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“Deliver!” y/n’s head shot up from the sound at the door. Delivery? She didn’t even order anything? y/n looked at the clock hanging on the wall. 10:15 pm. She was kind of getting scared. She got up from the couch and turned off the tv. She stood at the ends of her toes to look through the front door peephole to see who was at the door, but it was too dark out and the figure was shadowy, hiding behind a cloaked hoodie. Her heart pumped hard in her chest.

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Today is my birthday and i wanted to do something different!

First of all, I wanna thank you guys for following me and even if you’re tired of my gay ass you stay around and everyday i get closer o my 2K goal, so thank you very mcuh. Second of all, I haven’t been active and a good nice blog on the past days/week (i’ve been studying), sooooo to make up to that, I chose today (a very special day) to do a special thingy for you guys.


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The Female Artists (1887). Charles Boom (Belgian, 1858-1939). Oil on canvas.

When painting historical scenes, Charles Boom favored sixteenth century settings. Yet his genre paintings, for which he was also known, depict subjects closer to his own time. This painting, showing Boom’s fellow artists practicing from plaster casts, may have been influenced by his days as an art student and, later, as a teacher at the Anvers Academy.