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An Xiao eats a taco in San Juan, Manila, Philippines.

An Xiao is one multitalented woman.

She describes herself as ’an American design strategist, new media artist and digital community builder’. And over our short time as friends I have not only seen her accomplish these roles, but so many more.

An and I first met on Twitter, and after a few friendly @’s and RT’s I by chance found myself on a stopover in her home of LA with 30 minutes to spare. These 30 minutes turned into her performance at an exhibition I held, and lots of great times in our 2011 shared home of China.

An has spent the large part of this last year on the curatorial team at the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale. But here’s where the multitalented comes in - An is also a writer for the likes of The Huffington Post and Design Observer; creates social media art and performance; is the founder of global collective @Platea; co-founder of a Chinese-to-English Twitter translation site; and has even explored the world of Haiku.

On top of all this, she speaks on social media art and creative uses of communication technology; and writes on just these things and how they exist in her many travels at her blog ’An Xiao Studio’.

Though currently based out of the hills of Manila, she calls LA her home, NY her second home, and nurtures a soft spot for the American southeast and China’s northwest.

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