A mix to bring peace to the worry that bottles up in those who deal with anxiety of any kind. Lay back, block out the world, close your eyes and remember that your organs are working very hard to keep you calm and centered because they love you very much. 

I. lykke li - i know places II. radical face - welcome home  III. mogwai - take me somewhere nice IV. keaton henson - josella  V. the xx - intro VI. beirut - the rip tide VII. the paper kites - featherstone VIII. bright eyes - this is the first day of my life

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Just to preface this, I don’t know if anyone else has posted this, so if you have, I’m sorry! I’m posting for anybody with any anxiety, stress, want to cool down from a rough day, or just need background noise to function!

This is a really neat site because you have more than one noise to choose from to listen to. If rain isn’t really your thing, they have crackling fire and breaking waves, and it’s just really relaxing. And you know what’s the coolest part about each noise? You can change the levels. You can slide and switch levels around to have the perfect amount of thunder, or light rain, or crackles in your fire, or foamy sea goodness! Each noise (to my knowledge) has 10 sliders for different sounds within said noise, so you can mix and listen for as long as you need! And if you don’t feel like mixing it yourself, there’s a neat button called “Animate” which allows the noise to evolve and change itself, so it gives it a little flavor.

It even has some that are specifically catering to mental health and sound therapy.

But really, I encourage everyone to at least try it out, it’s just super neat and it calms me down and serves as a nice low noise in the background if I need it for sleep or working on homework.


When someone’s depressed, stating obvious comments like these are usually counter productive.

I’ve heard all of these before. And then some. People who don’t experience depression don’t understand how you can’t just ‘Be happy’. They think changing your lifestyle will help. In many cases, yes, it will. But if it were that easy depression would not be so hard to get rid of and affecting millions of people.

For many, including me, it’s a challenge to just get out of bed in the morning, weighed down by constant negative emotions. It’s not that we want to be unhappy, our brains just don’t understand the concept of ‘WOW. The world is such an extraordinary place and it’s great to be alive.’

—Edit— If you have funds to see a doctor, PLEASE PLEASE PLASE do. Find the right doctor and they will do everything they can to help you. My apologies for not making that clear in the original post.

For anyone who needs calming down

Let’s start with Calming Cat, because everyone loves Calming Cat

Okay now here are some pictures for you


Okay now for some quotes and things to settle you down and cheer you up

Here are two of my favorite gifs to cheer you up

Okay now lastly you can play this adorable game where you have to properly stretch a giraffe’s neck so that it can kiss other giraffes.                               

Hope you feel better!

5 Herbs that Calm Anxiety WIthout Making you Sleepy

1. Passionflower

The University of Maryland Medical Center states that passionflower has shown in a few studies to work as well as some of the benzodiazepine medications that are usually prescribed for treating anxiety. 

A four-week double-blind study, for example, compared passionflower with oxazepam. Results showed oxazepam worked more quickly, but by the end of the study period, both treatments were shown to be equally effective. Bonus—side effects like daytime drowsiness were fewer with passionflower. 

A second study also showed that passionflower helped ease symptoms like anxiety, irritability, agitation, and depression in participants going through withdrawal from an opiate drug addiction. 

Dosage: Try one cup of passionflower tea three times daily, 45 drops of liquid extract daily, or about 90 mg/day.

2. Lavender

A 2010 multi-center, double blind randomized study of lavender oil compared to anti-anxiety medication lorazepam found that both were effective against generalized and persistent anxiety. Bonus — lavender had no sedative side effects. 

“Since lavender oil showed no sedative effects,” researchers stated, it could be an effective and “well-tolerated alternative to benzodiazepines” to treat generalized anxiety. An earlier 2000 study found similar results. 

Dosage: Try about 80 mg/day of the supplement, or use the oil as an aromatherapy solution.

3. Lemon balm

Though usually found in combination with other herbs, lemon balm also has anti-anxiety powers on its own. 

Research published in 2004, for instance, gave participants a single dose of lemon balm extract (300 mg or 600 mg) or a placebo, then measured their mood after one hour. The higher dose resulted in reduced stress and improved calmness and alertness. Even the lower dose helped participants do math problems more quickly. 

Dosage: Use in aromatherapy, try 300-500 mg of dried lemon balm three times daily, 60 drops daily, or 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of dried lemon balm herb in hot water for a tea four times daily.

4. Ashwagandha

A 2012 double blind, placebo-controlled study gave participants either placebo or a capsule containing 300 mg of high-concentration full-spectrum ashwagandha extract, twice a day. The study lasted for 60 days. Those taking the ashwagandha showed significant improvements. Even the levels of the stress hormone cortisol were substantially reduced in those taking the extract. And there were no serious side effects. 

In an earlier 2000 study, ashwagandha had anxiety-relieving effects similar to those of lorazepam. 

Dosage: Typical dosage is 300 mg standardized to at least one to five percent withanolides, once or twice a day.

5. L-theanine

This one isn’t really a herb — it’s a water-soluble amino acid,  but it’s gotten such good research behind it we had to include it here. It’s found mainly in green tea and black tea and is also available as a supplement. 

Studies have found that it acts directly on the brain, helping to reduce stress and anxiety—without causing drowsiness. 

Research from 2008, for example, found that those participants taking 50 mg of L-theanine a day had a greater increase in alpha (relaxed brain waves) activity than those who took a placebo. 

An earlier 1998 study found that 200 mg a day lead to increased alpha-brain waves and a relaxed, yet alert, state of mind. 

A later 2011 study found that it was also associated with reduced anxiety, and was well tolerated and safe for participants. 

Dosage: A typical cup of black tea contains only about 25 mg of l-theanine and green tea only about 8 mg. While a cup of tea may be calming, if you want more potent effects, try a supplement, about 200 mg a day.

ASMR Video Rec List

As per Wikipedia:

"Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli.”


Basically, It’s like the feeling you get when someone tickles your back or plays with your hair, when you first step in front of a heater on a cold day, when you find the perfect spot to nap in sun and when someone takes care of you all in one.

I stumbled upon it by accident after watching a bunch of videos of a woman making tea and finding it relaxed me. I mentioned it to my brother and he showed me the magic of ASMR.

It has helped me to sleep when I am too wired to calm down, staved off multiple panic attacks, aided in midday calming and naps and provided a warm place to go when I feel the need for personal attention.

Some of you will be very familiar with ASMR, some will have no idea what it is, and some of you may be immune to it (unfortunately not EVERYONE gets tingles).

Some people like scratching sounds, tapping, whispering, water running, there’s so many potential tingle triggers so if one doesn’t work don’t give up hope!

Also if the video recommends you were earphones, DO IT!


This rec list is a collection of my favourite videos and artists.

I encourage you to explore more on YouTube and see what works for you, and hopefully a few of you will enjoy the same wonderful benefits I have from this incredible phenomena and community!


To start, here’s a couple of great videos that test your triggers! A bunch of different ASMR triggers in short segments to help you know what works for you!

  1. BInaural trigger test
  2. What makes you tingle?

Incidental ASMR

My favourite ASMRtists

My favourite Spa/Haircut Roleplays

My favourite Makeup Roleplay

Miscellaneous videos and other Roleplay favourites

Personal attention/ Talking you down from a Panic attack

Remember these are just MY favourites. There are ALL KINDS of videos, lots of just sound videos etc. So please go forth and find what you like!

Please reblog if you are someone or know someone that has trouble sleeping, relaxing, or is subject to stress

Hello! I know a lot of people out there are diagnosed with life altering diseases or disorders, and I wanted to share a way to possibly relieve your stress or worries, even if for a few minutes. It is called ASMR. It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. I’ve been on tumblr for a while and I have yet to see a single person reblog/make any post to do with ASMR, so I decided to make a masterpost.

  1. Here is a brief explanation: You know when you hear noises/sounds or see movements that make you feel relaxed or feel good? Or you would like to hear/see them again because it is pleasurable for your eyes/ears? That is what ASMR is. It is videos or audio that people create with a series of quiet events that help relax your brain. Also, if you are very sensitive to ASMR, it gives you a light tingly sensation in the back of your neck, on your scalp, down your spine, etc. If this explanation wasn’t sufficient or you would just like to know more, click here to read the Wikipedia article on ASMR. 
  2. What it does: ASMR can relax you, help you sleep, relieve stress, calm your nerves, temporarily ease your disorders, and boost your self esteem if you watch the right videos. Here is an article of someone describing their personal experience and some more benefits of ASMR.
  3. Now let’s talk about triggers: ASMR “triggers” are specific noises that make you feel good. You know that person with the soothing voice you couldn’t stop listening to? Or when someone tapped their nails and it gave you goosebumps? That is considered ASMR. Some more examples of sounds people enjoy include:
  • whispering
  • chewing
  • scratching
  • tapping
  • crinkling
  • slurping
  • rubbing
  • clinking
  • slow hand movements
  • incoherent babbling
  • singing
  • page turning
  • sipping
  • lip smacking
  • pendulums swinging

And there are probably more that I’ve missed.

  1. Trigger Videos

Now that you’ve figured out what you like/dislike, it’s time to find ASMR artists that you enjoy.

      2. ASMR artist Channels

  • Yo dawg, I heard you like roleplays, so go HERE for the roleplay Queen of Serene. She will do your makeup, align your chakras, cook for you. You are part of her kingdom now.

  • Do you want more clean cut videos? Something therapeutic? Go HERE for stress relief central. This guy is an expert. It may not be as warm, but boy will it get the job done. You know, I love stress relief. Who doesn’t? So HERE is another relaxing channel.  He specializes in massage techniques, whispering, and like any other artist he dabbles in a bit of everything. Plus he has a nice accent :D

       3. Specific ASMR Videos

Maybeyou’re still tentative about this whole experience. Maybe you don’t want to swim through a sea of videos to find one or two that you like. I’m here for you. I have compiled a list of specific videos that I enjoy. I’ll put them into categories for you. I’ve lumped them together as I see fit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you feel that they fit into these categories. Feel free to click whichever ones you want.

  • TINGLES FAST: This category is if you do experience those delicious “tingles”. Sometimes you just don’t have time for a twenty minute ASMR video. This link will direct you to a playlist consisting of nine videos that are FAST TWO-MINUTE TINGLES, HERE.

 QUICK TIP: It really helps to wear headphones. Some ASMR videos are “Binaural”, which mean the sound moves from ear to ear. This will not work without headphones, so I would wear them. 

This concludes my ASMR masterpost. PLEASE REBLOG because somebody with anxiety, depression, insomnia, any other disorder, or someone that just wants to be relaxed may need to see this list because it could help them. I feel ASMR doesn’t get any recognition and it could potentially relax someone who is in very desperate need of it. This list is very short when it comes to the ASMR videos I watch, so if you need any help or want video suggestions please message me. 

There also is the possibility that this isn’t your cup of tea, and that’s perfectly fine, even though I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. But if you haven’t tried it you should really give it a go. Stay safe, stay relaxed, and stay calm, sweet babies. 


10 Minutes of Nature Ambiance - Soothing sounds of light rain and birds chirping early in the morning :)

This is perfect for anyone who struggles with anxiety, panic, or stress disorders, as it is very calming and therapeutic.

You can also download/listen to just the audio here (right click > “save link as”)

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How to make: tiny origami paper stars!

Here’s a fun craft that I learned to do a while back. It’s a very good anxiety relief activity that I use rather frequently, and all you need is some paper and scissors!

If my tutorial is unclear, there are plenty of videos and other guides out there, so please don’t hesitate to use them if my instructions are confusing!

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From: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad

1) Do not, under any circumstances, read the comments. “Anonymous” is not a real person. “Anonymous” is disappointment, weakness fighting back, and envy at its worse. The people who talk shit and complain and stick their nose in your business on the internet don’t hate you, they hate themselves.

2) This is how you win: Surprise everyone with the next thing you do. 

3) Don’t ever forget the reason you started doing what you do. When you do forget (and you will, if you get enough attention) find that thing again and get to know it. Have a second honeymoon with the things you once loved.

4) People will always shit on the things they’re scared of.

5) There are some fine, intelligent, truthful critics out there. They won’t praise, slam, or rage without reason. The rest are failed [fill-in-the-blanks] hurting you because you’re doing what they couldn’t.

6)Take the place of your heroes. It’s okay.

7) Too many good ones are gone. Be the new good ones. And: You’ll always have critics but if you listen to them we won’t always have you.

Order this zine here at Pioneers Press

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