a habit he formed since fighting with anything but a calm mind got you killed in the underground- before Blackberry simply uses his blue magic to carrying around; he sees it as the most logical tactic since you don’t generate electricity that way. Blackberry expression becomes amused as his S/O struggles lightly in his magic’s hold, but simply continues- finding their reaction cute.

SF!Papyrus: Slim- the sweet, adorable masochist that he is- actually thanks you for each shock, smiling as the tingle spreads through his bones. “you are truly electrifying, my love…” He can be a smooth, pun-telling skeleton, so his S/O doesn’t feel bad when ever they shock him. Slim starts looking up erotic material involving electricity, so the S/O might have to have a discussion if they’re not into that…

I don’t understand people who jump horses who clearly aren’t emotionally/ physically ready to jump. It’s so selfish. 

If your horse turns into a nervous, anxious wreck every time you jump then it’s time to scale back to flat work and poles until they can proceed calmly. Or retire them from jumping if they get that out of control during it. If it causes them that much anxiety then why put them through that?

Same goes for people jumping under muscled, skinny horses. I remember some youtube vid of this chick with a horse she had rescued, they were quite skinny and a complete spastic to jump (clearly not ready) but she still continued to push it and push it, instead of scaling it back and simplifying things. And people in the comments were parading her as a superstar. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really dislike people placing their own wants in front of their horses well being. It isn’t fair and so cruel towards the horse who clearly isn’t able to cope. You aren’t cool or inspiring for jumping a horse that is struggling to do what you ask…

Also, side note this is coming from me who has a horse who was both emotionally and physically unable to cope with jumping. She always ended up so hot, anxious and worked up, so I stopped jumping her. When we learnt about her back she was treated and retrained to do dressage and dressage only. The fact that she was actually such an amazing jumper and that I still wanted to jump never came into it. People told me to just inject her and keep jumping but I refused. Because she couldn’t do it and her happiness and welfare is #1 for me. 

anonymous asked:

sex with Taehyung??

“Yeobo?” You heard a light yet deep voice say from the front of the apartment. You were currently in the bathroom taking a bath since it was late at night.

“I’m in the bathroom,” you said nonchalantly.

Taehyung opened the door and sighed. When you hopped in the bathtub, he had already fallen asleep on the couch after watching a movie. He’d been working hard lately, and you didn’t want to disturb him when he got sleep whenever he got the chance to.

“What time is it?” He asked, yawning.

“It’s almost ten. Did you have a good nap?”

“Yeah,” he said, pulling off his shirt. “I could use a bath, though.”

You scooted to the back of the tub and made room for your boyfriend as he peeled off all of his clothing and stepped in the warm water. Once in, he laid back against you, resting the back of his head on your chest.

“You’ve been working really hard, Taehyungie. I’m proud of you.” You said, kissing his head. He smiled.

“Thanks. I’m just so tired all the time, now.”

“Well,” you exhaled, rubbing his arm, “your rest is really important. You’ve got to remember to make time to sleep, okay?”

He chuckled. “You worry about me a lot.”

“I love you a lot.” You countered.

He leaned back to look at you. “I love you, too.”

Looking down at his tired face, you leaned your lips forward to kiss him. He pushed his lips against yours roughly in a not-so-subtle manner, making you pull away and laugh.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing, nothing,” you laughed, kissing him once more.


You wrapped the fuzziest towel from the lining closet around your body and brushed your teeth, looking into the steamy mirror. V, once wrapping a towel around his waist, looked at you and smiled, his eyes taking in the glorious sight of seeing you fresh out of the shower, your skin still glistening, your hair still damp, the towel on your body exposing all the right slithers of skin. His mind racing with the most explicit thoughts of you, he let the towel fall from around his waist and wrapped his arms around your torso from behind you, making you stiffen at first, but immediately melt into his arms.

“Taehyung?” You asked as he flicked your hair off of your shoulder and kissed the crook of your neck, making you feel a bit limp.

“Hmm?” He hummed into his kiss.

“What are you doing?” You asked playfully.

“Hmm,” he hummed suggestively, undoing the knot you put in your towel and watching it fall off of you. You felt your body heat up instantly as he sent warm kisses down your back.

It had been at least a good month since you two had really done anything. There was just never time, and whenever there was, you two were too exhausted to even try.

But now? You were both considerably awake with plenty of time to spare, and you couldn’t think of a better way to spend that time than with Taehyung.

You turned around, facing him, and bringing his face to yours as you kissed him. He dived his tongue in between your teeth, exploring the corners of your mouth and making you moan lightly. He bit your lip lightly, making you gasp into the kiss. Too anxious to wait, you jumped up on the counter.

He smiled at you for the briefest second before connecting his lips to yours for another kiss as he positioned himself in between your legs.

Not allowing himself to hesitate, he pushed himself into you, making you gasp and clench your nails into his shoulder.

Taehyung had never been afraid to vocalize when it came to sex. Most guys would always shy away from moaning, believing it wasn’t the ‘manly’ thing to do.

Not Taehyung.

“Ah, ah.”



His vocabulary had been reduced into those few bursts of ecstasy as he thrust quickly in and out of you, making your body rock back and forth on the counter top.

As he reached his peak, he slammed his hand against the bathroom mirror and pushed himself into you, so deep that your hips felt as if they were conjoining.

You moaned out uncontrollably as you reached your climax, your eyes squeezed shut, your hands around Taehyung’s neck, your head leaning against the mirror where Taehyung’s hand streaked a print in the steam next to your face.

You recollected your breath, panting heavily as Taehyung leaned in and kissed your chest.

As he did so, you stroked the back of his neck, drawing small circles on the warm skin with your fingertips.

“Can we sleep in the bathroom tonight?” He asked, looking up at you.

You smiled. “Nope, come on.” You got down from the counter, only to feel your knees buck beneath you. Taehyung immediately grabbed your hips to keep you from falling over. Although he was extremely proud of himself for making your legs literally go numb, he picked you up and carried you over to the bed.

“Goodnight,” he said as he planted a kiss on your forehead and crawled into bed next to you, scooting over and wrapping his arms around you.

Before you could reply, he’d fallen asleep.

I feel like I haven’t written a Taehyung smut in forever (which is weird since he’s my bias hehe). Thanks for submitting~ 

  • jin: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • taehyung: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • namjoon: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • jungkook: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • yoongi: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • jimin: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • jhope: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: HOPE- AH FIGHTING hobi has no choice but to jump *anxious as hell* because all six of us jumped *looking stressed as hell* HOPE-AH FIGHTING hobi is a man he'll do it he'll -HOBI FIGHTING- be fine right right? Oh my god is he alright is he okay HOBI FIGHTING *cries out of worry*
Don’t Let Go of Me

Words: 5015
Rating: M
Speculation for post-finale life between Philip and Lukas, dealing with PTSD and how to come together after what they’ve been through.

All Philip can see is the dead body on the forest floor. It didn’t seem like the man ever could die, and Philip stares at him like he might rise up again and keep coming for them. Like he could be dead and buried, moldering and falling apart and still come back to finish the job. Philip stares at him and can almost see it, his corpse falling apart as he reaches for Lukas’s throat—

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Trans Rochu Headcanons:

-They met when some bullies were making Anya cry so Yao beat their asses

-Then they met again at a LGBT support group and they were like “??? I REMEMBER THIS CUTIE”

-Natayla and Katyusha are super supportive of Anya’s transition and always tell shes amazing and important

-When Yao came out his family was like “?????” but they accepted it

-Yao’s siblings researched it more and found out their gender identities lol (Kiku is agender, Yong and Hwan Soo are demi, Mei is nonbinary, ect)

-Anya wears super long and modest clothing bc shes insecure about her body but Yao tells her shes the most beautiful person ever 

-Yao still keeps his hair long and sometimes wears ‘feminine’ clothing despite other people thinking he isn’t ‘a man’ enough because he knows hes valid and looks doesnt really symbolize his gender

-Genderfluid Feliks totally helps Anya with her fashion (”gurl, if your wearing a sweater at least not wear THAT”)

-Whenever Anya feels anxious Yao just jumps in front of her and freaking pushes anyone else nearby (she thinks its sweet)

-They support each other and they are HAPPY

A Shownu Confession


Requested by @magskam:

Shownu where he confesses to you for the first time

Vibes: Cuteness, shy Shownu
Word Count: 1,443
A/N: I ended up taking a very light confession route … I realized this as I finished up the scenario. I’m so sorry. ㅠㅠ I still want to do a confession thing with all the members, so that will probably be another post.

Originally posted by myhyunwoolyone

Exhausted from yet another long day at the office, you shuffled down the concrete stairs to the subway platform with Shownu’s steps rapping alongside your’s. Your hands were balled into fists in your thick coat pockets as your bore through the brisk air that barely diminished even as you descended from the streets piled with snow. Your breath fogged the air before you until you finally placed your feet firmly on the platform level.

Slipping out your Metrocard, you huddled behind Shownu as he slid his card through one of the entrance’s machine. After you swiped yourself through to the other side of the platform, you and Shownu headed down two more flights of stairs where only the still cold air of the underground train greeted the two of you. You glanced up at the marquee for the trains running that evening and saw your train arriving almost nearly the same time as Shownu’s.

You quietly headed towards the far left of the platform, knowing it would guarantee more space in the train upon its arrival. Aside from the soft taps of you and Shownu’s footsteps, there were only a handful of civilians sprinkled on the other side of the station to accompany the platform’s silence.

As soon as the distance between you and the end of the platform reached below five meters, you slowed to a stop then turned on the balls of your feet to face the stark black subway tracks. Your body was still shivering, albeit slightly, from the cold, and you focused your energy on keeping your teeth clenched to avoid letting your coworker know just how chilly you were.

Despite your efforts, you felt a warm scarf wrap around your neck and drape over your shoulders. You met eyes with Shownu who was busy properly tucking the scarf around your frame. “You don’t have to,” you spoke softly.

Shownu merely shook his head, his full lips spreading into a generous smile. “You need it more than I do.”

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