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How did you get over your anxiety?

I started eating healthier. Getting the right nutrition really helped me feel better so I could have the strength and a good mindset to manage my anxiety.
I also stopped surrounding myself with people who didn’t actually care about me.
I actually went to an anxiety support group which helped a lot too..being around people who felt the same as i did. They taught us some tricks to get us out of the anxious state, which helps me from having an anxiety attack.
I still have some anxiety but I can manage it now which has been amazing. 
Someone actually helped me realize that your brain is a muscle if you keep getting anxiety/panic attacks your brain will get use to it and think it has to be in that state, but you can stop it by doing things like setting aside time to relax or meditate.
I have a lot to say about it but idk how much of it you want to hear. 

Going Home.

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The Tirisfal Hallow’s End bash was the most fun the girl had had in a long time. Through all the anxiety provoking events, she managed to find something that truly made her forget all her worries. Throughout the night, she dragged Kiendis through scary stories, pet battles, and even a bit of dancing. For once, she was glad someone had to follow her around. Going to the event alone would’ve been extremely nerve wracking.

I’ll be right back, okay? I’m gonna go get something to snack on!” Lua said loudly over the sounds of fighting. There was a bit of brawling at the bash that Kiendis secretly wanted to go to. The girl figured Knights enjoyed that sort of thing.

Alright. If you need something just.. Er, scream.” He replied, his icy gaze looking down at her for a moment, before switching back to the fight.

Lua gave him a single nod, then hopped down from the bench and made her way to the line for the concession. It was quite busy, which excited Lua further. She normally hated crowds, but crowds all dressed in costumes were okay in her book! She gazed around the area, humming to herself idly as she waited. Then, she saw him.

That milky white eye stared at her through the crowd of people. He was sat on a bench far away from most, watching her. Immediately, she felt her face lose colour. What was he doing here? He said in the letter to meet him outside of Silvermoon. The small girl gulped and quickly looked back in front of her, anxiously waiting to get to the front. She dreaded the news he wanted to give to her. The more she thought about it, the quicker she lost her appetite.

For the sake of appearances, she ordered a stick of fluffy cotton candy, but looking at it made her nauseous. Swiftly, she made her way to M, looking around as she did so to make sure nobody knew what was happening.

What are you doing here?” Lua hissed lowly, a glare coming across her normally soft features. “I’m trying to enjoy myself.. I don’t want you to give me terrible news here..!

M’s eyebrow slowly rose. “I didn’t have a choice. Ayamei saw me yesterday.

A single blink was returned. “What? Seriously? How!?

What do you mean how? I was in the city, waiting for you! I don’t like being kept waiting, Lua.” He snapped back, his brows knitting together in annoyance. “I sent that letter almost a week ago. I was starting to think that he had killed you or something.

Ugh. Stop.” She groaned. “He’s not like that.” She paused for a moment, the colour returning to her cheeks and then some. “I.. I think he likes me.

His bitter laugh made Lua flinch and lose the colour once again. “Likes you? Have you lost your mind?” He raised his brows in disbelief. “He doesn’t like you. You’ve turned into his job.” His words seemed to slap Lua right in the face. “Now, he feels obligated to go out of his way. That’s probably just the type of person he is. Besides, he already has somebody.

Another flinch. “What..? No, he doesn’t.

You didn’t know that?” He clicked his tongue. “Wow, he must be a better liar than I am. Kind of impressive. He’s with that, uh.. Redheaded girl. Whatever the hell her name is. I didn’t really care enough to find out. All I know is that I saw them together that night you all went to Grizzly Hills.

The fact that he followed them there wasn’t the part that bothered her. Soon, her eyes began to well with tears. “Th-that’s not funny.. I know you’re a liar, M. Don’t say things like that to hurt me!

You think I’m lying? How would I know all of that information if I wasn’t there?” He held up his hands. “You’re not stupid, Lua. You’re just.. Gullible. I told you to stay away from people like me.” One of his gloved hands came forward. “Come with me, Lua. I want to keep you safe from them. You know I’m the only one who’s ever cared about you.

That’s not true..! I have plenty of people who care about me!” Her eyebrows knitted together as she slapped away his hand. “Even if Reylain doesn’t like me.. I still have people who care.

M rolled his eyes, then let out a growl. “Why are you making this so difficult, girl?” He growled, reaching out and taking a firm hold of her wrist. In response, she let out a short scream that was drowned out by the laughs and conversations. “You need to go home! They promised me that they’d take care of you for real this time. Take you to school and give you everything you need. Your little friends can’t and won’t do that for you!” Subtly, he dragged her behind a building and out of sight. The poor girl didn’t even notice. “Then.. You’ll be able to spend time with me. You know we turned into brother and sister after all those years.” He moved his hands to her shoulders, attempting to be more gentle and affectionate. “I care and love you, Lua. They don’t.. And you know they don’t.

The whole time he spoke, it seemed to make it harder and harder for her to not cry. “M.. All I wanted was for you to see me like your sister.. That makes me so happy.” She threw her arms around the tall man, burying her face into the side of his neck. “But..I.. I can’t go home.. Though.. You know how they used to hurt me..

A sigh was returned. “I know.” After he finished his sentence, a needle was jammed into the side of her neck and a hand went over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. “Sorry, Lua. I don’t really have a choice anymore.” He continued in a flat tone. Lua soon slid from his chest and hit the ground with a thud.

M stared down at her for a long moment, his eyes squinting. “Godsdamn it, Lua. Why are you such an idiot?” He picked up the limp girl in his arms. “I’m sorry it came to this. I hope they actually keep their promise this time.” After a moment, he stared down at her unconscious face, clearly troubled. What kind of person uses a vulnerable girl’s insecurities against her? His lip turned up in a small snarl. “Just do your fucking job.” Then, the two of them slipped into the shadows, completely out of sight.

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steven universe season 1: Steven raps about ice cream  

steven universe season 4: steven and his friend learn to manage anxiety and  self-hatred about things including but not limited to; breaking a kids arm, stabbing a gem, watching a gem be slowly tortured and corrupted, learning your mom killed a gem equivalent of a  goddess etc etc     

It’s a really important thing that I manage my anxiety when it comes to the future, because, you know, I have very few female role models. That scares me sometimes
—  Taylor Swift in TIME Magazine