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@broship-addict and i were nattering about parents!andreil with kid!kevin here and then she brought up this scenario and i had to write it:

The phone wakes Neil, and the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is the 2:18 glowing on the alarm clock.

“Minyard,” Andrew answers. His voice is rough with sleep but he sounds awake enough. He listens for a few beats and then says, “Where are you?”

He pushes up out of the bed, and the movement on the mattress jolts both the cats and Neil into proper wakefulness. Neil rolls over and gets blinded by the lamp, shoving his head into the mattress with a curse. He can hear Andrew opening a drawer and then the sounds of him dressing.

“Fifteen minutes,” Andrew says, and then to Neil, “That was Kevin.”

That gets Neil’s head up pretty quick. “What?”

“He’s on Castle Street at someone’s party. Too drunk to drive,” Andrew says, throwing on his jacket and stuffing his feet into his shoes.


“Keep up,” Andrew replies. “Kevin, illegal drinking, needs to be picked up.”

“Wasn’t he meant to be studying with Jean and Jeremy?” Neil asks. He’s already sliding down back onto the bed to lie flat, because it looks like Andrew has this covered. He’ll be pissed off later, when it’s actually morning.

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Adoption Headcanons

-A young Omega child being adopted into a family that already has an Alpha child and bursting into tears when the two meet and the little Alpha very bluntly says, “You don’t smell right at all” because the Omega doesn’t smell like ‘home’ or ‘family’ after being lightly scolded and corrected by his mother, the little Alpha feels awful for upsetting their new sibling. After their rough start the Alpha goes out of their way to comfort and protect the timid Omega

-Little Omegas being adopted and being so happy and excited when their new parents provide them with a bunch of stuffed animals and cozy blankets, things the Omegas had never been able to have a lot of before

-A young Alpha that was once mistreated by their biological Alpha parent being very skittish/afraid around adult Alphas. After being adopted by an Alpha/Omega couple they cling to the Omega like crazy right from the beginning but they take a few months to warm up to the kind and loving Alpha that’s trying so hard to get the child to trust them

-A moody young Alpha being fully aware that they are going to have two new parents, what they weren’t prepared for was a very loud and loving Omega woman that calls herself ‘Grandma’ and keeps trying to give them candy and gifts despite the child’s reluctance to interact with her. At first the Alpha honestly just finds her to be very overwhelming but they grow attached to her kind personality and her warm and comforting scent

-An easily frightened/intimidated Beta child being timid and anxious when their parents first bring them home but being instantly comforted by the couple’s Omega child who happily drags their new younger Beta sibling into their nest on the couch to watch movies and eat cookies

-A young Omega child being very quiet and serious as their new parents pick them up to bring them home. Their Alpha parent wrapping them up in their own huge sweatshirt because it’s freezing outside and the little Omega feels so safe and comforted by the gesture, they are too shy to actually say anything but they never give the sweatshirt back and they’ll only go to sleep if it’s in bed with them which their new parents think is adorable

-An Alpha/Omega couple adopting a newborn and spending the first couple weeks constantly holding the baby or cuddling them in their nest to make sure their baby becomes attached to their scents

-A teenage Alpha being incredibly weary of their new adoptive parents but becoming unexpectedly attached and protective of the couple’s small Beta child that insists on sticking to the Alpha like glue

-A Beta child being adopted into a family with a huge dog and freaking out because they’ve never really been around dogs. The child avoiding the dog for a couple days until one night when they are upset and the dog crawls up into bed with them and allows the child to cuddle up with them until they fall asleep. The two being inseparable after that

-An Omega being adopted into a family with Alpha twins that are just a couple years older and the twins are just instantly attached to their new little Omega sibling, each of the young Alphas always holds one of the Omega’s hands whenever they go somewhere and are always low-key competing for the small Omega’s attention and approval

just watched ducktales and. yeah. it was great. if it keeps up with this level of quality throughout the rest of this season, it might be the best cartoon to come out of 2017 easily

Parents be like
  • Parent: You can tell me anything :)
  • Child: I'm depressed
  • Parent: Snap out of it
  • Child: I'm anxious all the time
  • Parent: No you're not
  • Child: I'm gay
  • Parent: Not in my house
  • Child: I'm bisexual
  • Parent: It's a phase, you'll grow out of it.
  • Child: *is rebellious and emotionally distant*
  • Parent: WHERE DID I GO WRONG?????
  • Child: *stops trying, moves out and cuts contact*
  • Parent: Kids these days are so ungrateful...
disappoint me daddy
  • dan and phil play dream daddy!! i messaged people abt this like a week and a half ago and immediately thought oh no what hell have i wished upon us but it is HERE
  • to be fair i am on my second watch so this isn’t. reacting
  • 0:47 and dan is already talking about barebacking i want to delete all of this

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urgh i’m so annoyed like, did sigmund freud even read oedipus before dumping his flaming bag of dogshit theory upon the world where unfortunately it remains to this day??? oedipus didn’t know the woman he married was his mother. he didn’t sleep with her because she was his mother. and when he found out he wasn’t like “oh well i guess i have a mommy kink now” he was so distraught he literally stabbed his eyes out. fuck freud is what i’m saying

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Any opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents?

OOF. So I’m actually halfway into the first chapter of a secretdad!Nursey fic so I have a lot of dad!Nursey thoughts, but I actually had to put some thought into dad!Dex opinions, and then a good amount of thought into the combination of Dex/Nursey as parents! That said, do I have opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents? 


  • So first off: the way these boys were brought up has a Big Impact on how they are as parents.
    • Nursey was raised by two moms who loved him to pieces and let him be soft and feminine when he wanted to be and were hugely affectionate when they were there, but who also traveled a lot for work. Dex was raised by parents who also worked a lot, but who were almost always stressed about money–and he felt that stress really young and learned to internalize it. They both love their parents, but they also both picked up a lot from their parents–both “what to do” and “what not to do”.
  • That said:

(continued under the cut)

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You👏 should 👏never👏 let 👏your 👏child 👏feel👏like👏a👏burden👏when👏they👏ask👏you👏somthing👏

honestly sick of my parents making me seem like a burden. They make it seem that everytime I ask for somthing it’s like it’s the biggest shit to do. Im “R u serious? you created me. You have to care for me. That’s the point. If I need deodorant. Please do that for me. I literally went months not asking for anything. Tampons, deodorant, etc. Cause I hated feeling like a burden.

With All My Heart - Part 9

Word Count: 2562

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, some mentions of depression/anxiety, medical situations

A/N: Tags for this series are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

The week leading up to your surgery you felt mostly numb. You weren’t scared or anxious. Just numb. Your parents had come to Texas and were staying in your house while you still stayed with Jensen. Jensen had noticed your change in demeanor and while he was trying to change it by staying upbeat, he wasn’t pushing the issue. He didn’t want to come on too strong.

Now that the IV was out of your arm you could go in the pool and that was where you could be found most of the time, floating on a raft or just on your back in the water, eyes closed, lost in thought. “Hey.” Jensen approached, sitting on the side of the pool and dangling his legs into the water. “Everyone’s gonna be here soon for dinner. Unless you wanna cancel.”

“We can’t cancel now.” You sighed and dragged yourself out of the pool. “Besides, your parents are coming and I’ve never met them. I don’t want them to hate me for canceling.”

“They wouldn’t hate you.” Jensen grabbed your towel and wrapped it around your body. “You’ve talked to ‘em on the phone. They love you just as much as I do. We’ll make dinner quick and kick everyone out and then it’ll just be me and you.”

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Do you (or vets in general) get annoyed with the people who bring in their pet for every little thing? Like, I know the little weird spot on my cats paw is probably just a keratin growth and not cancer but I still want to take him in to have it looked at. Am I being a helicopter pet-mom?

Broadly speaking I would prefer owners that bring their pet in for ‘very little thing’ over those that don’t bring them in until it’s too late. As I often tell people in the wee hours of the night at the emergency clinic…

…I would always rather see you for paranoia than for regret.

There are different sorts of people who bring their pets in ‘for every little thing’, and to be honest they vary in how annoying they are.

  • Owners that come in with any little concern, listen to our recommendations and follow instructions. Welcome any time.
  • Owners that come in with any little concern, but don’t listen and don’t follow instructions and then complain that concern is not addressed hours/days/weeks later when they have not done what we suggested they do.
  • Owners that come in with mystery conditions with vague symptoms, eg not wagging tail as much, but decline all diagnostic tests and complain when we haven’t diagnosed the problem.
  • Owners that call all the time, but refuse to bring the pet in for us to look at it.

So anxious pet parents don’t bother me at all, if they actually listen and aren’t just wanting to have their own thoughts validated. They’re not a waste of time. There have been scenarios where a worried owner with a gut feeling has brought pets in early enough to have medical conditions detected before the pet became critically ill, so it’s always worth checking is something seems to be amiss. I wont ever tell someone not to get their pet checked if they’re concerned.

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)Anxious Birdie) You guyyyyyysssss, My mom might validate and accept my autism soon!!!!!My grandma has been living with us since December and she has a bunch of weird thug that she does (like routine, not being in touch with her emotions, taking things literally, I think you see where I'm going with this) and my mom was talking to me about her weird things she does and I was like "hey mom, y'know, she could be autistic" and my mom looked it up (autistic parent) and was reading the article (pt 1)

(Anxious birdie) so my mom was reading the article about autistic parents and my grandma matched up with LITERALLY EVERYTHING. And my mom told me a few months ago about how my uncle used to do autistic things like rocking back and forth to try to go to sleep and soothe himself and he didn’t have many friends and a bunch of other stuff. (Also my grandma is on my mom side along with my uncle) and I told my mom “y'know, autism is genetic a lot of the time” and she was like “really?” (Pt 2)

(Anxious Birdie) and I was like “yes mom!” And so she went online and took one of those online “do you have autism?” tests. And she took it pretending to be my grandma and she got half neurotypical and half neurodivergent traits. Then my mom took it as herself and got 83 neurodivergent traits out of 200 (so she’s mostly neurotypical) and then she made me take it and I got like 159 out of 200 neurodivergent traits. Which is awesome!!! And my mom was like hmmmm. So she might accept me soon! (Pt 3)

Johnny Cade n the cute stuff he does bc hes adorable :’)

-he bites his nails when he’s anxious

-when his parents fight he’ll just sit in his room and bite his nails until they bleed

-he like… never cries 

-like ever

-because he’ll hold it in until he can’t take it anymore and then he’ll just have this massive breakdown and most of the time he’ll just have them in his room alone because he doesn’t want to ask for help

-he goes to school sometimes when he feels like it 

-it gives him a reason to leave the house

-but when he does go to school i feel like he’d just chill in the library a lot and barely ever go to lessons

-he doesn’t understand why he should actually do work because his parents don’t care and it’s not like he’s gonna go to college or anything anyway

-he loves cuddles

-but like, he loves giving them 

-he’ll use people as a pillow 

-i have a feeling he likes confident girls/guys/basically dally what

-like, he likes when people encourage him to do things

-he used to be bullied because he was so dark tan but he nEVER was ashamed of it once

-he still isn’t he loves his skin tone

-he’s actually not that much smaller than dally, he just slouches


-will dance to jailhouse rock with no shame this boY

-doesn’t flirt often but when he doeS

-man he’s actually super confident

-especially if it’s a greaser girl he’s known a while

-he hates sylvia tho

-great kisser bro like he will go from cute peck on the cheek to makeout session on the kitchen counter in like 2 seconds

-not a virgin

-i won’t detail it but yeah. he was 14.

-that one little shit who will pick up a spider and shove it in ur face

-he giggles

[yeah that’s it i’m tired bye hope u like this]