anxious to jump


Young Tia wanted desesperatly to make studies about thoses mysterious creatures. One book in Starwill’s library got her attention : “terrian dragons : the emerald caverns of Dragon’s lair”. Not much informations were written in it but she wanted to know more about theses dragons she never saw. During the night, she sneaked outside with her sister and made the long travel to the dragon’s territory. Arrived in the mountains, the two sees a huge glowing hole. Luna goes inside first “what are you afraid of Tia ?”, anxious Celestia jump in the hole. They saw a little blue dragon on a pile of jewels and precious stones, an egg jealously guarded by the creature’s tail. Curious, she studied it, his forms, the colors…Luna takes it with her magic “if you want it so badly why not take it !”, Celestia started to yell at his young sister but it was already too late. The mom dragon woke up and saw the the egg with the ponies. The creature started to attack but in a instant the two alicorns flees with their wings. Full of greed, the dragon became bigger and bigger… enough big to take them before the end of the hole. The alicorns were already too high in the sky for the no-wings dragon. “give it back to her Tia !” Luna’s screamed at Tia. “I can’t, It’s already too late, sister”

Spike entered the cavern, unsure and afraid of the giant creature he would meet…. In dancing flames a giant emerald dragon appeared of the gold cave, angry about the one who interrupted her nap. She responds to a violent growl as the yound and little one ask “are you my mom ?”

  • jin: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • taehyung: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • namjoon: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • jungkook: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • yoongi: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • jimin: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: *doesn't care*
  • jhope: *bungee jumping*
  • yoongi: HOPE- AH FIGHTING hobi has no choice but to jump *anxious as hell* because all six of us jumped *looking stressed as hell* HOPE-AH FIGHTING hobi is a man he'll do it he'll -HOBI FIGHTING- be fine right right? Oh my god is he alright is he okay HOBI FIGHTING *cries out of worry*

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But i wonder why the sudden time jump for the manga? The ocean (chapter 90) a yr passed by then now chapter 91, 3 years. Exactly, 4 years gone by. I need the next chapter, to see the changes of eren and levi. But man, I'm really feeling anxious with the time jump? Maybe they'll discover something to blow our minds away?

I was surprised by the timeskip too. I don’t like it at all and it scares me. The next chapter will prbably give us the information we really need. This chapter was so confusing. And I won’t accept Eren dying in 4 years. I just won’t! But I also keep thinking of how Eren and Levi’s relationship changed during these years. I’m sure there was progress (If you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

New in the Neighborhood - 9

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a/n: yo so i got carreid away and this part is super long, i hope you enjoy it shout out to my bro Sayyid and @liveandbreathgeek

Suicide Squad// Captain Boomerang & OFC

word count: 2,332

9. Waiting (Digger)

There isn’t much to do in solitary confinement. That’s what it was designed for; to lock you in a small room with yourself. His first time in the hole had been hell, even if it had just been for a day. Afterwards he was always anxious and jittery. He jumped at everyone who looked at him, even the most passing glances. Soon Digger found a way to cope, a way to keep himself distracted from the ever looming, ever growing, demon of self-hatred.

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Another fun fact about Lindsay (cw for discussion of symptoms of mental illness):

She has intrusive thoughts, as evidenced by the existence of the Other One (aka NegaLindsay), but sometimes they’re not as obvious or aggressive.
sometimes, it’s stuff like this:

Say she has to be somewhere to meet a friend, or a client, or whatever. For some reason, the person she’s supposed to meet is late. Instead of getting anxious about having gotten the date or place wrong, she’ll get anxious that she jumped into a parallel reality where she isn’t supposed to be, and therefore nobody’s meeting her there, because there was no meeting in the first place.
Cue dissociation until the person shows up, and a whole day of checking for signs that she’s actually in the reality she’s supposed to be.