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38 week bump update! Well officially I’m 37 weeks & 6 days but I took a photo now and I don’t think my belly will change much overnight. 😄

The amount of weight I’ve gained is not a pound too much according to my OB but this morning I passed a limit which I though I wouldn’t pass and I’ve been feeling like crap. I really need to remember right now that this is only temporary and that I should enjoy my last weeks (or days! Who knows) of pregnancy, I have all the time in the world to lose weight after baby is born. ❤🌸

i’ve decided that i won’t be studying anything further bc at this point in my life i have no idea what i want to do and i can’t find anything that really interest me so i think that its good for me if i look for a job and start working properly (hopefully at a cool graphic design studio or agency ashjfjhg) for the next year and maybe then i’ll know what i want to do next.

i more or less despise every person who thinks aphobia isn’t a real thing ace/aro ppl have to worry about? 

like honestly ive dealt w a lot of shit of being bi like ive been bullied and mocked and abused physically by most of the people in my life for being bi but ive also been many of those things (not physically) but ive been bullied and abused for being ace and the fact that there r ppl out there w the audacity to tell me i dont know what the fuck ive experienced is so fucked up. Like SO fuck’d up.i have been told im unnatural that i am ~against human nature~ that i am abnormal and that most people would never want to be with me and more or less that it’s ok if im sexually assaulted by someone because im ace?? 

like ive been told all these things not bc im bi but bc of my asexuality? by straight ppl? who also knew i was bi? and said different fucked up things abt my bi-ness? like folks ive been physically assaulted for things to do w my queerness i think i fucking know what oppression is. im not out here ~~~~trying to be oppressed for being a Queer~~~~ or whatever you fucking homophobic ignorant assholes think? like ive been called a cishet for saying aphobia is a real thing and i hate this goddamn discourse ive been exited from for like 4 months but still it enrages me? the blatant ignorance of how damn systematic oppression works? 

like so much of the way i have seen aphobic ppl talk is this weird abusive gaslight-y thing that causes me like debilitating anxiety it reminds me so much of how ppl who have psychologically abused me talked to me when i was younger. 

like idk im here for anyone who doesnt experience sexual or romantic attraction/ doesnt experience it in the way heteronormativity makes u think u should cause im super interested in making sure people dont have to deal with the same bullshit i have had to deal with. the people who mock aces and mock aphobia are really allowing the abuse of ace and aro ppl to stay normalized i hope u realize that. 

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Im supposed to go wedding dress shopping this summer. And I'm terrified. What if I don't find the dress? What if I'm going to forever look this awkward and weird? How do I build my self confidence? I tried talking to my best friend about this and she was shocked at how low my self esteem is. I'm trying so hard to love my body and myself but I feel like the harder I try the more fake I look.

Yoooo I feel this! I’m super anxious about my mom coming along when I try on dresses since a lot of the mental negativity I have about my body comes from comments she has made in the past -_- I’m planning to have a private chat with the person at the store helping me try stuff on or whatever to explain that I have a history of a poor body image and am really nervous about trying stuff on. Hopefully they can help me keep everything in perspective and recommend styles that will flatter my body. I’m going to try to find something positive about each dress I try on so the associate can help me narrow down the choices. Try to stay calm about the whole thing, there’s no use worrying about things going wrong or not finding anything before you even go and try things on!


i don’t have enough time to draw but i’m trying

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Hey!! After years of thinking it over, I have recently decided to become Muslim. While I am so happy about this new and better change in my life, I'm very scared and anxious to tell my mom. She is usually really chill about stuff, but when it comes to religion she gets pretty uptight about it. Do any of you have some advice for me??

First off, congrats! I’m happy you’ve set your mind on this beautiful Deen.
Ok so, honestly just casually bring it up. It’s hard for me to give you an exact approach because I don’t know her.
Just bring up something about Muslims to see her reaction. Regardless of the outcome, stand firm and strong and tell her anyways. Just explain to her your reasons why and that you still 100% respect her choices but you’re moving to a new phase in your life!
InshaAllah she’ll respect your decision and you both can move forward. Just be gentle and cautious.
I hope this helped a bit! Thank you!
Marlene of the RLMG team