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underappreciated v route things

-Ramen Filled Aristocrats lmaaao

-Jumin’s unconditional love and trust for V! Just..this pure relationship they have with one another in general. Dare I say, bff goals.

-Zen’s Mom Side!! Just… he’s such a group mom I love this and I love Zen what a bean, I love how he’s looking out for Yoosung so much

-No, really, I honestly appreciate Yoosung and Zen’s interactions so much??? love how Zen nags at him and Yoosung appreciates but is annoyed by it. New BROTP, anyone??

-Seven hacking into Yoosung’s computer and downloading LOLOL for him because he knows how upset Yoosung is and he wants to cheer him up I cry everytime. He took a break from work to do this just for him what a pure child I love Saeyoung

-Meet Anxious Other Group Mom, Jihyun Kim. This m a n. And the way he was worried about Zen’s motorcycle riding… and him caring about Yoosung and wanting him to feel better. Aaaaaaaah

-Rika’s heart spam. Honestly I don’t like Rika but I’ve never related to a character so much because I’m the kind of person who will literally spam your inbox with 500000 emoji hearts for no specific reason

-All the hardwork Rika, V and Saeran’s voice actors put into this!!! They all worked so so hard and they did an incredible job and I love them so much oh my god



-Vanderwood being a fuckin dork, I love it I love it I love it

-V without his shades on all the time askksxkekdlwlxke

-OK but that Mint Eye robe is beautiful. I appreciate its design so much and it’s honestly just flippin mesmerising

-V’s mother. I cry everytime

-Also! The long asked question has been answered

-Does Jihyun Kim is Naturallly Blue Haired

-He does

-Rika is not a one dimensional lame antagonist I like this and appreciate it very much, thank you Cheritz

-Also V finally realising that his infatuation with Rika is a problem I cry everytime thank YOU CHERITZ FOR PORTRAYING HOW UNHEALTHY THIS IS


-Saeran’s emojis

-V’s emojis


-The fact that the V route actually fricking exists and Cheritz took the time to do this for us did I mention I love Cheritz

urgh i’m so annoyed like, did sigmund freud even read oedipus before dumping his flaming bag of dogshit theory upon the world where unfortunately it remains to this day??? oedipus didn’t know the woman he married was his mother. he didn’t sleep with her because she was his mother. and when he found out he wasn’t like “oh well i guess i have a mommy kink now” he was so distraught he literally stabbed his eyes out. fuck freud is what i’m saying

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anyone have a sublet or room to rent anywhere in new york city? hi im leo laika im 18 im an agender lesbian i need a safe room to rent BY january 1st and i am a hard worker and responsible young adult who desperately needs to be out of a toxic home environment. i currently live in harlem, my job is in brooklyn, i could move anywhere. thanks for listening

I remember driving down the Cincinnati roads to that hospital. My heart beating out of my chest, my sweaty hands holding the flowers I bought you so closely to my chest. For reasons I don’t know I was nervous, maybe because I didn’t want to see you, battered up in a hospital bed. Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t be okay. Maybe I was just anxious to meet your mom for the first time.
I remember sitting next to you while you laid in that hospital bed. You were in so much pain, I just held your cold beaten hands and told you I loved you. That everything was going to be okay. The room was dense and I felt choked by it, choked by the smell of the hospital and the smell of you, the combination making me sick to my stomach.
Months later I let go of that same hand, I was letting go of you. I was so scared to lose you when your life flashed before your eyes but I ended up losing you anyway. Not because of a tragic accident, but because of me. I chose that, after it was my biggest fear, after sobbing in the bathroom while my parents asked me to just tell them what was wrong. After the night I didn’t sleep at all because I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again. And then, after some time had passed, I just let go. So easily. I let you slip from my grasp when I was used to holding on so tightly.
And then, you were gone.
—  v.m

Since Carl is soooo freaked out about being prepared for baby and packing the hospital bags, I decided to start organizing what I have for baby girl’s bag.

I borrowed this idea from FollowTheHills on Youtube…though I am just using ziplock backs for it…lol.

I am bagging each outfit and labeling them. Since I don’t have every thing…like socks, mittens, hats, 0-3 going home outfit and so on, I added check boxes so I know later what is missing from each bag.

I am bringing 2 outfits in NB and 2 in 0-3. I am also bringing a going home outfit in NB and 0-3.

But, I really loved this idea because I am sure I will need to ask Carl to grab stuff and it will be so much easier to say grab a NB outfit….but not the GH NB outfit yet…lol!

Also, at this time I don’t see myself packing pants for her because I imagine she will be swaddled most of the time we are in the hospital. plus I just want to see her little thighs hanging out of her onesies. I will probably pack some individually in case it becomes clear she needs them.

here’s my design for my fan apprentice oc: Kadir + Faust !!! this game is so good wtffffff i cant believe i only i found out about just yesterday???? wow????

initially i just wanted to do a self-insert but as the plot progressed i was like,,,yo,,,what if my apprentice,,,was a pretty boy,,,

anyways i love everyone in this game djhdsdsdj 

chrt-jiang  asked:

question for a fic: if dallas had a panic attack, would he ever let someone take his binder off if he couldn't do it himself? also are there people he doesn't wear a binder around cos he feels comfy enough with them? thankie thankie in advance!!

!!!!!! Hope this is Okay to publish 

at first he was only comfortable with it around Poppy, she’s just? Her presence is just “things are gonna be okay”. His panic attacks would be his face heating up, and since summer is Fast Approaching, binding make his body temp hotter than it should be, breathing harder, so Poppy would be the one who would follow Dallas to the locker room and take it Carefully Off. I think he wouldn’t be opposed to Malek taking it off for him but he’d be thoroughly embarrassed once he’s calm enough to process what’s happened, since Dallas never really mastered how to carefully remove your binder with Grace. When he’s come out, he’s probably comfy going sans binder with Malek. There’s this image of Malek turning around while Dallas is worming and struggling on the floor, trying to take off the thing. Every now and then, Malek would ask, “you sure you don’t need help, buddy?” 

why does Dallas worm the binder off? He doesn’t want to excessively stretch them out too much, even though his mom’s never batted an eyelash at their price, He Gets Anxious when his mom spends too much on him. So he refuses to remove it via waist. He pulls it over his arms, trying not to get stuck and it’s always a struggle that ends with him on his back on the floor, chest out and his dogs staring down at him, concerned. When Malek is there, back rigidly turned, he says, half laughing “I’m just imagining you’re like Frodo trapped in Shelob’s web. Maybe you need me, Malekwise Solhgee to help?”

also, if Malek helps him taking it off, he’d be all “remember?? Now I’m just thinking of you. Drowned in moonlight. Strangled by his own binder.”

Aaron Minyard is the kind of person that makes plans with you for like 10pm and then falls asleep at like 7pm and doesn’t wake up until 11pm the next night