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  • lup: taako i've said it once and i'll say it again, make my fucking wedding cake denim
  • taako: Lup, why can't we just make the secondary cake denim. those are supposed to be the small and fun cakes, we can do denim on that and make the actual wedding cake fancy.
  • Lup: did i fucking hesitate. i want my wedding cake to be denim

nirvana in fire + women loving and supporting women 

Starmora Week Day 4 - Parents

I swear I will start one of these at a reasonable time EVENTUALLY but here’s a surprisingly not-so-angsty one??

It starts, as most things in their lives did, with an explosion.

“Flarking son of a bitch!” Rocket howls, springing away from the sudden shower of sparks and flames that erupts from the detonator he was working on.

“Hey!” Peter says, clapping his hands over Groot’s ears (or where he thinks they are, at least) as he shelters Groot to his shoulder from the sudden blast. “Watch your language in front of him!”

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Alex and Saral Lance bff High School HC

so because @queercapwriting enabled me ( and I hope you like this oneshot Cap), and someone actually requested I wrtie this, here is the OneShot that will definitely turn into more parts, because I have more ideas. next part is probs gonna be Alex and Sara fighting crime and stuff…. anwyays here is the One Shot:

Sara and Alex in Highschool

Alex looked at Sara just in time to dodge the punch thrown her way and she blocked it with the side of her arm, before trying to kick out one of Sara’s legs from under her, but she fails and two seconds later a gush of air left her lungs as her back connected to the mat.

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phoenixthevictini  asked:

What kind of magical powers does your sans have besides magically opening doors?And the teleporting and the whatnot

NMT Sans is still regular Sans. Just two years older. 

From what’s been seen already (on here anwyays), Sans can teleport, open doors, bone attacks, use blasters (as weapon and a shield), blue magic, magic eye etc. Like canon Sans.  

His ability to ‘grab’ a soul with his magic has now improved as well. Can now ‘grab’ up to 3 people at once with his magic. 

Later on: Spoils ( well, not really since it’s been shown on DA), but it’s cool xD

Even Sans has to get some heavy gear. 

So why not have a blaster gun. Blaster acting as the barrel, his arm becoming more armoured with bones (only his lower arm, his upper arm is normal). to support the blast, and the blast itself coming from Sans’ own hand. 

Yeah, probably generic idea, I know. But hey, it makes sense.  Even Sans’s magic would have improved over a two year time skip. 


* Firstly I would just like to say that you should do your OWN research before coming to social networking sites to ask about the basics of Witchcraft.  I am happy to answer questions, but do get a little sick of answer basic questions when there is a whole Internet out there. There are so many websites and BOOKS on the subject, and they aren’t very hard to get a hold of! Here’s a post I made about my favourite books; 

Anwyays, here we go; A list of questions i frequently get

Q - Can anyone be a Witch?

A - Yes! Regardless of Religion, skin colour, identity, blood line, etc. Magick is inside us all, you can chose to work with it if you wish! All it takes is a little practise.

Q - When can I start calling myself a witch?

A - There isn’t a specific time frame, but I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t annoy me when a person goes and buys a crystal or something with a pentacle on it and then proclaims themselves a witch. Personally, i think you will know when you are a witch, you will feel your magick awaken and you will know. Owning tools, crystals, books, whatever, doesn’t make you a witch. The feeling inside is what makes you a  witch, you will know it when you feel it.

Q - What advice do you have for a beginner witch or someone new to the craft?

A - Don’t be afraid to try things out! Don’t worry about doing things ‘by the book’ or ‘perfectly’ there is no such thing as doing a spell right or wrong. Do it how you feel you should

Q - How do I get a familiar?

A- You don’t just acquire a familiar.  Your familiar will come when the time is right, and the same as you cannot go pick up any animal (your pet or other) and claim it as your familiar, you cannot force you familiar to appear. Deep meditation and visualisation are some ways you can try to find your familiar, but often, trying too hard will only fail. Just wait and see what happens!

Q - What items would you recommend for basic witchcraft?

A - Although you don’t NEED these items, they’re a great way to start. I would recommend you start with an Athame, Wand, Pentacle, Chalice, A heat proof bowl, Candles, Basic multi-use herbs like lavender, sage, Frankincense and sandalwood, and also clear quartz and amethyst. 

Q - Does your astrological sign have any connection with your magick?

A - If you believe it does, or if you want to incorporate your sign into your magick - Yes

Q- Why do my spells not work sometimes?

A - Spells don’t always work because sometimes they don’t need too! The universe knows what you need and sometime it isn’t what you ask for. 

Q - Which deity should I worship?

A - You do not need to worship one specific deity, But doing research is a great way to find a deity you feel drawn to or most connected with.

Q - What is this circle you speak of and how do I cast one?

A - The sacred circle is a space for you to perform your magick in! I won’t go into the lengthy details on casting it, but basically you envision a bright white sphere of protective energy around yourself and this is the time in which you call in the 4 quarters, the god and goddess and other deities to aid you in your work. ( see my post on a full circle casting ritual here >

Q - Should I be in a Coven or a solitary witch

A - Whatever you feel most comfortable doing! You do not have to be in a coven to be a witch, and you do not have to be completely solitary either - you can always invite a witchy friend over and do little rituals and spells together!

Q - Do I need to charge crystals? How can i do so?

A - You can charge crystals by burying them in salt or clean earth or by immersing them in fresh water from a lake or the ocean. The easiest and most common method is leaving them out in the moonlight to absorb the energies, same can be done with the sunlight but as harsh sunlight will fade a lot of crystals, the early morning rays are best

Q - Which crystals/herb/incense should I get for ____

A - this answer would be much better answered if you did your own research so that you could find a whole list of herbs and their attributes and work out what will work best for you.

* I will probably add more to this over time.

anonymous asked:

Can you please give some facts about Miyano Mamoru? Thank you!

First of all, I would just be posting really random facts about Mamo, 
should you want to get in-depth information regarding him, you should 
head over and ask my good friend, who’s chasing Mamo for his Wakening tour at the moment, tatsu-to-mamo-no-atm

Anwyay, here goes nothing for the Prince of Dorks, btw, Happy 
birthday Mamo-chan~!

  • Has been a member of the Himawari Troupe ever since elementary school.
  • Starting from middle school up until high school, he has been a member of the soccer club.
  • He has one older brother and a younger sister.
  • He has a miniature dachshund named after Riku, from the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Used to work part-time as a shop clerk.
  • Sugita Tomokazu is quite fond of him and usually calls him “Chan- Mamo”.
  • Whenever he and Sugita are together, expect to bust something from laughing.
  • He and Yusa Kouji has become quite close.
  • One funny incident regarding him and Yucchi is that Yucchi, who is known to give extravagant/expensive gifts for his friends, gave Mamo a beautiful watch. And Mamo, wanting to repay what Yucchi gave to him, tried so hard to find a watch almost the same he got from Yucchi, but instead ended up giving Yucchi a kitchen timer.
  • He’s quite good at imitating comedians such as Shimura Ken.
  • AnAn listed him as one of the ikemen seiyuus, along with Ono Daisuke.
  • In the free talk for one of the OujiWarai series CD, the cast, (Yusa Kouji, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Sugita Tomokazu, Suzumura Kenichi,Nakai Kazuya, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Onosaka Masaya, Ishida Akira, Takemoto Eiji, if you’re interested), were asked on who they think resembles a prince, and the main consensus was Mamo-chan was the one who’s a real life prince-sama. lol
  • Kamiya Hiroshi jokingly tells DGS listeners that Pick Up Voice, a seiyuu magazine, should be renamed as “Pick Up Mamo”, since Mamo has graced the cover a lot of times already (LOL as if Kamiya’s the one to talk).
  • Mamo-chan, along with Kamiya, doodled on Ono Daisuke’s copy of the first script for Durarara!!, this, was the result:

  • If you’re interested, here’s how he’d draw a giraffe…

  • Though he looks up to him, whenever Mamo’s with Taniyama Kishou, they always end up doing something amusing….

  • He played as a well-known seiyuu who used to work in an okama bar in the Kami Voice movie…

  • Harassing Piyo-chan…

  • Meet Mamo-o

  • And caveman, Mamomo…

  • ..and his brothers, Junju and Kajiji, and their Okaachan…

  • And lastly, super idol, Miyabi Mamoru and his pineapple!


anonymous asked:

Can you offer any help as to how to draw perspectives properly?

Hi anon!

Oh my sweet summer Autumn child, you are not going to love my answer: you’ll have to follow tutorials. When it comes to perspective you have rules, vanishing points and lines that work a certain way. It’s something you will have to learn. These rules are not only good to draw buildings or backgrounds, you know. They will also help you draw characters at the right scale (not like the Supernatural S9 promo poster where Crowley was as tall as the church, the laugh we had when it was released! ^^). Anwyay, here are great tuts (and yes, they are necessary)

I know. It’s a lot lines, squares, points, grid, etc and a lot of things to understand but if you do it little by little, it should be fine. Rome wasn’t built in one day. In other words, don’t start with a high angle shot of New York even if you crave to draw Spidey jumping from one building to the other. It’s too hard. A house, a tree, right in front of you (= at eyesight) should be fine to start, then go for something more and more complex. Same for “stylized perspective” like you can see sometimes in comics and manga or even like in the illustrations by Florent Chavouet (below) or in Tekkonkinkreet.

To deconstruct, you need to know the rules first. It’s like this kind of buildings. You have to be a hell of a good architect and know how architecture works before building this kind of stuff. If you do this kind of stuff without a minimum of knowledge, it ends up like the buildings of Numérobis in Astérix (I think his name is Edifis in English). A mess.

Little advice that goes hand in hand with perspective: when I draw, I love adding a light blur when objects are far and I draw them lighter too. It creates a depth of fields. This tutorial can help you.

I hope it helped! Good luck to you anon, and happy drawing ♥